Ehsan Fatahian

Kurdish activist executed

BBC: A Kurdish opposition activist convicted of carrying weapons and working against national security has been executed in western Iran, local media have said. Kordestan province judiciary chief Ali Akbar Gharoussi told the semi-official Fars news agency that Ehsan Fatahian had been hanged in Sanandaj prison. Human rights groups said Mr Fatahian no evidence was given at his trial proving he had engaged in armed operations. Officials said he had admitted to being a member of the Marxist group Komalah. They accused Komalah of waging a low-level insurgency for decades in Iran's northern Kurdish regions, which border Iraq.

Iranian Kurdish fighters executed in 1979:


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we dont hate iran you moron,

by kakafshin on

we dont hate iran you moron, we hate this bastard animal government, and we demand equality, we are kurds, our language is kurdish and our province is kurdistan - all of these are alot more iranian than any fars or ajam will ever be. Of course your persian fascism has no place in Kurdistan.

American Dream


by American Dream on

"Which part of IRAN did you born??"

What does that mean? Please re-phrase that.

"If i remember vividly you had said that your ancestors came from IRAN, which I highly doubt."

My ancestors were from Iran.  There is nothing to doubt.

And you quoted me and there is nothing that is a lie there.

Is there a drug problem in Iran?


Do some Shia Muslim Iranians drink alcoholic drinks?


Are revolutionary guards in Iran involved in the black market in Iran?


Everything I wrote was the truth.


American Dream = Vatanforoush+ liar

by Freedom5 on


How long did you take to come up with this comment so you can hide your true face. On one hand you are supporting independency of all tribes and ilk and on the other hand call yourself Persian. Where were you born??

 If i remember vividly you had said that your ancestors came from IRAN, which I highly doubt. You hate Iran and Iranian and you are the master of deception and your propaganda machine is a phenomena.

You are claiming that you have been a member on this site since created and I encourage everyone to check on your history. YOU ARE A LIAR, and i have no respect for liars. If that does not proof that you are liar and a deceiver that I ask everyone to take a look at the other comment by you. You are despicable. Quote, I believe as an American, the best form of government in Iran is a democratic republic like the United States.  What types of social freedoms should a democratic republic of Iran have?  The same freedoms we see in Amsterdam. I know a lot of Iranians who are predominantly Shia Muslims and they drink like fish.  They drink so much alcohol.  And a lot of them smoke that opium stuff.  Many of the men are womanizers and their wives also carry on adulterous relationships.  unquote and here is American dreams final touch and his mighty opinion in regards to Mullah's rule in IRAN. You will be the judge. quote from American Dream Do I see the theocracy going away in Iran? No.  It will evolve with time.  The more pressure by Iranians the more the theocracy will change so they can stay in power.  The Iranian theocracy is willing to make pork and alcohol "Halal" if they can stay in power.  God knows the Revolutionary Guards help introduce satellite dishes into Iran and take in money for it. That being said, things will take time to change.   Unquote, rest my case.




Darius Kadivar

FYI/Reza Pahlavi Ehsan Fatahian execution & Rights of Minority

by Darius Kadivar on

بیانیۀ شاهزاده رضا پهلوی در مورد نادیده گرفتن حقوق انسانی اقوام ایرانی


American Dream


by American Dream on

Your nutty comments will get you no where.

The goal is to liberate the ethnic minorities of Iran.

If the central government were threatened with seperation of these locations the government would help to try to alleviate the problems in the ethnic minority areas of the country.  That is the sole goal.

You are so short sited.  You need to look at the bigger picture.

It is about getting more rights for ethnic minorities in Iran.


برایت اشک میریزم


به یادت هستم و از ستاره های کویر نشانت را میگیرم. آرام بخواب، یار و یاور ایران.

در آن لحظه که چشمانت را بستی، رفیقانت آنان که این سفر را قبل از تو طی کرده اند به استقبالت آمدند. ما که هنوز ایستاده ایم برایت عزاداریم. لاله های صحرای کردستان از خونت سرخ هستند.

راهت ادامه دارد...

Darius Kadivar

Ehsan Fatahian Most Probably victim of Grand Bargain ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Merci Mr. Erdogan ... 

Turkey 'could store Iran uranium'


Darius Kadivar

FYI/David & Layla: When Love Transcends Religious PrejudiceBy DK

by Darius Kadivar on

A Film by My Kurdish American Friend and Filmaker Jay Jonroy :

David & Layla : When Love Transcends Religious Prejudice by Darius KADIVAR 


Darius Kadivar

American Dream = Make Iran crumble to pieces i.e Ex-Yougoslavia

by Darius Kadivar on

You would Love to see IRan the country and culture you loath split into different parts and why not even into a civil war like in Ex Yougoslavia  Wouldn't You ?

The Kurds during the Shah's reign wished Administrative Autonomy at best within the Iranian Nation

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah meets Kurdish Representatives (1948)

until Khomeiny and his Revolution turned things upside down.

As the video report above from shortly after the 1979 Revolution shows that unlike the Revolutionary Guards the  Iranian Army (trained under the Shah and still at the time loyal to it's Imperial hierarchy despite the purges and executions in the Army by the Revolutionary government)  was respected by the Kurds.




Are U shangoole again AMERICAN

by Freedom5 on

Amercian Dream you must be drunk dude. Are u Kurd ... hw many kurds have you met , you are so idiot that even speak on behalf of the Iranian Islands. Do you know why there won't be a Kurdestan ... first the Kurds are Iranian second the kurds are spread around 3 countries and one of them happen to be a freind of your beloved US.

Not_aks has a point,  the natives in the US also want their independant so as black and Mexican and .....

You wish Iran split in half trust me AMERICAN you will take your wish to your grave. Stop posting on this site and also stop using drugs so you at least be sober when making comments here. Every body knows who you are and trust me they don't even bother responding to you but you know I am having fun , Moran.


American Dream-ing

by NOT_AK69 on

Are you saying that Iran, proper, should be torn apart into little peices? OK, should the US also be torn up and given to people, like the Native Americans?


American Dream

Freedom5, you are wrong once again

by American Dream on

You don't know anything about the Kurds.

The Kurds want an independant Kurdistan.  They have been fighting the Iranian central government for over 100 years.  One day they shall be free and they will break away from Iran once and for all.

As for the Baluchis, they too will get their independence.  They will break away from the Iranian central government and create greater Buluchistan.

And the great freedom loving Iranians of Khuzistan, The tomb Islands, Kish Island and Abu Musa Island will also break away and create Arabistan.  These people will all be free.

If you don't like the West or America go back to Iran freedom5.  No one is forcing you to stay here.  Stop using the english language to post stuff on this site.

freedom5, you are one sorry bad-bakht bee-char-eh who just happens to post on this site.

Everyone knows you are 100% crazy...

This clip is for you:





American Dream = Vatanforoosh

by Freedom5 on



American Dream just shut the H$%#l up. Are you on drugs again, on one hand you are saying These Kurds have been fighting the Iranian central government for over 100 years and on the other hand you are saying that Ehsan is not only Iranian of the day, he is Iranian of the century. YOU ARE PURE IDIOT. His blood is no different that thousands of thousand of people who have died since Khomeini’s revolution in which you’re beloved US had a direct act. Kurds are Iranian and part of our nation. I am discussed by the fact that you are now supporting their cause. It was your beloved country the US which brought the revolution and caused the IRAQ and IRAN war. Kurdistan was the last province that accepts the Islamic Republic. You have not been in IRAN, you are an American ... The US has been the cause of all Iranian death including Kurds, balooch .... we are IRANIAN and will be one country despite the people like you who sold themselves to the US.  





American Dream

Ehsan Fatahian was for a free and independant Kurdistan

by American Dream on

He was for a free and independant Kurdistan.  These Kurds have been fighting the Iranian central government for over 100 years.  All freedom loving Iranians hope that the mission of the freedom loving Kurds is successful.  Ehsan is not only Iranian of the day, he is Iranian of the century.  Long live the Dream coming true of a free and independant Kurdistan.

Both Ehsan and Rigi are freedom fighters:




by Shepesh on



agreed this wasn't a good choice

by Q on

but Iranian of the Day hasn't been "good guys" only in the past, if I recall correctly.

Now this is REAL candidate. Another Iranian assassinated by terrorists:

No Fear


by No Fear on pathetic and misguided some of us are....Who is going to be the " Iranian of the day " next time?   Abdol malek Rigi ?  Masouud Rajavi? 

I hear the lambs screaming...


Ehssan Fatahian,

by Hajminator on

will become antoher icon - as Neda, Sohrab and many others - in our struggle for our freedom.

May their soul rest in peace  

اي مرغ روح بر پر ازين دام پر بلا

پرواز كن به ذروه ايوان كبريا

بر دل در دو كون فروبند از گمان

گر چشم خويش بازگشايي از آن لقا

سيمرغ وار از همگان عزلتي طلب

كز هيچ كس نديد دمي هيچكس وفا

No Fear

Ehsan Fatahian was a TRAITOR ( video proof )

by No Fear on

He was involved in armed struggle against Iran.

The video clip is very telling and clearly shows Ehsan fully armed with other kurdish  seperatist fighters. I have NO sympathy for him or other seperatists who have killed and decapitated many Iranian border guards.  To hell with all of them.


Read the comments by Kurdish supporters on the video page above. They hate Iran. So did Ehsan.



by yolanda on

The guy was so brave.....the shoot-out video is hard to watch.....