Glitters of empire

Celebrating the Royal Coronation in Tehran


Glitters of empire
by Darius Kadivar

"My Only Goal in Life is to honor the glory of my people and my land. I only have one wish and that is to preserve the independence and territorial integrity of my country and lead my people towards progress"

-- Mohamed Reza Shah Pahlavi taking Oath as King of Iran,
October 26th, 1967

Forty Years ago this month Iran was the
focus of world medias, not as a hostile nation, seeking to wipe out a
neighboring country from the surface of the planet, nor was it
suspected of being a nest for international terrorism, but as the
setting for a glittering event that would mark the destiny of a nation
and make televised history.

If Stanley Kubrick’s chilling comedy Dr. Strangelove had already warned the world on the dangers of Nuclear Proliferation, the term Axis of Evil was yet to be invented by a clumsy war mongering US President and no one questioned the reality of the Holocaust
as is the case by an equally foolish Iranian dictator. Man was to walk
on the Moon in hardly two years time, but world news was mostly
dominated by the atrocities of the Vietnam War and the Arab-Israeli

In contrast, nothing seemed more refreshing as seeing an entire nation
about to celebrate the Coronation of its King and Queen in one of the
most glittering events of the 20th century. Truly, an Island of Stability, at the time in one of the most troubled regions of the planet, Iran, once known as Persia, A Land of a Thousand and One Nights, was coming to life and mesmerizing world viewers in front of their black & white TV screens.

On October 26th, 1967 Mohamed Reza Shah Pahlavi was to Crown himself and his wife Empress Farah (Diba) as respectively the Shah and Shahbanou
of Iran. It was also the very first time in 2500 years that a Persian
Queen was to be crowned and certainly a unique event to this day in any
Muslim country. And for that purpose, it was necessary to order a new
crown. The honor fell on the famous Parisian jewellers Van Cleef & Arpels, who created the most awesome crown, along with new parures to be worn by the sisters of the Shah at the Coronation.

Also specially ordered for the event was the Coronation Coach, made in
Vienna by Josef Klicmann. The carriage was sent by plane to Tehran in
pieces and was built there. In blue and gold, it was a replica of the
Austrian Imperial Carriage used by the Habsburgs.
This was one of the only harshly criticized expenses of the Coronation,
since the Imperial Couple already had a carriage, which had been used
by the Shah’s father in 1926, however it would be used again by the
Crown Prince during the procession.

The result was, nevertheless, marvelous and popular. A gilded crown, a
replica of the Pahlavi Crown, topped the carriage and in the door the
coat of arms of the Imperial Family was also in gold. It was decided
that the Coronation ceremony would be held in the magnificent Grand
Hall of the Golestan Palace, the dramatically stunning former home of
the Qajar Dynasty. This magnificent hall was dominated by the Sun
Throne, also known as the Peacock Throne, but before it was intended,
ever since being built, as a museum room. This remarkably long hall,
150 meters long, was one of those specially refurbished for the

The fact that the Grand Hall could only take around 500 guests, made
that in the gardens of the Golestan special tribunes were built to
accommodate around 5000 other guests. The actual coronation ceremony
began as the corteges entered the stunning Grand Hall of the Golestan
Palace. All the eyes were fixed on the entrance of the room. The first
cortege brought smiles to all the faces and tears to many eyes.
Surrounded by four saluting officer with their swords unshielded, HIH
The Crown Prince Cyrus-Reza of Iran entered the Grand Hall with a
dignity many adults could not aspire to.

Three minutes later, the Shahbanou, followed by 6 maids of honor who
took care of the fantastic train of her impressive dress, had entered
the Grand Hall of the Golestan Palace. Like her son had done, the
Empress went to her chair, on what would be the right of her husband
and remained standing, waiting for her husband’s entrance. Her maids of
honor placed her dress’ train and took their places behind the throne,

Finally the Shah also entered the Grand Hall, preceded by three
generals, senior military officers of each of the three branches of the
Armed Forces: the Imperial Navy, the Air Force and the Ground Forces.
He was walking towards a ceremony that he had delayed for over a
quarter of a century and as he walked towards the Naderi Throne he
surely did so confident that his work would make Iran a modern country.
He reached the bejeweled throne and turned back to the entrance of the
room, standing.

The Empress curtsied when the Shah arrived at the throne. Three
Officers were to carry the Koran, the Imperial Crown’s of the Shah and
Shahbanou. The sight of those magnificent jewels, which would take an
essential part in the ceremonial, sparkled the amazement among the
large hundreds of guests. The Shah climbed on to the Naderi Throne and
remained motionless for about ten seconds, looking straight down the
room. Everyone remained standing. His Imperial Majesty then bowed at
right and at left, acknowledging the homage of the guests and inviting
everyone to seat.

Religion Oblige, spiritual leader of the country, known as the
Imam Jomeh, read some verses of the Koran, then the Coronation ritual
immediately began as the Shah, dressed himself in full regalia, of
Cloak and Sword one at each time.

Like Napoleon, the Shah would crown himself. The Shah, with swift
movements, took the crown and placed it on his head. Moments later he
Crown’s the Empress, presents his son as heir and takes Oath to Respect
the Constitution. Immediately, one hundred and one canon blasts sounded
through Tehran, marking the coronation of the sovereign, cheers were
heard throughout the country and as the people took to the streets
streets of the capital and prayers were said in the Mosques, a squadron
of the Imperial Iranian Airforce was to release 17705 bouquets of
narcissi flowers, the exact number of which corresponded to the days in
the life of the 48 year old new King.

If retrospectively History has not failed to note the Shah’s controversial reign, October 26th,
1967 was nevertheless to be remembered by most Iranians as a glittering
testimony that Iran had entered a new Era. Little could anyone suspect,
at the time, that hardly a decade later, the downfall of the 50 year
Old Pahlavi Dynasty would also mark the end of a 25 century Old
Institution that undeniably shaped the Persian Civilization and greatly
helped define our national identity.


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The Old and The New

by GratefulForIranianCulture (not verified) on

Iranians would benefit the most if they take the higher path of cooperation with each other.

Surely criticism is a waste of time.

Change can only happen when people change, not by force.

People need the possibility to change first.

Iranians cheat themselves when they speak untruthfully. Anyone living in Iran during the 50's, 60's and 70's know Iran was getting better, not worse. Iranians as individuals enjoyed the freedom to change.

Today even with 15 times the income from oil, they do not enjoy this because they forgot how they cooperated to make this success exist.

The Magic formula of Iranian Success?

It takes both a leader and a people.
Iranians focus on what they appreciate and become happy not critical.
Iranians had a great leader, the shah, who made good choices for them.
Iranians were smart, they chose to receive him and to accept his leadership.
Iranians teach each other to read and dream.
Iranians discover ideals in their dreams and are inspired to act out of love and idealism.
People enjoy Freedom, Innocent people benefit.

The Standard Formula for Misery and Failure?

Iranians focus on what they hate and become very unhappy and critical.
Iranians in their pride think, we can do better than this leader.
Iranians teach each other to blame and see who can invent a more original criticism.
Jealousy encourages people to act out of fear.
Everything hits the fan, innocent people are harmed


I have to give it to you people have a sense of humour

by Hanna (not verified) on

I honestly had no interest in making a comment. It is late in the evening and I was merely reading the article. Then of course I couldn't leave without reading the comments. I have to say thanks for all the laughs. You are definitely a very amuzing group of people. But one question, why all the foul language??
What is it about Persians that they can only express their opinion and point of view by resorting in using the most vulgar trashy language!! You speak about 2500 years of glorified monarchy and an ancient CIVILIZATION!! Have you not learned anything from this CIVILIZATION except vulgarity!! No, honestly I am curious!! Why can't you have a civilized dialogue and a debate?

Instead of a serious debate, when one reads these comments, it is like a trashy comedy! Who is going to take you seriously? Have you thought about it? Or you simply don't care?

And please don't start sending your abusive verbage to me, I am simply making a comment with no insults to anyone of you.


Wake up..............stop iranian.........

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Who should stop it?
better we let it go on? Greeting


Our Beloved Crowned Prince Pahlavi

by Colonel Hemayat (not verified) on

Happy Birthday Commander


please know what are you talking about

by cy (not verified) on

I read your comments and I know that you do not know your history. Please learn your history then talk about Monarchist . Please read some articles about it if you have brain you will learn that the Phalavis dynasty is been so great . Which I hope you read in the history or if you do have enough brain ask around the people who knows the history. Please read you history then talk about Monarhist. I do not thing that we are Fossil brain cels. Learn about the Iranian history then talk.

Kaveh Nouraee

It's called AMBITION

by Kaveh Nouraee on

As Ben has been contributing to for a longer period of time than I have, he has seniority, therefore, he has earned tenure.



As it should be.  :)


Kaveh, you just can't win!

by Rosie THX1138 (not verified) on

Sorry, we already HAVE a tenured resident Arab hater: his name is Ben Madadi. :D Kaveh you just can't win. C-sections, c-sections everywhere, and not enough to keep my labia pink! You and Hsjiagha are the two most dedicated feminists on this website after Sasha, and I say that without a touch of irony. (And btw, definitely definitely NOT a cheater!)
Robin Jayne
PS Ben, if you see this you are my FAVORITE tenured Arab hater in the whole wide Website! (Join us for coffee at your wonderful Cafe Izmir? ;D )
Robin Jayne


What a retarded lot of codswaddle

by caspianseamermaid on

How embarrassing. Can't you 'monarchists' wake the hell up out of your fossilized 'brain cells' and stop worshipping a bunch of glorified, murderous, torturing, looting plebs and shiny pebbles?


If stupidity were an Olympic game....


I am dead, why are you talking behind me ?

by shahanshah AryaGOOZ (not verified) on

Shahanshah AryaGOOOOOOZ


Iranians don't owe Pahlavi anyth. We made that country ourselves

by B (not verified) on

I'd take straw and chickens over shah. I think this entire coronation bullshit was an example of that. The moron shah built an electricity system just for that stupid ceremony. He didn't give a sh*t about poor or modernization around where he brought Jackie Kennedy and the rest for the ceremony. He cared about his ass and that's all. The way he fled iran like a goat is an example.... and he left Hoveyda and the rest to die and get a public lynching. What an ass


the commenters on this site

by Anonymous½ (not verified) on

the commenters on this site are some of the most ignorant, hateful and vile bacheh akhoond mafias, dispatched to the u.s. as terrorist cells after the bloody revolution of akhoonds. if it weren't for the Shah, you people will be living in your one-room straw homes with your cows, sheeps and chickens. Every one of you owe everything you have to the system that the Shah provided otherwise, you will all riding camels and donkeys Afghanis opium smugglers, farmers, or raiding people on the road and drinking and washing your dishes and yourself in filthy fountains full of bacteria (howz). History will attest to that and your lies will be exposed to future generations of iranians, ultimately.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Please continue posting pictures and articles like this. The worst that could happen is that these idiots with their nonsense posts remain as thick as they are.



The funny thing is that half of these knuckleheads weren't even alive during this time. They're all born after 1981.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

So now I'm referred to as "our resident Arab hater"? I'm touched.



I'm not satisfed with mere residency. My ambition is to be the tenured Arab hater.


TO An American From ALabama

by amirkabear4u on

Get some education shah was not friend of US. He used media image to show himself friend of west. Both him and his strange wife hated westerners. That was why he initially went to Egypt. We maybe late by 28 years but guess what you been living with your ignorance for more than 28 years.

Another thing, a hate preacher like you who likes to see innocent civilians to die is not much different from those fanatics. Maybe you are a terrorist too.


"Stupid Piece"/Rashidian/Oh Alabama...

by Rosie T.. (not verified) on

Jahanshah Rashidian says: "The stupid piece is a typical kitschy opinion-maker of Roozi-nameh under the Shah in Iran or a bunch of tabloid in the West". There is a great deal of truth in this. I recall as an eleven year old child in New York in 1971 being awed by the "glories" of the Persepolis celebration in the papers, and of course it was all Cecil B. DeMille.

But there is one quintessential difference in this article: Darius Kadivar's "puff piece" ends: If retrospectively History has not failed to note the Shah’s controversial reign,...little could anyone suspect, at the time, that hardly a decade later, the downfall of the...Pahlavi Dynasty would also mark the end of a 25 century Old
Either he said "END" and used the past tense in "HELPED" or I am severely dyslexic.

Rashidian further says: "Such a propaganda-tabloid is today even dangerous." On the danger I concur completely. Which brings me to MY favorite "hamvatan."

And so, Oh Alabama, we meet again. see below comments of "Nukehead" Alabama). The danger is worse than just "because it serves to split our nation [Rashidian's]"; the worst danger comes from my own.

The ending of Darius' article should serve to disqualify him as an active political monarchist. Although he certainly is one in spirit, there is a significant difference). Colonel Hemayat is the resident monarchisthanmonarchist. And he has repeatedly assured me that he is firmly against ANY U.S. attack on Iran, but supports any OTHER alliance necessary with neocons SHORT OF military intervention. As an American knowing my hamvatans, I caution that I do not believe such an alliance exists. To repeat mysekf, the neocon agenda as detailed from its outset in the Project for the New American Century was, is, and always will be the military takeover of sovereign nations.
Alabama came here fortunately to prove my point (with his banjo on his knee), and were I not on a politeness campaign on this website, I would call him a "redneck yahoo brainwashed warmonging piece of white trash." (Oops, did I say that?)

Supporters of Reza Pahlavi MUST insist he distance himself publicly from the neocons if he is to have any credibility that he does not support miitary invasion by the U.S. and an enforced restauration of the Pahlavi dynasty, and to avert another Iraq perpetrated by my fellow Alabamians. (In the best case scenario, targeted attacks of Iran's nuclear installations will only serve to strengthen the Mullah's hand, and Rafsanjani's recent rhetoric on the Holocaust makes Ahmadinejad sound like Golda Meir).

Darius Dustam, my suggestion: BEGIN your articles the way you end them, journalism being inverted pyramid format (with many readers not even reading to the end).

And Jahanshah Rashidian: ("The stupid message is to confuse people between Shah's dictatorship and his heritage and “ IRI's dictatorship and its Mullahs"), I repeat myself again. Zoroastrianism was a giant step forward for humankind, and foundatioal for both Christianity and ethical Judaism, but dualism is a heavy burden for a people to bear.
Let us word our discourse carefully to find a common ground, in the spectrum between Dark and Light where we are all going to have to live together.
(PS Darius, private joke for you: "Nothing that is human disgusts me, Mr. Shannon." Master baiting...hmmm.... ;D)


The Shah of Iran was a good friend to America

by An American From ALabama (not verified) on

Jimmy Carter should have helped the Shah in 1979 and bombed the revolutionaries. Well boys and girls, it's 28 years late but President Bush will take care of the terrorists! The bombs are on their ways...

God Bless America and US Military.


good old days

by generous (not verified) on

I miss the good old days under his majesty when the hard earned Iranian money used to go to fat cat Farangis because Venice was sinking or a car manufacturer in Farang was going bankrupt and people would lose their jobs. The same Faranghis who robbed our country blind for decades.
Now our money is going to a bunch of dispossessed and hungary Palestinian AVAREH who historically have done no harm to us. What a shame! Farangis were more deserving.


Royal Pardon

by SAVAKI (not verified) on

Yadesh beh kheyr ye rooz dar khedmate timsaar boodim farmoodan Alaahazrat kheyli az in bache chapia ro beh monasebate taajgozari azad kardan vali vaghti az zendoon biroon oomadan dobareh shorooe kardan beh kharaabkaari. aakhe in bache koonia che margishoon bood. Timsaar oonghadr asabooni shodan ke dastoor daadan beh jaaye canda dry dobaareh botri pepsi masraf konim. heyf az oon pepsi ha ke gohi shod. man az oon vaght faght coca cola mikhoram. Cheghadr timsaar adame sharifi boodan


Wake Up

by Iran First (not verified) on

Stop Iranian genocide by Islamists


kossher By Old Farts Club

by ridibadjor (not verified) on

you must belong to "The Old Farts Club" who can't do nothing Better than to make kossher.
but why so long
This is how you ran the country with fohs & kossher



by Another Iranian Oghdei (not verified) on

Too bad Iranians are so "OGHDEI". Look it up in your Persian to English dictionary then you'll see why Iranians are such self defeatists. Comes from having Oghde!


To the Author

by verified but (not verified) on

Thank you for writing this article. Please keep them writing on this subject at every opportunity you got. I haven' had this level of amusement in a long time. Reading these comments and seeing a bunch of stuck-in-the-past fossils in action is a blast.


to Sarbaz Sefr Hemaghat

by fighter (not verified) on

you say:
"Declassified documents in Alam’s memoir clearly show that Shah was independent of the US, on many occasions"
At least you are honest and say on "many occasions". On the other hand he was a NOKAR-e-Dast-be-Seeneh on many other occasions. More often than not in fact.
If you were really part of the Army, you would know that an Iranian General baraye yek gooroohban-e amrica pashneh joft mikard. All courtesy of his majesty.
I had relatives in the armed forces that worked closely with their US counterparts in Iran. They all complained about being humiliated by the Americans on an ongoing basis. The American's would take our hardware that we paid for and use it in Vietnam without our permission and his majesty knew about this and would do nothing.
He was indeed Nokar Sefat. History has already judged this to be true. No amount of your grandstanding on this pathetic site is going to change that.


Javid Shah, Shahanshah

by Amir Khosrow Sheibany (not verified) on

Hey Dariush,

Thanks for the short article. It was like a birthday card from the past. Only more pictures would have been appreciated. Appreciated not only by us but also the complex riddled individuals, still challenged by their own history, who have taken the time to read your short piece and have written vitriolic remarks in response.

Accommodation or the failure to challenge such animus against the supporters of the continuation of Shahanshahi in Iran is an enabling and emboldening act. Most of the anti-monarchists thrive because the rest of us do not challenge their lunatic views. And so in some ways their ranting brings them real material and psychic rewards. That is why your reminder of the coronation was so welcome, and why I feel obliged to write an inspiring little note myself. A note that can be put in a frame on the wall and enjoyed by our angry, self loathing, anti-Monarchist friends.

Yes I know Good will triumph over Evil, light will triumph over darkness, but that doesn’t do it for me right now.

Let me try my hand at poetry, to express what I am thinking instead:

Poem for a Free Iran

White founts falling in the courts of the sun,
And the Sultan of Qom is smiling as they run;
There is laughter like the fountains in that face of all men feared,
It stirs the forest darkness, the darkness of his beard,
It curls the blood-red crescent, the crescent of his lips,
For the inmost sea of all the earth is shaken with his ships.
They have dared the green republics;
They have dashed the white flag of peace.
And the Lord upon the Golden Tulip is laughing, even as he sleeps.

Akhound is in his paradise above the evening star,
(And Derafsh-e Kaviani is going to the war.)
He moves a mighty turban on the timeless houri's knees,
His turban that is woven of the sunset and the seas.
He shakes the peacock gardens as he rises from his ease,
And he strides among the tree-tops and is taller than the trees,
And his voice through all the garden is a thunder sent to bring
Black Azrael and Ariel and Ammon on the wing.
Giants and the Genii,
Multiplex of wing and eye,
Whose strong obedience broke the sky
When Yazdeguerd was king.

They swell in sapphire smoke out of the blue cracks of the ground,-
They gather and they wonder and give worship to Akhound.
And he saith, "Break up the mountains where the sun-worshipping folk may hide,
And sift the red and silver sands lest bone of saint abide,
And chase these Pahlavans flying night and day, not giving rest,
For that which was our trouble comes again out of the west.
We have set the seal of Solomon on all things under sun,
Of knowledge and of sorrow and endurance of things done,
But a noise is in the mountains, in the mountains, and I know
The voice that shook our palaces twenty nine years ago.

They are countless, voiceless, hopeless as those fallen or fleeing on
Before the high Kings' horses in the granite of Babylon.
And many a one grows witless in his quiet room in hell
Where a yellow face looks inward through the lattice of his cell,
And he finds his God forgotten, and he seeks no more a sign -
(But Derafsh-e Kaviani has now burst through the battle-line!)
Pounding from the slaughter-painted poop,
Purpling all the ocean like a bloody pirate's sloop,
Scarlet running over on the silvers and the golds,
Breaking of the hatches up and bursting of the holds,
Thronging of the thousands up that labour under sea
White for bliss and blind for sun and stunned for liberty.
Javid-bad Shah!
Payandeh-bad mihane gerami!
Derafsh-e Kaviani has
set his people free!

My warmest regards to all Iranian’s and Persian speakers throughout the world.

Amir Khosrow Sheibany


Millions don't need to be united with dozens

by Colonel2 (not verified) on

Kurdish warrior and others who squirm about us Iranians insulting each other, NOT being united and so on.

Please understand these "differences" are between those who lived during the Shah and are outside Iran and capable of posting on this website. The monarchists were once powerful but they are now more like a cult.

These same monarchists taught us these vulgar language and insulting one another. So we are talking in the same language that THEY and rest of us understand. It has NOTHING to do with politics of Iran.

So relax and don't worry and enjoy the show. Every time you see a posting about Shah, you'll see that us Iranians outside Iran come together UNITED and have a good time at the expense of old farts like Corporal Hemayat.


It's a shame

by kurdish warrior (not verified) on

It's hysterical and sad when even on a simple topic people are agressive to one and another, call eachother names, when they should be bloody united so one day we can topple this fanatic racist regime. It's a shame....


Typical OF the Shah

by Piss on That Thief! (not verified) on

With all due respect to Mr. Kadivar, this posting sums up this moron's entire inept reign. The Chat's coronation and celebration of 2500 years of monarchy were events to legitimize himself in the eyes of the western nations he so fervently idolized. There is no hint of irony in this posting about the obvious non-Iranianness of the so-called Iranian monarch's legitimation ceremony.

1. A French-made crown
2. Imitating Napoleon's coronation
3. An Austrian REPLICA of a European dynasty's carriage
4. Chinaware, tents, wine, and catering from France for the monarchy celebration (coincidentally not attended by Pompidou).

What was "Persian", let alone Iranian, about this cowardly little thief? All the symbols of his power were manufactured abroad, his military might propped up from the US. He did so because he was ashamed of his country, and thoght himself better than it. That legacy is evident in his conduct and celebrations of greatness and in how many of his supporters discuss Iran with absolute disdain. How was this man at all representative of he country that he professed to lead?

The problem with the Shah, and all his little slavish acolytes was that they wanted to invent a "modern" Iran without any Iranians in it--most monarchists despise Iran and blame Iranians for their "predicament." The most persistent legacy of all of this is the enduring anti-Arabism, anti-Islamism and association with European "civilization" they try to form. The country was a self-esteem laboratory for a small group of elites who stole as much as they could before cutting and running (in Bushspeak) right before the Revolution. The same graying old farts that call you an "Arab", "molla", or "Communist" if point out the historical record to them, and want to bomb their own country into oblivion, because they can't extort it anymore in the name of "civilization" and "modernity".

Well, that "modernism" was made of sand. Like that Malibu castle built by one of those theives--I for one am glad that place was consumed in the fire--justice is far too infrequent in this world.


Arabs and Iranians same "shit"

by Colonel2 (not verified) on

It is this attitude of rats like Sar-Gooroohban Hemaghat that we think we are better than everybody else. This attitude has come and gone so many times during history and so many dictators ruled and advertised by it.

As we speak as far as the white european and american worlds are concerend, all non-whites are the same "shit" and terrorists.

You are afraid to call yourself Iranians in public then blame and insult others for being arabs or indians and others. Idiots.

Soil your Depends diapers Hemayat and remember the National Toilet. A good momument for the Pahlavi dynasty in Iran. Even Saddam got a respectable gravestone and memorial. The HEAD of your Pahlavi dynasty is not even equal to an Arab!


Vent Away People!

by Rooz-e roshan (not verified) on

Vent away people!
Get it OUT of your system... maybe the pressure of not being able to say what's on your mind freely for ALL these many years (for those living, at least the past 100 years) has truly gotten to your minds!
Vent away!... get it off your chests, maybe then you can start anew. Maybe then you'll see what has happened, and that there is no choice but to get back together and try and rid ourselvevs of the vermins that have taken over Iran!
Sit back read these comments (including mine) and see how bizzare they sound for a bunch of adults....
Live in the present time the past is gone...
Democracy needs to be learned and earned, it cannot be given to anyone on a silver platter.
Read the comments again and see how strange they sound...
let's try and learn.
No one can improve anyone else ... you can only work to improve yourself...


kings of persian

by arya shahin (not verified) on

Iran was founded by kings and ruled by kings for thousands of year, so what happens when blood thirsty arab worshiping imbecile takes control.
Will one could say , say goodbye to Persian culture and language , Ahlan va sahlan , ya rohollah.
Those who think islam has done good for iran, think again. Since the invasion of our lands by Tazi arabs , persian and Iranian lives has been degraded.
I really dont understand why would some one pray for a man called Muhammad where he raped a 9 year old and called it marriage. Yet islam is being forced on us, and slowlly we are forgetting about our culture and heritage. Our true and only religion Zoroastiranism.
A religion of peace love and wisdom. No suicide bombing rape stoning murder in the name of ALLAH and his profit muhammd.
Longlive iran long live king of iran.