Reza Pahlavi at the National Press Club

Choked by emotion

WASHINGTON - JUNE 22: Former Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi choked by emotion when mentioning Neda (a recent victim of the brutal repression by the IRI ) during an address at the National Press Club June 22, 2009 in Washington, DC. Pahlavi, commenting on recent developments in Iran, called for a secular, parliamentary, and democratic political system in Iran.


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Kaveh,once again, you make no sense

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.

If anyone needs to get on a freeway it is you.

You have brought no new information to the table.  It is high time that you shut up.

You are a very ignorant person.

If you don't like America and the way things occur in the world maybe you should leave the United States and go back to Iran.

You are useless to American society.

You are a bitter man who does not know what is going on in the world.

As far as everyone in know you may be a psychiatric patient in an insane asylum.

You are not mentally stable at all.

No one likes you on

You have become the village idiot of

pack your bags and do everybody a favor and go home.

Kaveh Nouraee

You are very dense

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Who the hell asked you to summarize Iran's history? What are your credentials?

You analyzed the scene? From where? YouTube? Twitter?

Your "analysis" is a recitation of what can be found by mainstream news sources, including the sources you cite, and your personal favorites, Microsoft Encarta and Wikipedia.

I have no problem with the media. The problem lies with deranged individuals like yourself. You have written nothing "in advance" of anything.

Obama is president. AN is "president" of Iran and Khamenei is his daddy. So what? Are you auditioning for a contestant's spot on Jeopardy?

Go play on the freeway.


Kaveh's lack of logic

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.

You write:

"Since when have you answered any questions?"

I have summarized the history of Iran past and present.

I have analyzed the scene and wrote it like it was.

As soon as Reza Pahlavi and Maryam Rajavi got involved in protesting the internal affairs of the Iranian election results the protests ceased to exist.  My analysis was echoed by the New York Times, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, left, right, liberal and conservative media in America.

If you have a problem with all the media then that is your problem.

What I have written in advance of the results are now common knowledge.

President Obama is President of the U.S.A.

The President of Iran is Ahmadinejad and the Spiritual Leader of Iran is Ayat'Allah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

You can not deny facts.

Your problem is that you want to change facts and live fiction.

And that is why you are mentally challenged.

God Bless America.  And why not?

Kaveh Nouraee

Banayan the escaped patient

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I only speak for myself. Whoever agrees or disagrees with me, that falls entirely upon them.

Since when have you answered any questions? All you do is repeat the same tired garbage you spew regarding the monarchy or the mollahs. Different screen names, exact same writing style, grammar, and spelling.

Name the people on this site who view me as a joke, Banayan, or whatever your name really is. Otherwise, click the big red X at the top right hand corner of your screen.



Kaveh the ranting lunatic

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.

You write:

"you symbolize everything that is horribly wrong with Iran and Iranian society, both at home and in the expatriate community, in the U.S. and worldwide."

You seem to be the "self proclaimed judge" of what is right and what is wrong.

Yet, when responding to my question, you write:

"You don't speak for anyone."

Who do you speak for?

It seems like you view yourself as "A one person majority for Iranians world wide".  You have a severe Napoleonic complex.

Every person on this site views you as a joke.

And for all the other people that make fun of you on this site go and respond to their postings.

You are the crazy man.

All that you can expose is that you are a complete idiot and an embarassment to the Iranian community.

Grow up and get a life.


Kaveh Nouraee

I'm wide awake

by Kaveh Nouraee on

while you remain in an irreverisble coma.

You are a clear indication of what is wrong, by virtue of the fact that you have the audacity to declare that "nothing is wrong".

The only thing that it is high time for is for someone to school you on manners and reality. If I am such a joke as you claim, then let each and every person who feels that way say it themselves. You don't speak for anyone. Not here, and not anywhere else. You can't even speak for yourself, with all of the ridiculous screen names you use.

As long as you keep posting your garbage, I am going to continue to expose you for the mentally imbalanced freak you truly are.  So whatever screen name you choose to post under, whether it's this one or any of your other equally dysfunctional personalities, you will have to deal with me. Like it or not, I couldn't care less.



by KouroshS on

How BLIND have WE become? don't you mean How Blind they have wanted us to be? To those who Think "our site" has been branded as anti-iran, I say look closer and see and Really try to SEE, How biased the media inside iran has been and how extensive has been the coverage of the ahmadinejad's campaign vs those of others. If nobody bothers to see and take note of that, Then i am sorry, That person should stick his head up in somewhere....  you know... where the sun don't shine , kinda place.

The western media has always been there to spread the news, and despite the level of bias that express at times, they are still no match for the level of cover-up and hiding the facts, that the IR media demonstrates.   IRI Should deal with us as traitiors? hmm. How can that be? A traitor taking on another an interesting match up.

Ohh. heck. I think we have done enough of Pondering and thinking and contemplating, and we have the facts and Nothing BUT THE FACTS, right before our eyes. Yes we know what a disaster monarchy is. We just witnessed One Putting on a show, displaying his evil ideology, for his people in a Hollywood classic called The tehran's Friday prayer. Just came out on DVD and available through Netflix.


Kaveh wake up and be REAL.

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.

You write:

"you symbolize everything that is horribly wrong with Iran and Iranian
society, both at home and in the expatriate community, in the U.S. and

There is nothing wrong with Iran and Iranian society, both home and in the expatriate community, in the U.S. and worldwide.

You should never make such a statement.  Your assumption shows you are ignorant at least and stupid at most.

No one takes you seriously.  You have become a running joke on

It is high time you see a doctor.  Your responses to my posts are just plain absurd.

It is high time that you accept the truth.

Kaveh Nouraee

And Davood Banayan is Just An Idiot

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Before you concern yourself with whether or not Reza Pahlavi has any documentation to ascertain his being Iranian, why don't you produce documentation to verify YOUR identity?

Whatever your true identity, you are nothing but a rotten, miserable parasite on this website. The multiple screen names you use only prove that you are incapable of having a coherent thought, and that your only purpose is to hijack every thread you can, limited by either your available time, or more likely, by your inability to grasp the subject matter of a given topic. The concept of logic is as alien to you as a prime rib dinner is to a vegetarian.

You have nothing positive to contribute to this site. You have zero credibility, and you're just plain sick in the head. Between you, the apologists and the enablers, you symbolize everything that is horribly wrong with Iran and Iranian society, both at home and in the expatriate community, in the U.S. and worldwide.

Whatever it is that motivates you to behave in such a disgusting manner requires immediate attention and intervention from a qualified professional. Left unchecked, you present a potential danger to yourself and others.



by Qadir (not verified) on

How blind we become. Before calling others biased, first check your reports, news, features, photographs. You are covering just one side of the election. Why don't put the views, coverage, news, features etc. of those who have supported President Ahmadinejad. The media which gives partial coverage loses its credibility. The western media tried a coup of an elected government,but, failed and you were on their side. you should have been neutral. Now your news and your website has been branded as anti-Iran.
This is a failed coup. The IRI should now deal the people like you as traitors.
I think you should ponder over the whole episode and check that what went wrong. Don't be choosy in truth. One side you support a Monarch, while you know that the Monarch is always a dictator. Whatever ruling he gives is a law unto itself.
Give a second look to the meaning of a democracy.


sassan jaan

by babakkhoramdin (not verified) on

you said it PERFECTLY!!!
those are the facts which ignorant defenders of the mullahs will never get or reveal!!!!
the mullahs have no mercy.....too bad the shah showed him mercy.....general oveissi should have unleashed what u get is 30 years of rape, murder, and plunder and millions of exiles!
but justice is comin.....just like u said....a government cant survive without it's people's support
akhoonds are wetting their abbaas as we speak


Leave the guy alone...

by Manam Sanam (not verified) on

At least this guy actually CARES about Iran and its people. The disgusting mullahs don't care at all about anything besides their power and the garbage that they spew. My heart aches for the brain washed people in Iran...You all think that Reza Shah was a monster at least in the 79 riots, he never turned on his own people and was willing to leave for the sake of the people. Not these ashghal akhounds...they will hold on for dear life and destroy the beautiful country of Iran. They don't care about Iran's history and rich culture...they just want to run a country, any country...they have turned Iran into some crazy Arab-like land...People wake up and see who the real enemies of Iran are! Your shepard is really a wolf!!!



by Sassan (not verified) on

Beautifully put, I agree with every name and category! I couldn't have said it any better!

As for Aslan, he's utterly worthless, a pure wanna-be (a talking head void of any substance). And Parsi comes off as a hired hack and nothing more.


Reza Pahlavi is the idiot who opposed the Mousavi movement

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.

Iran wants no king.

Iran wants no monarchy.

Iran wants no pahlavi.

Neda died for Mousavi's Reform movement.

Reza Pahlavi should go back to his home in Maryland and shut up!

Reza Pahlavi is a Permanent Resident, Green Card holder, with Egyptian Citizenship living in the U.S. since 1984.

Reza Pahlavi has no valid documents to show that he is Iranian.

Iranians everywhere despise Reza Pahlavi, the big nose idiot from Maryland.

His 15 minutes of fame were up many years ago.

The monarchy was abolished in 1979.

Wake up Reza Pahlavi!  It is 2009!

And Mousavi is the leader of Reform in Iran.


Marge :) DK :(

by Scholar (not verified) on

Zendeh Baad 'Marge'! Thumbs Up for speaking the truth!!!
Darius Kadivar, great job to you for kissing Reza Pahlavi and alike's as#, but it's time you grow out of that dinosaur era! Amen.


The world of the Iranian think tankers!?

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

In the hierarchy of Iranian think tankers, there are several categories:

1) The class of elites who are relevant and whose advice are taken seriously by the American government officials;
* Vali Nasr
* Kerim Sadjadpour
* ....

2) The class of desperately trying hard to be taken seriously;
* Trita Parsi
* ....

3) The class of jokers who are nothing but conversation piece in the late night commedy shows;
* Reza Aslan
4) The class of self-proclaimed experts in Iran who are related to the Shah's regime and the Mullahs' regime;
* Hooman Majd
5) The class of the political prostitutes who shamelessly continue to defend the criminal regime of the Islamic Republic;
* Kaveh Afrasiabi

Please feel free to add more classes and/or identify those whom I have inadvertently missed.

The point is that I wouldn't be worried about Trita's and Reza's opinion.


Get off the stage!

by Ramtin (not verified) on

Why is this idiot addressing any kind of "press club" ? Maybe a luncheon.. hehe.. get it? :)
A lifetime living in the west and he still can't speak English properly.
I am Iranian and he doesn't speak for me.

Darius Kadivar

Trita PARSI Is Preparing to Slander Reza Pahlavi As Usual ...;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Keep You Eyes Open on the Latest Masterpiece Cooked Up by the IRI Lobbyist Founder and who was THE STAUNCHEST SUPPORTER OF AHMADINEJAD's FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC POLICIES TO DATE.







Excerpt From Article :


"Exiled opposition groups, whose political agenda sharply differs from that of the protesters in Iran -- indeed, many of these groups urged people not to vote in the elections -- have sought to fill the vacuum left by a beheaded and directionless indigenous movement. Though the outrage of these exiled groups against the Iranian government’s brutal violence is genuine, their efforts to impose themselves on the political scene have caused great frustration among opposition elements inside Iran. At a time when the movement in Iran is paralyzed, efforts by exiled groups -- groups that scorned the protesters only weeks ago for choosing to participate in the elections -- to fill the leadership vacuum are viewed as nothing less than a maneuver to hijack the movement.

This is playing right into the hands of the Ahmadinejad government, precisely because it would weaken, if not eliminate, the indigenous movement's trump card: its ability to attract the Iranian swing-voters back to its side. If the exiled opposition groups and their neo-conservative backers in the United States prevail in aiding the Ahmadinejad government, what started out as the largest Iranian mass movement since 1979 may end up as little more than the student demonstrations of 1999. Which is to say, an instance of hopes raised, then dashed."

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Ohhhhhh. This is about marge now

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

So if you notice something fishy about this lazy opportunist, then it's your fault. you're an idiot, a goat. Ok I think I get it now. We are so desperate to latch on to something, that Reza Pahlavi is good. I don't know what's worse, IRI, or the fact that our hopefuls and alternatives are this stupid and unlearned. Who cares! He's never been in jail or shot anyone. He says the right words. That's all, right!? Great! You know, with these low standards, who knows where we'll end up as an ex-pat community.

By the way, screw the people who helped the Save Delara campaign in Iran. Screw the people who defended prisoners. Screw them, they are in jail! Reza doesn't need competition anyway. He will "serve" us freedom and democracy. Keep in mind, he couldn't even manage his millions and had a large amount of Iranian money stolen. Great job idiot.

They're just lazy and obviously, nothing has changed in the regime, so they are failures, right? Reza's resume is much better, huh? I get it!

And you can go on about Marge all you want. Marge goh khord harfi zad.  

khaleh mosheh

Well done to Reza Pahlavi

by khaleh mosheh on

I liked what he said. The contrast with the filthy ruling mulla is easily appreciated.


NO marge we did not count

by Selma Bouvier (not verified) on

NO marge we did not count how many times he said `I`, `me`, `we`, `us`, `you`. We are not obsessed like you are marge, we don't hold any grudges like you do marge, we don't have any kind of hatred towards him or his family like you have marge and we have much better things to do in life than you do marge.



by Anonymous XXX (not verified) on

I much rather listen to Reza Pahlavi than this guy:


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

No one says "be quiet"

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

At least, if you're going to waste the electricity/gas/energy of going through with this CON-ferance, make it worthwhile. As usual, a waste of everyone's time, proving what we knew about this person: he stinks. Did anyone count how many times he said "I I I I I I I " "mememememememe" It's always about him. 


Iran our beloved land

by parsibache (not verified) on

The Islamic Republic of Iran is the second Jihad. This government its beliefs and practices have nothing to do with our rich culture. Iranians lets get our country back. In order to do so we need a Leader. The Shah's son does not ask to be king. He has said several times, lets unite and then we the people will vote and place whom we see fit in office. A democratic system. He has the presence and ability in the world to gain backing from various nations to assist us in gaining our country back. First things first, lets unite and get our country back from the thugs. We need to save our people and country first.


"Black Friday" analogy is a SHAM!

by Sassan (not verified) on

Annoymous Irani fraudulently brings up the "Black Friday" incident in September of 1978, as if that is an appropriate analogy to the present situation in Iran.

Firstly, you are either a second-rate Hezbollahi or a very ignorant person when it comes to Iranian revolutionary histoy. In fact, the Shah did NOT order his army to shoot at the people! There were Palestinian sharp-shooters above Meydoon Jaleh (this is a documented fact and several Palestinians were arrested), who shot repeatedly at the Shah's army, and the soldiers were caught off guard and fired back, and sadly, 114 people died (not hundreds or thousands as the akhunds claimed at the time).

Point is, the mullah regime TODAY is using Palestinian (Arab) thugs to beat up innocent men and women on the streets of Iran just like they used Palestinian thugs to set Cinema Rex on fire (killing 460 people) just like they used Palestinian sharp-shooters above meydoon Jaleh to fire bullets at the Shah's army, HOPING for return fire so as to kill innocent Iranians. As Khomeini had said earlier, his revolution was like a tree that needed the blood of Iranian people to grow!

Bottom line, if the Shah had wanted to act savagely like the mullahs, he would have appointed General Oveissi as the commander of martial law, as opposed to Azhari, who was a weak man, and even had a heart attack during the revolution.

As the Shah later said in exhile, a dictator gets his power from his army, whereas a king gets his power from his subjects (the people), and a throne that rests on the blood of the people is not one he wanted to be asociated with.

Now go on with your petty observations about Pahlavi's appropriate use of the word "Realpolitik" while the Iranian nation bleeds to death!


The curse of Iranian "oghdeh"

by Sassan (not verified) on

Firstly, "Disgusted Annonymous" I'm with you 1,000 percent! Some of these jokers on this thread are nothing but talking heads, yak-yak-yak, full of oghdeh and massive jeolousy.

I mean, who gives a rat's ass that Pahlavi has an accent??? If his message or efforts in some way assist our struggle against the IRI, who cares that he showed some emotion on camera?!!!

Good for him! If anyone would be "heartbroken" over the Neda tragedy, it would be men like Reza Pahlavi and even Obama who have young daughters themselves.

You people who sit in the lap of freedom and democracy and jab away at your pathetic key boards, criticizing Pahlavi for these petty observations are just that, PETTY!!! And you, not the people of Iran, deserve to be brutalized by this thug regime!

God Bless anyone who, with noble intentions, can help us rid Iran of the cancer of the IRI!


Just Pathetic. What you all

by Long Live Iran (not verified) on

Just Pathetic.

What you all deserve is Khamenei and Ahmadinejad. The only problem is that I live in Tehran too.

It is easy to criticize from thousands of miles away and the only action you’re taking is criticizing someone who actually makes sense regardless who he is or who his father was.

I would like to see you in the streets of my beloved Tehran and I just might beat the shit out of you instead of the filthy Basijee.

Payande Bad Iran
Good thoughts, Good Thoughts, Good Deeds


Let's look forward to

by Anonymous Joojeh (not verified) on

a future Iran, where everyone, including this guy, can say or do whatever they want without fear of being harassed, labeled and chased away by the angry mob. He is an Iranian. He can say whatever he wants about his country. If he's given a forum because of his name, so be it.



by parsy (not verified) on

Unbelievable, if he talks they say who is he to give his opinion, if he does not say anything and keeps silent then they say look why he couldn’t make any comments on the latest dramatic events. I am not a pro "shahi" or want a monarchy back in Iran but what did he say that was ugly or not true? he is the son of the last monarch of Iran not by choice but destiny so at least he came and spoke and gave his opinion on the recent events and not once mentioned any interest in people gathering behind him because he wants to go back.


Commentaire papal

by Quebeqi on

Oui M. Le Pape, J'ai lu Montréalistan et c'est vrai qu'il en pullule de ces extrémistes dans notre ville, j'en ai vu rôder à McGill. Mais comme je le disais, nos élites branchouillardes de la gogauche plateaupithèque ne veulent rien entendre et ont choisi de pactiser avec eux. Heureusement le peuple québécois préfère croire les avertissements de M. De Pierrebourg, Mme Benhabib et peut-être même R2 suite à son entrevue avec Paul Houde à la radio 98.5 FM. S'il pouvait au moins faire un tour à Montré passer à Tout le Monde en Parle comme Chadortt Djavan...

Dieu merci, le rapport Bouchard-Taylor a fini sur les tablettes. recette pour soigner les landemains de veille est celle que ma mère m'a transmise: Boire une bière fraiche à 11 AM! (Cheh chiz? Abdjô dar sohb? Quebeqiha kheili divoneh astand! ;B)

Et comme le dirait Elvis Gratton: Nouchejan S'tie!