Mohammad Ali Abtahi

"Confesses to plot to bring 'velvet revolution'"

BBC: Iran's biggest reformist party has dismissed the court appearance of 100 people, including leading opposition figures, as a "laughable show trial". The accused are on trial for alleged involvement in post-election violence, on charges including acting against national security and vandalism. Pro-government media reported what they said were confessions by some of the leading reformists. Former vice-president Mohammad Ali Abtahi [see his press conference] was quoted by Fars news agency as telling the court: "I say to all my friends and all friends who hear us, that the issue of fraud in Iran was a lie and was brought up to create riots." He said that the aim was to create a "velvet revolution", referring to the overthrow of Communism in Czechoslovakia in 1989 >>>

Iranian TV report:

Here's a BBC Persian report about the trial of reformists today. Shirin Ebadi is interviewed. Also Mohammad Saleh Nikbakht, some of the prisoners' attorney is interviewed in Tehran:

Also, interview with Mohammad Ali Abtahi's daughter, interviewed by Siavash Ardalan on BBC Persian:


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Reza-Rio de Janeiro


by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

David ET

Question from Iran

by David ET on

According to your claims, if a captured spy had warned you about the intentions to make a “velvet revolution”, how come the Guardian Council approved Mousavi for the presidential candidacy?!! اگر یک جاسوس دستگیرشده یکسال پیش، ازانقلاب مخملی خبردادچراصلاحیت موسوی راتاییدکردید؟

David ET

گفته میشه در

David ET

گفته میشه در اعترافات دیروز آقایان ابطحی و عطریانفر مسوولیت زلزله "بم" رو نیز قبول کردند. انفجار شدن هواپیما هایی که سر نگون شدند.  من اصلا فکرشو نمیکردم که ابطحی یه همچین جور ادمی باشه. از زنای محضه با انا نیکول اسمیت بگیر تا دست داشتن مستقیم در کودتای بیست و هشت مرداد، ایشون دست اصلی پشت پرده بوده. من که وحشت کردم وقتی این چیزارو شنیدم. ادم مو رو کف پاش سیخ میشه.

Abtahi also confessed that he was responsible for Bam's Earthquake , crash of Iran's airplanes as well as death of Ana Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson. He said when he was a kid he caused 1953 Coup and this also explains why OJ was innocent

Iraneh Azad

Bingo Q, Bingo

by Iraneh Azad on

You are showing us your great communication/people skills. Don't worry, the questions will follow you and haunt you for the foreseeable future.

PS I did not know Shia was the religion of 90 percent of my country's people, you know my Zionist handlers forgot to train me on that small little fact.


Good anlaysis, Vildemose!

by shahabshahab on

Vildemose, Your reading of the leadership's mentality is on point.

Also, the government is consumed with appealing to their consituency in Iran by putting together any show that might appear to confirm their position. This time, they have gone to great lenths to do so. But they really did not have to do this. This does not convert any non-believer (in the versity of the election) into a believer. Yes, it might soldify their already strong case with pro-Ahmadinezhad;s base. But the downside of this is that if one of these people gets out and mamages to escape and then recants eveything they "cnfessed" to, this will create a gash in the pro-government's faith in the system. To risky, and not very smart of the government to expose itself to such a possibility. But then again, the leadership of Khamenei has not been very smart about this issue at all. Insetad of siding with Ahmadinezhad, he could have said that he will order an indemendent examnation of the votes. The end result would have been much much mire favorable than has taken place and what will take place on the future.


Are vallah, kheili jalebeh,

by Q on

Trying to find out who you are? Joking right?

Of course you should know the difference between rhetorical questions and real ones, unless of course your Farsi is a bit rusty. By the way: answering it would have put you among 90% of Iranians.

You don't play that game. I don't play that game, so khoda kheiret bede!

Iraneh Azad


by Iraneh Azad on

Thanks for your clarification.

Q khan, Jalebe, jenabali javabeh soa-all hich kassy ra nemidin valy faghat baladin soa-all beporssin va javab az mardom mikhahin.

Now stop with your IRI style interrogations of people trying to figure out who they are. I won't play that game. Every time somone challenges you, you play this game of trying to figure out who they are. Answer the questions people have asked you. Either put up or shut up.


I do know what you're angry at...

by Q on

wow, talking out of both sides of one's mouth is a great skill indeed.

The problem of Iran will be solved by Iranians, any and all help is not only welcomed it is required of all to give and give generously.

Especially AIPAC!

so long as you bring yourself to consider what they advocate as "giving", you can justify anything. I would be angry too, if I had to live with myself believing this.


Into Disco much? It's "bogeyman".

I just love the hypocrisy of you people calling my posts "distractions", whereas, the rabid dog syndrome non sequitor spam attacks are surely "substantial".

"Fake reformer" ? Please... don't make me laugh.

Iraneh Azad : jalebe, khob jenabali oz veh kodoom fer-ghey e in mashab e ma mibashid?


Will go Iranian on them

by Fred on

 This AIPAC nonsense by the aged Islamist is just that nonsense. They are a lobby group with their own agenda, some of which happen to match nicely with the goal of emancipating Iranians by empowering them so a democratic Iran can join Israel in facing their common challenges and enemies.  That is the part the Islamists and their lackeys including the lefties fear most and is the reason for their propaganda and whole lot of lobbying.

 The problem of Iran will be solved by Iranians, any and all help is not only welcomed it is required of all to give and give generously.

The Islamists have overplayed this boogeyman card to the point that back in Iran their regular slogans are responded to by what people really think of them. And yes, it would be not only dumb of Israel to initiate any military action, it will be counterproductive. This Islamist monster needs to be and will be done away with by Iranians.

Iraneh Azad

Fred, You are on your on the AIPAC thing

by Iraneh Azad on

As an Iranian muslim, I could never support an attack on my country by Israel or any entity no matter which idiots are in charge in Iran. Even I, who can not stand Q's politics, would have to side with him on this one.

I think AIPAC have been acting like a bunch of retards on the Iran nuclear issue. It would be better if they just shut their mouth when it comes to Iran and Iranian issues. The mullahs in Iran do a much better job of lobbying for Israeli interest than AIPAC.

Don't get fooled by the types of Q and fall into his trap. They bring up Israel and AIPAC as a diversion. Just like your blog the other day. You were right on point and they brought up AIPAC out of the blue for no reason just to silence you because they are fake reformists.


آینده جنبش


آینده جنبش اینقدر خوش‌خیال هستند و تصور میکنند که بالاخره یکجوری این نظام مطالبات مرذم را تمکین خواهد کرد و قضایا با خیر و خوشی به‌پایان خواهد رسید.

مثلا بعضی‌ها حدس میزنند بالاخره خامنه‌ای همه کاسه کوزه‌ها را به سر احمدی‌نژاد می‌شکند و انتخابات را باطل میکند. بعضی هم برعکس٬ میگویند باند احمدی‌نژاد و مصباح موفق میشوند خامنه‌ای را کنار بزنند. بعضی میگویند هاشمی رفسنجانی با کمک مراجع و خبرگان راه میانه‌ای را برای حل بحران پیدا میکند و بعضی میگویند بدنه سالم سپاه کودتا خواهد کرد و ....

من فکر میکنم این نوع پیشگویی‌ها زاییده شیوه‌های سنتی ما ایرانیان است که همیشه انتظار داریم برای حل مشکلات بزرگ راه حل‌های ساده و بی‌دردسر و راحت الحلقوم پیدا کنیم.

تجربه سی ساله نشان داده که در مواجهه با فهم رفتارهای این نظام باید مثل خود آنها فکر کنیم نه بجای آنها. ما چون معمولا عادت داریم از عقل‌مان استفاده کنیم خیال می‌کنیم خامنه‌ای هم با دیدن این همه اعتراضات وسیع مردم و کشت و کشتارها و ضرب و شتم‌ها به این فکر می‌افتد که باید راه حلی را پیدا کند و از بن بست بیرون آید.
در صورتی که خامنه‌ای اصلا توی این باغ‌ها نیست. او یا اصلا فکر نمیکند و یا اینکه موقع فکر کردن مثل ما فکر نمیکند.
خامنه‌ای اعتقاد دارد که راه سعادت این مردم آن است که همیشه در نبرد با غرب باشند. او اعتقاد دارد دمکراسی و اتکای به رای مردم از شگردها و ترفندهای غرب است تا ملتهای مسلمان را زیر سیطره خود بگیرند. بنابر این او کسی را میخواهد که در مواجهه با غرب پررو و پرجرات باشد و با او هماهنگ.
او تقلب را در انتخابات امری مباح میداند که به مصلحت کشور است. تصور او از اعتراضات مردم این است که با ایجاد ترس و کشتن تعدادی از دستگیر شدگان سر و صداها میخوابد و وضعیت قابل کنترل میشود.
او اصلا مثل ما اعتراضات مردمی را آنالیز نمیکند. برای او کشته شدن ندا و امثالهم و انعکاس جهانی آن آنقدر مهم نیست که بخواهد تجدید نظری بکند. او میگوید اگر یکقدم عقب بیایم مردم تا خیابان پاستور و بیت رهبری خواهند آمد. بنابر این او تصمیم دارد تا آخر خط برود!
خب اینها را نگفتم تا شما را بترسانم و یا ناامید کنم. اتفاقا میخواهم بگویم شرایط فعلی طوری است که سبب امیدواری است. خوشبختانه یا بدبختانه ما با یک گاو شاخدار عصبی طرف هستیم. ضمن اینکه مقابله با گاو عصبی خطرآفرین و پردردسر است اما خوشبختانه او گاو است و نمیتواند درست فکر کند و قضایا را تحلیل کند. او حتی خیر و صلاح خودش را بخوبی تشخیص نمیدهد. گاو عاقل نیست که دست از نبرد بردارد. این ما هستیم که باید با تدبیر او را به زمین بزنیم.

ناامیدی زمانی به سراغ ما خواهد آمد که انتظار داریم قضایا با خوبی و خوشی و در کوتاهترین زمان حل شود و وقتی اینگونه نشد و انتظار ما برآورد نشد بیدرنگ ناامید ی به سراغ ما خواهد آمد.
اما اگر شناخت واقعی از خوی و خصلت دشمن مان داشته باشیم هرگز ناامید نخواهیم شد. خوشبختانه خامنه ای تصمیم دارد تا سقوط این نظام کوتاه نیاید. این نظام اگر سقوط کند بساط دخالت مذهب در سیاست و اجتماع برچیده خواهد شد و تا ابد مردم ایران از قید و اسارت افکار مذهبی نجات پیدا خواهند کرد.




بس است


ماشالله به هوشت، هنوز دلیل عصبانیت رو نفهمیدی؟ چند تا کهریزک دیگه، چند صد پیکر پاک ایرانی دیگه، چند ده هزار بدن مجروح و مثله شدۀ دیگه، چند صد هزار بی حرمتی دیگه، چند میلیون خانوادۀ از هم پاشیدۀ بدور افتاده از هم دیگه، چند ده میلیون آرزوهای بربادرفتۀ دیگه لازمه تا همچو تو اسلامیستی بفهمه که بابا جان بیداد، نامردمی هم حد و اندازه داره. چرا از شکیبایی ذاتی ایرانیان سوءاستفاده میکنید؟ نام نیک و اعتبار ایران و ایرانی را لجن مال کرده اید، بس است، برای خاطر خدا بس است. کار را دارید به جاهای بدون بازگشت میرسانید بس است!!



by Q on

You have now called me many names which you know I particularly find offensive, and you made fun of my profession. Your reply seems like your angry at something but don't bother mentnioning what or how I've "wronged" you. I get the feeling facts are not important to you.

If you don't like the word "brother" I won't use it, but I consdier all Iranian Jews my brothrs.

To yeki, hala ma mitoonim joda hessab konim!

Are you capapble of communicating like a human being?


حاجی سفسطه گر


تا میخواهد دل تنگت سفسطه کن که جز آن در انبان نداری. در ضمن در واژگان اسلامیستهای همچو تویی برادر خطاب کردن  دو صد بدتر از هر ناسزاست.


Good Fred, at least you're not denying it

by Q on

although, apparently our new friend "Iraneh Azad" is in disagreement with you.

For the record, you're saying Israel attacking Iran is the justifiable correct move just like the attack on Iraq's nuclear facilities. Of course this is a misguided statement that has neither popular support nor any chance of solving any problems.

Only people who see the situation as a zero-sum game and believe that Israel needs to "show it's power" have something to gain by the attack that you describe. We all know it will not change anything real, and it will politically make it much bigger mess.

You keep saying 'Israeli people' but it's not Israeli people that will be attacking Iran. I assume this is your way of avoiding the AIPAC issue. If you're now equating AIPAC with "Israeli people", well, that's a bold statement indeed!

You, as a Kalimi brother who is ideologically tied to Israel, want to defend Israel and it's "right" to "premitively" invade and bomb other countries. Israeli reputation and "face" is obviously important to you. You completely misstate the Israeli/American policy during the war of "keeping the muslims bleeding" and "too bad they both can't lose" and have the audacity to claim Israel loves Iran?

I will let others decide what to think of this twisted pro-bombing justification. It has always been Israel's MO to use muddy waters to fish, so a strike at this critical juncture is probably on the table, although it hardly is about "loving Iranians".

But I will give you credit for your honesty.


حاجی عکاسباشی


حاجی، حقیقت را میشود انکار کرد ولی نورش چنان نافذ است که دیر یا زود از پس پردۀ سفسطه و هوچی گری بیرون میزند.

 کشور و ملت اسرائیل دوست و متحد طبیعی کشور ایران و ایرانی اند. درست آنچه تروریستهای فلسطینی دست پروردگان شما اسلامیستها نبوده که هم با صدام و هم در فجایع اخیر در کشتن ایرانیان کوشا بوده اند.

  اگر اسرائیل تاسیسات اتمی صدام را نزده بود، همانگونه که اسناد گویای آنست، آن "صلاح الدین ایوبی " ثانی قصد نابودی عجمها را داشت و یزدان پاک را شکر که این آرزو را به گور برد.

 اگر اسرائیل به کشور ایران محمات ضد تانک "تو" و قطعات یدکی نظامی را نرسانده بود برادران همچو تویی خاک ایران را به توبره کشیده بودند

صدماتی را که برادران هم مرام تو به ایران و ایرانی زده اند انکار ناپذیرست و در مقابل بجز مشتی دروغ از جانب اسلامیستها از جنس خودت، کشور و مردم دوست ایران و ایرانی دوست اسرائیل بجز خیرشان نرسیده است.   




  فردا که بر من و تو وزد باد مهرگان

آندم شود پدید که نامرد و مرد کیست    


 باد آزادی بخش مهرگان در شرف وزیدن است.  

 سرانجام سفسطه گری آنهم از نوع ناب اسلامیستت آن تراژدی است که در دارالخلافه در حال برگزاریست:

  یک بار جستی ملخک، دوبار جستی ملحک، آخر بدستی ملخک.


Irane Azad,

by Q on

be nazarehe man ke hovviate jenaba-li khe-ili roshaneh, kamelan malume.


David ET jan,

by Q on

I am not disputing 85% vote, I am disputing your claim that 85% support Islamic Republic and that is what Khamenei/Ahmadinejad and you are saying.

85% people supported the existing system either outright, or enough to consider reforming it within its own parameters. They had a choice not to participate, but they did like you and me. This is undisputable.

These are same people who in 2005 when Hashemi (the so called moderate) was running either did not vote at all or voted against him.

Yes, that's true. These people have been brought into the Green coalition, thanks to the broad appeal of Mousavi (which was lacked by Moin). But since they are in, that means they preferred to work within the system through their chamption, Mousavi rather than to sit outside it which didn't yield any results last time.

I think this is the point you are basically disputing. We can have a civilized discussion about it. You either think:

1. People voted for Mousavi because they wanted him to be President to reform the system.

2. People voted for Mousavi, an IRI insider because they hated IRI and thus, they really didn't want Mousavi.

3. The protestors didn't care who they voted for, they just wanted to engineer chaos so that they could overthrow the IRI.

The third possiblity is the most ridiculous, since no one foresaw the events after the election but in fact, the 3rd is the theory of the establishment RIGHT NOW.

The second possibility is I think what you want us to believe. But it is a serious stretch to me. We would have to consider these protestors to be all 'acting' for months, wearing Green pretending to be pro-Mousavi and shouting things like "Ya Hossein Mir Hossein", even willing to take bullets but not willing to admit they REALLY don't support Greens or Reformists.

This is not what I believe. IF that's what you believe, we can respectfully agree to disagree.

The most plausaible explanation is that a large part of the population of Iran, weary of another revolution for which they had no appetite, opted for reform from within. But there was also a sizable population (at least 1/3, perhaps close to 50%) that still supports Ahmadinejad.

You say you voted against Ahmadinejad as if the one who caused all this is only him. Khamenei heads all armed forces including Basij, Revolutionary Guards, and the plain clothes and he supported Ahmadinejad before and after the s-election.

Just like all modern politics, Khamenei and Ahmadinejad are close enough in their stances that rejecting one is considered rejecting the other. If he tried to stay above the fray before, Khamenei has chosen to side with Ahamdinejad as political faction against the other faction. Sometimes the supreme leader and the President are on the same faction, sometimes they are not, as in during the Khatami era. What's your point?

I am very much against violation of civil and human rights of those sitting in these fake trials but lets not forget that they are also victim of the same trials that they did not mind or were quiet to when it was against someone else.

As I said it's a coalition. I don't believe the majority considers them "traitors" as the majority of the coalition believes in them being sincerely pro reform.

by the way, the regime also wants to renounce them as traitors.

My point is that we (the ones against IR) have been consistent all along saying that Islamic (so called) republic has never been Islamic nor republic nor democratic and have always been oppressive.

That's nobel of you. But that's not the question. The question is what method were you offering to correct the situation? YOU claimed that reform from within is a solution. I assume this is the reason you voted.

It is just that now some act like , it just happened to become that way ONLY because it came to bite them too

bite who? I don't understand. Did Mousavi and Khatami change their politics from what they had before the election?

I have not made thid personal. I am talking about views (your views) by exoressing mine.

If this is true, you will stay away from blanket accusatory statements about me and my motivations (especially over "30 years") which you know nothing about.

Iraneh Azad


by Iraneh Azad on

For someone who does not answer a single question you have a lot of nerve. Answer some of my questions honestly and I will give you an answers. As to Fred , I don't agree with his support of aipac but it was you and others who dismiss his anti iri stance based on his pro israle stance. Now answer my qusetions and stop acting silly wanting to find my idetity. You never answer questions and you have been exposed here as a fake reformer.



by Q on

I will humor you with a response: Your accusations are laughable to anyone who knows me or has seen my writing.

I am not a fake name. I have been a backer of reformist movement for a long time. I considered Ahmadinejad a fascist, yet like most Iranians I preferred him to an foreign invasion or attack by US and Israel. That's what these attack-dog clowns like Jamshid, Rostam and Irane Azad really have a problem with. I have not chosen to jump on the reform bandwagon just now. That's rediculous. Do you just make up crap as you go along?

This is the truth. You don't believe me?


Iraneh Azad,

by Q on

You are definitly hijacking the thread.

First of all, speaking of questions, how about the first ones I asked you? Who are YOU? You said you were commenting as anonymous before, what name were you using? As someone who just joined why is it that you are so obsessed about me, and how do you KNOW Fred "loves Iran"?

Fred is on the record an AIPAC supporter. This is not an accusation, it's reality. AIPAC is the organization that spent $Millions lobbying an attack against Iran. Do you support that? Where do you stand on a military attack against Iran? Why haven't you said anything? Does that mean you are pro War?

Why are you so sensitive about AIPAC and Fred anyway?

You see how stupid your line of argumentation is? If you insist on wasting people's time with it, then you should understand that it is a double-edged sword.

David ET

another point

by David ET on


I look at the way those in the streets (the green) before and after s-election  dress and having lived in Iran and being an Iranians , that clearly tells me they don't share the "ideals" of the Islamic Republic who has opposed and censored their dress, their hijab, their music , their films, their newspapers, their writings, their blogs, their parties, their satellites, etc...

People can speak in so many words and in how men and boys dress and in how women and girls dress and do their hijab or even wear their green bands, which tells us thousands of unspoken words! 


Q. I have read your comments from a year ago denying people's opposition, I read what you thought just as some others who still have not had their reality check , despite the obvious!


David ET


by David ET on


1- I am not disputing 85% vote, I am disputing your claim that 85% support Islamic Republic and that is what Khamenei/Ahmadinejad and you are saying.

2- These are same people who in 2005 when Hashemi (the so called moderate) was running either did not vote at all or voted against him. That tells me that they are not "lovers of his eyes and eyebrows" and in fact don't care for him and only reason they are standing behind one fraction of regime against another is because they are against the regime to begin with!

3- You say you voted against Ahmadinejad as if the one who caused all this is only him. Khamenei heads all armed forces including Basij, Revolutionary Guards, and the plain clothes and he supported Ahmadinejad before and after the s-election. Khamenei has been ever since death of Khomeini the leader and symbol of the same regime that you supported and some of us opposed. 

4- Khamenei didn't suddenly change just as the ones who were part of the regime and now are apposing its oppression that has come to bite themselves. Khamenei and regime are the same beast that we have been against for years .

5- I am very much against violation of civil and human rights of those sitting in these fake trials but lets not forget that they are also victim of the same trials that they did not mind or were quiet to when it was against someone else.

My point is that we (the ones against IR) have been consistent all along saying that Islamic (so called) republic has never been Islamic nor republic nor democratic and have always been oppressive. It is just that now some act like , it just happened to become that way ONLY because it came to bite them too 

I have not made thid personal. I am talking about views (your views) by exoressing mine. 



 David et al: It's

by vildemose on

 David et al:

It's laughable that an entity Q using a fake name, claisms that he is a reformer now when all indications point either to him being a true devotee of Ahamdinejad or a toudehi like Mrs. Simin Royanian.


What a tortured and pathetic soul that he has now chosen to jump on the reformers band wagon. Couldn't have been more suprised by this character's latest move...

Iraneh Azad

Q, Thank you!

by Iraneh Azad on

You avoided the questions and you made up some facts about the intent of the Iranian voter.

Like I, and Mr. David ET stated, Esteghlal, Azadi, Jomhoorieh Irani. What part of this don't you understand?

You are a pure propagandist by saying:
"Your tasteless attempt to hijack this thread by trying to save Jamshid's face worn't work. You are already on a couple of other threads on this subject."

Jamshid has already done the most eloquent job of exposing you here. Much better than I ever could. I did not hijack anything on this thread. I simply stated that I felt sorry for Mr. Abtahi even though he was a supporter of the revolution and part of the criminal system and you came in addressing me telling me how participating in the 79 revolution made these guys honorable and how you doubted that he made the statements against his self interest as reported by the IRI. It was you who tried to hijack this thread Q. I never addressed you. You came to me. And it was me who directed you to his 8 minute "news conference" on IRI tv. Did your jaws drop watching him admit to his mistakes and how Mousavi was wrong in what he did?

I find it interesting that you never address and challenge someone like Jaleho who calls this poor person under duress as a "fraud" and supports the hardliner in the IRI, but you keep on addressing someone like me who prefers "esteghlal, Azadi, Jomhoorieh Irani".

You are right "This isn't an Israeli prison or Gitmo" and I bet you Mr. Abtahi would prefer to be in "Gitmo or an Israeli prison". He would have more rights and would not be paraded, druged on US tv making a false confession.

Oh, and why don't you go ahead and flag me like a baby for asking you questions you don't want to answer because it would expose your hypocrisy. Your failure to confront the questions, these "quintessential" questions asked by me and others, is only an admission by you that your ideology is a failed ideology

And lets add another question:


Just keep on digging yourself into a bigger hole. Thank for giving us all these material over the years to expose your failed ideology.

Iraneh Azad

Dear Mr. ET

by Iraneh Azad on

Thank you for your comments which expose Q's fake "reformer" status. This is why I repeatedly have asked him the questions I do. I am "repetitive" here because these questions are the ideals that he has so steadfastly defended here and arrogantly attacked everyone who has challenged him.

This is why you will never see Q challenge someone like Jaleho I believe. Even though Jaleho has clearly sided with the hardliners, who are criminally killing and abusing the Iranian population, she essentially believes in the ideals of this failed 30 year revolution which are the same as Q's twisted ideals. Accordingly, someone like Jaleho will get a pass by Mr. Q and will never be challenged by him, but someone like Fred, who loves Iran as much as you and I do for example, will be called an AIPAC supporting Zionist the second he challenges this revolution.


David, 85% voted, the Green coalition was somewhat smaller

by Q on

because obviously some people voted conservative for Ahmadinejad. This is also undisputable.

How many people did so? That's what's disputable.

In fact you are saying exactly what Khamenei/Ahmadinejad are saying.

...and Mousavi, and Khatami, and Western Press. Who disagrees with the turnout numbers for the Presidential election?

In fact you used to be supporter of the same ones that now you say have deviated from the so called "ideals"...

are you one of those who has a pathological need to lash out and attack the person speaking, instead of the point being spoken? Obviously it's rediculous for you to claim what I believed for 30 years and what I wanted.

We both voted in the elections for the President of the IR. You made the point that peaceful and gradual change is prefereable. In fact I was opposed to Ahmadinejad since he was Mayor of Tehran.

now that they have come to bite you too (and they always would) , you have changed your view of them.

Is this supposed to mean anything? It makes absolutely no sense. I was against the Ahmadinejad faction, that's why I voted against them. Just like the rest of the coalition.


David ET: Thank you for

by vildemose on

David ET: Thank you for exposing the phoneys

David ET


by David ET on

If you agree on coalition you can not claim 85% at the same time. In fact you are saying exactly what Khamenei/Ahmadinejad are saying.  

You have supported the regime for 30 years and we have seen the results! In fact you used to be supporter of the same ones that now you say have deviated from the so called "ideals"...now that they have come to bite you too (and they always would) , you have changed your view of them.

Anyway I really have not much more to say to someone who has been avoiding the truth for 30 years and still is.

The reality of the streets and the regime of "Islamic Republic" ,wide open,  IS my witness.

You act like these type of fake trails did not exist during your ideal era...


David ET, do you have data?

by Q on

There wasn't a referendum against IR, you're right about that. There was an election for the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and 85% of the people voted for one of the four men to be that President.

This is undisputable.

There are many seculars, etc who voted against the system by using IR ballot boxes against them

How? Your statement makes sense only if they thought Mousavi was that agent of change, and they specifically rejected another revolution, which many did.

and that is why there was such a big difference in number of voters and the outcome in comparison to 2005 and you know it well Q!

That's your speculation. The changing foreign policy landscape, global economic crisis combined with hatred of Ahmadinejad are also factors that were must be equally considered. If you think your factor was the primary motivator, provide the "data".

I am sure you also have seen the video of those who eventually spoke up and said: Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic

I've seen it. As I explained this is a broad coalition. I've seen many other chants as well. Do you equate those other chants as equally valid?