Simple truth

The importance of math


Simple truth
by Anoosh

There’s a reason why we learn math. It’s not just to know how to do basic arithmetic or calculating the speed of train A and train B. Mathematics is important to us on a much deeper level. Philosophically speaking, math can explain the building blocks of existence and giving us the answers to the questions that we seek. Like what is the meaning of life? Yet being apart of the answer to those problems is essential to what we are without realizing it.

Being an Architecture student, I’ve taken into account how many structures, objects and things can be broken down into simple shapes that are much simpler than their complexity portrays. The basic shapes being circle, square and triangle; each can describe the function of the form and yet help mold its essence at the same time. But the same can be said living things as well. Great architects of our time have found inspiration and learned lessons from the world they live in and the forms created by nature. Whether you contribute it to God or evolution, there is definitely a rhyme and reason why everyone is created. It has a basic understanding of how everything behaves and acts in this world. Universally there are planets, stars and other phenomenal astrological things that also follow some sort of rule when moving and reacting to each other.

It is like there is a formula that is being followed for each and everything that is being. We have a formula for shapes, we have formulas for applying to certain ideas of force, energy, and everything else that is important in making life move and take action. We can have formulas applied to our workplace; in the jobs we do, in the economy we depend on, and the studies we research. Everything that is important has a formula, whether we acknowledge it or remain ignorant of it. The basic underbelly of math is always existent in us, for us and all around us. Life can be explained through mathematics, and all the complex ways of existing can be simplified just like a fraction if we only recognized this basic understanding. Why is it that mathematicians during the renaissance and throughout history are the same people who have contributed to everything we know about science, life, religion, the universe, the world, our bodies, the nature, and everything else that benefits us or teaches our mind for today?

Human beings have a hole in themselves that they can’t fill. We continually search for truth and reasons to why we exist and why things work like they do. We can change whatever aspect of what we discover, but when you go to the root of the cause, the answer can only be explained by the mother of all the sciences; mathematics. The matrix of our life isn’t as incoherent as most think. It can be solved, but it requires patience, a bright mind, and an enthusiasm to learn. Through math we can achieve total understanding of ourselves, and the universe that we live in; which can solve many problems that we created for ourselves.

Here’s an Abecedarian I wrote in the past in regards to Mathematics.

Math is a form of art that is equivocally misunderstood

About why we learn it, and for what purpose we

Take in its approach of learning the mysteries of life

History offers what we already know

Einstein, Pythagoras, Bernoulli and the rest - paved the way

Math is the future for what we don't know

Algebra, calculus and physics - We like to spurn

Trigonometry, geometry and statistics - not hard to learn

Integers, inequalities, fractions and decimals

Calculating each problem can only help

Society, by finding the meaning of life through mathematics


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Fractals: The color of Infinity

by Anoosh on



 Interesting video explaining life through these simple equations with complex infinity design



by z (not verified) on

~The whole Universe is based on NUMBERS!



by Ostaad on

I got it, finally. Thanks for staying with me until I get it. I also followed the link you posted to Khayyam's work. I found that fascinating. It's a real pleasure to take time to leave everyday drudgeries and delve into intellectual stuff every once in a while.


My last remark ...

by Abol Danesh (not verified) on

Aris ...this time you went way over my humble high school level mathematical mind...that is why when after i chose social science career and had to do the complext section on math, a math minded colleague of mine would come handy to collaborate the paper together for publication...

However, since star (*) is the symbol of invention and found american flag to have fifty of them (The highest score), I told myself I better score couple of them for the persians that is why I published 4 volumes of Stars light (****) to fill the slack. Not enough? well...My publisher might help me to score one more for the persians -- but he said baby do't push your luck that fifth one better be posthumous. I agreed!

Regarding the praise ... I think is in the fourth volume , the most recent one, and the XLIBRIS is the publisher. The bad news though is you have to "Purcxhase" it with hard beloved cash to see & read the praise...

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

I haven't seen "In praise..." Do you have a link?

Regarding Persian contribution to mathematics, I think it is a matter of having Iranian writers giving them more exposure. As they say in corporate meetings, he who holds the Sharpie... There is evidence that Descartes (1596-1650) was influenced by Khayyaam's understanding of the relationship between algebra and geometry. The Descartes-Khayyaam approach turned out to be crucial to the develpment of modern math.

By the way, here's a really accessible exposition of what Khayyaam (1048-1123) was doing and thinking. The link even contains the first pages of his book.   


Ari Jan*

by Danesh (not verified) on

...indeed... there is a good deal of similarity between english and persian-iranian numerical character 1, 2, 3...9 as if they sprung up from the same root (e.g., 9, 1, 2 (ninty degree rotation),3 (adding a tale and then rotation), ...).

But the irony is while the foundation of all innovations more or less rooted in mathematics (math is power) I wonder why the despite of the similarity the larger than the lion share of innovation goe to the americans than the persians--

By the way have read one of my poen entitled: In praise of oneness that appeared in one if my stars light 4 volumes?


Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

I like the Farsi representation of zero: just a dot. Less practical maybe, but further on its way to vanishing. 


O + allah

by Danesh (not verified) on

Allah ... your approach to z-e-r-O to my utter disapointment was way too oversimplistic for you gave no allusion that mand his mOuth (O) is virtually interchangeable-- having said that no the mathematical qustion that remains on the table for an all opened up -0- is: what do we have for dinner?

I love the alladdin movie specially the part in which the hidden mouth of cave opens up in big time for alladdin to enter with his lantern--

Baby this time i enter the cave with no moneky on my shoulder that is for sure...



Simple Truth = Zero

by Allah (not verified) on

If Zero is Equal to Zero = to Nothing, then there is no Zero to put some Number next to it, there is no Truth existing either, all comes from nothing and sums up to nothing and why are we talking about nothing. Just to say something....

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

That's cool, your skepticim is wise. Let's try a different approach. Do you agree that any (non-zero) number divided by itself is 1? If so, then (x/x)=1. This can be re-written as (x^1)/(x^1)=1. Writing the denomiator as (x^-1) we have (x/x)= (x^1)*(x^-1)=1. By the law of addition of exponents (x^1)*(x^-1)can be written as x^(1-1). So (x^0)=1. To summarize, since any number divided by itself is 1, and since in multiplication exponents add, it follows that x^0=1.

By the way, the "proof" that I gave below shows that x^0 is either 1 or 0. It does not determine which; a discussion topic of sorts.


Ari, thank for the info but...

by Ostaad on

I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out your logic, not being into math that much myself. So far, based on little that I know you haven't proved that any number to the power of zero equals one, although you argument sounds right.


Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Wouldn't dream of messing with you. Your riddles are entertaining and thought provoking. Glad you hear you were into math in highschool. By the way, I keep hoping someone would catch the twist in my "proof" below (or have you already?). Hint: what other number besides 1 satisfies the equation y=y^2?

What area of sociology are you in?


Thank you

by Anoosh Fouladi (not verified) on

Thank you for all your comments, I appreciate every one of them. I do not claim to be a mathematician, or have any significant academic career in that field. To be honest it was just an assignment for college algebra that I wrote in 15 minutes before class started.

The point was that it symbolized the greater picture of the scheme of life and everything apart of it. It was intended to inspire imagination and awareness of what we are engulfed in and I'm glad that it is doing its job.

Religiously you could say that it is attributed to God, the master of puppets, pulling all the strings in one synchornatic movement (//

Scientifically you could say it's apart of the ever expansion of the big bang with evolution as its main form of expansion (Fibonacci's sequence anyone?).

Philosophically you could say it's a free flowing idea of conciousness (subconciously or not), everything and everyone working moving as one.

Maybe the irrational numbers in mathematics we see today aren't irrational. It's possible that they have a reason for existing. We just don't understand it yet.

Maybe it doesn't mean anything, everything just is because it is. No explanation needed, for there is nothing to say.

But I can't believe that, there has to be something more, and everyone at the moment is disconnected, but I'm sure one day the light bulb will turn on and everything will be clear, everything is understood. Maybe that day will never come, or maybe it can occur through death. Whatever it may be, it will definitely be enlightening.



by Dr.oDanesh (not verified) on

...Yes indeed Zero is an amazing number...but the way i look at it is to conceive it as "Ring" --a sort of close ended circle with no opening for escape and thus no matter what gets inside its grinding teeth machinery it ends up losing its original character only to break down and then become a cog in the iron cage of a larger "system" (enslavement in chain & shackles). Like Ari's proof that regradless of what number you are once you get into power teeth of "Zero" ring you become a pawn like all the other pawns in the chest board (devoid of character and volition and individuality).

But hay lucky those who somehow manage to put this closed ended dehumanizing zero under their whim to achieve greatness near infinity, instead of sucking up to it (0) for power and security.

You see Ari... my high school diploma is in math and then I went all the way to get Ph.D. in sociology to figure what these numbers and calculation actually mean in our lives in a tangible way toward self-awareness.

So my friends... don't mess with danesh for you have to end up to reckon with his zero right over your head watching you like the big brother in cursing...

Y/0 = I(nfinity)

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Danesh, when it comes to money some of us are like the number one. No matter how many times you multiply one by one, you still get one. So what's the use trying. This sad reality, by the way, is a way to convince Ostaad that X^0=1.

So here's an intuitve proof (more elegant, tighter, proofs exist, but I assume, Ostaad, that you're looking for the most  simple and intuitive):

1. X^0=y (y being some number we're trying to prove is 1)

2.X^0 * x^0= y*y (multiplying each side by itself)

3.x^(0+0)=y^2 (the left hand side is just the rule of addition of exponents when we multiply)

4.0+0=0 (obvious)

5. therefore equation 3 becomes x^0=y^2 (see where this is going?)

6. since x^0=y (by equation 1) we have y=y^2 (the tragedy of the integer "one" is making itself apparent here, but let's finish the proof)

7. Dividing both sides of the equation y=y^2 by y, we get 1=y.

This is the down side of being "The One." Anything trying to raise itself to nothing at all ends up being you!





Anoosh, can you explain this?

by Ostaad on

Any number to the power of zero equals one! This thing has bugged me ever since my math teacher taught me this. Never figured it out.


Money...Money... Money... Damn money!

by Danesh (not verified) on

Ari jan......That is how you skip the infinite numbers that exist between two buy them all up! That is what Jeff did.

As the old persian saying goes: "ageh pool daashteh baashi meetoni beri sar sebeel shah naghareh bezani"

"pool daashteh baash... koft daashteh baash"

Now having said that let's get back to normal ...drink... dance... eat...converse...and have a good time for life is way too short to think too too serious abut things all the time...

It is pay day dear!

"ay kozeh khar-e ...kozeh..."

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Yes, I've seen The Fly.  Jeff Goldblum was great. The idea of traveling from A to B without traversing the distance in between is mind boggling (though I did notice a thick cable connecting the two machines--"cheater cables" as they are called among true teleports). To relate Goldblum's achievement to the subject of the thread, there is an easy theorem that says between any two (real) numbers there are an infinte number of other (real) numbers. So how did Jeff get to skip them?


Parallel ...

by A Danesh (not verified) on

... In the light of Mr. Ari Siletz's statement on non-computable number and computability subject I need to make a further clarification that the two worlds may not in most cases immediately link to one another at the a given gate statio: Earth:Mars Parallelling...

Indeed there could be a long corridor of void in between the two parallel worlds until one reaches the other for contact and comuptational order-- perhaps a better metaphor would be a martini glass as opposed to sand clock where there is a straight or curvy long tight marathonian passage so the world mars begins to to talk to the world of earth for paralleling convergernce for truth and accuracy-- no wonder we live in such a distorted world for few and fewer of us willing to pull up our sleves to navigate the long and frozen death corridor of martini glass in search of "Objective Truth"

Therefore let's for the sake of mediocracy drink up this glass since for most of us to navigate the passage is beyond our means and imagination--


Indeed Mr. Ari Siletz

by Danesh (not verified) on

...and my humble hunch is that in America FBI has access to this number crushing number generating number twister twisting .. number pressurizing ...that the organization put the inmate literally put the inmate inside the glass of this number computational device and then press the botton for activation until after some cosmic cranking up a number is cosmologicly generated for the inmate since he or she was unable to arrive at it on his own in order to render his own self identifcation "character" features...

By the way have you seen a cool movie called the fly in which the man get mixed up with a fly in his dna compostion in a teleporting machine when he attempts for an instant space-distane navigation wihtout hiatus...

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Good article. Clever acrophonic paragraph.

Your statement, "It is like there is a formula that is being followed for each and everything that is being." has an interesting mystical--yet quite mathematically formalized-- twist: not every number can be calculated by a formula. These non-computable numbers are different from irrational numbers like the square root of two or pi, as these are formally computable numbers.  Best explored by mathematician Alan Turin, computability (ie. existence of a formula that can generate a particular number) is a fascinating topic in mathematics.


Math is elemental.

by saba3 (not verified) on

Ultimately the love of math can no easier be explained than the love of anything else. I know. I have felt it too.


Parallel Universe

by Dr. A Danesh, Sociologist (not verified) on

...very interesting thought stimulating article...

It also should be added there are parallel universes not as the exact replica of the universe we are familiar with that has often been postulated by string physicist the theoreticians...

In my view along our existing universe there is aacorresponding "mathematical" universe in aparallel that once understood its underlying structural functioning can help man to have a better understanding of his own actual universe that he is already in.

For the sake of simplification if there is a planet earth then there must be a corresponding planet math like a mirror in which we go to see ourselves for check and balance. This mathematical planet helps man to overcome some of his emotion ridden blockages when he or she pursuing "truth" and "accuracy" in his quest for "Objective" knowledge.

Yes let's for the sake of more simplification consider the planet mars as the mathematical brother of emotion ridden planet earth constantly asking this crude and rude question: Foool! What human blood line has to do with human scientific search for truth?> trust? if yes... where the hell your God is if there is one.