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From the Shah to Dubai
There is no doubt that Dubai is a friend of America, as the Shah was thirty years before, but the question is the forces that are beyond their control
March 15, 2006

Flying nowhere
Crash of the Iranian military's C-130 does not come as a surprise
December 8, 2005

Hidden force
Saadi Diba never lost his zeal for Iran, but had lost hope for any chances for his countrymen to ever be directed to the righteous path of democracy
October 17, 2005

Beginning of the end
I am happy for Ahmadinejad's victory because I believe it is the beginning of the end of a quarter century of tyranny and mayhem in Iran
July 1, 2005

Iranian-American politicians must have no ties to Iran, beyond a reasonable doubt
September 25, 200

Distance yourself
Iranian-American politicians must have no ties to Iran, beyond a reasonable doubt
January 12, 2005

When he was needed most
U.S. does not produce men like Hume Horan anymore
August 25, 2004

Top gunned down
Mastermind of the Nojeh coup attempt
July 21, 2004

The last of Iran's gilded age
Asghar Mahdavi Dare-Amineh-Zarb
June 22, 2004

Sense & humor
Another statesman lost
May 7, 2004

For who she is
It is around Ameri that Iranians in Diaspora should congregate and support
May 6, 2004

Entezam's story
Only Iranian president of the U.N. General Assembly
March 2, 2004

Man in the middle
Hoveyda sacrificed by opposing camps, one to save the crown the other to trash it
June 26, 2003

Our Paul Bremer?
Member of elite US team to help Iraq reconstruction is half-Iranian
May 19, 2003

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