Abtahi press conference

Says election fraud claim was "big mistake"


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Reza-Rio de Janeiro


by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on


An observer!

by Souri on

Did I answer your clear-cut question? If you really don't like to get into khaleh zanak bazi, then............ Don't!


Ms. Souri

by capt_ayhab on

I know exactly what you said, no need for you to repeat them, I do not like to get into khaleh zanak bazi with you, but I asked you a clear cut question:

Who do you think you are trying to censor people by telling them to stay out of debate? What gives you that right?



Learn how to debate = don't insult people

by Souri on


My statement was very clear to all the readers including yourself.

You know exactly what I meant. I even gave you example of "Irane Azad" response to Faryar. 

I said "stay out of a debate if you can't express your ideas without insulting the people". Is that against the freedom of expression?

Did Faryar or Iraneh Azad or Q or myself, insult anybody here? NO?

But you did.

Now, you came back to call me "hypocrite" ?

I really don't care. As they say:

"dar khaneh agar kas ast.

yek harf bas ast"

I'm glad at least you learned to apology to Faryar. That was the main point.........

The rest, belongs to the "no comment" file.





Ms. Souri

by capt_ayhab on

You noted, from one side of your mouth[But I am not you, Captain. So I hold back from insulting other people with whom I don't agree.]

Then you dropped yet another jewel by saying[ Behave yourself and learn how to debate!! Or, stay out of it.]

Number 1. I suppose you forgot about rights of other people in expressing their views, while you were PREACHING about ones right to express themselves? Do you recall the affectionate name that is given to these[your] kind of people? They are called Hypocrite. ;-)

Number 2. Who do you think you are to be telling ANYONE how to debate, or if you do not like what they have to say to ask them to STAY OUT?

I suggest you watch your OWN manners and let other worry about themselves.



P/S I am sure my new  darling stalker jon Louie Louie have something to say too. 


Mr. Keyvan Talebi

by capt_ayhab on

He is drugged out with some sort of tranquilizer, according to Mrs. Abtahi who is quoted in roshangari.net

همسرسيدمحمدابطحی افزود: "ايشان اشاره کرده بود به قرصی که چند شب است به
او می دهند. من اثرات آن را نمی دانم. برخی از دوستان می گفتند که همين
کار را با آقای سحابی کرده بودند يعنی قرص های مشابهی را هم به ايشان داده
بودند، به نحوی که وقتی برخی برای ملاقات با وی می روند می گويند اصلا اين
سحابی با آن سحابی که ما می شناختيم متفاوت بود. اين ابطحی هم آن ابطحی
خودمان نبود. يک داروهايی استفاده می کنند. من اطلاعات دقيق از تاثيرات
اين داروها ندارم اما حالت ايشان عادی نبود."


According to MousaviNejad in the same report, even the manner in which Abtahi was speaking was so strange:

موسوی نژاد افزود: "صحبت هايی که ايشان می کرد و بخش هايی از آن در
خبرگزاری فارس آمده بود اصلا ادبيات آقای ابطحی نبود. ما به عنوان خانواده
با ادبيات ايشان آشنا هستيم. بسياری از مردم هم خواننده وبلاگ ايشان
بودند. جملات و متنی که استفاده کردند متعلق به ايشان نبود. لحن ايشان
مانند زمان هايی بود که خيلی عصبانی وناراحت است وانگار که با فشاری اين
حرفها را می زند. حالت عادی نداشت."





by faryarm on

Dear The Shepherdess

I can not agree more..

We can not hope to make a Golden Society out of copper people...



Dear Capt.

by faryarm on

I appreciate it...

We all want the same thing...let's be united in the diversity of our views.

Be well 


The Shepherdess


by The Shepherdess on

Greatness is achieved by individuals working on themselves, not by expecting it from others.

I keep telling people who ask where are the leaders of this movement that they are probably also sitting in their homes asking the same question.


Mr. Faryarm

by capt_ayhab on

Firstly allow me to admit that I have been rather harsh, knowing your solid track record in support of human rights and equality.

There is no doubt that there are people who have withstood their ground in the face of harshest torture and even death. However this by no means should be seen as weakness, or lack of true devotion in parts of Mr. Abtahi, nor anyone else for that fact who were subject of harshest of all torture by IR.

One can only judge these people WHEN and IF oneself been subject of the brutality and barbaric torture, by people who have no trace a humanity in their beings.

To me, this sham of court and  tortures and brutality which was  brought upon these poor souls, which have lead to false and scripted confession, make them[Mr. Abtahi and others] no less of a hero than those who lost their lives rather than signing the confessions.

Again my apologies for sounding so harsh on you, I am certain that you are aware of  the amount  respect I hold for you. I merely expected more sensitivity from a gentleman of your caliber and track record.




Thanks Q

by faryarm on

Thanks Q


Ultimately they are all from the same "cloth"; I hope some like Abtahi, who appear as enlightened;  are in both words  and actions, Courageous as well as Sincere.

If Iran is to progress and become Great again, it must be led by Greatness. 



G. Rahmanian

Show Time!

by G. Rahmanian on

 These shameful shows by IR are nothing new.

I also find this whole argument as whether Abtahi and others are doing the right thing or not as meaningless and a waste of time. Instead of blaming those arrested for what they are saying under torture, Iranians should condemn the brutalities of the regime.

There are organizations which encourage "martydom" at any cost. Such attitudes towards life must be condemned, as well.

Those arrested can do much more for their country by staying alive! 




by Q on

the purpose of these confessions is to discredit Abtahi and the movement by casting doubt on their courage and sincerety.

That is what you are doing as well.


What goes around, comes around

by Souri on

In 1983, we have been trough the same thing. Only most of the people who are now defending Mr Abtahi, were laughing at Kianouri, Tabari, Beh-Azin, Saayeh.....and others.

But nobody was so indulgent with the Toudeh party's leaders at that time. Everybody was calling them the traitors and the spies.

It was as hard for us (the partisans) as it is now for you.........But we learned to stay tolerant to the people who don't understand the depth of the dilemma ,,,,,,,and we were only in our 20's not the 50's like you guys.

David ET

Latest news

by David ET on

گفته میشه در اعترافات دیروز آقایان ابطحی و عطریانفر مسوولیت زلزله "بم" رو نیز قبول کردند. انفجار شدن هواپیما هایی که سر نگون شدند.  من اصلا فکرشو نمیکردم که ابطحی یه همچین جور ادمی باشه. از زنای محضه با انا نیکول اسمیت بگیر تا دست داشتن مستقیم در کودتای بیست و هشت مرداد، ایشون دست اصلی پشت پرده بوده. من که وحشت کردم وقتی این چیزارو شنیدم. ادم مو رو کف پاش سیخ میشه.

Abtahi also confessed that he was responsible for Bam's Earthquake , crash of Iran's airplanes as well as death of Ana Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson. He said when he was a kid he caused 1953 Coup and it wasn't OJ but Abtahi

Keyvan Talebi

This guy looks spaced out

by Keyvan Talebi on

Iranians will not buy into this. This will in fact make the opposition stronger.


As I said ........

by Souri on

Each person is entitled to his/her own opinion. We all know that people respond differently to the torture and sufferance. If Faryar said that, it's probably because he had heard about other example like this one:


All in all, it does not deserve the reaction you guys are showing here. I am so disappointed.

Louie Louie

Congratulations Capt. Darling!

by Louie Louie on

You have won the contest you created: Vote For The Most Disturbing Character On Iranian.com!

Yeh TMT award jayezateh azizam.

You should do something about that memory of yours. LOL!!!!


Dear Q...

by faryarm on

Please repeat, less cryptic this time...




Wow faryarm,

by Q on

I guess what they are trying to accomplish with these televized sessions is working like a charm.... at least on you.


How rude, Captain!!

by Souri on

Do we really need this?

As much as I want to stay away from these arrogant conversation and the tension which is mounting up in some of the blogs (where you are always present) but you don't let me a choice!

Look at Irane Azad response to Faryar. He is saying the same thing but at least he knows the limit of the respect and does not overpass it.

Faryar is entiled to his own opinion. What is this arrogant way of calling people of opposite ideas, names?

I could say same thing to you:

"Every ounce of  respect that I had for you [and you know that I DID ] ,
I  lost for your arrogant  IGNORANT, and outright STUPID statement you

But I am not you, Captain. So I hold back from insulting other people with whom I don't agree.

Imagine if one day you will have the same power as IRI does ? What would you be able to do with the opponent?

Behave yourself and learn how to debate!!

Or, stay out of it.


Telling the Truth as a "hollow" concept ; The Question Remains..

by faryarm on

Dear Capt_Ayhab,

I realize the question can put one in an one's bad book, even though apparently you consider the stand for the truth as a "hollow" concept.

With respect though, Sorry you feel this way; and especially sorry for your quick judgment.

This is not a matter of religion nor politics, (as with your "peddlar" comment) but a valid human question.

Your comment seems to imply that one is not sympathetic to the plight of someone like Abtahi, whose recent work and efforts for civil society I am actually familiar with...

My comment should not be seen as insensitive to his plight nor misunderstood or mistaken as arrogant; It is natural to feel sympathy for another's suffering.

 No, I have not been tortured, and personally do not know how I would stand that test; I can not imagine the pain the human body has to endure...I however have seen the torture marks left on the bodies of executed, friends and  relatives taken in the Sardkhaneh...

Sons and daughters , mothers and fathers who with a simple recantation or false confession would have been given their lives back and returned to their families. 

I also have some idea of the reason behind their resolve from their last will and testament. last minute words written on scraps of paper..

Capt _ayhab, would you not agree there have been many who despite all the bestial cruelty and pain inflicted upon them, have stood by the truth and refused to succomb to the wishes of their torturers and executioners..are you not aware of these people?

If not, Please ask around about the plight of those , who did honour their cause and principles, both in our times and in centuries past.

It is not a matter of my "opinion" nor "arrogance" , but a simple assesment and  observation of history and events.

It perhaps comes down to; If you believe something to be true, are you willing to stand by it, no matter what the consequence, including loss of life? As a father , I do not fail to see the human dilemma.

The question has been faced by many, some have withstood  their ground, and paid with their earthly lives  and perhaps some have not for what ever reason...

The question remains, should have Mr Abtahi, as a prominent academic cleric, and equally prominent and popular example of a reformist figure refused to sacrifice his principles and  appease his torturers even though in fact most sympathetic iranians will not fault him nor belive what he is saying as his true feelings. 

 I ask you capt_ayhab to face this question, without being crippled by rightful human emotions and yet with the objectivity and fairness without resorting ,to calling one names, or how "hollow" they may seem to you.




David ET


David ET

کروبی:   نمایش های خودساخته راهکار خروج از بحران نیست / مناظره ای در تلویزیون بگذارید تا حقایق روشن شود



by capt_ayhab on

Regretfully...... From this point on Mr. Faryarm is nothing but another religion peddler to me, I regret to have  come to this point


Iraneh Azad


by Iraneh Azad on

You are out of line on your last comment. Not everyone reacts to torture the same way and you don't know what they may have done to him. For example, they could have threatened his family and he may have chosen his family over his principles. I would have done the same if they threaten my family under psychological conditions.



by capt_ayhab on

Have you EVER been  tortured to the minutes of your life? Then  stop the bull crap about  [the someone you knew who did this and that and was the bravest.......]

Every ounce of  respect that I had for you [and you know that I DID ] , I  lost for your arrogant  IGNORANT, and outright STUPID statement you made.

YOU MISTER, have no idea what sort of pain they can inflict on a human body so please do not render ANY opinion on what you do NOT know.

Regretfully faryarm, I saw how hollow you are and how fake you have been.

Good day sir




What does it take to stand by one's Beliefs and Principles?

by faryarm on

What does it take to stand by one's Beliefs and Principles?

I personally have known a few who under torture and imprisonment and finally hanging or execution, stood firm and refused to recant their principles, faith and belief in a new world and a better life for iran...


Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Filme Eslami vs Braveheart...

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

I agree with most comments here and I think he was drugged too... But at the end of the day, this whole thing is one major B/S....

Too bad I have not seen or heard of a single one of these Iranian Islamist cowards (under such horrible contions) to go all out, Stand up, Shout out for Justice and Freedom!!! To defend the rights of his people, thoughts,words, and actions for the sake of Freedom and Justice... Regardless of its possible horrific  aftermath and consequences, dead or alive....

We need a lot more number of Real Iranian Men who are willing to put their lives on the line in order for themselves, their People and Country to be Free!!! Like those who have alredy fought and in ultimate cases even gave their own precious lives for the cause...

This GODLY and unforgettable quote from William Wallace  must be what any Free Man and Woman think and Practice if he or she wants Freedom:

"I am William Wallace! And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny. You've come to fight as free men... and free men you are. What will you do with that freedom? Will you fight?

Veteran: Fight? Against that? No! We will run. And we will live.

William Wallace: Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you'll live... at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM! "




Video: Mousavi c on de m ns

by vildemose on

Video: Mousavi c on de m ns 'medieval-era t or tu re' co nf e ss ions



It's difficult to feel sorry

by Iranyvaliazad on

It is very difficult to feel sorry for men such as this akhund who kept their mouths shut when IRI were killing Iranians in thousands and now he is tasting the medicine himself.

He being a moslem cleric is well aware the moslem cleircs will eat their own children for money and power ... had he or likes him had spoken when innocent lives were being snuffed out by moslem clerics then there would not be injustice to snuff him out.

Trash islam for better future.