Between life and death

Ali Mahin Torabi, how can you die without being alive?


Between life and death
by Azarin Sadegh

How are you going to die if you don’t live anymore? What if you never left that exact moment of sorrow when everything surrounding you collapsed by law? Was it your boldness or your youth? I don’t know, but no matter what, you lost them both the moment you entered this zone.

You are hanging in the transit zone between life and death. This space of waiting. This space of hope and madness. This space of denial and despair. This zone where you are not dead - not yet - but life seems like something of the past.

The memories of an ordinary day are far behind you, almost as if they never existed. A morning kiss, or a little smile from the girl you loved without even knowing her name. Those faraway days are gone when you could believe in dreams, in desires, and in possibilities.

The black stench of revenge poisons your space of agony. The blindfolded angel of justice is unreachable, deaf and mute, and her elusive scale of kindness has declared a state of unbalance. The Justice, the one we were promised, is wrecked or maybe –God forbid - humiliated.

Today, you lay down on a bed and the ceiling of a barred room is your only scenic view. Today you sleep without sleeping. You eat without eating. You dream without dreaming. Today every second is a minute, every minute an eternity.

Waiting, waiting, still waiting, waiting for your maledict erasure.


Nobody can kill you because you are already dying slowly, bit by bit, piece by piece. Maybe you are already dead.

Dead at 16.

Time does not move for those who don’t believe in happiness. You are still 16 and the beauty of the world has crumpled beneath the volume of our mourning.


Ali Mahin Torabi is in the imminent danger of execution for a crime he did not commit. This is the link to the European Union Press release and the Amnesty International and Stop Child Executions campaign calls for Urgent Action regarding Ali's case:

* Declaration: EU Presidency on behalf of the
European Union concerning the execution sentence on Mr Ali Mahin

* Reuters: EU concerned about Iran youth death verdict
* Amnesty International: IRAN : Ali Mahin Torabi (m) aged 21
UA 263/07 - Death penalty/ Fear of imminent execution�

Please sign the petition and send the letter.

It is our opportunity to accept our responsibility as human beings, and also as a united Iranian community to help another Iranian in distress, to prove that we are a peaceful, kind, and generous breed of people. It is the time.

The world is watching now.


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I am so glad that this case

by Bacheh-ha (not verified) on

I am so glad that this case has now been brought to the attention of the organizations who will probably be able to make noise about it!(and have already)
Thank you Azarin, thank you Nazanin, and thank you all those selfless people who are working on these cases.
The more it is out there before the international public, the more chance that these children will not be hanged before being given a chance to live!



by masood ghasemian (not verified) on

Please stop the youth execution. Rehabilitation is always the alternative. You have nothing to lose except saving another life.