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Legalize oldest profession
While having sex for money in front of a camera is legal, why should it be illegal without a camera?
May 7, 2007

Born again in the USA
Photo essay: Mahdiyeh Javid
May 7, 2007

Born again in the USA
Photo essay: Mahdiyeh Javid
Jahanshah Javid
December 1, 2005

January 2003
A miracle
Photo essay: Daughter
Jahanshah Javid

October 23, 2001

July 23, 2001
Eshqe gostaakh

June 26, 2001
Photo essay

March 14, 2001

February 16, 2001
Better than Googoosh
Backstreet Boys concert

January 18, 2001
Pish az ferdos
Five poems

November 3, 2000
Hoosh o zekaavat-e irooni
Notes from life in Tehran

Tehran-e Bozorg
Notes from life in Tehran

June 1997
Meegooyand sheesheh ehsaas naddard
A poem

Articles about Mahdiyeh by J. Javid

November 2, 1998
The education of Mahdiyeh
From bubblegum to Bahais

May 1996
Coming to America
"We cannot give your daughter a visa"

November 1995
Dancing for dad
I first thought Mahdiyeh is almost 13 and too old for serious ballet lessons

Mahdiyeh Javid is a high school student in San Francisco. She received a Certificate of Merit award in photography in the 2001 Scholastic Art Awards in northern Virginia.

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