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The coffee-house of Surat
Short story
By Leo Tolstoy

Oboor (3)
Reflections in Iran
By Shervin Afshar

The lion and the sun
A Persian in Russia
By Anton Chekov

Chinese junk with a pillar of salt
Suddenly the last poppies had blown away between you and me

Daastaane naatamaam
Short story
By Saeed Tavakkol

Yek sabad gol-e rose baraaye aanelie
Short story
By Qasem Nosrati

Finding you at the Friday Bazaar
You in December 2001
By Madame Bayaz

Dark emerald
Agatha Christie in Shiraz
By Cyrus Kadivar

Temptation to plunder
We brought not a relic from Ephesus!
From Haj Mirza Khan

A good person
By Salman Rushdie

Short story
By Hossein Nushazar

The fall of the alley cat
Short story
By Majid

The squirt
Short story
By Niki Tehranchi

Persian Romantics
Literature of the Second World War generation
From H. Behzadi

Charting your historical Persian identity
You in November 2001
By Madame Bayaz

Why would I repent?
By Farnoosh Moshiri

Pesari kenaare panjereh
Short story
By Houshang Ashourzadeh

Steep stairs
By Layla Dowlatshahi

The last mission
Short story
By Niki Tehranchi

Madame Bayaz
You in October 2001
By Madame Bayaz

Shiraz kojaast?
Short story
By Hossein Nushazar

Whisper in the rubble
Short story
By Hossein Samiei

The last gasp of a brute
Short story
By Majid

Near a garden
The watermelon became part of our house
By Bernard Radfar

Short story
By Hassan Zerehi

Daastaane Davood
Short story
By Hossein Nushazar

Short story
By Hassan Zerehi

Marge gavaznhaa
Short story on Cinema Rex tragedy
By Qasem Nosrati

Here's not looking at you, kid
Short story
By Azam Nemati

The man with blue and green eyes
Ancient and modern man
By Maryam Kazemieh

The green scarf
Short story
By Arash Emamzadeh
June 14, 2001

Az poshte panjereh, az poshte maah
Short story
By Hossein Nushazar
June 12, 2001

That girl from Iran
I can still remember the moment when I let go
By Gelareh Asayesh

Tak savaare jaadeye abreesham
Writer, soldier, lover, MS stricken
By Sheema Kalbasi
May 26, 2001

Shit Has Been Kicked Out of Me to Grow Up
Short story
By Massud Alemi
May 7, 2001

Blue writing on tarnished yellow papers
Short story
By Shokooh Mirzadegi
Translated from Persian by Faramarz Aslani
April 17, 2001

Just Breathe
By Neda Najibi
April 2001

The tower
Mysterious smiles and unshaved faces
By Arash Emamzadeh
March 22, 2001

By James Buchan
February 22, 2001

Theater of deception
Confessions of an Iranian spy novelist
By Salar Abdoh
February 5, 2001

I'll call
Short story
Kaveh Sartipi
January 26, 2001

Paayaan-e zendaan-haa
Behind the gates of the new millennium
By Shokooh Mirzadegi
January 5, 2001

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