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Provisional list of protesters killed on Ashura

The opposition has released a provisional list of protesters killed in today's demonstrations in Tehran. This is only a preliminary list and only concerns the day of Ashura, December 27, in the capital. A woman was allegedly shot and killed in Sirjan during protests yesterday, but she is not among these victims. According to Jonbesheh Raheh Sabz, they are:

- Mehdi Farhadinia, 34, Mehdi Farhadirad according to the Islamic Republic Police News Service
- Mohammad Ali Rasekhinia, 40
- Amir Arshadi, 30
- Shahram Faraji, 30
- Seyed Ali Habibi Mousavi (nephew of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi), 42
- Jahanbakht Bazooki, 50
- According to the Islamic Republic Police News Service, an unidentified woman, 43, and man, 31 were also killed. It is unclear how the police could be so precise on their ages and not have their names >>>


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The end of regime is here!

by Rendd on

Read my previous comments a year ago. My predictions were right and I know it from my heart that the end is here.

In 1979 revolution there was a rumor that people would hang all the security forces from every single electric posts throughout the country. It didn't happen because Shah's regime wasn't as violent as IRI.

I promise you, we will hang YOU the IRI thugs from every single post throughout the country.

That's my promise, that's my prediction! 

Sage chini ha be ina sharaf dareh, where in Tian An Men Square a man held up a column of tanks. Couldn't they just run him over. What a f**king shame. What a shame! What a shame!



by ahmad_ on

I was not born yesterday, and I have a background in military which I don't want to go in detail about it or post my pic here like you.

But, from every military training you can quote, when your opponent has an   advantage over you, you either try to vacate the area or surrender peacfully.

The trucks had clear way out of the area, but the decided to run into the pedesterians or run over them.

If they were at a disadvantage facing unarmed people then they could have just drove out of the area.

Maybe you and Q should sit to gether and check out each other's IQ.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

The two other related videos are actually accessible from an article here at IC.

I'm not making a judgement here. Simply pointing out additional aspects of the context, with background circumstances.

Watch all the videos and, by all means, make your own judgement. But don't try and attribute one to me.

And if you disagree with any of the details, point them out. Are you saying civil disorder wasn't an element of this tragedy? What are you saying? 



by ahmad_ on

The reason I felt compelled to mention the name of Q is that I have noticed that he has the pic of Musavi as his avatar and the content of his comments are totally in support of the regime.

You may have a different take on that. that is your choice.

Have you seen him writing a comment about this clip?

And by the way can you pay attention to what SArgord wrote and my reply to him ?

I thought you could read between the lines.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Do you ever have anything substantive to offer in the form of commenting?

I've yet to read anything informative from you whatsoever.



by ahmad_ on

"The first truck to run over the victim appears to do so as part of the
ongoing fight with the protesters. The second truck appears to be
making a hasty retreat from the scene."

As an ongoing fight with the protestors????

driving the truck into a group of unarmed people is called an ongoing fight??

Since when???

Or are you trying to muddy the story and blurr the picture ?

Don't try to get smart with us.


SP, I have told you before... you and IRR would not know

by Hovakhshatare on

law & order if you were slapped by it. Go sit at whatever desk, collect your blood money and stay at your own IQ level.

Sargord Pirouz

Civil Disorder

by Sargord Pirouz on

There's actually two additional videos from different sources to provide a fuller account of what's transpiring here.

An IRIPF police station is surrounded, stormed, sacked and set ablaze by protesters. At least two police officers are beaten in the process. 

The first truck to run over the victim appears to do so as part of the ongoing fight with the protesters. The second truck appears to be making a hasty retreat from the scene.

Just awful. A complete breakdown of law and order. 

Shifteh Ansari

احمدی مقدم:برای زير گرفتن مردم توسط خودروي پليس مدرک ارائه کنید

Shifteh Ansari

"در حوادث روز عاشورا پليس 500 نفر از اغتشاشگران را دستگير كرد اما ممكن است برخي از اين افراد آزاد شده باشند. البته وزارت اطلاعات و ديگر ضابطان هم دستگيري‌هايي داشته‌اند. فرمانده نيروي انتظامي در پاسخ به سؤال خبرنگاري مبني بر وجود فيلم مبني بر زير گرفتن مردم توسط ماشين پليس گفت: نبايد حرف بي‌ربط زده شود. بايد تصاوير و مدارك خود را ارائه كنيد. اين گونه نيست كه سؤالي دروغ بپرسيم و سوء استفاده كنيم.سردار احمدي مقدم تاكيد كرد: هيچ تصويري در خصوص زير گرفتن مردم توسط خودروي پليس وجود ندارد."
Read the rest here:


A second coup? by MUHAMMAD

by vildemose on

A second coup?
by MUHAMMAD SAHIMI in Los Angeles

Former president Mohammad Khatami called the June 12 election a "velvet coup" against the people of Iran. Now as the Green Movement gains momentum, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) seems poised to stage a second such coup.

As predicted, the Green Movement came out in force on December 27, the day of Ashura. Even before the day had ended, the IRGC, its intelligence unit and the Ministry of Intelligence had rounded up political figures, journalists, university activists and others. The police announced the arrest of 1100 people in Tehran on Sunday alone.

In an apparent warning to the Reformist leaders, those arrested included their children and key aides:

For the Movement to continue to grow, I believe people should not resort to violence. Bloody confrontation with security forces will have two very negative consequences for the Movement. First, it gives the hardliners justification to use violence on even a larger scale. If the fate of the current standoff between the people and the hardliners is to be decided by violence and violence only, the hardliners will defeat the Movement, since they have the instruments of coercion at their disposal.

The Green Movement will succeed when even the rank and file of the IRGC, Basij militia and intelligence agencies recognize that the rule of the hardliners is no longer tenable.



Iran zamin


by Iran zamin on

The regime is on the verge of collapse.The  Shah  had two choices to masecare his own people or leave he chose to leave , but this regime will do ANYTHING to stay in power . People of Iran should get ready for these blood thirsty mullah's to strike back hard. The the regime is acting is so similar to the last few months of Nazi Germany. when the nazi's saw that they are in the verge of destruction they started killing their own people , saying they are trators and spies .  
In the next little while before their collapse you will see and hear alot of IRI PROPAGANDA, on state |TV, radio, Internet, blogs etc...  
alot of murders that will be committed by the IRI, they might start blowing bombs in the cities  therefore making  living anywhere in Iran  really dangerous.  



by Sohraby on

Don't accuse people who support the people(!) inside Iran of being thugs, IRI agents, apologists, etc..., but feel free to accuse people who love their land, culture and language of being racists and intolerants!


Dear ahmad_

by IRANdokht on

Thanks for the explanation. I am not sure why you felt compelled to bring up Q though! I disagree with you and I do believe Q's the real green and supporter of the green demonstrators in Iran. Please lets not accuse people who support the people inside Iran of being thugs, IRI agents, apologists, etc... It's totally not the time to try to revenge old grudges and turn against the greens.





by ahmad_ on

Those guards mounted in front of these police vehicles are for removing street blockades and not hitting the people with. But the regime that Q and his likeminded thugs support no matter what, they are used to maim and kill innocent bystanders.




no we dont need weapons asap. your dangerous views will get lots of people killed and it could disintegrate iran.



by c22 on

The ultimate glory and freedom will be with the people of Iran. As for the mass arrests, tortures and murder of the innocent people, to quote Naguib Mahfouz 'Everyone remembers Socrates, but nobody remembers the judges who sentenced him to death.' History only remembers the brave. The instigators of the current Iranian regime are nothing and will be nothing in the history of Iran and the Iranian people.


my god

by shushtari on

we need weapons asap.....

these animals need to be exterminated 


vaaay khodaya





by IRANdokht on

That was horrifying!

Is this why the police car had the big bars on the front? I never thought those'd be used offensively.

On a different note, I think the higher age range of the protestors (hence the victims) compared to the earlier victims of the crack downs, shows that the movement has spread into a larger portion of the society. It's amazing now that the crack downs are more violent, the older generations are participating in higher numbers.

Khoda rahm koneh. I wish my hamvatans freedom, peace and peace of mind.



I can't believe this....

by ahvazi on


Gorg dareh khodesho neshoon mideh.

Khoda hamvatanam raa azad kon az dasteh in Gorg ha.


Where are those who defend Islam and its values?

by Benyamin on

This video and like it shows how brutal and uncivilized Islam is! no one in Iran has ever showed such brutality and disrespect in facing the masses.

Damn Islamists and their supporters wherever they may be.