Captain Zereshk

What would be a funny caption for this photo?
100 Afarin Berkeley Girl!

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by Nader Khan (not verified) on

In Titanic ke miggan hamine?
yes Mr president.
In kashti gavie hast?
bale Mr president.
capitanesh ham oon bala posht e man hast.
yes this fine craft is made in USSR hast.
sad afarin...
kay miresim be USA ?...
Zood zood Mr president.
Tond boro man # 1 daram.


Presidential Love Boat

by Dr strange Love (not verified) on

Presidential Love Boat


Nokar-eh Shoma Hastam Agha Rahbar

by Shirazi73 (not verified) on

look at me Agha I am in charge here

Anonymous Observer

IRI Defense Industry

by Anonymous Observer on

"Mashallah, this new IRI built aircraft carrier is awesome"!!


I have to jeesh so

by ali132 (not verified) on

I have to jeesh so bad.....gaaz bedeh


Sherry ;-)

by capt_ayhab on

For a moment there I thought I was subject of your blog ;-)

capt_ayhab [-YT]


I am flying!

by Iva (not verified) on

Where is DeCaprio to hold me in his arms?

As he thinks to himself: Man, the pilot must be very strong in order to be able to lift those spare tires to replace the flat one on this boat!!

Damn you fools, couldn't you find something a bit bigger and with less rust ... god forbid, we generate nuclear power in basement of 16 year old highschool kids and yet we can't have a rust free presidential boat!

Anonymous Observer

Mahmoud Palin

by Anonymous Observer on

"I can see Iraq from here".


Golab be rootoon

by Nader khan (not verified) on

be bakhshid. Shoma Golab beroo toon .baad dadid ?
Ahmadi : salamat bashid. na kheir . oon agh Javad un bala poshde man baad dade. do not worry.
in kashti Ghavie hast .sakhte Russe.


On the way to Gaza

by Ghormeh sabzi (not verified) on

1) The guy to his left with smile: Ahamdi joon there is no way we can beat Israelis with this home made dinky old war ship!!!!

2) The guy to his left with smile: Ahmadi joon do you know how to swim -- we forgot the life jackets.

Ahmadi: who need the stinky life jackets we got the explosive belts.

Free Spirit

I know ........I about this one

by Free Spirit on

Are you free for dinner tonight?



by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Mr. President don't worry about him. I already told him to urinate facing the other way.


IRI Nuclear Warship

by IRI-Navy (not verified) on

Ahmadinejad: What is that guy standing topside in the back is doing?
The guy on his left: Looking for the dry land; and hanging to his balls, so they don’t fall off.
Ahmadinejad: What is this thing creeping up my ass?
The guy on his left: It is my finger. Do you like it?
The guy on his left: Mahmoud, I am getting exited; are we going to have sex tonight?
Ahmadinejad: No. I am not in the mode. This nuclear warship we bought from Russia isn’t what I hoped it would be.
The guy on his left: Mahmoud, do we always have to take this funny looking Mullah with us everywhere we go?
Ahmadinejad: Yes. The so called Imam told me, don’t leave home without him.


Ya Ghamar-e Bani Hashem...

by Milan (not verified) on

In Beesaahaab ABS nadaareh? Chera hame charkhaash ghofl kardeh?


Iran Unveils the new stealth submarine

by mamad Booghi (not verified) on

What makes it stealth is that when other ships spot this submarine they think its a car driving on the shore with passengers onboard.


Nice man

by Nader gholli (not verified) on

Would you please be kind enough and jump over board and make us all happy by getting read of you.

Free Spirit

Well it is better than MPD

by Free Spirit on

What is up with MPD writing a thesis?! :o)


The Man On side Says:

by 1Dariushagha (not verified) on

Hey Mahmoud!! I am gonna hit you!!! Did you Just farted?


Presidential yatch..???!!!

by Sam I am (not verified) on

This is our president dream Yatch..if we just wait few more years possibly his dream is to take a cruz vaction in this ship to met his maker.......


Nuclear Iran unveils an new

by Mirfendereski (not verified) on

Nuclear Iran unveils an new hybrid.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Well, actually, I WANTED to write one making them

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

SETTLERS planning to build an Orthodox Jewish SETTLEMENT but the GEOGRAPHY is wrong, the settlements aren't accessible by river or by sea...but...

we COULD make it...the MAYFLOWER, couldn't we?

New caption: Land ho! Plymouth Rock, here we come!

Free Spirit

Are we there yet?!

by Free Spirit on

My suggestions are:

Are we there yet?!


Welcome to America?!


You know like if they were refugees after the Iranians through them out of Iran.


PS: MPD: two posts to make one little caption. Loftan! Rosie....Roxane.....are correct. :o)


Keshti e Mashti Mamdali...

by Khar777 (not verified) on

1- Keshti e Mashti Mamdali Na Boog Dareh Na Sandali!

2- "Mr. President this modern boat which you are on today used to be a Russian nuclear submarine with wheels gorban"!


New buy

by Anonymous654654 (not verified) on

The guy talking to A-N: "Eeno dirooz az Roosiyeh khareedeem. Eyval dareh ya na?!!"


Obedience: Let's Begin the game...

by A. Hassan Danesh (not verified) on

Bring the "FF" protocol for signing...



by Anonymous321 (not verified) on

I christen thy: Taghar Class Ship YAGHOOT!


The guy on his left hand side is...

by ahvazi on

Humming the theme song from the Titanic, "My Heart Will Go on Forever"


auto kharbar

by Anonymous on

auto kharbar



by Bunyip on

The guy on the right:

Mahmoud joon, negaran nabash, migan Australia be ma hatman panahandegi mideh. Oonjaham khoob dokhtaraye khoshgel moshgel ziyadan.


Imam Zaman's new conference room

by ramintork on

  • Today president Ahmadinejad annouced that at Imam Zaman's request all meetings will be moved from the well to under the bridge. This is a new open policy to reflect the move in the White House.

The president welcomed the relocation stating that the fellow cult members who suffer from asma, ruhallahtic artheristas, Osama-porosis, and cardio-vajebi-cular diseases have also welcomed the move and that they are more likely to find Shafa in this open space.

The new tarifs for the ferry boats will be annouced soon.