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September 8, 2004


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To get from Astara to Ardabil, you have to drive up some of the steepest hights around. The road litterally hugs the border with the Republic of Azarbaijan. In fact, some of the hills in these pictures may well be from this former Soviet Republic. Heyron Pass (Gardaneyeh Heyron) is one of the most beautiful places in the province. The buses, trucks and cars have to make their way up to the top of the mountain before they can get on the multi-lane highway to Ardabil. Along the road there are wild blackberry bushes. The locals sell them in little containers at rest stops. If you are from Ardabil, you'll know all about Asheh Doogh. This is a yogurt based soup, filled with chick peas and other goodies. Plenty of this is available at any reststop, with fresh tea and snacks..Next>>>

Photos by Babak Nassirian
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