Buying time

Coping with Iran


Buying time
by Shaul Mofaz & Nicholas Burns

On August 1, 2008, Shaul Mofaz, deputy prime minister and transportation minister of Israel, and Nicholas Burns, who until recently was undersecretary of state for foreign affairs, addressed a special policy forum at The Washington Institute. Mr. Mofaz and Ambassador Burns, who both led the U.S.-Israel strategic dialogue focusing on Iran, spoke about the challenges caused by Iran and its nuclear program. The following is a rapporteur's summary of their remarks. Online audio of this event is also available at

Iran's nuclear program is geared toward attaining military weapons capability -- something that constitutes an existential threat to the state of Israel. With such ability, Iran not only could attack Israel directly, it could also increase financial and material support under its nuclear umbrella for terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hizballah, as well as for Syria. Iran has already provided Hizballah with long-range missiles that can hit most Israeli territory, and one day, Iran could also use this power against the United States and Europe.

In the next year and a half, there will be a new reality in the region. From Israel's point of view, an Iranian nuclear breakthrough is unacceptable. No enrichment should take place anywhere on Iranian soil, and at present, it is estimated that Iran will be capable of enriching low-grade uranium in 2009, and will be able to do so at military levels by 2010.

Iran's main strategy is to buy time, and so far, it is succeeding. Time is a decisive element in changing the picture and removing the Iranian threat. Based on Tehran's past actions, most anticipate that Iran will turn down the recent offer made by the Europeans and the United States at the Geneva meeting, and will choose instead to wait out the end of the current U.S. administration. The window of opportunity to influence Iran is becoming smaller, and is about to close. It is a race against time, and Iran is winning.

A strategic approach, therefore, is necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities. Several conclusions were reached during the July meeting of the U.S.-Israel strategic dialogue, one being that the world must present a united front against Iran. This includes international compliance with imposing financial sanctions on Iran, as well as barring the trade in conventional weapons with the regime.

Diplomacy should to be the primary method for halting Iran's nuclear program. In order for diplomacy to succeed, pressure on Iran's weaknesses must be drastically increased. Diplomacy, however, has its limits. The primary duty of Israel, like all states, is to protect the lives of its citizens; therefore, all options are on the table. If Israeli, U.S., or European intelligence gets proof that Iran has succeeded in developing nuclear weapons technology, then Israel will respond in a manner reflecting the existential threat posed by such a weapon. Israel takes Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad's statements regarding its destruction seriously. Israel cannot risk another Holocaust.

Israel also understands that its quarrel is with the current Iranian regime, not with the Iranian people. Only thirty years ago, Israel had excellent diplomatic relations with Iran, including extensive security cooperation. The current regime is not only hostile toward Israel, but also toward the rest of the world.

The Middle East is becoming the world's most important region, and is increasingly the focus of U.S. foreign policy. Current issues include fighting the war in Iraq, resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and preventing Hizballah and Syria from undermining democracy in Lebanon. In addition, the United States is concerned with the oil trade and its improving relations with moderate Arab states such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Over time, however, Iran has become the regional focus.

Iran is the most difficult and complex challenge in the Middle East today. It is a primary supporter of regional terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hizballah, and Islamic Jihad, and it also funds the Shiite militant groups fighting U.S. forces in Iraq. Evidence also suggests that it has connections to the Taliban. U.S. policy should be geared toward preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear capability, preferably through negotiations and by working with the UN Security Council.

The United States ought to pursue three initiatives to deal with Iran: tougher sanctions, more diplomacy, and developing a bilateral relationship. Although the United States and Europe have been maintaining strict sanctions on Iran, the trade void is being filled by other nations, particularly Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates. In order for sanctions to be successful, these nations need to participate fully, especially since financial sanctions are necessary for diplomacy to work.

Now is the time for diplomacy, not war. Based on the evaluations of Mohamed ElBaradei and the International Atomic Energy Agency, we have reason to believe there is still time for diplomacy. Diplomacy requires the parties to be tough-minded and creative. U.S. representation at the recent Geneva meeting was a positive step, and Condoleezza Rice should be lauded for breaking with twenty-eight years of American conventional wisdom when she advised negotiating with Iran. That diplomatic opening is still there, and it would be folly to give it up now. All options must be kept on the table in order to force Tehran to respond to international objections. At this point, however, war with Iran is neither inevitable nor desirable.

A significant difficulty with Iran is that the relationship between Washington and Tehran, unlike Pyongyang and Havana, has been completely nonexistent. The United States has not had any permanent media correspondents, businessmen, or diplomats in the country since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. As a result, the two countries know nothing about each other. Another difficulty is the history of grievances between the two, such as the Mossadeq coup and the Iranian hostage crisis. In order to develop relations, however, both need to stop focusing on this legacy of bitterness and look forward to the future.

The situation may change when Iran holds presidential elections in 2009, because the country is not a political monolith. Although Ayatollah Ali Khamenei exercises a great deal of control, there are still relative differences between him, Ahmadinezhad, Ali Larijani (speaker of the Iranian parliament), and other influential Iranians, such as former presidents Ali Akbar Rafsanjani and Muhammad Khatami.

Iranians have been equivocating, even though reasonable proposals have been on the table for two years. The United States backed Russia's proposal that Iran be provided with nuclear power plants and fuel, thereby invalidating the claim that the world wants to deny Iran atomic energy. The Iranians need to answer the questions being asked about its nuclear program by the international community. At the present, the ball is in Iran's court.

This rapporteur's summary was prepared by Lauren Cohen.



time for a time out!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Hey guys, let's take a time out. It appears that this Mofaz guy is my hamshahri (I was wondering why after shaving my head I look like him!). As we Isfahnis say: ishoooon ye zeri zadand, ye kekei khordand, ye ghaleti kardand .... there is no need to let our anger go out of control, it appears that most of us are neither in Iran nor in Israel anyway ...... if anything we need to facilitate the lowering or elimination of animosity between Iran/IRI and Israel ..... let's learn from Trita Parsi & Schlomo Ben-Ami now that we have insulted each other enough ..... hopefully Iran already has more than enough deterrence in place.


Anonym7 - not fast at all, factual!

by Jaleho on

I wrote the same thing to our other arrogant Jewish poster Mazloom, repeated from my yet earlier comment on  Benny Morris article in NYTimes. Guess Fred can use it too! The books like Walt-Mearsheimer, or Carter's book are just a simple reflection of the coming US policy change wrt Israel. US has to flush Israel or it will go down with it, the present alliance is not economically sustainable. I have explained this before, here's a short review:

Mazloom, Israel is US CONDOM

by Jaleho on

in the Middle East. That's the proper way to describe US and Israel in the same sentence, why are you so confused?!!

I wrote this about an article which the arrogant Jew, Benny Morris-
converted to Hitler-wanna be, has written in the other arrogant Jew,
Salzberger's NYTimes. You can use this part also. Concentrate on the
last sentence:


Things these arrogant Jews forget is this:

1) Israel has been created and used by western powers, and after
1956 by US exclusively, as a CONDOM to have safe sex with Arab oil.

2)Israel indeed served that purpose nicely up to the fall of Soviet Union.

3)The usefulness of Israel post soviet times is finished.
Now the only thing that has been ARTIFICIALLY keeping US-Israel
realtion as before is the Israeli Lobby, the wishful thinking of some
old hags of US foreign policy hoping that Israel can still serve the
military lobby positively,

4)The Jewsih hold in the media as shown by the effectiveness of Iraq
war pushed by Jews like Salzberger family were strong, but internet is killing that power rapidly. Furthermore, 
NYTimes which was one of the pillars making the war possible, lost
credibility among Americans because of the lies it spread for Iraq war.
Just look at its stock since 2003 lies


5) Despite huge extra time and extra EMERGENCY bombs that US gave toIsrael to finish off Hezbollah in Lebanon, Israel couldn't handle a small proxy militia of Iran under its nose! That alone has proved the US that the times that Israel begged and got BILLIONS boasting its effectiveness as in 6 day war victory, is OVER. Israel is now just a LIABILITY for US dragging it into wars directly, not the good bulldog it used to serve its American boss.

6)  The statements like "Israel has to do it itself" is just
toothless barkings of Israeli dogs to engage America before it leaves
the region.

7)War with Iran is suicidal for the US and no amount of Jewish propaganda is going to force the US to do it. US will flush the well served Israeli condom before any attempt at a war with Iran.

Asghar Taragheh

This is Why Mofaz wants to Kick IRI's Ass

by Asghar Taragheh on

I know many of you dislike MEMRI but this is all in Farsi so we do not need to read the English translation. We all understand what these fellow Islamist Hamvatans are saying to us with or without MEMRI. MEMRI just keeps a record of it for all of us. Just listen and watch. There are many more like Rafsanjani's and Antaris garbage which everyone says is a bad translation even though he has said it 50 times in 50 different ways. Keep on making excuses for these assholes who are ruining our country. This is the true face of the IRI which all you lefty/Islamist thugs are defending.

Iranian "joohoods" complicit in Elders of Zion conspiracy to take over the world

On Jews and Mice

Jews Are Geneticaly Blood Thirsty & Criminal

Passover Matzah Blood Libel

Drugs and Star of David

The Protocols and Holocaust Denial

Zionist Crimes and Conspiracies

Al-Qaeda & Mossad 9/11 Conspiracy

Islamic Supremacy

Aa Metti

He's Esfahani

by Aa Metti on

Shaul Mofaz is persian jew! He was born in Terhan but his parents are from Esfahan....most likey the Abbas Abad neighborhood !!!

Farhad Kashani

Here’s a question for all

by Farhad Kashani on

Here’s a question for all you IRI apologists and misguided leftists who spare no opportunity to blindly bash Israel, who started the Iran – Israeli feud? Who started bashing the other one and wanting the annihilation of the other one? Lets not forget that Khomeini said “If each Muslim takes one bucket of water and spills it on Israel, Israel will annihilate”. Which government didn’t recognize the existence of other? Which government has been working 24/7 against the interest of the other? Which government has hijacked its people and its country in the name some stupid blind anti-“other” rhetoric?  


The answer to all those questions is the fascist Islamic regime in Tehran. IRI started it, IRI will get it, and the people will pay the price. The ones who support IRIs blind anti Israeli policies will sit back and relax in San Francisco in their little Islamic leftist bubble, while the people in Iran get bombed by Israel because of the regime’s war mongering existence.


I can honestly say you will rarely find a regime like the IRI that has executed so many deliberate anti people policies. It didn’t give us freedom, it didn’t give us independence, it didn’t give us prosperity, it didn’t give us international respect, it didn’t give us dignity, it didn’t give us jobs, it didn’t give us technology, simply nothing. All it has gave us is war, oppression, poverty, murder, torture, imprisonment, exile, lost of international respect, lost of self respect, inflation, unemployment, …calling it a disaster is an understatement.

Asghar Taragheh

Anonym7 Aziz

by Asghar Taragheh on

The only reason you think that is
because the Israelis relied mainly on Air power which no country has
used with success to win any war. Israel actually played very smart.
If they had invaded like they did in 1982 and occupied the Lebanese
land, they would be called "occupiers" again. They have
enough problems with being occupiers in the West bank (and just a few
months before the 2nd Lebanon war in Gaza) and they had just 5 year prior ended their 20 year occupation of South Lebanon. If you recall, 24 hours
before the cease fire was called, with a force of only about 15,000
men, they reached half way to Beirut by the Litani river in less than a day.
Please don't fool yourself, like other Islamist here do, by thinking
Israel lost militarily. Israel did not take full advantage of the
situation but it did not lose militarily because 500 Hezbollah fighters kept on
coming out of their hiding holes during designated times every day to
shoot rocket into Israel with absolutely no military value. The war
was over in the first 15 minutes when they destroyed all of the long
range, IRI supplied, rockets. The war also demonstrated IRI's full involvement to the entire world. Now the Israelis have all the excuses they need with the IRI and the Syrians arming them again.

Because of the IRI, the Israeli are now getting even better weapons like the F22 and more aid with respect to anti missile technology. Just read the news today. The Americans are going to help them with the Arrow 3 project.

Just wait and see until the next round and you will realize what I'm talking about. Its not going to be pretty and there will be more innocent Lenbanese killed because of the idiotic policies of the IRI in the region.



Ironic behavior of Islamo-zionazi’s

by Salar (not verified) on

I don’t see what all the fuss is about!! You Israeli supporters and IRI supporters have so much in common if not an exact match, just like two brother twins. Your higher up leaders seem to get along just fine and have made really juicy deals for the past 30 years with the supervision of the supreme masters of the west. They bark at each other on the stage and carry on with their secret love affair behind it. There is enough carnage to go around for all of you, why take precious time off to argue so much when it can wisely be spent feeding that unending hunger of yours, keep feeding, feeding that hunger for blood and power. The real victims of this tragedy are Iranian people but they will eventually have their justice someday.


Easy Taragheh!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Lebanon war was not too long ago but it seems you have forgotten ... Asghar_jAn, Israel lost, lost big time.


Wow, this comes from Shaul

by Anonymoussssssssssssss (not verified) on

Wow, this comes from Shaul Mofaz and Nicholas Burns, the same guys that were pushing for the Iraq war on pretty much the same reasoning. This is the same Shaul Mofaz who demanded that his troops kill 70 Palestinians per day during the second Intifada!!!

Get the hell off this site, you stinking neo-Nazi...go and wait on the edge of histories dustbin, till you are condemned for the genocidal maniac that you are. You guys have less credibility than the ring of bacterial scum growing in dirty toilet bowls of Tel Aviv!



by Abarmard on

That's what you are saying. I believe that Israel needs to act as if she does not have the US backing and needs her neighbors. Take a look and see how the peace process, unlike what is preached by the majority of the media, has been has been ended. The Israelis today are still expanding. They are bahaving as if the force is the answer. Actually many Israeli warmonger and conservatives believe that the only language that the Arabs undersand is force. So they are behaving in that manner. 

That's dangerous for Israel, it can only go so far for so long. I am not sure what the Israeli government and Zionists (as an ideology) are thinking. Fair is fair. you either see it or you don't. 

Imagine any country, I mean any country in the world would behave or act or talk about preemptive strike as Israel has done and say...

Just imagine the reaction of the world. If you think the world and history will forget this, I would disagree. I know, the Palestinians don't deserve the land, they never really lived there, they were nomads, they were farmers, they were uncivilized, the land belonged to Israel some thousands of years ago, it's in the bible...You may make as many excuses as you wish, wrong is wrong. The best thing to do is to try to make it right. threatening a country such as Iran for a short political gain does not add up. 

No country could just "imagine" a threat and act as if they have a right to attack. This is a dangerous political attitude that only the enemies of the region would enjoy, their servant: Israel. This mentality is not a long term political strategy if you ask me. That's the reality, the rest is Fred ;) 

Just kidding Fred. I enjoy your signature arguments, the Islamists/anti semite...that's just you. 

Asghar Taragheh

Sex Education for the Islamist Lady & her Supporters

by Asghar Taragheh on

The only Condoms in the middle east are called Hamas & Hezbolah. We all will see who dumps who when push comes to shove. Keep on acting stupid. Just like Saddam, who pushed the West until it was to late, the akhoonds will get their turn as well- unless they agree to stop enrichment of course.






by no_name (not verified) on

1) The case against Iran has no legal base! Iran has the right to enrich. This is a blatant case of racism by west and Israel(no surprise there). Why is it that Iranian's can not enrich, but Indians, Pakistanis, Israelis, all can.

2) They talk about how Iran will start a nuclear race in the region. However, they don't even know the basic geography. Pakistan is Iran's neighbor. The race has already started. We all remember how west took a blind eye to Iraq WMD and Iraq used it against Iran. What is to stop Pakistan's terrorist group use it against Iran. If there is legitimate worry about nuclear race, then it has to start from Pakistan. Otherwise that argument is baseless.

3) What gives Israel the right to build a nuclear arsenal. If anything they have shown lack restrain in using their power. From murdering US Soldier in the USS Liberty to the recent destruction of Lebanon. When was the last time Iran attacked any country.

I don't agree with the Mullahs, but this an assault against the Iranian minority in the region. Once this precedent is set and they apply a different rule against us, then, it will never end. We will become discriminated in all different aspect of our lives.


Jaleh, driving too fast today! ?

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Hey Jaleh, I definitely understand that deeply hateful warmongers like this Fred guy are upsetting you. However don't you think you are driving a bit too fast!?
As you say history is going to take care of Israel, ...., so let the history take its course!
I, like many other Iranians wish that Iran has the strongest deterrent, so fascists like Mofaz don't attack .... but if they behave, Iran needs not to be in a permanent state of animosity with Israel.
take it easy Jaleh .....


The Islamist word play

by Fred on

Islamist lady has a track record with invectives mirroring those of the Islamist republic, at times verbatim. What was quoted of her is still on this page and can be reviewed for accuracy and compared with her revision.

 This word play by the Islamist won’t do, the humanity has already stood by witnessing holocaust.  As an Iranian I will do that I can not to let Islamists sully the good historical reputation of Iran.

 Sooner or later the Islamist bums will be thrown out and restoration of the tremendous amount of damage their rule has caused will begin.  People like me, and there are too many, think of after the overthrow and the restoration of Iranian identity and reoccupying its rightful place among civilized nations. At that time people will look back and remember that there were those who stood up to the Islamists. Alas the really good ones have already been murdered by the Islamist, this little that I do, and I am ashamed of how insignificant it is, is still something. Therefore they can rant all they want   No sir I will not stay silent, I will continue to be respectful, but silent I will not.


Driving Israel to the sea is sane???

by Anonymousaaa (not verified) on

abarmard: The majority of the people of ME want Israel decimated and driven to the sea based on the erroneous fact the Israel is a "muslim land". Is that what you're proposing as logical and sane??? You want Israelis shipped to Alaska or you're proposing genocidea of all Israelis??



by Abarmard on

You have gotten it backwards. According to your logic, the majority of the population of the middle east is crazy while the Israeli state is sane.

It's like the story of the guy driving drunk entering the ramp incorrectly. While seeing the entire traffic coming towards him calls the cops and complains:"There are thousands of crazy people driving on the wrong side of the free way";)

Afshin, great comment. 


Mr. Burns and Mofaz:

by Anonymousaaa (not verified) on

For Nicholas Burns and Shaul Mofaz:

The below article is the true agenda of the Islamic Republic:



Dear Shaoul: I don't know if

by Anonymousaaa (not verified) on

Dear Shaoul: I don't know if you can read Persian but this is worth reading. It gives you an insight to the mindset of Islamist fanatics who are bent on setting the region of fire:



Fred, improve your reading comprehension

by Jaleho on

You quoted me and made the wrong conclusion:

"“we also tend to consider Israel as a US CONDOM whose time to be flushed (sic) is overdue…”   Just imagine what this level of unmitigated hatred will do if and when they get their hands on nuke."


My quote is a concise description of Israel as it has been used by US since 1956. US is the CONDOM OWNER who would flush Israel in the history's toilet, not the Iranian nukes!! Iranians with their unmitigated hatred will be just the cheer leaders. Just as they enjoyed the death of South African apartheid, fair Iranian will celebrate the death ofIsraeli racist, Zionism, apartheid and one of the ugliest last pillars of colonialsm as it  joins the other defunct colonial projects in history's dust bins.


Israel is here to stay and

by Anonymousaaa (not verified) on

Israel is here to stay and will not be driven to the sea. Deal with it. The sooner the Islamists recognize that the sooner peace will prevail. As long as the Islamists claim that Israel is a "muslim land" things will not change and iota and they might even get worse.


Yo, Fred...

by mad as hell (not verified) on

Re your comment about the "Islamist lady": What her analogy expresses is anger not hatred. Say what you may (kid yourself all you want) but people in the middle east are very angry about Israel. And they have damn good reason to be angry. When justified anger is not acknowledged and redressed then it turns into hatred.

I don't see how you conclude that this lady speaks out of hatred. I don't even see how you conclude that she's Islamist. These are your prejudices.



by Fred on

Iranian people have had the same opinion of Israel for a long time.” It must be nice to be able to speak on behalf of nearly seventy million. Islamist/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies are clairvoyants too? And no, I will not stop, you speak your mind, I do mine respectfully, that is the essence of democracy, get used to it.  Trying to create historical animosity where none exists has been met with resounding failure by the Islamist republic and its hate mongers. 


Flawed Premise

by afshin on

The general unpopularity of the Iranian government notwithstanding, there are a number of observations I'd like to make.  I find it rather comical if not arrogant for Mr. Mofaz to hold the position that he does considering Israel's status as a nuclear power is concerned.  Unlike Iran, Israel is in full possession of a nuclear arsenal and also unlike Iran it is not a member of the non-proliferation treaty and as such not subject to an intrusive inspection regime that Iran is.  Conversely unlike Israel, Iran has NOT invaded, attacked, or otherwise coerced a neighboring state in the past three centuries let alone the last 30 years.  Even in the face of repeated war crimes committed by Saddam Hussein with the full backing of the United States and her allies during the Iran-Iraq war, Iran did not resort to the use of WMDs.  This while Iran could not get the Security Council to even agree to meet on the issue of chemical weapons use by Iraq, let alone rule on it.  I'm sure for Iran it wasn't a moral imperative to refrain from responding in kind to Iraq with chemical and bioligical weapons.  More than likely it was the reality that had Iran resorted to such a retaliation it would mean the end of Iran.  And it wasn't because they didn't or do not have such weapons.  As it is a well known fact the amount of such weapons Iran had in its possession from the Shah's time.  The concept of mutually assured destruction is and always has been in play here.  What seems most disconcerting to the powers that be is they don't want to have an established concept of MAD with Iran, rather they would prefer to have what I call YAD (Your Assured Destruction) should they (Iran) step out of line. 

I tell you what else I don't like.  I don't like the fact that a little country like Israel being a fraction of Iran's size and population that does not even have an iota of civility and culture compared to Iran has the arrogance to threaten Iran with annhialation just because they have the backing of the United States.  Now I know Ahmadinejad said some stupid stuff that more than likely was meant for domestic consumption and a little saber rattling.  All of us Farsi speakers know his comment on Israel was mistranslated.  We also know that Israel is an extension of the United States for all intents and purposes.  So that threatening one with destruction is equal to threatening the other.  The folks ruling Iran may appear scruffy and unkempt, but they are not stupid.  And anyone making such assumptions could be considered devoid of wisdom.  They have survived and managed to rule Iran in one way or another for centuries if not millenia.  Even before Islam the Zorastrian Mobeds ruled Iran with much of the same shrewdness we see expressed by the current regime. 

Finally a word about the Arab-Israeli conflict.  What a travesty of justice.  What a blight on America to have effectively financed the uprooting of millions of people under the guise of democracy.  Israel is no more a democracy than South Africa was during Apartheid.  If a Palestinian who was born in Jerusalem has no right to return to his home, if a Christian or Muslim cannot become Prime Minister, how can you call it a democracy?  But what I'd like to say about it is, WHO CARES???  I as an Iranian don't care.  I as an American could care less.  Though I would be more inclined to spend the billions we send there to promote jewish fascism, and spend it elsewhere like taking care of Americans.  But I understand the way of the world.  It's in America's longterm and strategic interest to prop up Israel both financially and politically.  Having said that I don't think fighting it is worth a single Iranian life.  If the Israelis and Arabs want to kill each other, let them do as they please.  But as an Iranian I would say not our problem.  And more importantly Mr. Mofaz should stick to what he and his countrymen do best.  Killing innocent women and children throwing rocks with Apache gunships and cluster bombs in an asymmetric war.  He may find Iran a slightly bigger bite to swallow.


Whatch out don't trip bro

by Jamaleto (not verified) on

The article says "The primary duty of Israel, like all states, is to protect the lives of its citizens; therefore, all options are on the table. "

dido from an Iranian point of view. You are nothing special dude. If you think you can preemptive strike against the land of the Aryans, then you might just open a whole new ideas to the Aryan civilization aka Iran, that preemptive strike can be used for the security of a country.
Similarly, Iran should also study the possibility to preemptive strike against Israel if they feel that Israelis are going to preemptive strike against Iran.
That, my bro makes sense.

Jamaleto eshgh ast, we are no Arabs, remember that! You want to mess with a nation that has ruled the region for over a thousands of years. How many years Israel ruled?

Watch out you don't fall, that's all.


An interesting read

by ca_wanderer (not verified) on


Fred and choghok

by XerXes (not verified) on

first Choghok: Yes Iranians dislike for the Israelis government is not related to the Palestinians themselves. Israeli government is working directly to cause chaos and wars in our region and their role is obvious. As long as we got Crazy Zionazis around we would have other crazy regimes who would want war and problems. They go hand and hand and the cause of it all? Yes the Zionazis themselves. Remember that Israeli are in that region for a short time only, it is us that have to remain and clean up after they are gone.

Fred yes, I hate Israeli government. So what's your probelm?

You are anti Islam and anti Iran, is that worse than anti semite?
If anti semite means those who criticize the actions of the Israeli fascist regime, then I am one. You are brain washed anti Iranian at the service of neocons. Having your disparagement is an encouragement to me. that mean I am doing something right when you are pissed.


Fred, please STOP.

by Ca_wanderer (not verified) on

There is no way any REAL Iranian is going to agree with you. Shah was extra friendly with Israel and the current government is extra unfriendly. But Iranian people have had the same opinion of Israel for a long time. They don't like the injustice by Israel toward others. Iranian people do want to bomb Israel, but make no mistake, they would not stand for bombing of their home by Israel. Be cool.


Islamist lady talk

by Fred on

By wide margin over other Islamists including the Islamist Clint Eastwood wannabe the rising star of the Islamist/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies’ club wins today’s most imaginative, of course sex related, Islamist way of getting rid of Israel. The Islamist Lady says: “we also tend to consider Israel as a US CONDOM whose time to be flushed (sic) is overdue…”   Just imagine what this level of unmitigated hatred will do if and when they get their hands on nuke.


Shaol Mofaz

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

is not Iranian. He was 9-years-old when he and his family immigrated to Israel and as an ardent right-wing Zionist I seriouly doubt it if he has ever identified himself as Iranian. Let's say Mr. Mofaz was born in Iran. An accident of birth. That's all.


Peace or War

by choghok on

There is no limit on how much energy many of us Iranians put on the Israeli/Palestinian issue.

Many comments here shows the hatred many Iranians feel for Israel and Israelis. How arewe Iranians really affected by the Israel/Palestine tragedy to have this hatered? Some of you say we are muslims and should show support to our muslim borthers and sisters?

I was reading BBC online some weeks a go and was a bit shocked to read that even Palestinian people in Palestine are afraid of possibility that Ahmadinezhad having a nuclear weapon. Many were in favor of Iran being bombed so they would not be in danger of being anhiliated.

During the Iran-Iraq war many of our Palestinian muslim brothers were fighting with Saddam forces, and many Palestinians are in still today in beleive that Shia Islam is actually a conspiracy made up by Jews and that shia muslims are in fact worse than Jews and a bigger threat to Islam. I have actually heard that from Palestinians myself and read it on many sites.

I do think that for Iran to thrive a start is that we Iranians in free world do not waste our energy by repeating IRI and Ahmadinezhads slogans or buy in to them.

Ahmadinezhad and his supporters are succeeding. They are succeeding to isolate Iran and put Iran in further poverty with help of Mofaz, Bush and their likes. We should be a voice of reason. We, the people of Iran inside and outside Iran are the real victims of this war, not Rafsanjani and other maffia families in Iran, not Israel or Israelis and not the rest of the world.

The western world looks for an easy answer to their problem and they do not care about Iranian people, neither does Rafsanjani and his maffia group holding the real power in Ira, or Ahmadinezhad.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim