Burning Obama

Tehran protesters burn Obama picture

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Dozens of Iranians burnt posters of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama in Tehran on Tuesday and waved Palestinian flags in support of Gaza, according to a witness and photographs. Iranian demonstrators have often burnt effigies or pictures of U.S. presidents in protests. This appeared to be the first time Obama's picture had been defaced so publicly, a week before his inauguration as president.



The only thing I have to say

by Naina (not verified) on

The only thing I have to say about this discussion is the same thing my president, Barack Obama said in his speech -
"To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society's ills on the West - know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy."

"I thank God for my life and for the stars and stripes- may freedom forever fly- let it ring!"


Those Protesters have Rights too!

by Freedom and Loving it! (not verified) on

Let the Iranians burn pictures of Our president, burn flags and chant until their voices are no more. Majority rule the protesters acting like retards, using religion for you stupidity. God can see their ugly! However, if you are in this country, keep that self-hatred over there or find a local KKK group and join. They dwell on that type of stupidity!
Don't bring that ignorance here. It's not welcomed. And for those who are here and want to join in with the misguided and mislead protesters... There are airplanes MORE THAN WILLING to take you back to Iran.
Any muslim here who has a problem with our president, "Freedom of Speech"! Speak your mind! Blog you fingers off. However, if you choose to act in a manner (such as the the recent Iranian protesters), //www.iranian.ws/travel/travel-airlines.htm.

Please book your ticket and leave our "freedom of speech, to protest, to love whom ever one choose, and FREEDOM of RELIGIOUS CHOICE" country now. And take any/all american racist with you. You two can act in a manner that is unbecoming to yourself,
as well as, God.
Those unbecoming actions are those of an imbecile.

Peace be to those who try to keep it.
God's wrath to those who try and break it.


to IRI-hater

by Anonymous commentor (not verified) on

what! jamshid is programmer craig? ewwwwww, i hope not!

besides, who gave you power of iranian.com to decide who can stay and who should go.

i thought we all were americans now? say what? you're not? or, not right now? what? it's not convenient now?


oh yeah, i'm feelin' the love. lol


The picture burners have rights also!

by Freedom and Loving it! (not verified) on

Let the Iranians burn pictures of Our president, burn flags and chant until their voices are no more. However, if you are in this country, keep that self-hatred over there or find a local KKK group to join. Don't bring that ignorance here. It's not welcomed. And for those who are here and want to join in with the misguided and mislead. There are airplanes MORE THAN WILLING to take you back to Iran. Any muslim here who has a problem wit h our president, "Freedom of Speech"! Speak your mind! Blog you fingers. However, if you choose to act in a manner (such as the the recent Iranian protesters), //www.iranian.ws/travel/travel-airlines.htm. Please book your ticket and leave our "freedom of speech, protest and RELIGION" country now. And take the American redneck racist with you. You two can act in a manner that is unbecoming to yourself, mankind, as well as God.
Peace be to those who try to keep it.
God's wrath to those who try and break it.


So-called Liberals

by Johnny Canuck (not verified) on

We know Obama is not yet president yet but Ist of all he has commented on other policy changes already, even when those comments were at odds with the present administration. Secondly he has surrounded himself with right wing Zionist nuts and kissed the hind cheek of AIPAC after he won the Democratic nomination.
This is the problem with the people who come to this site and call themselves liberals. They accuse others of anti-intellectualism and yet they themselves engage in it. Its one thing when you ask for change - that I agree with - but you don't do that by aligning yourself with brutal quislings and the Western intellectual elitists. No wonder the rank and file Irani despises you.


Let's all be adults

by chalousroad on

They have the rights to demonstrate and they did. At least they are voicing their opinion regarding more than 1000 people killed in Gaza, what do we do? Just sit here and judge them from the comfort of our own home, think ohhh how intellectual we are, we dont give a shit about other innocent people being killed, that's so cooool! now lets make fun of people who give a bit of shit!!!

I am playing online pool in yahoo and someone gives me the n... word (Most likely american), then i say why??? then he starts attacking more and calls obama a n...., you see we live in a world which is already nasty


Let's be more learners than pretend teachers. There is a famous saying from Dr. shariati which I learned from back in school, i forgot it...


My reply to Proud Irani

by Jamshid Niavarani III (not verified) on

Dear Sir and or Madam:

I have read you post and would love to respond to your writings.

I have no problem in writing the shortcomings of Iranian society and culture.

If there is anything wrong with Iran it falls on the shoulders of the Iranian masses.

I do not intend to glorify an Iranian past like many Iranians have done in the past.

I do not glorify today's Iran.

I write in order to respond to video clips posted and eassays written about Iranian society.

I am an American born and raised. I am proud to be born in a society that has given me freedom. The U.S. constitution has protected my freedom to practice or not to practice my religion. The U.S. Constitution has given me the right to freedom of press, speech and expression.

These freedoms have never existed in Iran.

And stand here, on this site, to wake you up.

If I have insulted you in any way, it was not my intent. And I apologize for offending you.

I do not apologize for writing my view on Iranian society and its shortcomings.

And if you consider me a "non-Iranian", or as you call it, a "Kharejee", so be it.

I would rather be a "non-Iranian" or "foreigner", which I presume you mean an "American", than a backwards villager who burns Iranian "incense" called "Esfand" in order to ward off the "evil eye".

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Unlimited supply of death

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Ever wonder why the only limitless supply of anything in IRI is death?

Death to america, death to israel, death to sazeshkar, death to obama, death to liberal, death to zede velayat faghi ...

I suggest that we ask them to remove all those slogans and replace with a simple one:




وقتی‌ یه بچه آشپز نخست وزیر میشه

نوکر انگلیسا (not verified)

اونوقت طرفداراشم قلابی‌ از آب در میان. برو بچه جون خاطرات اولین سفیر آمریکا در ایران رو بخون (سامویل بنجامین) بعدش بیا حموم فین کارت دارم

در ضمن اون بچه آبدار قاتل درجه یک بها ییا بود - اینقدر بهش نناز

میرزا آقا خان نوری


Is this enough to show

by IRI-hater (not verified) on

Is this action enough for those who bashed all liberals on this site for being pro-Obama? khejalat keshidin? IRI supports the right-wing of republicans. They were right about Obama and you were wrong!

Jamshid Niavarani what happened to your registered ID? P. Craig sounded too non-Iranian to say these nonsense about us? now you have learned an Iranian name to use? Why don't you people go away? you're not iranian, you pick iranian names and leave your venomous comments to make Iranians look bad, but people are not stupid. Get over yourselves and get out! whether you pick muslim names or Iranian names, we all know who you support.
Iranians are smart and they know what you are up to. Leave this site! get a life!


Let me try again JJ !

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Does anyone of you remember how scared "shitless" the world had become in the aftermath of 9/11? Including the Ayatollah's in Iran back in 2001?

Now this flag burning business has gone for 30 years and it is only meant to scare/paralyze the inside opposition, that means to show Iranians living inside Iran the regime has supporters and they better watch out! That is it!


Obama's silence in the wake

by Anonymous/. (not verified) on

Obama's silence in the wake of Palestinian massacre by Israeli animals is deafening. He certainly has spoiled his image already. He bears the responsibility of this horrendous crime at least partially.


TO: Jamshid Niavarani

by Proud Irani (not verified) on

Aghaye nabegheye zaheran khareji ke esmet zaheran Iraniye... az kashfo shohude sarkar besyar mostafiz shodam... malume ke kheyli ensane farzaneh va danayi hasti chon kheyli besyar ziad khareji hasti...!!! oun ghadr ke inja vaseh Irania az maraseme Charshanbesuri migi... yejuri ke engar sarkar rafti tahghigh! Khasteh nabashi!!!

khodaye nakarde ageh baz ruye farangima'abit gol kardo khasti az in tafsirhaye merikhi benvisi, sham ziad nakhor!

Mayeye khejalate har chi Irani... az badbakhtihaye sabeghe ma Iraniha yekish az khodbiganegi bud ke khoshbakhtaneh alan ziad nist vali sarkar dast ru kardin!

I did intentionally write it in Persian...



by another person (not verified) on

Jamishid wrote:

"Approximately 70 million Iranian back this type of mentality !!!"

Now that is a blatant stupid opinion -- and of course forget about it being a FACT.


By the way, Obama is not

by Fatollah (not verified) on

By the way, Obama is not President yet!


I have visited the Islamic republic of Iran and let me tell you:

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

Approximately 70 million Iranians back this type of mentality. This is just a normal day in Niavaran, Tehran.

I remember 30 years ago when the Shah fled and people were ripping up the Shah's photograph, burning it and then urinating on the burn photo in order to prevent a fire.

Anyhow, this is not new news.

We are dealing with Iran.

Iran is a country that has changed a lot in 30 years. The majority of Women are College Graduates. And those are the ones who are burning the American flags and throwing their nice High Heels at Obama's photograph. It could have been O.J. Simpson, no one in Iran cares. Iranians love to set stuff on fire. There is a holiday in Iran where we start a big fire called, "Chahr-Shanbeh Soori". It's a nutty holiday that only a pyromaniac can love. Start a fire and jump over it. This is just Iranian culture at its best.

Anyhow, Iran even has non-alcoholic beer. It's called Ma'Sha'eer. Iranian males get "piss drunk" on it and act stupid. Some Iranian Males who are rich mix rubbing alcohol in it and get really plastered. And then they end up in the streets burning American flags. Why? No one knows. Business was probably not good at their Jewelry Store or Rug Shop.

As Freddy Mercury said, "the Show must go on".

30 years after the Great Iranian Revolution. These people are so bored they are still burning stuff.

Dam'et Garm... Party on, dude.


امیر کبیر با لگد به آبگاه نوکران انگلیس میزند (not verified)

The Real Amir Kabir (not verified)

Hala Be Babash Chera Fohsh Midi??


این خطاب به بچه قصابی است که در پائین خود را نوکر انگلیس میخواند

امیر کبیر با لگد به آبگاه نوکران انگلیس میزند (not verified)

آقای جهانشاه جاوید عین این مطلب را چاپ بفرمائید که کسی که خود را "نوکر انگلیس" خظاب میکند حتی لیاقت ندارد که اسب مارا به طویله ببرد و او را حتی پهن بار نتوان کرد.

"نوکر انگلیس" گفت:

امیر کببیر قلابی
نوکر انگلیسا (not verified)
Fri Jan 16, 2009 03:09 PM PST

اطلاعات غلط به مردم نده. اولین سفارت آمریکا در سال ۱۸۸۴ باز شد و اولین سفیر نامش بنجامین بود. خیط شدی

جواب بنده:

"بنجامین" در حد یک سر کنسول بود و در آن زمان (ناطرالدین شاه) ایران هنوز روابطش به سطح سفارت و رد و بدل کردن سفیر نرسیده بود. پس از اتفاتی که در بالا ذکر کردم روابط بعدا به سطح سفارتخانه رسید.

حالا برخیز برو و طهارتت را بگیر و آفتابه را برگردان سر جای اولش. سپس کتاب و درست را بخوان و مشقت را بنویس.


Haji agha: Just get laid baba

by farrad02 on

Haji agha is suffering from the upsurge of bokharat!  He needs to get laid! And after that has happened he'll even lick Canadian a.. if it means he won't have to go back to that hell hole he came from!



We can't have Peace bringing out

by shirazie (not verified) on

Peace is a Danger to the Mullahs, Israelis and Republicans


امیر کببیر قلابی

نوکر انگلیسا (not verified)

اطلاعات غلط به مردم نده. اولین سفارت آمریکا در سال ۱۸۸۴ باز شد و اولین سفیر نامش بنجامین بود. خیط شدی


The burnings can be justified

by NObama (not verified) on

I can easily understand why they would burn effigies of Obama before he is even in power.

I do not mean to justify the hatred that might encorage some in those rallies, but a lot of people here in America have this new found obsession with Obama who they have come to accept as their savior.

Everything he has done, from his political appointments to the people he has met with to the statements he has made (and others which he has not made), indicates that his administration will be more of the same. Many of his appointees are staunch supporters of Israel and it is in part their failed policies in past US administrations that has led to the escalation of the Israeli-Arab conflict (for instance Rahm Emanuel, Hilarry Clinton, Martin Indyk, Dennis Ross).

And to top it off, of course, Obama has beautifully illustrated his cowardice by remaining silent on the Israeli massacre of hundreds of Gazans.

The people of the Middle East are too smart to trust this coward and know that the American empire will be alive and kicking come January 20 and beyond. That is a glimpse into why Obama's effigies are being burned.



by MRX1 on

just call it beefarhangi! what do you expect from bunch of low life islamist.


it past 30 years from

by M BONAKDAR (not verified) on

it past 30 years from islamic reveloution ,and we do the same thing that we used to do in 30 years ago.we have burned thousand and tousands flags,so what? could we change anything?? the answer is NO. if you ask those people who are burning the flags,how many hours you spend on reading a news ,probably his answer is less than 5 minutes ,and even if they do ,their sources are only filtered news by iranian regime.our country's problem is lack of knowledge.having Master degree or PHD are not enough for bieng educated.only those people who cant resolve their problem with mind, use phiscal force and emotional anger ,like animals.but im sure they are minority in iran.



Hajiagha BAHOOSH!

by Hajkhanum (not verified) on

You live in Canada and burn Canadian and British flags? Your IQ is not higher than those idiots shouting,"marg bar Obama"


سوزاندن آمریکائیان و اموال آنها در ایران پدیده جدیدی نیست

امیر کبیر تاریخ جنایات انگلیس را ورق میزند (not verified)

عرض کنم میرزا ابوالحسن ایلچی ملقب به ایلچی اولین دیپلمات ایرانی است که به آمریکا سفر میکند.

این نخستین گام ایجاد رابطه با آمریکا بود که توسط امیر کبیر آغاز گردید. امید امیر کبیر کمک آمریکا برای ساختن نیروی دریائی ایران بود، که از بوشهر آغاز گردید و بعد آمدن آقای "سیمور" بعنوان نماینده آمریکا و تقاضای سیمور از وزارت امور خارجه بدین مضمون:

"...اگرچه دولت آمریکا با دولت انگلیس هم عهد میباشند، لکن هر دو علیه یکدیگر افکارهای دیگر دارند، استدعا میشود جزئیات روابط ایران و آمریکا را محرمانه نگهدارید."

حالا این مطلب بماند که آمریکادر دهه اخیر و زمان بوش پدر و پسر در ظاهر منکر آنستکه دشمن اصلی او در خاورمیانه انگلستان است و نه جاسوس دستپرورده آنها اوساما بن لادن. ولی در خفا کاملا به این امر آگاه، لیکن کنترل امور از دست آمریکا خارج شده و فساد اثنی عشری ساخت انگلستان ایران را به قعر جهل دینی سوق داده است.

ولی عنوان این گفتار آن بود که سوزاندن اموال آمریکائی در ایران پدیده جدیدی نیست.

آری، با گذشت زمان در 1901 سفارت آمریکا در ایران افتتاح یافت و تا آنزمان انگلستان حامی منافع آمریکا در ایران بود و همانطور که حدس زدید سپردن گوسفندان بود به دست گرگ درنده.!

بعد نماینده آمریکا آقای "شوستر" به ایران آمد که از همان ابتدا با بی اعتنائی به سفرای روس و انگلیس دشمنی آنان را بر انگیخت و چون ملاقاتی نیز با پیروان فرقه بهائیت در ایران داشت، انگلستان از این فرصت استفاده کرد و به بدنام کردن شوستر درمیان ایرانیان متعصب و قشری اقدام کرد.

این شروع و آغاز افول نفوذ آمریکا در ایران بود و بعد از مدتی با فشار انگلیس و اولتیماتوم روس ، رئیس وزرا شوستر را معزول کرد ولی شوستر مقاومت نشان داد و نپذیرفت. و لی دولت آمریکا مرتکب بزرگترین خطای خود در ایران شد و آن فراخواندن شوستر بود و نشاندادن ضعف در مقابل انگلستان، که هنوز هم دارد چوب آنرا میخورد.

بعد ها با آمدن آقای "کالدول" به عنوان وزیر مختار آمریکا در ایران که خود یک فراماسونر بود کار اساسی انجام نگرفت و سپس آمدن آقای "میلیسپا" بجای شوستر و تقاضای مشارکت در نفت شمال نیز شکستی بود برای آمریکا و بقول معروف قوز بالا قوز در 1924 بود که سرگرد آمریکائی آقای "ایمبری" که از سقاخانه ای مشغول عکس گرفتن بود، توسط جیره خواران انگلیس جلوی سقاخانه کشته شد و بدن تکه تکه او در همانجا مدفون شد.

این واقعه اسف انگیز روابط ایران و آمریکا را مدتها تیره کرد و خواستم خدمت هموطنان جوان و عاقل عرض کنم که این سوزاندن تصویر آقای "اوباما" درست ادامه همان مبارزه مستقیم انگلستان با نفوذ آمریکا در ایران است و اگر تاریخ را مطالعه کنید در روزهای انقلاب فاسد اسلامی و هنگام سقوط هلیکوپتر نظامی آمریکا در طوس باری دیگر جیره خواران انگلیس با اجساد سربازان آمریکائی چه کردند؟ بله درست حدس زدید آنها را اول با چوب و سیخ تکه تکه کردند و بعد آتش زدند.

هدف منزوی کرده آمریکا در خاور میانه است و امریکا با بدام افتادن در ورطه جنگ خانمانسوز خاورمیانه خود را به ورطه و گرداب ورشکستگی مالی فروبرد و راه بسیار صعب العبوری را در خاورمیانه در پیش دارد.

شروع برنامه های جدید بی بی سی و خط محاصره سمعی و بصری انگلستان بدور ایران شروع کشمکش مخوف و خطرناکی در کشور عزیر ما ایران خواهد بود.

بنده از جمیع ایرانیان چه در خارج و یا داخل ایران استدعا میکنم این جهل رایج و مقایسه گفتارها وافشاگری ها را با آن دائی جان مادر قحبه (که خود زائیده و گائیده سفارت انگلستان است) بخاطر آزادی ایران کنار بگذارند و به اصل مطالب توجه کنند.

آینده بسیار تاریکی در انتظار مامیباشد. از همین امروز مبارزات آشکار و پنهان خود را با این عجوزه کثیف و جنایتکار تاریخ یعنی دولت انگلیس و عوامل آنها شروع کنید.

ترحم بر پلنگ تیز دندان
ستمکاری بود بر گوسفندان

16 ژانویه مطابق با 19 محرم المبارک
فین کاشان
محمد تقی فراهانی منصوب به امیر کبیر



by Anonymous fishie but someone took my name (not verified) on

well isn't this nice. i'm so glad to see that iranians love america and americans. really gives me a whole lot of hope for the future.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/New Arrests include Shirin Ebadi's Assistant

by Darius Kadivar on


All I can say is....

by ahvazi on

Yek mosht K** Khol!!!!


حاجی آقا

امیر کبیر تصمیم گرفت برای چند روزی به فین برود (not verified)

درود بر شما که برنامه پرچم سوزی را شروع کرده اید. استدعا میشود در صورت امکان یک پرچم انگلستان هم از طرف ما نذر کنید و بسوزانید و بفرمائید تا مخارج آنرا تقدیم کنیم. در شهر ما پرچم انگلستان بسیار نادر شده و ما اکثرا برای تفریح و همبستگی اجناسی که ساخت انگلستان هستند را به آتش میکشیم. و اخیرا تمام اسکناسهای دلار کانادا را که از مسافرت چند سال پیش مانده بود و عکس نحس الیزابت روی آن بود را به آتش کشیدیم و خودش تفریحی بود، ولی قدری گران تمام شد که بهر صورت یک وظیفه ملی است.