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July 2, 2003

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* We will fight any country bringing terrorism to our shores

Hi Borzou, ["Occupation" is an ugly word]

You make some very important points. However if we were to leave Iraq at the present time (and believe me most Americans would). A bloodbath would ensue like no other. With all the different factions fighting for power the only hope is to get the different factions to think of themselves as Iraqis first not Shiites, Sunnis or Kurds.

Whether you or anyone else in the middle east who hate us. Understand this one sentence. We the average (working everyday Americans) truly wish the very best to all persons in the middle east. Including Iranians, Palestinians and Iraqis.

But make no mistake in understanding we will fight and die (including myself) any country or people who bring terrorism to our shores.

Understand this as well any person or country using terrorism will find that they will lose the world's sympathy and that act alone will set them back to the point they will never reach their goals.

Ask yourself this: Are the Palestinians better off than they were 3 years ago or whenever the last uprising started with its suicide bombing? No they are not! Before I personally believed Israel should vacate all lands taken during the various wars. Now however I understand their reasons for believing they need to hang onto the land for their own security.

I believed that peace could happen and that they could live together side by side. I felt Arafat could help bring it about. I now feel deceived and question weather peace is possible with a murdering, ignorant Palestinian population who cheer and chant when innocent women and children are blown to pieces from a suicide bomb set off by a 17 year old kid who was trained to so called martyr himself .

I know our American bombs have killed innocent men, women and children as well. The difference is that it was not our intent to do so and I cry inside for every individual who lost their lives including Iraqi soldiers, Afghans and the innocent bystanders.

In fact I even cry inside for the individuals who flew the planes into the World Trade Center. At first I hated them now I just pity them. To have lived in a environment that would screw you up that much.

I'm ranting but it really frustrates me when American boys and girls are dying trying to accomplish what I consider to be a noble cause. Then people like you do nothing but bad mouth them.

Good luck and good health to you sir,

Don F.
(just another of the so called conquesting, uncaring, Americans after your stupid oil.)


* Surprised? Why?

I enjoyed reading your column ["Occupation" is an ugly word] but I felt a sense, however small, of surprise in it. Why?

The ineptness of the U.S. government in dealing with its own financial woes and social problems is surely going to be magnified in a foreign land. Just think of the slow bankruptcy of the U.S. Social Security System, the collapsing health care system and endemic racism of one form or another.

I fear it will be worse and the occupation "light" turn into an occupation "heavy."

Patrick O.


* He will enjoy it

Mr. Sepahbody, [Retrieving 1931]

I emailed your link to Parviz Foroughi. He is the grandson of Prime Minister Foroughi and I am sure he will enjoy it.

I was also delighted to see that Abdollah had taken the movie. As you mentioned, he was a photography aficionado. He used to own a 1960's Hasselblad, which he gave to my father, and now it is here with me. I cherish it since it is the only memory I have of him.

Thanks for sharing the memories.

Mahmoud Ghaffari


* Contributes to a brighter future

Dear Mr. Sepahbody, [Retrieving 1931]

I truly enjoy your writings for The Iranian as well as your website. Your film clip of your family and the former prime minister Ali Foroughi is exceptional visual history. It is essential that we hear from former Iranian officials with such broad range of experience.

Your writings are a testimony to the fact that we Iranians (for those who don't know it or have chosen to forget it) do belong to the civilized world. Perhaps your writings will contribute to a future that will be brighter than these difficult times.



* How would Iran defend itself?

The country that you are so hot about [Short of military action] and defending has started more wars by itself in the last century then all other nations combined together.

Mullahs ought not to have nukes, agree but more so Israelis as they have proven they have no regards for human lives, but themselves.

Beside, Pakistan has nukes, India has nukes, Israel has so many they don't know who to use them on, Russians have it. How would Iran defend itself with so many threats at their door steps?


P.S. And that should go for the US whose arrogance is making Mullahs look gentle.


* Most fair on MKO

This was one of the best, most fair and objective articles I have read on this web site [Sad spectacle].

I solute you for your fair and open mindedness (not sure if this is a word though) and hope more of us follow your stance.



* This is not normal

Your article was not harsh enough on the MKO [Sad spectacle]. while denouncing some of their tactics, you support their 'unconditional right to express themselves'. bullshit. NO GROUP that harrasses and terrorizes those who
oppose them, that is responsible for the killing of scores of people, that has become a cult and that has encouraged its members to self-sacrifice (documented) has a right to protest.

these people are SICK, SICK, SICK. this is a quote from the father of the canadian girl who died from her self-immolation wounds, at her funeral: "They tried to trap the phoenix of Iran, but other birds sacrificed their lives to release the phoenix," he said standing at a podium behind his daughter's grave. "All they could do was set themselves ablaze to let people know what was going on. My Neda was just another bird. The flames are still going to let the world know as long as time is going, these flames will not burn out."

these people are brainwashed and deranged. this is not normal. the girl's parents actually believed their daughter's death was a legitimate sacrifice for the cause of the mujahedin. and THESE are the people who want to control iran one day?? over MY DEAD FUCKING BODY and the dead bodies of 70 million iranians. anything less than a total, absolute, and weeping condemnation of this group is insufficient.



* You continue to blatantly misrepresent facts

I dislike Atabay as much as anyone. But your cartoon tells more about you and how you view students in general and in Iran in particular than anything you have to so bravely say against the personal enemy of yours and possibly your daddy's, RP.

You continue to blatantly misrepresent the facts in many of your cartoon, which is just fine, after all they are not arguments or even coherent essays on anything; they are, when expressed in Persian even as in your latest two fronted battle in which you always come up on top, - the "zia khejaalat bekesh," = nothing more than teenage angsting on the romantic theme of a father-figure turned idol (Mossadegh).

Please keep on doing what you are doing. Now the students are helpless puppets of the Iranian Americans (who are just like yourself, and exactly therefore you hate them so much) huh? I really enjoy your work.

Rap on brother.

Amir Irani-Tehrani


* Concise, real analysis of Iranians

It is great [Land of perpetual defeat]. Straight to the facts.

It is a shame for hundreds of millions Iranian, including myself, who has lived this life for almost 1500 years, but no one has come up with such a concise, real, and beautiful analysis.

Alain Froutan


* You are our voice

Regarding Sadaf Kiani's "Khaaneh-ee keh nardeh haaye zard daasht",

You are great in writting and your stories made me cry. You are a bridge between our forgotton past and the unknown future of Iranians outside Iran.

I feel you being our voice. We are lost in the time zone that used to be Iran when we left it many years ago. We thought we would go for 4 to 5 years and get our education and go back...



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