Allied inavsion of Iran

Who is going to actually fight the allies if they enter Iran?


Allied inavsion of Iran
by masoudA

As an Iranian, I can't wonder if we are headed towards similar events that took place when allies invaded Italy in 1943, after the country was already invaded by the Nazis?

But before I get to that I want to write a paragraph about "Fools". The most dominant characteristic of fools is that they never fail to behave like fools. The fools in charge of Iran are no exception.

From the first day fools took over Iran they exhibited their foolish and almost always ill-intentions, by devastating the Iranian armed forces and creating a parallel army (Sepah and Basij), loyal to the Mullahs not Iran, very similar to what Nazis and Fascists had done decades earlier prior to WW2 in Germany and Italy, respectively.

In every case, parallel armies were formed via recruitment of heartless and soulless tugs, many of whom released from jails while serving criminal sentences. Showing no mercy or sympathy towards the local population was the biggest attribute of these well paid tugs in an attempt by the oppressors to ìBuyî loyalty!, certainly a foolish move.

Benito Mussolini first became the Prime Minister of Italy in 1922. As Prime Minister, the first years of Mussolini's rule were characterized by a right-wing coalition government composed of Fascists, Nationalists, Liberals and even two Catholic ministers from the Popular Party, with the Fascists making-up a small minority in his original governments (Are you drawing parallels to what took place in Iran in late 70ís and early 80ís ?).

Nonetheless, Mussolini's domestic goal was the eventual establishment of a totalitarian state with himself as supreme leader -- or "Il Duce" -- sounds familiar? To achieve this, Mussolini quickly created his propaganda machine topped by the Fascist newspaper Il Popolo which was headed and edited by his own brother Arnaldo Mussolini.

The executions and the assassinations started almost immediately, followed by devastation of opposition leaders and political parties all towards a totalitarian dictatorship, ruling Italy but not Italian hearts. The Italian supreme leader became bigger and bigger (at least in his mind), surprising very few when he later joined Hitler and the Nazis to form the "Axis" forces, dragging the "happy go lucky" Italians into a war resulting from economical, social, and political gridlocks created by fools on all sides.

It is now 1943, the Italian Supreme Leader Mussolini has totally lost the trust of the Italian population, and Italy is practically invaded by the Nazis to defend it against a potential invasion by the allies. Italian newspapers are full of articles about how allies are exhausted and defeated in every battle, how strong the Italian armed forces (now being compared to the Romans armies of the past) are, and how in case of an attack every Italian will pick arms to defend the motherland! (read the fascists) against any invaders!

The rest is history. Allies enter Italy on September 3rd 1943, and virtually hours later, the Italian armed forces surrenders and declares alliance with the allied forces leaving the Nazis alone. The Nazis did put out a good fight for a while, but stories about quick change-of-face and conversion of Italian Fascists to moderate liberals and socialists is almost comical.

As the allies advanced into Italy, the general population formed partisan militias and joined into the war against the Nazis The Supreme Leader Mussolini was later captured and executed by the Italian partisans attempting to escape to Switzerland.

In review of this history and as an Iranian, I canít help but to wonder about:

1- What was the average Italian mindset, when the allies entered Italy?

2- Who is going to actually fight the allies if they enter Iran?

I will not attempt to answer the first question, leaving you with the task to find some older Italians and seek their inputs. On the second question however, I know the Iranian population, the Iranian armed forces, and even the Iranian nationals within the parallel armed forces (Sepah and Basij) will not lift a finger for the Supreme Leader and his establishment, hence leaving the mullahs with the hired militants rounded up from Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.


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Mr. Ajam

by masoudA on

You put so many pretty words in nothing to say!

Please be short and precise - because I did not get anything from your post other than the old tired mullah tactic of labeling peopel as un-informed, or pushing Zionist/Neo-con agenda.   Be specific if you truely have something to say.  

PS - it also appears youy are somewhat relieved from yesterday's news !  you have every right to be.    Live and learn. 



by Ajam (not verified) on

Here we go again... Someone with a lame argument and the logic to go with it scrutinizing on the posters' handles and nameskaes in a desperate attempt at redeption!

Mr. masoodA, As much as I'm intrigued by your audacity in tackling such a big issue as you have tried above in absolute lack of knowledge and auhthority, I've refrained from commenting on your scribbles for I found it a waste of good webspace and the readers' time. However, I wonder what in your mind does my handle have to do with what I write or whom I support?! Instead of Ajam, I could post under the pseudonym Spiderrman or Kuala and still touch a nerve! So, it's rather the content that ddistastes you than the title!

Perhaps, instead of your knee-jerk name calling attack, you should have looked into the absurdity of your sophomoric article and seen why it resembles the neo-con/Zionist propaganda attempts on Iran -- of course in a less refined manner! You may not be aware of it, but such a task (comparing present Iran and Fascist Italy) would take a political scientist months (if not years) of research and study to deliberate on ( you can make it light years, if achievabe, at your level of knowledge). In fact, it would be more understandable if you called Ahmadinejad or even Khamenei a fascist rather than invading a scientific realm, that you absolutely know nothing about, by drawing such a comparison between the two societies!

Indeed, such uneducated claims could only hinder the pro-democracy movement of iran and play to the hands of its enemies, something hard to fathom for a delirious cheerleader of the neocon pro-war lobby like yourself!


bad news for you massoudjan

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

massoudjan, bad news for you war mongers and your “Allied Invasion of Iran”, aka “Pigs of Bay Invasion” . See today’s headlines news:

U.S.: Iran not building nukes


Mooye Damagh !!

by masoudA on

Sorry Anoy71 - calling my logic - "jafang" is not going to cut it.

You want to be "mooye damagh" you'll have to do a lot better than cutting one line out of my response and call it jafang... etc.   Right now you are no more than "pashm zir shekam" - but work harder on it and we will see.


not all against a US attack (re: massoudA)

by moiedamAghe masoud (not verified) on

massoudA said: "Anoy71 - you certainly are or have some sort of financial stake and want to preserve it."

massoudjan, come on, even you can do better than that. It suffices to say that 'ghAphieh_ke_tang_Ayad_Massoud_be_jafange_Ayad'. Next time you write an article think carefully and be original, otherwise I'll have to be your moie_damAgh again. By the way, massoud agha gol I am flattered that you called me "Anoy71" :). Read Rosie T. blog below:


Not all against a US Attack are IRI agents

by masoudA on

That is indeed true - but my dear Anoy71 - you certainly are or have some sort of financial stake and want to preserve it.   Shame on people who tolerate evil and pain of millions, because they are well off.   Shame on all of you who sit outside Iran, or live inside Iran and are deaf and blind to what is taking place.  Shame of you.

Hell and Heaven are both here on earth - I for one attest to that. 


Re: Bay of Pigs !! (actually "Pigs of Bay Invasion")

by Anonym71 (not verified) on

Actually Massoudjan, I called your invasion of Iran "Pigs of Bay invasion" (Bay for California Bay). Anyhow, as I mentioned to one of your bodies, not everyone who is against attacking Iran thinks IRI is the best form of government. In fact even many supporters of IRI have learned during past 28 years that IRI like any other government has made mistakes and needs to evolve.
Massoudjan, IRI with all its issues is better for Iran, region, and even US than the puppet regime that likes of you are dreaming, Got that?
The moment all this aggressive nonsense against Iran stops, Iran will be in a coexistence path with Israel even. As said below stop coning Americans and I might add Iranians into war.


Bay of Pigs !!

by masoudA on

Interesting your bring it up.   Bay of Pigs was Nixon's idea (A Republican) which was planned for years under Eisenhower and finaly implemented years later under Kennedy (A Democrat) who sold out the plan - by not providing air support as planned.   Got that ?   and unlike what you think - many of the 1000 great people slaughtered by Castro, were great Americans and not necessarly Cubans.    

No my dear Anyn - the only people that need to be scared in the upcoming events are the true PIGS - the mullahs and those who support them to fill their filthy stomachs. 


If aggression against Iran stops (Re: F. Kashani)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

first, Farhadjan, did you like my term "Bay of Pigs Invasion" for the California kids style of aggression against Iran?

Now on a more serious note:
Kashsni, the world is not divided between those who support IRI and those who support attacking IRI and replacing it with one that is run by by some kind of puppet regime.
Despite my disagreements with many of the things IRI has done during past 28 years, I see Iran evolving into a better country. If aggression of all sorts (economic, and military) against Iran is stopped that process will go even faster.
If aggression against Iran is stopped not only Iran will become better, faster but also will better its relation with rest of the world faster and in time coexist with Israel as well.
There are many, many of us who have this view among us are Muslims, seculars, Bahaies, Jews, Iranians, and none Iranians. As you can see right here Rosie T. says:


Anonym789, if Iran gets

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Anonym789, if Iran gets invaded or attacked it would be because of the support you and your "buddies" provide to the facist regime in Tehran, because if they see the support, they would feel stronger and pursue their reckless policies , and that support will weaken the international and domestic pressure on the Iranian regime thus leaving no room for any political solution.

Rosie T.

Masouda wrote: "I am no fool."

by Rosie T. on

A cautionary word here:  We are all fools.  It is the human condition to be a fool. Any given "truth" is at best partial and always changing. European medieval poets refered to life as a "ship of fools" and this interplanetary cyberboat we're on is the largest ship ever of fools assembled.

And it is said that to know one is a fool is the first step toward wisdom.  Now....

there is a small but very vocal opinion on this Ship of Fools that I am an arrogant, pretentious, know-it-all and so, by extension, the rebuttal to this post should go, You should talk Rosie. You don't know you're a fool. You're a pedantic asshole."
But I do know. And as one who has in depth scrutinized her own foolishness, I am able to identify fools larger than I.  And I repeat:
George W. Bush is the biggest fool of all and EVERYTHING he has touched thusfar has turned to poison,

Iraq, Afghanistan, New Orleans...DISASTER.

And anyone who assumes that if he lays a finger on Iran there will be a happy outcome is simply being...foolish...

Who will fight the "Allies"?  What DIFFERENCE does it make?  Even if NO ONE fights them (and MANY observers throughout the politcal sprectrum believe  that people will...), I repeat:

Foreign intervention, and its concomitant, xenophobia, have been the twin scourges of Iran for now over a thousand years. In that delusional Utopia where a few targeted bombings will "save" Iran, the new government will utterly lack credibility and be the butt of derision and ceaseless, tiresome accusations of being filled with foreign agents...

and it will sadly also be true...

All that glitters is not gold.  Bush's rhetoric glitters to some, but it is phyrrite.  And that is to say, "fool's gold."

Look for the real gold, Masouda.  Don't waste more time confabulating agendas for me.  I have only one agenda here, and that is to say, over and over and over again, in as many ways as I can:


Robin Goldsmith


Allied inavsion or "Pigs of Bay Invasion" (to Sardar msoudA)

by Anonym789 (not verified) on

Sardar masoud, it appears to me that the invasion you are envisioning has more in common with "Bay of Pigs Invasion", i.e., invasion of Cuba by anti Castro forces (//
Maybe when/if you and your bodies (like this Farhad Bushani guy) attack Iran we will remember your attempt by the code name "Pigs of Bay Invasion", since most of you losers are near California Bay.
Of course I doubt very much if likes of you have any guts to go that far.


MasoudA, great article and

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

MasoudA, great article and feedback. Mahmoud Ghafari, Anonymous 12 and Jahanshah , great feedbacks. Reza Aminpour, thanks for bringing us the IRI version of the argument !


Don't con the Americans, you fight your war

by iranian_american (not verified) on

Massoudjan, you are not reacting very well to my criticism. In your last paragraph you said "(Sepah and Basij) will not lift a finger" and below you said "let's kick this SOB's out of Iran", so I encouraged you to go fight instead of conning the Americans to do the fight for you. As you claim that will be an easy victory since none will defend IRI. I will even lift one of my fingers for you when you start your little war (the middle one Masoudjan).

Massoudjan, Not only me but also some 75%+ of Americans don't want to be dragged into another war.


As I said - I am no

by masoudA on

As I said - I am no fool.   Unlike some of you, we know exactly what it takes to clean the mess and the resources it takes to clean it.

One more note - I am a proud Iranian and a proud American too.   America is at war with terror - so am I.   Aren't you Mr. Iranian-American ?  I see you are just as a traitor to America as you have been to Iran.  

As for you Javat agha -

Shoghal bisheh mazandaran ra, nagirad joz sage mazandarani !!

We are coming for you and yours - dir ya zood dareh - sookht o sooz nadareh.



Kurdistan?Is it Real?Of Course

by Anonymous1526 (not verified) on

Kurdistan is real,it is not only in dreams of Kurds.We never feel ourselves as "iranians" ,Kurdish identity is apart from iranian.Role of religion in this case is not so important.Kurds in Turkey are in fact Sunnis as well as Turks but we see whats going on in Turkey.Neither azeris nor kurds are "persians" they are Azerbaijanians and Kurdistanians!!!



by Javad agha (not verified) on

hehehe . . .

Masoud is saying... allies will walk into Iran... hehehe. ... as iranian-american person mentioned ... . GO FIGHT yourself. Be careful of words you use, you might become another Ahmed Chalabi. Where is he now? Does he know that Iraqi's oil is pumped WITHOUT any counter to pay the ALLIES?


WHY Masoud you HAVE NOT mentioned ONE word about companies such as Halliburton and Blackwater? Are you afraid to be kicked out of the so-called FREE country?


very interesting, go fight, don't con (Re: masoudA)

by iranian_american (not verified) on

yes indeed Masoudjan, you said earlier "Iranians like me are no longer scared - we are no fools but not scared either.."

very good, go fight, instead of all these talks for conning the Americans to do the fight for you. Be a man an go do your little war yourself, and take some of these racist true "Persian" retard friends of yours with you (those retards who haven't realized that Iran is a multi ethnic country consisting of Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Jews, ... etc).


To: Jahansha Rashidian

by shaboon kirkoloft (not verified) on

When I started reading your comment about massodA's article, I thought you are talking about the USA under the Bush regime. What you described happening in Germany in the 20's and 30's are happening in the great old USA ubnder "W" and his thug friends. Go figure!


Interesting !!

by masoudA on

Iran is getting ruined under the wheels of an oppressive theocracy - and I have my head in the sand ??   Let me assure you fools once more;

The world (and not just Amewrica) will devastate the Islamic Terror network inside and outside Iran, with or without our help.   Get that into your thick skulls, especialy those of you posting from the rooms of the ministrey of Information in Iran!!  I know most of you IRI tugs will shave the beards and head out to the villas you have already purchased in Canada and Spain - just make sure you cut all ties with Iran and Iranians when you leave - because there will be no place for you back in Iran - and outside Iran ? - who knows we may decide to leave you alone !!  


There won't allies this time . . .

by Javad agha (not verified) on

There won’t be many allies this time…. Australia is the latest Ally who said they will take out their few hundred troops from Iraq. I suppose the USA will be left with few Islands as allies.


Allies or no allies, no one can occupy Iran unless they walk over our dead bodies because our pride is above our religious believes.

The Mullah’s have received arms from Western countries, apparently their money is good. Iran-contra deal is not very old fiasco in which the ex-president Reagan mentioned … we sold Ey-ranians arms and made good money doing it.


The author of this article has wrong approach to solving our problems and his words might be used against our people. Let us be careful in uttering constantly some non-sense.


Sellouts R us: Masoud

by Reza Aminpour (not verified) on

I don't know where to start. This Masoud character is getting so much money by western governments that he can't hold back his Bush/Neocon sympathy. Iran is finally in the hand of Iranians, instead of a token King and his Wester overlords. Just look at Karzai in Afghanistan or Al-Maliki in Iraq. They are just like the Shah. Puppets installed by a foreign government that is not Middle Eastern or from any Islamic Country. From Morocco to Xinkiang/China there are Muslims. In this sea of Muslims we have these inferiority complexed idiots like Masoud who think that the Iranian government is Arab. Funny how the Saudis hate this supposed "Arab" Iran as you call it. Also, funny how the Wahabis have support of America, Britain, and Israel. So, the question is why Iran is the odd man out? Is it because they are Muslims and Arabs? No, It is because they are IRANIAN AND SHIA MUSLIMS who are not under the BRITISH control of Wahabis. Masoud is no different than a paid Wahabi stooge. Masoud hates Iranians and tries to make Iran into something it is not. Iran is setting the example for many nations to become independent and brush off the Imperial yoke. You my lost Iranian kinsmen in California are lost to assimilation and ANIRANIAN fate. So, the next time you think that you want to "take back Iran" you will be shown no quarter by the Iranians who are defending their country. Masound and his Israeli kinsmen do not want life for Iranians, they want death...not to sound cliche...but "THIS IS PERSIA" *As the true Iranian kicks the Zionist stooge into the black well* LOL No true Iranian will give a flower to Zionit invaders such as you or those who you represent. They will put their bayonets on and aim for your heart, which you have lost and is devoid of anything Iranian.


Kaseh Koozaro Jam Kon!

by When Bullets fly... (not verified) on

When the bullets start to fly, all this ideology of who is Hezbollah or not is not gonna matter. The only thing that matters is who is gonna die. Kill or be killed. What will you "Caliranians" do then? Sit and watch as your relatives and kinsmen die? Or even better yet, will you join the death dealers as they butcher your kind and shit on your fathers graves and rape your women? Oh ya, don't forget the Abu Ghraibish pyramids that your cousins will be in. What then? What then will you do? Still sit and call people Hezbollahi because they love Iran and don't want to surrender it to Imperialists? F off!


Mr. masoudA, don't con the Americans

by an iranian-american (not verified) on

Mr. masoudA, I am not a die hard Iranian nationalist, I could care less even if likes of you call me Iranian or not. It is my duty as a person to expose you as much as possible, not because I think everything IRI does is correct or defensible, but because I want to make sure that Americans don't get misled by people like you and think if they attack Iran they will be welcomed by dancing people and flowers. I am sure you have read articles about how Ahmad Challabi conned Americans to go to war. I am not implying you are a con, hopefully you are just an ignorant young fanatic of sort.
Mr. masoudA don't con the Americans by untrue statemant like this:

".. I know the Iranian population, the Iranian armed forces, and even the Iranian nationals within the parallel armed forces (Sepah and Basij) will not lift a finger for the Supreme Leader and his establishment, hence leaving the mullahs with the hired militants rounded up from Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc."


To Dr. Faribors Hezbollah

by Anonymous327 (not verified) on

So, the good Dr. Hezbollah is back with his jibberish. Who gives a damn about Bahrain, which by the way was seperated from Iran by your British Masters. Go back to Ghom doctor and leave Pars to true Persians.

Now, I'm usually a reasonable man, but you Vatan Foroosh seudo Mohammadist traitors make me sick to my stomach, how can you live with yourself?!! Do you have a soul or did you sell that too, like your country, your nation, and your national pride.

By the way, where did you buy your MD degree? From the same place Mahmood Maimoonnejad got his PhD I'm sure.

Shame on you. You're nothing but a sub-human idiot who's been brainwashed by the Evil Arabic Cult and probably take pride in being called an Ajam by your Arab masters. You probably didn't even know that the word Ajam means "Retarded" in the Bedouine Tazi tongue.


Faribors !!

by masoudA on

You must be the first Iranian ever to spell Fariborz with an S !!

Anyways - I think you are grasping at straws.   If you realy wish to consider everything is OK, because of Bahrain cutting ties with Isreal - be my guest.   


REPLY : WAR on IRI? INvading Iran?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

please just acknowledge the following:

Bahrain bans ties with Israel
Thu, 29 Nov 2007 15:05:50
Bahrain severs its ties with the Zionist regime completely
Bahrain's parliament has passed a law banning any interaction with the Israeli government. Violators of this law will face prison time and fines.

This law prohibits the government from opening a consulate in Israel and from having any direct or indirect relations with the Zionist regime. Offenders will be sentenced to at least three years in prison and will have to pay fines up to 10,000 dinars.

Naturally in accordance with this new law traveling from Bahrain to the occupied areas of Palestine is forbidden.

Last Tuesday Bahrain's parliament called upon the Gulf Arab emirate's government to cease all contact with Israel and to refrain from attending Annapolis, which it labeled "a waste of time".

"Most of the parliament is in favor of cutting off any contact with Israel," said Abd-Ali Muhammad Hassan, a member of Bahrain's Chamber of Deputies. "We are not going to recognize Israel and have any dealings with them until the rights of the Palestinians are achieved," he said.
Now? One country after the other, sometimes even many together realise who is the master in the region. Greeting


Hitler would be rolling in his grave if ...

by Anonymous327 (not verified) on

He knew he's being compared to a bunch of Traitor Akhoonds. Although I don't agree with most of Hitler's tactics, I think that it is unfair to him to compare him to IRI. You see Hitler was always an ultra nationalist and never intended to betray the German nation. Granted, he used extreme methods in trying to reach his goals, but at least he was not a traitor or a whore who had sold his soul to outsiders.

This in fact is much more than you can say about the Traitor in Chief (Khomeini) who like every other Akhoond came right out of the Queen's sleeve (Queen Elizabeth II that is).

Everyone knows that all Akhoonds for the last 300-400 years are direct creations of the British mind, and this specially holds true for Sheikh Hendi (Khomeini).

In general the backward, archaeic idealogy of Islam, lends itslf very well to being used by superpowers who want to take advantage of the 3rd world countries.

The best thing we as Persians can do is to inform our fellow Persians of sites like:


that expsoe the dark depths of this Cult of Ignorance & Violence.

Ba Dorood


There seem to be some

by masoudA on

There seem to be some Iranians (at least claiming to be) here who do not consider the Islamic Republic a Fascistic fanatical totaliterian regime !!!   what does it take for your poor souls to catch up with your conciences?   Next time you see pictures and clips of the mullah police forces wearing ski masks beating-up on young Iranians, ask yourselves if you have ever seen a police force wearing ski masks.  Ask yourself why are they wearing them ?   Isn't that fascit enough for you?  I know there are many of you who post here, just because of the extra $200 (via Alavi, Iman,...... and other IRI controled foundations) you make and because of the fact that the mullahs and their employees can't and won't do anything other than engaging in propaganda warfare.   I am just happy as an ordinary Iranian immigrant, and thanx to the freedoms I enjoy and resources such as, I was able to create enough havoc to get IRI goons like Ismaeil Hossein Zadeh to immdeiately try to respond to my article, and his entourage (Ajam and co.,) making sure the link to that article gets proper exposure!  again - I can't help but to have a laugh at how deceitful Islamists deliberately choose Persian names like Xerxes, Arash Kamangir, Ajam,.... Why are you not man enough to use the names of your idiols?   

Also - Just know this -

Iranians like me are no longer scared - we are no fools but not scared either - and this time the whole world is with us, since they now know the evil that you represent and understand the suffering Iranians have gone through in the last 28 years.   Go ahead with your tagging us as zionists, neo-cons, MKO, etc....... but it's people like me who represent your darkest fears.   We are Iranians who know who we were before being infected by the Arab culture, and will do all we can to clean up the mess.   We understand this may take a while - but as you observed over the last decade, we engaged in and won the war of idealogies (Persian vs. Arab).  Also - as you can see, we are not to far from taking our country back. 

To others -

Thanx for your inputs - I have been learning a lot.  Yes we made a lot of mistakes in the past - we got too leisurely and lazy and had our guards down hence paid the price.  Just focus on the future and think about how we can participate in the war against this evil which after centuries is now under the spotlight!!   With or without us - the world will devastate this evil - As an Iranian, I just hope we end up playing a key role in the proces to enhance our international prestige.  

Common Iranians - life is too short - let's preserve our rightful place in history - let's kick this SOB's out of Iran. 





very good point Ajam

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Ajam, you were not verbose but you made the point. I just put your link here again:
This is the second time this guy has plagiarized (I have seen two of his articles..).