What next?

Questions over American policy toward Mojahedin Khalq in Iraq


What next?
by massoud khodabandeh

If, as seems likely, the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MKO, MEK, PMOI) is de-proscribed in the UK, this ought to be good news for the group's 3,300 members in Iraq. I reported on the situation there back in February and concluded that since the Iraqi Government is adamant that the MKO be expelled from the country as a foreign terrorist entity, the only practical solution was for a western government (most probably the UK) to de-proscribe the group so that the members currently trapped in Camp Ashraf could gain safe refuge there.

I am looking to see whether the MKO's western backers will now push for this solution. But I don't hold much hope of that. If I am able to read the situation correctly, the MKO members in Camp Ashraf will be direct victims of the UK court ruling. By now they will have been 'congratulated' on their victory against the Iranian regime and told they will 'soon be in Tehran', although they will not be told how this is to be achieved.

It is clear that the group has deliberately been kept intact for five years and the obvious reason this would be done is so the group can be re-armed at some point and re-deployed against Iran – this time not by Saddam Hussein but by the US Administration. Last December American forces removed half the MKO dissidents from the TIPF adjacent to Camp Ashraf. (One of them drowned recently in a border incident in Turkey, others are still missing, some are in Iraqi Kurdistan and some clandestinely in Turkey. A few have gained safe refuge in Europe.)

On Friday May 2, 2008 American forces completely closed TIPF and transferred the remaining people to Dahouk in Kurdistan. They have been housed for two months and have food rations, but have been told they will then be given over to the UN refugee agency. This leaves many, many questions, and to date no official American answer has been forthcoming.

I would like to know:

Now TIPF has been removed, where can MKO members go if they want to leave the organisation? Are they condemned to stay and serve as "good terrorists" whether on the terrorist lists or not?

Now TIPF has been removed, what are American forces protecting (after 5 years of blaming others for allegedly supporting terrorists)? A terrorist camp? (It must not be forgotten that even if the whole western world removes the MKO from the terrorist lists, they are still regarded - and with good reason - as foreign terrorists in Iraq.)

If, as I have been told, the uniformed militants in Camp Ashraf are free to leave anytime they want, why are MNF forces there 'protecting' them?

If, as has been rumoured, the Americans will hand over Camp Ashraf to the Iraqis by the end of the year, what will happen to the uniformed militants who are now protected there?

Will the likes of Lord Corbett and company, who have been supporting terrorism in Iran and Iraq under the banner of the MKO's Klashinkov for the past thirty years, now at least sponsor a handful of those same people who have been abused by his cult and bring them to safety? Some of them surely are ready to retire on even a small pension!

Have efforts to have the MKO de-proscribed been so that the cult's leaders, including cult guru Massoud Rajavi, can take up residence in London but the members stay to kill and be killed in Iraq and Iran?

At the invitation of Ms Batul Soltani (representative of Sahar NGO in Baghdad) I have visited Turkey to attend various meetings concerning the situation of former MKO people (from TIPF) who are trying to leave Iraq and Turkey. After talking with some of them, it is becoming clear they are facing obstacles and counter measures so that they fail (and even get killed in the way).

The repeated accusation – from a wide range of observers, not only the direct victims - is that the American approach to the MKO has been to deliberately stop people leaving this terrorist cult; that the MKO is maintained by interests who play the card of 'taking them off the list' with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ultimately, those who had the power but who have failed or been unable or refused to dismantle a tiny foreign terrorist camp and its military structure in Iraq – despite continued requests by the Iraqi government to do so - are responsible for whatever disaster befalls its victims there.

Massoud Khodabandeh is a representative of Iran Interlink, established as a point of contact for families and friends of members of the Iranian Mojahedin-e Khalq.


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Azam: You don't get it, do you?

by An Iranian (not verified) on

They fought against their country long after the true character of rajavi was known. Then they sided with enemy and continue fighting and collaborating with them. So, azam how long should it take a jeeneeass to figure out what he or she is doing is wrong?


Would you treat any other cult terrorist group the same way

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

you are advocating that others treat the MEK?

Some of you are such hypocrits, it is unbelievable!!

You label Hezbollah which is a resistance group and is represented in the Lebanese parliament, and is protecting Southern Lebanon and the majority population in Lebanon as a terrorist organization. You have no problem calling Hamas the democratically elected government of the Palestinians as terrorists. Both of these groups have majority popularity. It is only the U.S., and Israel who calls them terrorists; and we know why - ISRAEL!

Or how about Muktada-Al-Sadr who fought against Saddam on behalf of his own country and is fighting to liberate his country from foreign occupation - what is he called?

However, the situation for the MEK, who sided with the enemy of the Iranian people, Saddam in the brutal 8 year war which resulted in over a million Iranian death, and who also participated in the massacre of Iraqi civilians in Dujail is different - they are not terrorists but smart, intelligent people, just innocent bystanders, victims!!!!

The Iraqi Gov. doesn't want these people in Iraq because of what they have done to the Iraqi people - and you want the Iranian people to forgive them?

Others are just as superficial when they say, the MEK members are highly educated and speak better English than most of you. So what? Mohammad Atah, and all of the members of al-Qaeda who attacked the U.S. in 9/11 were all highly educated, spoke several languages, lived in the West and came from well off families.

What does education, and speaking several languages have to do with anything?

The MEK are dangerous and so is their ideology. They made their decision when they sided with Saddam! They are now simply awaiting their time to obtain U.S. funding and re-arm to do the dirty work for the U.S. and Israel.

What do you think re-arms means? Why would they need arms and funding? Are you advocates of covert operations to topple the regime by any means even if it means conducting terrorist activity inside of Iran; killing Iranians at the behest of foreign governments?
Have you taken a poll inside of Iran to see how they feel about the MEK?

Maybe you should find out where some of these Ziocons and warmongers are getting help in forumulating U.S. foreign policy toward Iran? Maybe you should ask Professor Tanner from Georgetown U. or Kenneth Timmerman, or James Woolsley (CIA), or Daniel Pipes, Michael Ledeen, Richard Perle, etc.. (do you see any commonality among these people?)

Of course neither the U.S. or Israel give a damn, becaue the enemy of my enemy is my friend? But are you saying that as Iranians you are of the same opinion?
That you support terrorist groups and terrorist activities inside of Iran? The answer would let us know what you are about?

Just look at this ridiculous statement from one of their supporters:

Nasser Mehran from LA:
“The Iranian Resistance Movement is made up of mostly intellectuals who do not believe in acts of terrorism. The only violent struggle the NCRI engages in occur against Iranian government within Iranian borders,” Mehran stated."

By the way who ever appointed Maryam Rajavi and NCRI as the Iranian Parliament in exhile? Did the Iranian people vote for these maniacs? Is this what you call democracy?


Who cares about Masoud's

by Just a bystander! (not verified) on

Who cares about Masoud's whereabouts? He is irrelevant to the politics of the present day Iran.

The thing that matters at the moment is the just, humane and safe treatment of MKO members (all of them and not only those who have left the organization).

Those of you who call them traitors and such, what have you ever done to help free Iran from the bloody claws of the mullahs? From the writings of some of you here, the only thing that becomes clear is the fact that you have nothing against the mullahs in Iran, on the contrary for some reason you like them to stay in power.

Most of you do not know much (of substance) about the MKO yet you demand their heads. One was a leading member of the MKO and now he wants nothing less than their hides. How would disbanding/returning/destroying the MKO solve your problems? If you had a "misguided" sister or brother amongst them would you still say the same things about their members?

Mojahedin are not the answer to Iran's problems. Their ideology is as backward as the present regime but they are not "garbage" (as an ANTI-Iranian called them in one of the posts). The day we learn to treat people (regardless of ideology, colour, race and religion) as human beings and fairly, many of our present problems are solved.


Mr. khodabandeh

by Pouyan (not verified) on

Your one-sided condemnation of terrorism proves your dishonesty and sympathy for the IRI which is more terrorist than the MEK. You and your site, Interlink, have never condemned the IRI for its permanent human rights violations.

You are ,accidentally, supposed to focus on the MEK, whereas most Iranians focus of the IRI which is the main butcher of freedom loving people with a black record of hundreds of thousands of executions, imprisonments, tortures, stoning, amputation and ...

Please be honest and do not take people as naive as you were told to.


>typical MKO paranoia:''i'f u're against us,then u must be IRI''

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

> ... everytime someone's testifies about their absurd cause, Mojahedin quickly label them as pro-regime. come on people, jamesh konin, we recognized you.

>btw, where in the world is Masoud ??

massoud khodabandeh

you are deeply mistaking Sir/Madam

by massoud khodabandeh on

Massoud Khodabandeh

Dear Sir/Madam,

you are most probably mistaking in one way or another. I have never been in Evin. in fact I left Iran when I was 17. I am 52 and have never been back. Having said that I think going to Iran for an Iranian is a right not a crime (as long as they don't kill him or her).

I should also add that I and many of my friends in Iraq, Turkey, European coutries as well as US are working hard exactly because we don't want these people to be returned to Iran. In fact there is ample evidence that it is the cult leaders (Rajavis) who try to stop these people reach a  free country (as they start talking about what is going on in Camp Ashraf).

And a question.
how did you connect the situation of the remaining aging members of the cult in camp Ashraf with political issues in Iran? have you seen any political or other activiteis against the "Iranian rulling regime" carried out from Iraqi base in the last 5 years after the fall of Rajavi's benefector Saddam?




Isn't it funny how a trip to

by Excuse me but! (not verified) on

Isn't it funny how a trip to Evin, undergoing an intensive introductory course on the achievements and advantages of the Islamic republic (as Mr Khodabandeh has undergone) can change a person's way of thinking and vocabulary completely. Of course they were those who underwent the same treatment and probably in addition suffered unimaginable torture who never walked out of IRI's dungeons but did not become this regime's stooges and loud speakers (as Mr Khodabandeh has become).

He does not use the word "Iranian regime" anymore but refers to them as "Iran". He wants to know why after closing TIPF, Americans are still protecting terrorists? I am sure you will be very happy if they all were handed to the mullah's regime for whom you beat your chest so hard. Don't you realize these people would be killed if not protected by MNF? Oh sorry I forgot, you want them to be handed to the regime.

Shame on you! Some of these people, who even by your own admission can leave Ashraf whenever they want but prefer not to, were your friends and brothers in arm when you so fervently represented the MKO and wanted nothing but death to the Khomeini regime.

I personally do not give a damn what happens to Rajavis and Abrishamchis but these MKO members are mainly a group of honest, dedicated and patriotic people who have fallen victim to the idiocy of their leadership.

Once again shame on you and anybody else who knowingly or unknowingly is trying to please your bearded, murderous masters in Qom by your blind desire for revenge. Remember you, on your own, decided to join the MKO and nobody forced you. You and likes of you made MKO what it is today. You and likes of you shouted "Iran Rajavi, Rajavi Iran" and praised the "ideological revolution" and turned Rajavi to a Khomeini like figure who became detached from reality.

Now that you have left the MKO, the least you can do is to live with dignity. Sure you can criticize the MKO all you want but demanding their return to the murderers in power in Iran is simply despicable and vile. By the way no right minded and knowledgeable person buys your crocodile tears you shed for even those who have left the MKO. You have been with Mojahedin for so long that you have become an opportunist just like your great leader (take your pick either of them will do for you, Khomeini or Rajavi) is/was.

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran!



by Azam (not verified) on

I am truly appalled by the ignorant comments of some of the people who simply dismiss so many human beings as though they were trash by making comments like "worthless". In my opinion, someone who is this ignorant is worthless personified. There are so many brilliant and highly educated people who thought they were joining a worthy cause to fight for their people and homeland. They sacrificed their lives and everything they had to fight for the cause they believed in. Those who make senseless comments have no idea about the history of Iran and what took place. Masoud Rajavi is a SOB which I said he was from day 1. But many young people who were passionate about their homeland did not see the man's true character. Let's be more intelligent and fair. Do you know that many of them are more fluent in English than thousands of Iranians who live in US and Europe? That is in addition to being educated with degrees.
How do I know? My gifted brother who is a computer guru, has a political science degree (and two years of law) and is fluent in Farsi, Arabic and English, was one of those who gave all of us up to fight for his country (so he thought).


> just watch this ...

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on


Isn't it strange that some

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Isn't it strange that some Iranians give so much importance to the MEK organization when this group is as unpopular among Iranians as the regime itself ? So what is this "phobia" some Iranians have from MEK? I tell you why: its because they want to show the regime in Tehran as victims!


To: Pouyan - they have obtained refuge in the West

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

I am sure Mr. Khodabandeh can provide more detailed information, however some of the MEK and NCRI members are currently in the U.S. and in Europe. Just take a look at Ali Reza Jafarzadeh, he is a media spokesman for Fox News (why not Fox News will take anyone).

Furthermore, I have encountered many MEK members here in the U.S. They have put on a different face and a different look but they are MEK, NCRI, HOPI all the same bunch who are marching in the halways of the US Congress advocating sanctions, providing false information on Iran's nuclear program, working with AIPAC, AEI, and any neocon, Ziocon group willing to support their activities.

MEK has less blood of Iranian people on their hands? Where are you obtaining your information from?

You seem to have forgotten who was part of Saddam's para-military group during the eight year war with Iran, when over one million Iranians were killed, let alone the current million who are victims of biological and chemical weapons used by these groups. Why don't you take a good look at the innocent Iranians who are dying nearly 30 years later from the brutal attack of Saddam with the help of the MEK on our own countrymen/women/children/soldiers?


IRI more bloody than MEK

by Pouyan (not verified) on

Yet, a number of IRI's ex-officials / collaborators live in the West--Ganji, Fatemeh Khaghjoo, Negahdar--and they are not arrested for their contribution to crimes and repression against our people. Why should not ex-sympathizers of the MEK aquire the same right to live in the West?

After all,despite your one-sided condemnation, MEK has less blood of Iranian people on the hands than the IRI.



by An Iranian (not verified) on

They are worthless and good for nothing garbage who sold their country and people to enemy for the sake of their self serving traitor leader who is hiding in a hole near his dead master’s hole. May he end up with a same fate as his dead master.