Allied inavsion of Iran

Who is going to actually fight the allies if they enter Iran?


Allied inavsion of Iran
by masoudA

As an Iranian, I can't wonder if we are headed towards similar events that took place when allies invaded Italy in 1943, after the country was already invaded by the Nazis?

But before I get to that I want to write a paragraph about "Fools". The most dominant characteristic of fools is that they never fail to behave like fools. The fools in charge of Iran are no exception.

From the first day fools took over Iran they exhibited their foolish and almost always ill-intentions, by devastating the Iranian armed forces and creating a parallel army (Sepah and Basij), loyal to the Mullahs not Iran, very similar to what Nazis and Fascists had done decades earlier prior to WW2 in Germany and Italy, respectively.

In every case, parallel armies were formed via recruitment of heartless and soulless tugs, many of whom released from jails while serving criminal sentences. Showing no mercy or sympathy towards the local population was the biggest attribute of these well paid tugs in an attempt by the oppressors to ìBuyî loyalty!, certainly a foolish move.

Benito Mussolini first became the Prime Minister of Italy in 1922. As Prime Minister, the first years of Mussolini's rule were characterized by a right-wing coalition government composed of Fascists, Nationalists, Liberals and even two Catholic ministers from the Popular Party, with the Fascists making-up a small minority in his original governments (Are you drawing parallels to what took place in Iran in late 70ís and early 80ís ?).

Nonetheless, Mussolini's domestic goal was the eventual establishment of a totalitarian state with himself as supreme leader -- or "Il Duce" -- sounds familiar? To achieve this, Mussolini quickly created his propaganda machine topped by the Fascist newspaper Il Popolo which was headed and edited by his own brother Arnaldo Mussolini.

The executions and the assassinations started almost immediately, followed by devastation of opposition leaders and political parties all towards a totalitarian dictatorship, ruling Italy but not Italian hearts. The Italian supreme leader became bigger and bigger (at least in his mind), surprising very few when he later joined Hitler and the Nazis to form the "Axis" forces, dragging the "happy go lucky" Italians into a war resulting from economical, social, and political gridlocks created by fools on all sides.

It is now 1943, the Italian Supreme Leader Mussolini has totally lost the trust of the Italian population, and Italy is practically invaded by the Nazis to defend it against a potential invasion by the allies. Italian newspapers are full of articles about how allies are exhausted and defeated in every battle, how strong the Italian armed forces (now being compared to the Romans armies of the past) are, and how in case of an attack every Italian will pick arms to defend the motherland! (read the fascists) against any invaders!

The rest is history. Allies enter Italy on September 3rd 1943, and virtually hours later, the Italian armed forces surrenders and declares alliance with the allied forces leaving the Nazis alone. The Nazis did put out a good fight for a while, but stories about quick change-of-face and conversion of Italian Fascists to moderate liberals and socialists is almost comical.

As the allies advanced into Italy, the general population formed partisan militias and joined into the war against the Nazis The Supreme Leader Mussolini was later captured and executed by the Italian partisans attempting to escape to Switzerland.

In review of this history and as an Iranian, I canít help but to wonder about:

1- What was the average Italian mindset, when the allies entered Italy?

2- Who is going to actually fight the allies if they enter Iran?

I will not attempt to answer the first question, leaving you with the task to find some older Italians and seek their inputs. On the second question however, I know the Iranian population, the Iranian armed forces, and even the Iranian nationals within the parallel armed forces (Sepah and Basij) will not lift a finger for the Supreme Leader and his establishment, hence leaving the mullahs with the hired militants rounded up from Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.


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Jahanshah Rashidian


by Jahanshah Rashidian on

When Hitler came to power in 1933,  all basic democratic rights and individual freedom were gratually violated. Political parties, free media, free education, free justice, and shortly in one sentense, the whole aspect of civil society was violated by extremists , as it was repeated after 1979 in Iran. The euphory of a pompous great “Deutschlan / Germania” was the " holy jihad", aimed by Nazi propaganda. More than 8 million Germans, 22 milions Russians, 6 milions Polish, and a few milions of other lives  were the "martyrs"  of this rihgt-wing and nationalistic"jihadist" ideology.Today in Germany, this ideology, under any name and emblem,  is officially banned and socially abhored by a very great majority of German. It is an offence to call some one “Nazi, racist” if not provable.Some righ-wing groups like NPD (friends of Ahmadinejad) or small groups are much less active in Germany than other European countries! It means Germans know what such a secterian ideology really means.It is amazing that some Iranian intellectuals, even those being in Europe,  ignored such extremist political ideologies by allying with or tolerating one of the most reactionary religious and right-wing Islamic movement in Iran. The Islamic movement was itsel a tool of colonial powers and the IRI is an Islamic fascist state with an anti Iranian agenda. Islamism should be today an equivalence of Nazi, Fascism and it is proved to be the most catastophe for huanity, especiall Iranians.

Totalitarian regimes need  phoney, docile, or atl east apolitical media to survive. If you see Iranian media in / outside Iran, you will find out a considerable lack of free voice defending the cause of freedom and future of our country. Free press would be immediately repressed in the country and gratually bought off abroad. This bitter fact evokes also a relatively great number of pro-IRI materials, in a spectrum from thuggish to moderate Islamist,  on this site.


The Trillion Dollar Question

by Salar (not verified) on

Masoud, your analysis is absolutely correct under the assumption that if US(or whoever) start a full military operation against the mullah regime. But that assumption is groundless. US and its trading partners (known as Euro political whores in Iran since they would do trade with anyone regardless of who they are and what the do as long as the price is right) have no conflict with the mullah regime in principle. After all, this regime is the happy bastard child of US and Euro whores’ long love affair (interestingly one of the largest center for Islamic study in the world is in London, you know what I mean). As US also has said many times, they are after the behavior change not regime change in Iran. They only don’t like certain rouge elements in the regime (a few true hezbolazis who take this “Death to great Satan” superficial slogan too seriously) and certain behavior from time to time that is just a nuisance to them, otherwise this regime has been on their roadmap for 30 years and will be for many years to come. This regime has benefited everyone outside of Iran financially and politically. Again, remember that US has trading partners and they have to eat too. And there is no better regime to keep Iranians backward in dark ages, perfectly suiting the constructive conflict/chaos foreign policy as Condi Rice describes it. I have heard it many times from many prominent US politician that a democratic regime in Iran would be worse than what is there now (of course for them and their interests). In conclusion, I am afraid if there is a military action, it’ll only be targeted at a few sites to impede and correct the behavior of those few in the regime pursuing the nuclear issue otherwise the rest of the regime is doing just fine and serving everyone’s interest except Iranian people, which is exactly what they have been designed to do. This investment is still returning excellent profit so no need to change it yet. The trillion dollar question we ought to be asking ourselves is whether it is in US and its trading partners absolute interest to change the regime and who would be the replacement that serve their interests even better. Unfortunately, we need to see things from their view and interest, not ours. Any thoughts?



by Ajam (not verified) on

Pentagon's psychological warfare heavily relies on the fifth column to deliver its message home. Hence, the cheerleaders of the neo-con war agenda miss no chance to draw the parallel between the status quo and that of pre-WWII, copying a page or two from the Zionist propoganda book:



To Kurds who want Kurdistan?

by Biji Sanandaj (not verified) on

Before you are going to accuse people, please do some research, get some facts (Get educated) and then I will respond to your ignorant question. PKK is Kurdish rebel for TURKEY. It's people like you who got us into dark ages. God bless you.


Iranian Muslim Army Kicks Arse!

by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

Check it out bro, Iranian Army is amazing! &



by Kurds who want Kurdistan? (not verified) on

Yes, we are going to believe you. You only want freedom for Iran, not seperation from Iran to form your pan-kurdish dreams? Kurdistan? *sniff* *sniff* I smell the blood of a PKK!

Iranians are 99% Shia Muslims, so what are you gonna do about it? Iranian Shia pride worldwide!



by Aryanejad Aryaparast Aryaboolbool Tala (not verified) on



I'm Californian so what.....

by Biji Sanandaj (not verified) on

Some people need to stop being hypocrite. Just because some people can't find Iran on the map doesn't give you the right to generalise every one of us. I'm Iranian Kurd and believe me that we Kurds spilled more blood for our Iran than any other groups. Enough is enough. We need to get rid of this foreign, fascist Shia regime all for good and bring real Iranians into power. But if you like to go and spill your blood for Ahmadinejad, then be my guest. I rather fight and die to bring an end to this regime which caused us nothing but devastation.


Kings and Nazis!

by Iranian Muslim (not verified) on

Get real, 99% of Iran is Shia Muslim. You are the minority! Iran is full of Iranian Muslims, if it was not it would have been something else by now. If the "opposition" could have, should have, they would have done something by now. But, they don't mean jack and Iranian Muslims who are the majority of Iranians laugh at you and your Ex-pat jibe.



by Anonyed (not verified) on



Real Iranians would fight and die for Iran

by Real Iranian vs. Californicator Iranian (not verified) on

Real Iranians would fight and die to keep foreign boots off it's soil. Obviously the current regime are real Iranians, because they are willing to fight and die for Iran. But not the Iranians in California who can't find Iran on the map! //

Watch it and see how all the singing and rhetoric by Caliranians is just a bunch of nostalgic rubbish. If they really love Iran, they would go and fight regardless of which regime is in power. Do you think American soldiers fight for Bush and his Regime or for America? Gimme a break with this Zionist sympathizing crap. Wake up Iranians! You have been Iranian Muslims for over 1400 years, don't let all these Caliranian Zionist boot licking idiots tell you what to do. All this hype of Pre-Islamic Iran the Caliranians have done has done produced the movie "300" good job on teaching America about Pre-Islamic Iran~ LOL what a joke, go smoke some more hash and gang bang in Los Angeles...let the real Iranians in Iran do the fighting. Iran belongs to them who spill blood for Iran. That unfortunately does not include the Caliranians.


History repeats itself: First as tragedy, then as farce.

by Anonymous7 (not verified) on

masoudA says: "...(Sepah and Basij) will not lift a finger for the Supreme Leader and his establishment, hence leaving the mullahs with the hired militants rounded up from Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc."

Mr. masoudA, with your permission I will also add the Martians among those whom are hired by IRI and conterminously hover around Tehran with their UFOs.
Mr. masoudA it was based on these kinds of imagination that MKO got many good Iranians (some of whom my friends) killed around 1981.
They then repeated the same mistake several times during Iran/Iraq war with their so called "Liberation Army".
1981 was definitely a tragedy, the following repeats were sad comedies, but if the one you are talking about takes place it will be really funny because clowns like you are in it.


masoudA you still can not

by babak123 (not verified) on

you still can not accept that america's grand plan is shattered. the people who will defend iran are not on this site. you seem to be frustrated by the fact that america is lost in iraq. nothing will change that, as for the allie invation. you are living in dreamworld. europen population is shrinking, you think they are the allied. america can not feel the ranks of the army. it can not keep the lid on violance in iraq and afghanistan. anyway you are entitled to your opinian. if you think nobody will defend iran. well good all you have to do is to convince bush. i will be waiting to see the when they will come.


Iran is already occupied...

by Aquaman (not verified) on

Iranians (in general) always think that they are the smartest people on the planet! Guess what? EEEEEHHHHHHH, WRONG!
How did foreign powers invaded our beloved country back in 1979 with only one year of advertisement by BBC and world media ? How did all those so called Iranian intellectuals fall for bunch of uneducated religious fanatic thugs & convinced the rest of stupid people in Iran that Islamic revolution is what we needed...
We are so so stupid as a nation! Even the highest ranking bastards in charge of Islamic republic don't speak or understand Arabic/ Qoran, let alone the ordinary Iranian. We are an Ignorant nation who didn't learn anything about true Persian Identity, philosophy & literature... We are just bunch of egoist/ dillutional nation who is too proud of a history they don't know... A nation who just want to cheat, argue & always be right even when we don't know shit... We have proved the world & most importantly to ourselves that we are a nation that is mentally NOT stable...
Look at us... Biggest shame... If there is an Iran in the future, her citizens will blame us stupid Iranians of the the past 30 years & now, FOREVER...
We have been ATTACKED, OCCUPIED & RULED since FEB. of 1979 !!! Wake Up ASSHOLES !!!



by jj (not verified) on



Ex MKO members are Iranians - and of us

by masoudA on

Dear Ex MKO members -

Keep your religion at home - don't impose your beliefs - think as individuals and act as teams - not the other way around.   And, you are more than welcome back - unlike Hezbollahis.   

BTW - also start discussing the "Left" in your idealogy.   You have kept it under wraps for so long.   There is nothing wrong with being on the left - the problem is majority of you don't know what the left is !!


MKO is the fool

by no_name (not verified) on

Iran problems after the revolution were caused by MKO more that anything, by them going around and killing former military and political leaders. Those fkrs are the worst thing that ever happened to Iran. They were the organizers of the devolution. Nothing but Bunch of islamo-socialist idealist potheads who had no real understanding of the world politics. They have caused nothing but destruction to Iran and they are the same people who are helping the Israelis to push to bomb and destroy Iran.

Next time you see one make sure you spit on their face!


To Anym45 - You got me - my

by masoudA on

To Anym45 - You got me - my real name moushe Golden - I was born in Isreal - and I hate those who tagg others as a means of response to intellectual communications.  

To all others - thank you all for your great responses - I learned a lot.

Dear Kurdish Warrior - You are absolutely correct - I wish every Iranian felt like you do. 

Dear Jahanshah - Great response and something to consider.  Do you think there were any Germans or Italians who lived under the Nazis and Fascists prior to WW2, who considered their country hijacked?   I think the majority of the sane did !!  of-course both fascists and Nazis rose out of the less previlaged needing a shuffle in the systems.   Unlike the Germans and the Italians - we had an even bigger misfortune ! we were taken over by a foreign (Islam/Arab) philosophy/entity.    


A full scale Invasion on Iran will not happen

by Anonymous1326 (not verified) on

There are many reasons that a full scale invasion (like Iraq or Afghanistan) on Iran will never happen. The most important reasons are the absence of insider supportive force to take over or assist in the operation and also the landscape of the country which makes movement and traqnsport of armed forces a lot more difficult than Afghanistan and Iraq. remember that NATO forces still have hard time dealing with extremists who are spread in south eastern Afghanistan region.

As far as resistance, we have seen it in Afghanistan and Iraq that organized military resistance was not existant or faded away very quickly after a period of heavy bombong raids. This may very well happen in Iran if an invasion takes place and of course Islamists will have very hard time after that to organize anthing like the attacks in Iraq or Afghanistan. In any case, if any invasion happens, the result will be catastrophic for Iranians and they will continue to suffer for a very long time after that. A popular uprising of Iranian people to topple the Islamic government is the best solution for everyone out of this mess.

Jahanshah Rashidian

Taboo issue

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

When Germany was occupied in 1945, the first feeling of Germans was "we are the losers" and the allies, were called "occupiers". It took a while that the feeling turned up down. Germany was considered by the same people "free" the allies were the "free makers".

As a German citizen, I know that nobody, apart of few fantics, regrets that Germany was once occupied than freed from fascism. It must be the same or similar feeling in Italie.

The subject remains however still taboo for Iranians because of US /West's  background in Iran. 


My Question is .......

by kurdish warrior (not verified) on

True but in the case of Iran things are different and more complex. My question is why we should even wait that long to that time to actually question ourselves, if we are going to fight the allies or not when they enter Iran. We need to get rid of this fascist regime quick with force before those kinds of events even happen. But unfortunately as long as we are passive and divided (Monarchs, MKO, KDP-I, Democrats or Conservative) not with one voice, maybe your question is not that far away from being answered.


massoud is an mko or israeli

by Anonymous45 (not verified) on

massoud is an mko or israeli using zoroastrian sign to cover himslef. an idiot he needs to be left alone. no more replies to his posts.


To Chris

by Anonymous12 (not verified) on

You couldn't be more wrong. Isreal's defeat in Lebanon was not becasue of the Hizbollah resistance. They entered every town and village they attacked. They destroyed every barrack, building, bridge, road, or airport they wanted, and Hizbollah couldn't stop them. Isreal was defeated becasue of forgetting the first rule of combat. YOU SHOULD HAVE A CLEAR OBJECTIVE. Every military book starts with that principle. You should have a clear and abtainable objective for your combat. Isreali's governement and military, under pressure from public for inactivity, started an attack on Lebanon with no clear objective. Not capturing land, no real advance, just putting some pressure on Hizbollah to release the hostages. This attack was destined to fail from the beginning.


Iran-Iraq war

by Anonymous12 (not verified) on

It is true that Iranians rushed to the fronts to stop Iraqi's invasion. However, that bunch of untrained entusiastic young people did not play a determining role in the initial attack of the Iraqi's Military. Due to some information that Iraqi intelligence had provided, Iranians were in a very weak situation and would yeild to the Iraq requests right after that first strike. So, Iraqi forces stopped outside Ahwaz and started the negotiations sending Yasser Arafat as a convoy 2 weeks after the start of the attack. Iraq wanted to have the biggest win with the least loss. Becasue of theose info, they were so confident of their gain that they didn't enter Khoramshahr and Ahvaz just to avoid un necessary overspreading of their armed forces on the ground. I respect all those souls who fought for their motherland and belief, but as a witness, I think that their role is overexaggerated making this wrong impression that in case of any foreign invasion Iranians rush to the borders and stop it. In accordance to MasoudA, history shows quite the contrary. Except for rare instances, all foriegn invasion to iran has beed successful and unfortunately most of them were with the help of insiders.


not going to happen

by MRX (not verified) on

there are simply no troops available to Nato or U.S to do this. Already short handed and troops stretched thin. If indeed it does happen, nothing will happen. First of all no body wants to die for this regime and secondly the basij and pasdars will be the first to jump the ship, shave beard and put suit and tie on!


Education, education

by Milan (not verified) on

Good article and good analysis. Additionally, I believe that somehow the masses need to be educated and deprogrammed so they can get over this religious bullshit that have been pushed on them for centuries. Then we can see the rays of liberation shine through.


Xerexes - I don't know if

by masoudA on

Xerexes - I don't know if your cxomment was directed at me or our friend Chris Dornan.   But in any case - I will assure you, I have lived in Iran half of the last two decades - enough to make this comment to our friend Chreis;

Dear Chris - there is so much miss-info going around about Iran - much of it is propaganda by the mullahs, and some due to the international arms cartels needing a monster to sell wars and arms.   A war in Iran is the last thing an Iranian nationalist would wish for - except in today's situation under Arab/Islamists occupatiuon, which is very similar to what the Italians had, under the Nazis/Fascists occupation.   Also - Unlike what you stated - Iranian revolutionary Gurds did not create and train the Hezbollah and Hamas, it was the other way around.   The elements who acted as the arm of the revolution in 1978 were either Palestinian PLO, Lebanease fighters, or Iranians who were trained in Lebanon who later created the revoloutionary guards and Hezbollah in Iran.  

Dear SZ - you are sadly correct. 


Unfortunate reality check

by sz (not verified) on

As an instinctual reaction to the oppressive ruling clique, due to complex historical circumstances, Iranian nation has always chosen apathy in time of foreign invasions. From the Sassanid time when the Iranian defenders had to be chained to one another in order to deter desertion in facing the far inferior ragtag Islamic horde till WWII this phenomenon has held true.



by XerXes (not verified) on

What are you talking about man? You don't know much about my country. You are too American to understand Iran!


The writer of this article

by Chris Dornan (not verified) on

The writer of this article seems to be on some kid of a trip: I agree with Bavafa.

While I can imagine that the Revolutionary Guards may have to some extent gone to seed the war in Lebanon indicates that it may not be so. Hezbollah were trained and equipped by the Revolutionary Guards and I have never read in modern military history of such an astonishing spanking as the IDF received from Hezbollah at every level as the 2006 invasion of Lebanon. (See, for example, How Hezbollah Defeated Israel:


. The IDF being the pros that they are know it is so and will be trying to address the problems but Hezbollah won't be standing still either; its a shame, and dangerous, that so few of the Israeli establishment seem to have got the message.) The IRGC have been watching the crescendo of belligerent rhetoric since 2002 and have had no shortage of time or cash or kit to prepare their defences. I don’t have the slightest doubt (nor does anyone as far as I know) that the USAF can do to Iran what the IDF did to southern Lebanon, but quite how it is going to further any interests I don’t know; I expect it will have the same effect as Saddam’s invasion, of shoring up the revolution, but who knows. The US would do much better to cut a deal with the regime and leave the IRGC and the people of Iran to sort themselves out. The democracy movements believe the constitutional means are there to do so.