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Ravaabet-e vizheh
Excerpt from book
By Shahrnoush Parsipour
December 15 1999

Seven bullets
One bullet at a time. I count them.
By Farnoosh Moshiri
December 7, 1999

The sixth man
Short story
By Parivash Afsari
November 20, 1999

The dragon kite
Short story
By Reza Ordoubadian
November 16, 1999

The return
The sun beats down on a rocky plot of land bare of tokens of love and remembrance
By Gelareh Asayesh
November 12, 1999

Go Big Red!
"Ayatollah, why don't you go back where you belong?"
By Ali Hosseini
October 4, 1999

Her eyes
"Her eyes were so black they seemed to drain the room of all its light"
By James Buchan
Sept 8, 1999

Ali Amoo
Was he the true father of modern Persian literature?
By Siroos Tahbaz
Aug 24, 1999

The night before
"Nowhere else would I see the color of Tehran's mornings"
By Gina B. Nahai
Aug 10, 1999

The Tale of Love
Short story by Samad Behrangi
Translated by Laleh Khalili
Aug 6, 1999

Last contact
Short story
By Ali Hosseini
July 27, 1999

Short story by Samad Behrangi
Translated by Laleh Khalili
July 7, 1999

The body who invaded my life
Short story
By Reza Ordoubadian
June 17, 1999

Fish mates
A short story
By Ebrahim Golestan
June 9, 1999

Horrific crime
A short story
By Mehrnoosh Mazarei
June 2, 1999

Alak dolak
We were a foursome, totally inseparable
By A. Hamshahri
May 25, 1999

Talking pictures
In the tradition of "faal gereftan"
By Yasmine Rafii
May 12, 1999

Jen Nameh
A novel
By Houshang Golshiri
May 5, 1999

Good guys, bad guys
Short story
By Saba Ghadrboland
May 5, 1999

Will I?
Short story
By Ali Barghi
April 20, 1999

I ran from Eye-ran
Short story
By Pejman Mosleh
April 16, 1999

Short story
By Massud Alemi
March 30, 1999

A short story
By Bruce Bahmani
March 9, 1999

A new destiny
"I was the real exile ... the traveler who would never find her destination."
By Gina B. Nahai
January 22, 1999

The Sohrab Syndrome
Iran's children today aren't faring much better
By Jerome W. Clinton
January 20, 1999

All Roads Merged
Follow the stream, Arash thought
By Babak Morvarid
January 18, 1999

Two-colored lollipop
Reflections on life in Iran and the U.S.
By Tara Bahrampour
January 12, 1999

Cut from the source
The Shah seeks advice from intellectuals, but it's too late
By Saideh Pakravan
January 6,1999

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