Watch out, here they come! (part 4)

Conversation with director Ahmad Kiarostami


Watch out, here they come! (part 4)
by Parham

If you haven't read part 1, part 2 and part 3 of this article, maybe you should!

This week, I'm posting the part of the conversation I had with Ahmad Kiarostami, director of the now famed Eshghe Sorat video.

This conversation took place in June 2007, and since then, Kiosk and Ahmad have ended their collaboration together. Any eventual inconsistency with present events is only a result of this delay in publication, for which I apologize.



Ahmad, first things first, one can't help but notice your last name when looking at your profile. So are you related to Makhmalbaf? :-)


Yes we are related. My brother Bahman once attended a film festival where his daughter was present! :-)


I knew it! I always said there was a big resemblance between you and Samira. :-)

Before we get to the subject of the video, how do you know Arash, Babak and the rest of the gang? Do you know them from Iran?


No I didn't know them personally, but of course, I knew of The rock star from his first album, Adame Mamooli, and I knew about Babak/Bamahang from before.

I was in New York while Zartosht (Soltani) was designing O-Hum's Aloodeh cover. He was late and Babak called him to follow up (if you know Zartosht you know that he's ALWAYS late, and needs a lot of back-grabbing -- "peygiri"). Zartosht mentioned something about me being there, and Babak said "make sure no one copies the CD!" This is before I met him and his wife Shaghayegh (and became a follower) for the first time here in San Francisco in a chelo-kababi after Bay-to-Breakers 2006.

I met Arash for the first time at Yoshi's (a famous jazz club here in San Francisco) through a mutual friend, Afshean. This is 5-6 months after I moved to San Francisco. Arash had moved to San Jose just a few weeks before, and was looking for a place here. I recalled I didn't know many people when I moved here, and out of empathy, gave him my number and told him he can call if he needs help to move his stuff. I was fool enough not to remember that he's a rock star, that he knows half of the Bay Area, and the other half he doesn't know, know him! I never helped him to move anything, but later on he helped me with a bookshelf and a BIG couch (and he left me alone in the middle of the move, when it got to the difficult part!).

Do you still want me to tell you about the rest of the gang?!


Sure, if you want to.


Baba I was kidding when I asked if you want to know more!

I know Ardi (and Shadi) since I moved to San Francisco, he not only plays the keyboard, he is also a great graphic artist (Eshghe Sorat's cover), and makes the best ghalyoon in Northern California (by the way, they also made "To Kojayee" music video for Kiosk with Afshean) . I met Anoush a few months ago, he's the sweetest guy! I had a very nice interview/chat with Farzaneh a couple of days before the concert. Ali and Shahrouz, I met here before the concert (in San Francisco), but they were too busy "taking care of the fans"... that's all!

Did you say you want to publish this interview? Where? Zan-e Rooz?


Sure, if you want to. :-)

So how did the idea of you doing the video for Eshghe Sorat come about?


Well, Arash brought up the idea. My job has nothing to do with film and video, but since my brother Bahman has been to a couple of festivals, he thought I should be able to make something. We had a couple of brunches together and talked about ideas, but none of them really made sense, and/or needed a lot of money, which was impossible to do with our tight budget. He also talked to few other friends about this, including Afshean, Adralan, and Shadi (2+1 productions). One night he invited us all there to discuss and make something together. 2+1 got there late, with a very interesting sample of what they wanted to do. But I couldn't contribute anything to that project. It was a very artistic animation video, and I know nothing about animation. It needed A LOT of time, and I didn't have that much. And to be honest with you, when it comes to art and/or management, I don't really believe in democracy! You have to make everyone happy, so each of you compromises something, and in the best case, you end up having something that everyone is "happy" with, but no one "believes" in (unless you are one good solid team, like 2+1). Don't use this against me, but I always thought a good dictator is the best solution to solve a lot our problems. So, that was the end of the video project for me, but the temptation of doing a something was still there.


Yes, I love that video, except for the fly that bugs the hell out of me!! My hat's off to Shadi, Afshean and Ardalan for that.

So what happened next?


I went to Iran for a short two-week visit, and saw Zartosht there. We were back together after several years, a little nostalgic about the days we worked together, and thought about doing something together again. I called Arash and asked him to e-mail me the (still-not-mixed) songs from his new album. After getting the songs (which was a difficult task without a fast connection) I tried to plan something with Zartosht, but he was busy taking care of a little problem. I wish we had done this together though.

I liked the lyrics of both "Eshgh-e Sorat" and "Kolangi Ghabele Sokoonat" very much. The second one was too dark, and I thought it's not a good song for promoting the album. But "Eshgh e Sorat" was very intelligent and bright, and I thought it has a lot of potential. I also liked "Bitarbiat", but couldn't come up with a good idea (without filling the blanks!). So I decided to go with "Eshgh-e Sorat". But you know that two weeks in Iran - with all the friends and family and parties and everything - is too short, and I didn't work on the video till the last 3-4 days of my trip. I thought it's impossible to make something in such a short time, but my father kept telling me that I should start it, even if I don't finish. I'm a little obsessive-compulsive and leaving things unfinished really bothers me, so I preferred not to start it at all.

The night before I started the video, I made a little change in one of the ideas that I had and made it very simple, so I felt it would be possible to finish it in the remaining time. The next day I called my brother early in the morning (the one who goes to festivals) and asked him to bring his camera and come with me to shoot the video. We shot it in a couple of hours, and went to his office (he has an editing studio). I learned Final Cut Pro, edited the video, we shot a couple of more scenes, and finished the video in 2.5 days.

Back in San Francisco, we had talked about the name of the album with Arash, and he had suggested "Eshgh-e Sorat", but wasn't sure about it, I really liked the name though. To encourage him, I took several pictures from some wrecked cars, and Ardi later used the black Peykan for the CD Cover.


So where did the idea for the video come from?

One can see a lot of similarity between your father's work (using real-life people) and the Eshghe Sorat video. Also, had you done any videos prior to this one?


You ask me three different questions in three lines. Don't blame me if this one goes beyond one or two paragraphs here!

The original idea was for "Kolangi Ghabele Sokoonat". The idea was shooting a single-take video, walking from one side of Bazaar Tajreesh to the other side, shooting real people during their daily life, but having "my" people between them, with different looks, styles, and ages, looking at the camera and singing the lyrics. I wanted the whole thing to be in slow motion, slower than the real daily life.

I don't know if it makes sense or not, it's a little difficult to explain the idea in a couple of lines. Something like The Police's "Wrapped Around Your Finger" video. You can see that everything is synchronized there, but in slow motion. I was 13-14 years old when I first saw the clip, and I was mesmerized but this "trick". Oh, let me tell you something here. When I started thinking about doing a video for Arash, I tried to remember all of the videos that I liked. This one was one of them. The other one that I loved, was Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues", because of its simplicity, it somehow feels very honest. I think U2's "Numb" is hilarious, and one would like to see it over and over again. I wanted to put all of the things that I liked into the video. I also LOVE several of Peter Gabriel's videos (for example: Sledgehammer), but that type of video needs a lot of resources and we didn't have any. I also think Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2U" is beautiful, but how can I put this, I wasn't sure how a video like that would come out with Arash in it!

Anyway, in the clip, I wanted to keep up with Arash's dark and intelligent sense of humor (and that's a difficult job!). One day I saw Benetton's shop in Tehran and I thought it's missing a big thing, the only thing that I always liked about Benetton, their ads, people's face. That night, I had a dream. I was in Roger Waters' concert (I went to his concert a few months before my trip to Tehran), and there was a big video on the screen, with Roger Waters singing. Then the camera started showing the face of people, the audience singing his song with him. But all of them were people close-ups, and they looked like Benetton's ads. I woke up, and I knew what I wanted to do; just normal people pronouncing Arash's lyrics in "Eshgh-e Sorat". I just didn't know how to fill the gaps between the lyrics. I called my brother, he came to pick me up, and as soon as we were on the street, I saw a BMW with a "Ya Saheb-Azzaman" sign on it, and I thought I don't need to do much, I can only record these contradictions, and it will do the job. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to get the things that I really wanted to on tape.

To answer your other questions, I have made a couple of one minute videos, but nothing serious, just for fun. And about the similarity with my father's works, well, what can I say?! I grew up watching his films, and I (hopefully) have some of his genes, so either through nature or nurture, I should have his style. But, I also think that was a good form for this video/song, and I chose to do it that way. I might be the same for the next one.

By the way, I'm going to use that slow-motion thing from The Police video in the next video I'm making for Kiosk, and I'm going to exactly copy something from my father!


What? Will you say?

Also, what song will it be for?


Let's wait and see how it comes out first! I have told Arash and Babak that I'll release the video ONLY if I'm happy with the result, otherwise I'm going to keep it in my "private collection"!

I can tell you one thing though: It's not exactly any of the songs you hear on the CD.


Okay! We'll have to keep waiting then...

It's funny you mentioned some of the videos I also "dig" a lot! U2's "Numb", made by Kevin Godley (of Godley & Creme/10cc fame) is one of my all time favorites. In fact, I think Kevin Godley is a heck of a music video producer. I don't know if you remember "Cry" (music also by Godley & Creme), but that was the very first video where they had face metamorphosis, way before the animation techniques that made the procedure easier were invented.

Of course, a lot of people have tried to imitate Godley's ideas, the most recent one being the video for the song "Rejection" by Martin Solveig, which is a direct imitation of Numb.

One of my favorite videos of all time remains from "anonymous" though, as I never found out who it was made by. It's an animation and the storyline and the execution is, i.m.o., excellent. The subject is very close to heart as well. If I had made that video, I'd be ready to die and go to my next life already!

It was made for this song by Supermen Lovers called "Starlight".

Back to you, out of curiosity, what is your favorite movie made by your father -- and probably the one question before last as we'll have to get back to the songs -- what did you grow up watching, meaning what has been playing at the Kiarostami home all these years? I'm sure a lot of people would be curious about that.


I had never seen "Cry", and I loved it! Thanks for sharing. There's something about people's face that mesmerizes me (sitting in a café and people-watching is a great fun!). I actually wanted to do another video with peoples face for "Hamme Ragham Mojood Ast", but Arash vetoed against it, he said we have already done something like that. Maybe he's right, but I can never get enough of people's face!

I have a theory that sometimes makes people upset: I think we are getting to the end of many different forms of art. For example, I think painting is finished, is over. Doesn't matter what you want to do with your paper/pencil/canvas/paint, it's been done before. You can't do anything new. Cinema and video are relatively newer forms of art, so there's still some room left for creativity there, but with the speed we're moving at, we're going to pass the finish line soon. That's why we rarely see good movies these days.

In this type of situation, whatever you do, you will be imitating someone. I shot "Eshgh-e Sorat" in December, and we released it in April. After I released it, I talked to a dear friend of mine, Sam Javanrouh, who lives in Toronto and works for a video production company. After complimenting my video, he said "but have you seen such and such clip? It came out few weeks ago, and it's got exactly the same idea. They have shot it in Toronto, here on the corner of our office." Well, since I shot my video a few months before I released it, I'm sure none of us have imitated the other, but we both probably have imitated some other people's work, maybe unintentionally!

I think these days only exceptional, genius people can make something totally new. The rest of us can only imitate the others. But if we are clever, we can hopefully add something - even a little thing - to the original work. Martin Scorsese was once talking about making "Raging Bull", and how in the last fighting scene, he has used the famous bath scene from Hitchcock’s "Psycho" (and I think he has added A LOT to that scene!). But sometimes things are so well-done that you don't dare touch it! U2's "Numb" is one of those cases, and I think is "Rejection" fails in adding anything to the original idea.

Now after the final two questions, I'm kind of sure you want to publish (at least parts of this interview) in Zan-e Rooz!

I have a dear friend here in San Francisco, Judith Stone. She's 80 something years old, and used to work for SF Chronicle for a different section, including cinema. She's still very sharp, and has recently published a new book from her interviews with different directors and actors from around the world. Whenever someone asks her about her favorite film, or favorite director, she just goes out of control says a lot of nasty things. I just wanted to mention that, just in case you interview her some day.

Having said that, my favorite film made by my father changes with time. For now, I guess it is "Close-up", or maybe it's "Roads", I'm not sure. And my father doesn't really watch films. I remember once I was watching a film (I was probably 13 or so) and he passed by the TV room to go to the bathroom. On his way back, he stopped there for few seconds, and said "why are you watching such a bad film?" I was really upset! I said "but you haven't seen more than 30 seconds of the film, how do you know it's bad?" He said "only one shot is enough to show it's a bad film!" He usually can't follow the story line, he gets caught up in the "directing" and just sees the shots, camera, acting, and things like that, without following the film itself. But he was right, it was a bad film. "At the Kiarostami home" I saw some good films, and a lot of bad films (I still do). Probably just like your home. And I haven't been living at "Kiarostami home" for about 18 years now... well, I mean The Kiarostami home, because technically, my home is "Kiarostami home" too!


About Zane Rooz, as Arash says, don't let me open my mouth! :-)

Okay last question(s) -- Did you run into any problems shooting the video? I remember getting stopped and interrogated in Teheran every time (or almost) I was out doing street photography.

And if you don't mind, is "Kia Sohrabi" your artistic name, meaning will you always be shooting and releasing under that name, or was that only for this case?


No, I was expecting to run into problems, but we didn't. We were very quick. I would go and talk to people on the street, and after getting their agreement, Bahman would take out his camera and shoot. Taking each shot usually didn't take more than 5 minutes. And we also tried to stay away from crowded places, except for the inserts that was again, very quick.

And no, I'm not going to use "Kia Sohrabi" anymore. When I released this video, I somehow didn't want it to be associated with the name "Kiarostami". But after a few days I started getting e-mails from people about the video, and they wrote their emails to "Kia Sohrabi". I answered a couple of them with my new name, but I felt really guilty! It was like I'm stealing someone else's identity, and in return he was stealing my work! I also started hearing a couple of philosophical analogies and conspiracy theories about why I changed my name, and why I chose this name, so I decided to stop the silly game. No more Kia Sohrabi!


That was a good name, I actually liked it, but I see your point. What was funny was that I didn't find many people who made the connection between Kiarostami and Kiasohrabi.

Anyway, thanks for all the info about the video, Ahmad. I wish I could ask you more, but we're running long on this conversation already. I think you've made a great video there, and let's remind everyone it became the most linked video in the music section of YouTube for a day-- an unaccomplished feat for any Iranian clip yet. Let's see what the readers of Zane Rooz think about it now! :-)

Next part: Arash and Babak get even deeper on the Eshghe Sorat album. Stay tuned!


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Dear Parham

by Meu (not verified) on

I would like to take back all I said.
You're not gay, and I know that.
In fact, I have a confession to make: I'M GAY!
Ever since I saw your picture I have fallen in love with you and I've been saying all I've said because I would like you to do me, and do me good.
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computer hacker how do you know he has a lap top? Ahmad? Ahmad? Is that you?
There are at least 8 people who use my computer. So what even if it was Ahmad's lap top? Maybe Parham or Arash are using it. Or even better, maybe the poitive comments are coming from Kiarostami senior.


I bet if JJ or his staff

by computer hacker (not verified) on

I bet if JJ or his staff looked at their server logs, we'd see that all the comments defending Ahamd Joon joony are all coming from his own lap top! JJ I can show you how to do that if you promise to publish it and put this guy out of his misery (And us). I still like Kioosk tho!


People People. So this guy

by Khasteshodam (not verified) on

People People.
So this guy is an arrogant jerk? Ok. What about the rest of you bitches? Listen to yourselves. What a bunch of a holes you are.

- Yes Parham might be gay what's it to you?
- Yes Ahmad khan may be a jerk, don't watch the videos.
- You don't like the shameless self promotion going on here by Kiosk and those associated to them? don't buy the album.

Baba hamatun khafe shid saram dard gereft. Ye mosht bache. All of you just shut the fuck up.


To Parham

by andres (not verified) on

Parham, thank you for posting this article. I just wish the audience was more polite. Ahmad; I like your video; Kiosk, I love your music. To all the rest of you: Get a life, see a good therapist.


I don't think it's fair to

by Zara Y. (not verified) on

I don't think it's fair to accuse people on this blog of saying nasty things about "successfull" people, becuase successful get discussed here daily without this level of anger. You always get the immature matalak but nothing like this. It shows you ONLY how much people don't like this guy. I must say, he does seem arrogant and conceited. But he is hardly "Successful" or "famous". Neither is KIOSK for all that counts (although they deserve to be). I bet they still have day jobs and not much money. I work in the etertainment business and know that it takes much more than a few concerts to get famous or successful. But it certainly doesn't translate to fame even they gave 1000 concterts as long as they sing only in Farsi and only for Iranians. You're not famous and certainly not "OVEREXPOSED" until you're on the cover of Newsweek and People on the same week! Get real hamshahri's, ours is a tiny universe, and we need to step out of it to see just how much we don't know yet. We have to work at fame and success just like everybody else in this country only we have to try harder because we're immigrants--and to our hosts we seem odd. Guys like Kiarostami only hurt us and our reputation because he fights for fame but does not deserve it, and is not popular either. So it just erodes our chances. PARHAM, AND OTHERS WHO WRITE FOR IRANIAN.COM please try to focus on folks who deserve our respect and admiration. This guy does seem like a talentless self promoter who just makes us all angry--becaus we all know someone just like him--but then we foget him. Nothing was ever gained. I for one am not checking back.


a friendly advice to parham

by Meu (not verified) on

Dear Parham, you are so GAY. If you haven't realized it I gotta tell ya when people read ur articles and comments the first thing comes in mind is " the dude is gay".
SO, take my advice and stop publishing the rest of report, the way you describe ur feeling for Kiosk it gives this impression you want them in bed, what you like about them is their ass not their music.
It is not bad to be gay but is is bad to be false.


Keep Your Nasty Comments To Yourself!

by Celebrity (not verified) on

You guys with your personal attacks here give bad rap to iranians everywhere. What a shame! You can't even spell the words or have an objective opinion about anything! How can anyone take you seriously?This is not the medium for you to vent off your personal issues with successful celebrity. Go see a therapist for that! This is a place for people to exchange intelligent ideas and give constructive criticism! Get a life!


baba inam ye commente

by n.zanincanadai11 (not verified) on

baba inam ye commente khub...dast khattesh khubeh!


Baba dast marizad

by Parham on

Shoma ha ki hastin dige? Be hamleye Mogholha goftin zeki! :-)


To vagheankehhh

This article was published as part of a series of conversations we had all together with Arash, Babak, and Ahmad, when the parties were collaborating together. It starts with Arash and Babak, goes on with Ahmad, and gets back to Arash and Babak.

Frankly, I see a lot of contempt in what's being said, not only regarding Ahmad, but also about Kiosk. I have my (private for you) opinion of everyone listed, and I'm not the type to hide what I think from the concerned people, fyi. I don't think either Ahmad, Arash or Babak will tell you I have a "dastmal abrishami" ready to get out from my pocket or ever had one; maybe even quite to the contrary, in fact!

Khayemali harfe bade.


dokalameazmadarearoos , no

by vagheankehhh (not verified) on

dokalameazmadarearoos , no one is envious at this guy, he is a loser who is trying to hide behind a famous name. just talk to any girl he has screwed or anyone who has met him. he has major issues, but the thing that is sickening to kiosk fans is all his false modesty and the self promotion that both of these guys are attempting by publishing an article that is no longer relevant to the band because he got his famouse ass kicked out. everyone in the Bay Area anf OC know him inside and out so they dont but this BS and their mutual khayeh mali is just sickening, thats why you see this anger towards him. he is a very famous jerk.


oops I meant "bald" -LOL

by Anonymous765 (not verified) on

oops I meant "bald" -LOL anyways the fact that he is getting so many negative comments here is an indication that there is a grain of truth to what everyone is saying about him but I hope people do not associate KIOSK with him because KIOSK is a great band with refreshing music!


Good Looking????? what kind

by Anonymous765 (not verified) on

Good Looking????? what kind of bad smack were you smoking?? I have met this guy. He is just a whimpy,soon-to-be bold, tall piece of log. Plus any minimum physical attributions that he may have(which he does not) are compeletly overshadowed by his constipated and negative attitude... PLLLLLLLeeeeZZZZZ


Give me a break. He made a

by khanumhana77 (not verified) on

Give me a break. He made a music video that got some attention. Wonderful. May he succeed in his future work.

Mr. Sobhani is right "Behtareen shoghleh donya, dashtaneh daddieh pool daareh"

Dokalameazmadarearus: It's not innocent. The article is full of self flattery and mutual flattery. God, I bet they are both gay. I think after question 4 they are ready to kiss each other. He's good looking? You have a picture to share? This one here makes him look like a Hendi tech worker wearing designer sunglasses ready to let a big fart out. Kojash good lookingeh? did you mean to say gooz looking? hot damn. Baba ye axeh dorost hesabi azash peyda mishe jai man beram bebinam?



by dokalameazmadarearoos (not verified) on

the fact that this innocent piece created such a buzz shows those who read it wanted to.

Let's face it, it's Kiarostami, it's a big name, our version of Paris Hilton celebrity, don't you read what she did in the paper avidly and then throw the paper aside feeling angry at yourself for being interested in crap?!
we hate them, we're jealous of them but we cannot ignore them, celebrities and anyone linked to them

poor Ahmad, it's not his fault if he's good looking and the director's son,but he has made the mistake of creating somethings that subjects him to eternal judgement
and it's showtime for us vultures: we cannot deny his good looks and famous genes, but oh boy, we can rip him apart over his work, make him pay for all that we're not with our plainness and boring insignificant parents!


"ash to gold"!

by hamhamham (not verified) on

Hakimbob, gimme a break! he had a good stroke of luck with one video, which now it proves it wasnt even his idea , then made a second stupid video which is just maskhareh. so why didnt this other video become "gold" again ???/ so you are saying kioks music is worthless and ash and that this stolen video made it gold ?? I dont think so brother!!!, go listen to the lyrics and see if you can tell there is something differnet happening in iranian music with Kiosk lyric. dont kiss ass . or he will turn your ass to gold!!!


Stop it people

by Meu (not verified) on

this is getting crazy, please stop to making nasty comments about someone you might not even know. this is not fun or fair.


I was shocked to see these

by hakimbob on

I was shocked to see these vulgar comments about Ahmad. I think the
'noble' people who "claim" to know Ahmad, forgot that this interview was in relation to
Ahmad's music video. Yes, there are special people like Ahmad who can
turn ash to gold. If your bottoms are burning, well, tough!

as far as his artistic capabilities are concerned, just look up how
many clicks his Eshq-e Sorat clip has gotten.




by careersrus (not verified) on

I don't even know who this guy is you're talking about, but it looks like no one likes him and got fired from his band.

Agha Joon, here's a new band for you to direct. Young, fresh and energetic:


you are all too common Ahmad Agha

by leach (not verified) on

As long as there are talented people like Arash Sobhani and Kiosk, there will be leaches like Ahmad Kiarostami. I pity the poor bastard whose "manager" will be you Ahmad agha. Get a life.



by delusional6 (not verified) on

I don't think this is Ahmad's fault. I have known him closely for a very long time, and I know he has some seriuos personality deficiency issues. This is a classic case of children whose parents put a huge expectation on them like his father has done. He himself is quite a character and their whole family considers themselves very elite and educated and above all others. At least Mr. Abbas Kiarostami has accomplished a lot in his field, so you can't blame him for his attitude, but I think Ahmad suffers from an elaborate delusion based on personal hatred which stems from his father's constant rejection of him. I can only feel sorry for this person, and I know he must be under a lot of pressure to prove to everyone that he himself is talented. Maybe that's why he started out by being "Kia Sohrabi" then dramatically revealed to the world that he is the "mysterious genius director" behind this stupid video clip.


In Ahmad diroctor nist ke

by Jeegarno@ (not verified) on

In Ahmad diroctor nist ke hast. Manager nist ke hast. Duste rock star nadare ke dare. Video medio shoot moot balad nist ke balade. Fako famileh un kiarostami nist ke hast. Roo nadare ke dare.

JEEGARETO Ahmad joon bia inja ye mache gholombe bede bebinam. Fadaye un eynaket. Ye axe tamam ghad bezar binim. Ma khanumam bademun nemiad hal konima...pashmalui I bet with that serious look and the glasses. What I wouldn't do to you if I go my hands on that Kiarostami tush of yours.


vay jeegareto Ahmad. kheyli

by jeegar (not verified) on

vay jeegareto Ahmad. kheyli mahi. roo keh nist mashallah. hameh chi rajeh beh toeh tooyeh donya aslan. to nabeghehi aghayeh whooppeee.


Kisok is Amazing

by Behzad Raffii (not verified) on

Kisok is amazingly talneted and that's why people are on here talking. Believe me it's NOT you Ahmad. What an ego!
And bacheha, I went to work this morning and now I'm done, and here you all are still talking about this? Enough already. Don't feed into this ego maniac even more.

Ahmad Jaan, go find yourself another hot item to suck up to. You tanked on this one.


Be happy

by Ahmad K.! (not verified) on

This interview is not really mine, it belongs to Parham, to whom I'm quite thankful. He did this Q&A in a friendly environment, a polite user group which gave me the room to joke a little, (and do things like calling Arash "The rock star"...) I'm sorry if the tone of the interview - or my actions, in OC, SF, LA or anywhere else - sounds different here (and arrogant). Nevertheless, I'm still happy to see that this interview was one of the most discussed posts on! :)

Be happy.


I actually liked Kiosk

by shishakish (not verified) on

I actually liked Kiosk before I went to see them in Orang county and thought they were original. i dont know what the fuck they were thinking plauying with a has-been like Ardeshir Farah and this Ahmad guy who was runnig aroundl like crazy was telling everyone he was their manager he was the most arrogant prick and stuck up jerk with the worst attitude I have ever seen. engar az kooneh feel oftadeh taraf, and I dont know besides the stupid videos that was plying which was birabt to the music what else he was doing ther. probably trying to pick up some kos from OC or something. Kiosk is bending over to LA ba in joor concertha. heyf.


off the subject

by Meu (not verified) on

ok people, let's don't get off the subject. who cares about Ahmad K???!! let's get back to subject."\\\ Kiosk music sucks////" and Parham please do us and Kiosk band a favore " STOP PUBBLISHING THE REST OF IT" You know I am kind of agree with Kiosk fan 123 about you wanting some of hairy kiosk ass .
do us a favore "NO MORE KIOSK"


More replies to you binandegan va shenavandegan-e aziz

by Parham on

To Kiosk Fan 123

- Are you saying I'm promoting my hot cakes business by publishing this article? 
- No, I don't want a piece of Kiosk's ass. (?)
- Last time I published a long article (the Ahi article), I had a load of peas-of-every-soup writing to me, calling Mr. Ahi and leaving comments here and there that the article was TOO LONG! Now that I cut it into pieces, I have you telling me it comes in parts! Now which instrument of yours shall I dance to?

Go, mister. May God put your end and destiny to charity.

To Mobser

Do read part 1 of the article (link's up there, if you look). If that's not critical, I don't know what is. Perhaps you want me to take my do-lool out and shoot them?

To anyone who might have misinterpreted my comment to Behzad Raffii (you can tell I have haal, can't ya)

Behzad's comment is addressed to me, but really indirectly to Ahmad K. What my comment means is that as far as he's addressing me I'm fine (since there's nothing really being said to me!), but as far as he addresses Ahmad K, it will be up to Ahmad K to address the comment -- if he wants to. That's all.

Got anymore?


My friends and I met Ahmad K

by my2cents&more (not verified) on

My friends and I met Ahmad K at kiosk concert in OC. He came across as very arrogant &"azhodrazi"- what bothered me the most was the comment he made to us when he saw us buying Kiosk CDs and Tshirts at the concert. He told our group that he didn't care whether we were buying the CDs but that he wanted people to buy the T-shirts because that was his art work on the T-shirts. This guy was as constipated and pompous as it gets!


dosti khaleh kherseh

by kiosk fan123 (not verified) on

This is not good for Kiosk. This is how good bands start to destruct from the inside. Kiosk has a lot of potential but it is not controlling its image at all. Maybe they are just learning how to be a band. hala Everyone and their cousin want a piece of the pie, and a piece of their ass. Parham and Ahmad are obviously both trying to get attention for themselves, otherwise Parham would put all this kiosk crap into one article instead of 600 separate pieces, and if Ahmad has been fired fromm Kiosk why is Parham promoting him and why did Ahmad let this to be published. It just doesn't make sense unless everyone just wants attention for himslef at the expense of Kiosk. Iroonis are always behind, and take everything into "lajan" because they are hasood of each other succes. khak bar sare ma vaghean.