Close Camp Ashraf

Obama's opportunity to change America's reputation


Close Camp Ashraf
by massoud khodabandeh

A letter to President-Elect Obama:

With your election, a new administration now has the opportunity to revisit US-Iran relations and come up with new ideas and policies. No doubt you have already been inundated with advice and lobbying on this issue.

We make no apology for adding our voice on the subject of the Iranian terrorist organisation Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) – a group which will no doubt be lobbying your administration on its own behalf. The members of this group, in particular its 3000+ uniformed militants in Iraq, are the victims of deception and human rights abuses and this issue, small as it is, needs urgent attention.

The MEK’s fundamental message to your administration will be that it is the largest, most popular, pro-democratic, opposition group and that only this group can effect change in Iran. To expose the falsity of this claim we only need refer you to the investigations of the last two US administrations, one Democratic under Bill Clinton and the other Republican under George W Bush, into this group, and the most recent Country Report into terrorism which describes the MKO as a terrorist cult.

Unfortunately, in spite of this, various sectors of the US political body have been willing to employ this group as a means of confrontation with Iran. This artificial support has promoted the group far beyond its real power and efficacy and has sadly stunted the growth of real and effective opposition to the current Iranian government. It has also given ‘permission’ to the group’s leaders to continue holding the members against their will and in conditions sustained by systematic human rights abuses.

America’s interests have not been served by uncritically succumbing to the mendacious influence of MEK propaganda. Western public and political opinion have been deceived for years as to the reality of Iranian society and politics by this group. The MEK does everything in its power to prevent contact and dialogue with Iranian civil society lest its lies and exaggerations be exposed.

In specific examples, the myth created by the MEK that it is useful in providing intelligence has exposed the American intelligence services to accusations of naïvety and/or ignorance. Such uncritical – perhaps gullible - reactions to the MEK’s revelations are exposed by the recent unwarranted arrest of Iranian civil contractor, Nader Qorbani, at Baghdad airport and making spurious accusations against him based on MEK ‘intelligence’. The knee-jerk reaction of US Homeland Security to false allegations against individuals is another example which evokes scorn among European observers.

In the wider sense, efforts to progress western interests in relation to Iran have been frustrated as the IAEA has been sidetracked into wasting time and effort investigating false information provided by the MEK for political purposes. That is, to serve the MEK’s self-survival interests.

However, the worst aspect of artificial, improper American support for this terrorist cult has been that the US army has preserved and protected its military headquarters, Camp Ashraf, in Iraq for five years. Iraqis consider Camp Ashraf to be a Saddamist stronghold and the MEK inside it as a danger to national security. Iraq’s government has repeatedly demanded that the US army help to remove all foreign terrorist groups from its territory as being directly against Iraq’s national interests.

In January 2008 SAHAR Family Foundation was established through the auspices of the Iraqi government, academics and human rights organisations and a plan was provided to the US army to deal with Camp Ashraf and help free its residents. The US army did not cooperate. This led Iraqi government officials relevant to this issue to the inescapable conclusion that the US army unit protecting Camp Ashraf has been taking its orders from MEK terrorist leaders rather than Washington.

Beyond security or political issues, behind the closed doors of Camp Ashraf a scandalous situation of systematic human rights abuses has been perpetuated under the auspices of American protection.

When the Camp Ashraf scandal is fully exposed, America herself will be spotlighted as responsible for ongoing, preventable human rights abuses conducted inside the camp by MEK officials against their own members. Allegations of forced hysterectomies for women members, mental and physical torture and even murder of inmates of the camp must be investigated.

The base is vital to the cult for the ongoing ideological indoctrination and manipulation of members. For this reason the MEK leaders are lobbying hard in America for continued US protection of Camp Ashraf and for the members to remain in Iraq. The MEK claim that Iraq will forcibly hand over its members to Iran. This has never been on the table and is in fact a ploy by the cult to divert attention away from what is happening inside the camp.

A humanitarian solution is available. How to resolve the situation is not a mystery, nor is it difficult or dangerous for the people in the camp.

The straightforward answer is to have the door of Camp Ashraf opened up to external agencies and individuals. Control of the camp should not be with MEK leaders but with the UNHCR, ICRC and the Iraqi Red Crescent.

As a priority the camp should be opened to families and relatives of those detained there. Doctors and human rights investigators need unfettered access to individuals. Those who choose to leave must be offered a safe refuge.

Under your leadership, America can make an immediate difference to US-Iraq relations by dismantling this terrorist base rather than continuing with double-standards by supporting those terrorist groups which are erroneously perceived by some to be ‘helpful’ to American interests.

While confident of the good intentions of your new administration to act on thorough investigation into the facts of this issue, we are ready to provide further information if needed.

Yours sincerely

Massoud Khodabandeh


Prime Minister of Iraq, Nouri Maliki

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown

President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy

Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel

President of the People's Republic of China, Hu Jintao

President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon



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PMOI is the only option for Iran

by P. Irani (not verified) on

The PMOI is the only option for a free and democratic Iran.


Close Evin prison first

by Teerdaad (not verified) on

Why Khodabandeh is not calling for closure of Evin prison in Tehran where thousands of Iranian men and women from various groups & professions have been tortured and murdered by Khomeini/Khamenei regime, the so called Islamic Republic?!

American Wife

another regurgitated subject

by American Wife on

that's been done to death.

Ostaad is absolutely right.  I really don't care WHAT is going on at Camp AHA HA.  I want to keep my job, keep my savings, get my retirement EARNING money, keep my sons safe, enjoy a clean environment and many other far more important issues in the US right now.  I want peace with Iran and everyone else.  But let's clean up the mess we've created right here first.


Terrorist Mullahs of Iran

by Y.N. (not verified) on

The writer of this open letter in his selective amnesia has neglected to request dismantling of the big terrorist camp run by the religious dictators in Iran, where millions of Iranians are subjugated to subhuman conditions imposed by an armed group of thugs and criminals. The MEK although with questionable leadership and irrelevant religious agenda should be open to investigation, but are among the few armed groups that have sacrified and fought the Mullahs in freeing Iran from the fangs of these ignorant despots who inherited and perfected the Pahlavi dictatorship. While Pahlavi clans are enjoying their loot with their servile subjects in West, the MEK brave men and beautiful women have given their lives for Iran.
The future Iran will have a democratic political system with separtion of religion and government, and no permanent leadership open to corruption and accumulation of wealth and power.


I seriously doubt if MEK, or the Camp Ashraf, are on Obama's...

by Ostaad on

radar now or any time soon. Obama has been handed a ruined economy, fractured society and a host of other colossal problems created by the criminal cabal that is "administering" the US. I fully agree with the author on one point. The Camp Ashraf must be handed to the UNHCR or other international organizations in charge of refugee affairs. I am sure the status of the MEK in Iraq is going to change now that the SOFA has been ratified by the Iraqi parliament. I think the Iranian government should announce a one-time amnesty for the rank-and-file types and host the MEK leaders responsible for treason and offer them free and open trials in a Iraq or a third country. The MEK files must be closed once and for all because these people do not deserve the time and energy of important people with more burning problems to solve.

Jahanshah Rashidian

IRI' s Anti MKO Propaganda

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Mr. Masoud khodabandeh, the author, is an ex- Mojahed who changed sides and is now an IRI's expert for exclusively anti-MKO activities in the West. Besides on their website, his or their  biased and one-sided materials are reappeared nowhere but on the frontpage of 

Farhad Kashani

These IRI supporters are

by Farhad Kashani on

These IRI supporters are never able to explain this irrational and exagerated fear they have from the MKO. What is MKO? Some unpopular, insignificant organization that has no support among Iranians, just like the IRI regime. So why such a big deal about MKO? All these IRI supporters are trying to do is to make the regime look like a victim, at the time when our whole country has been a victim of the IRI regime. Thats all.


Ayatollah Khomeini or Maryam Rajavi? Which one is ugliest?

by Shahryar Pars (not verified) on

The answer is Clear, khomeini was a despot, a charlatan, a reactionary ignorant and a criminal of first range. Rajavis are not better, but their crimes are not comparable with those committed by Mullahs and Hezbollahis.
Writing open letters has become a kind of modus propagandi, often reflecting the complex of grandeur deeply inhibiting and prohibiting the ugly spirit of it's writer.
Does the writer of this open letter (better to say wound) really believes that President elect Obama will read, and practice the advices of this khomeinist? Surely not, he knows that well, but he writes it anyway, because he needs to feel great, important, meaningful and with political weight!

The boll of political fate on the ground of Iran's political scene is not necessarily alternating between or kicked by the criminal bunch of Mollahs and politically disinherited cast of Mujahedin, both of them are criminal, both of them deserve the worst, and no intellectual of importance really cares about the nonsenses demonstrated in absurd texts of this kind. Wake up!


The MEK/MKO in Camp Ashraf, Iraq

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

Hypothetically speaking, What if Camp Ashraf is opened up to outside "objective" observers? What happens if there are no human rights violations? What if the members want to be part of a "terrorost Marxist-Islamic" organization?

It is understandable to want the base to be opened up for human rights issues.

Evicting the MKO/MEK from Iraq will only help the Theocracy in Tehran. With the MKO gone from Iraq, the monarchists siding with the Marylander Reza Pahlavi will be better situated than the MKO as an opposition group.

I've seen MKO/MEK members on the streets of london trying to gather people to protest against the Iranian government. Why would these people try to get Iranians to be politically active in london? There are better things to do in london.

MEK/MKO female members are the most ugly Iranian women I have ever seen. If this "hysterectomy" story is real, maybe the MEK/MKO is trying to stop the spread of ugliness.

Maryam Rajavi is a Qajar. It seems odd the MKO/MEK picked the Lion and Son flag as their flag. It is my firm belief that Maryam Rajavi wants to become Iran's next Shah.

They should really wake up. The monrachy ended in January 1979.