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Based on photo by F.A. Ashtiani



Desperate husbands
Lively conversations during afternoon tea
Decembe 19, 2005

Birdman of al-Qaeda
He is called as Father of Aviation because he was the first man who thought of using infected birds to inflict casualties on the enemies
October 12 , 2005

Over a barrel of oil
Oil is not expensive. Water is expensive.
September 30, 2005

Civilized indifference
Akbar Ganji could have been in Istanbul and receive more public sympathy
August 18, 2005

Salad Shirazi
While many of us spent the entire last year arguing if Ms. Aghdashlou is prettier or Googoosh guess what happened? The British team won again!
July 1, 2005

Iran under siege
The issue is oil
Farrokh A. Ashtiani

The Parrot's Garden
Short story
January 18, 2005

Here we are
"Googoosh concert" in Las Vegas
December 30, 2004

Deforestation in the name of the Lord
Can you imagine the Christian world planting millions of trees each year instead of chopping them down?
December 17, 2004

China experience
Photo essay
September 30, 2004

I dream of a white Noruz
UK-US-Russia trio are running the show
March 16, 2004

Amir's garden
Now 32 years old and listed in several Los Angeles hiking guides
December 9, 2003

Prize for courage
Ebadi's Nobel prize is the revival of the spirits of thos who perished under injustice
October 14, 2003

Sensible census
Coke, Pepsi and doogh drinkers' habits & tastes
October 3, 2003

From aftabeh to Mars
Behind the scenes of Iran's nuclear industry
September 16, 2003

Twinkle twinkle tiny star
Only by random act of kindness or sheer lining of stars may we see a better future for Iran
August 21, 2003

Two sides of a gate
Short prison story
July 30, 2003

No leaders, no change
When have student riots ever changed a regime?
July 12, 2003

Khar khodeti
On the latest saga of the British carving of the Middle East
April 21, 2003

Your Persian rug
November 20, 2002

All the king's men
Short story
October 29, 2002

Eyewitenss screws
Media exaggerations
October 10, 2002

The sacrificial lamb
A bloody Sunday that ended happily. Nobody got arrested.
September 17, 2002

A night on the Silk Road
To you, that barefoot beauty from Persia
August 30, 2002

The culture of emshee
And afternoon naps
August 2002

The Persian Tragedy
Sunset of the Persian Empire
July 2002

Persis Erectus
For Iranians it seems history does not repeat itself
June 2002

Inside a kaleidoscope
Afternoon tea with my grandmother
June 2002

When the day comes
Beware of men with ties, bowties, and Armani suits
June 2002


Farrokh Ashtiani, wants to be known as a gardener for life and then after, nothing more. He believes that our highest achievements in life will be dwarfed by shadows of those trees that we have planted.

He is inviting all Iranians to join him to build a Persian Paradise Garden together in California. "Our souls will need a place to return for visits. Give your soul a permanent address to come back to" Says Farrokh.

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