Forough Parvizian-Yazdani

Meets Obama, emphasizes human rights violations in Iran

Yesterday, I had the honor of meeting President Obama in the White House. My name is Forough Parvizian-Yazdani, and I am a board member of the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC).

I was invited as a representative of NIAC to witness President Obama sign the recent sanctions bill into law. Even though NIAC opposed the bill, we accepted the White House’s invitation in order to continue our dialogue concerning Iran policy with the aim of reaching an approach that helps ordinary citizens, resolves tensions, avoids war and promotes human rights. Only 10 out of the 60 seats were reserved, and NIAC was honored with one of them.

In my conversation with President Obama, I emphasized NIAC's desire for a policy approach that addresses the human rights violations in Iran, and I pointed out the detrimental effects of the sanctions regime on ordinary people.

The President agreed with our concerns for the people of Iran, and told me he emphasized human rights in his speech for that very reason.

Once again, NIAC gave us Iranian Americans a voice. A voice that needs to be strengthened and spread throughout the country on every level.

The influence of those who, together with NIAC, have pushed for greater focus on human rights was evident in President Obama's speech and in the human rights measures that were inserted into the final sanctions bill. But that influence was not enough to shift the paradigm away from sanctions that will hurt innocent Iranians, and so we still have work to do to amplify the voice of the Iranian-American community.

While I was sitting in the East Room of the White House, I was overwhelmed with excitement, pride, and exhilaration but also disappointed because I witnessed policy towards Iran being shaped and implemented by groups that were concerned primarily with pressuring Iran on its nuclear program, not standing up for the human rights of the Iranian people. Of course, both of these issues must be considered when shaping policy towards Iran, and NIAC gave me the chance to tell the President this directly.

Much has been gained over the years, and through NIAC, Iranian Americans have clearly secured a seat at the table – but much more remains to be achieved.

We need NIAC, but more importantly, NIAC needs us. It is the support of NIAC’s nationwide grassroots network that keeps our voice strong

The conversation with Obama will continue next week and beyond, and with your support, I am confident that our voice will not only be raised – it will be heard.

Forough Parvizian-Yazdani, DDS
Board of Directors

P.S. Read President Obama’s statement
P.P.S. Read NIAC’s statement on the signing of the Iran sanctions bill


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the truth about arash irandoost


he posts on behalf of bomb bomb bomb iran crowd and the only sites that accept his writings are all neoconservative breeding grounds. what does this say about you arash? why should i trust what you have to say when you cozy up to warmongers?


 To work with the NIAC for

by Escape on

 To work with the NIAC for human right's.It's the main Iranian/American lobby you have in D.C. and really all you have.

  Since the crackdown I'm not worried about the NIAC lobbying for the NAZI regime.They never gained a thing for Iranian Americans except to toss mud at some 'neocon's anyway.Their influence has been null and void.

 Obama took over where the neocon's left off with the NIAC.It's now against the Law to be connected to the Regime finacially.I'm willing to give them a clean slate if they fight for the human right's of Iranian's and the concern's of Iranian's in America instead of the concern's of the regime in Iran.It's up to you to pressure them to do so.

arash Irandoost

To work with NIAC to do what?

by arash Irandoost on


Dear Escape, I have spent a page describing NIAC's questionnable dealings and lying to federal authorities and funding agencies. I even encourgaed the reader to read and decide for themselves about NIAC.  Why do you think I "wish" NIAC to represent Iranian-Americans.  Just told you that its director Dr. Trita Parsi is not even an Iranian American who is not even eligible to vote here.  Why would I want to "work" with such an organization who is doing lobby work for the rapist Islamic Republic which does not value its citizens vote and voice? I had conducted a survey of Iranian americans where 97% said NIAC is an IRI lobbyist and does not represent Iranian Americans. Please be a bit on traget when replying!


I personally happen to think that NIAC strategy of dialogue with Iran will lead US to attack Iran, eventually.  Meaning NIAC wants and is interested in helping Iran to acquire the nuclear bomb.  As flexible and accommodating the US and the West have been toward the Islamic Republic, they are dead set against on Iran being a nuclear state.  You connect the dots!



by Escape on

The only way to get the NIAC to 'qualify' to represent Iranian Americans the way you wish,is to work with them.And that's exactly what the NIAC needs to do with American politicians,work with them.

arash Irandoost

The truth about NIAC!

by arash Irandoost on

Lets get some facts straight about NIAC:

A quick review of  NIA's own internal memos posted on iranianlobby dot com should convince any objective reader about the true nature of NIAC, its intentions and affiliations.  NIAC's internal documents obtained through a discovery process as a result of NIAC suing Mr. Hassan Dai for calling NIAC an IRI lobbyist, clearly shows that:

  • NIAC has intentionally exaggerated about its membership 2500-3000 vs. 25,000.
  • Doctored up surveys (surveys were sent to a select list of 250 Iranians with known pro IRI views)
  • Defrauded NED grant funds (office rent, buying flowers, paying salary for an employee who was employed fulltime with another organization, lack of proper record keeping, etc.)
  • Lied to NED about its grant performance
  • Intended to divert grant (federal) funds for NIAC personal use


Please, as a responsible Iranian or a concerned reader, do spend sometime reviewing NIAC own internal memos- you will be glad you did.

As I have stated in my writings, NIAC's support of Human Rights is a recent phenomenon and a ploy. Video of NIAC by Trita Parsi where he clearly states that "NIAC is not a human rights organization-it does not have the expertise" are all over the youtube. All of a sudden within the past year NIAC has emerged as a human rights expert. 

NIAC does not care for human rights anymore than Ms. Yazdani's father cares for 6 year old child workers who weave Persian rugs sold in the world markets. NIAC's tactics are to buy IRI enough time to develop its nuclear weapon to ensure  the rapist regime's survival.

NIAC came into being by Bob Ney types, big oil and likes of Ms. Yazdani's father who do lucrative business with IRI, despite its horrible record on human rights.

I am disappointed at a couple of readers who put human life before human rights and human dignity.  Many Iranians would rather die with dignity and honor than live in humiliation deprived of basic human dignity and rights under the Islamic Republic.

NIAC has mislead US politicians into thinking that Iranians favor dialogue with the rapist regime sponsor of terrorism and are opposed to sanctions.  Many Iranians are supportive of the strictest sanctions.  To them, with inflation 30% annually since 1979, unemployment rate of above 25%, high prostitution rates, high addiction rates, torture, rape, stoning of women, hangings and killings, life in Iran cannot get any worse.  Those such as NIAC who claim that sanctions will hurt ordinary people are being flat dishonest and do not reflect the true sentiments of Iranians.

There are over 1000,000 Iranian Americans, with NIACs membership around 2500-3000, it is hardly qualified to represent Iranian Americans.  Trita Parsi is not even an Iranian American to understand and represent our issues and participate and vote in US elections.




I like her.Mrs Yazdani went

by Escape on

I like her.Mrs Yazdani went to meet Obama to show that the NIAC cares and acted like a responsible adult.


John Limbert

by benross on

A born again sufi. A flower child. A friend of Iran. A good man with bad politics. I once wrote somewhere we should keep an eye on him.

Sadly, this is a good news.

Forough Persia

خبر بد برای لابی های طرفدار رژیم در آمریکا

Forough Persia

Ali A Parsa

I am disappointed at NIAC

by Ali A Parsa on

I am disappointed at NIAC for its double talk on sanctions. Ms. Parvizian-Yazdani said

"While I was sitting in the East Room of the White House, I was
overwhelmed with excitement, pride, and exhilaration but also
disappointed because I witnessed policy towards Iran being shaped and
implemented by groups that were concerned primarily with pressuring Iran
on its nuclear program, not standing up for the human rights of the
Iranian people." To me the net effect of this remark is agreeing with the sanctions. It would have been more honorable not to attend the White House ceremonies in protest.

We should never forget that punishing ordinary people of Iran neither hurts the government of Iran nor helps the America's image as the "Leader of the Free World."

It is absolutely remarkable how ordinary people of Iran cope with our indifference to their miseries and our siding with the sanctioneers! Three months ago I visited Iran and stayed with a nephew. When departing I left a suitcase full of used personal belongings that I did not want to bring back. Instead I asked my nephew to give them to the needy. My nephew told me after I left that she gave those to the person who scrubbed their floor at a meager minimum wage. The scrubber had found the sum of 400,000 Tooman in a hip pocket I had overlooked among my belongings. The honest scrubber had returned this money to my nephew and my nephew had given her 100,000 Tooman as reward. But the scrubber wanted my nephew to contact me and get my approval before using the reward money!

While staying with my nephew in Tehran I could not help to look into their neighbors' yards and wonder why some are cleaning and dehydrating a lot of  vegetables on their porch and yard. My nephew said these are some previously well-to-do people who clean and process veggies for the veggie shops or other people to cope with unemployment. Amazingly this was similar to my observatons in Shiraz some thirty years ago when I tried to buy some dollars for my family to visit America. I left a packet containing a large some of Iranian money on the counter of the post office. At that time each dollar was equivalent of 7 Tooman and one could exchange an unlimited Toomans for dollars. It was two hours later that I noticed the loss and rushed to the post office while trying to resist a heart attack. To my amazemenet and relief a post offfice clerk told me he had noticed the packet and kept it. He gave it to me after making sure that it was mine. All the money was intact and the clerk refused to accept any reward, but I thanked him for his honesty in newspaper.

During my last trip I encountered many honest people who had maintained their honesty and integrity against the predominence of increasing injustice and corruption.  We find the same situation in America and conveniently look the other way because we lack the courage to challenge evil and forgetting that the secret of success of evil is for the good people do nothing and be indiffeent.

Last week I could not believe that the post office refused to send a text book on ART to a student in Iran because of sanctions! The book had nothing to do with terrorism, politics and the like. Even in Iran the inspect the content of the packages before sending them, but not in America. The funniest thing is tht I could send any book to Iran during Bush administration, but not under Obama! So much for the fate of America as a center for dissemination of knowledge!

Some of us do not even have the foresight of thinking that the present course of America leads to defeat of America in the global arena and in turn our adopted homeland for our selves and our future generations.  






this forum was one of the best I have seen here! NIAC = IRI

by obama on

I always had doubts about NIAC with a spokesman who is as ugly as any IRI spokesmen, his islamic goat beard, etc. Thank you ferfereh for posting the links with videos that finally reveals the true identity of NIAC! Things I learned here:

1. NIAC is the lobby group for IRI. 2. Forough is another moftkhor who in the name of NIAC goes to the white house.  3. Some smart ass in our name created NIAC to legitimize the activities of NIAC. Did we ever vote for this organization or trita and the rest?

4. we got this "shohreh-un" the only defender of NIAC who worked as intern in the white house but spells jealous as "jelous"! I guess she doesn't need to know spelling, she only needs to count money!

forough by posting her visit here, wanted to legitimize her position as our rep. to the white house and us! MA ROW KHAR KONEH by saying that she is worried about the poor iranians! Is she really? When was the last time that she or her dad helped any poor iranian?

We should get together and let the US media and white house know that NIAC is not our representative. ( I have a hunch that white house knows they represntative of IRI, but it makes them look bad to say that they are talking to them; therfore they call it Iranian american to soften the political consequence!) How many members does it have? 20? This is the biggest deception, and the prank is on all the iranian-americans!

Shame on NIAC for fooling us all this time! Shame! Any opportunity that I will get, I would expose them to the media, leting them know that he is an IRI agent, not our rep!


got a bit obsessed with niac

by Shohreh_un on

having read some of the accusations against NIAC, i went to their website and i also checked independent sources.

It's really amazing teh amount of wrk this organization has done! do a search on NIAC on Google news archives for instance. and if one does that, one will see plenty of statements by niac condemning the iranian government for human rights abuses, for instance.

And at the same time, they have great achievemnets in protecting stones from persepolis and defeating war. 

so it does make on wonder whythere are some whokeep on making accusatios against NIAC. Jealousy perhaps?

probably. Either way, it's fantastic that we finally have an organization that is representative, competent and effective!



pastor bill rennick

MKO! A member of! Not me sister Shoreh_un....

by pastor bill rennick on

The comment about the internship experience was innocent and out of curiosity!


I am for a complete change of regime in Iran and MKO must be put on trial for their atrocities against Iranians and Americans way back before the An-Gholab!


Now, you said you didn't visit the oval office!? What about the cigar!?



Jelous MKO members

by Shohreh_un on

i wrote about my work at the White House, and of course, some idiot needed to make a smart comment about the Oval Office. Ok, fair enough.

It's a typical tactic - change the subject. When a serious argument is presented that shows the merit of a case, the tactic is to change the subject. NIAC wins a major victory - accuse them of not being Green enough. I explain the background of White House signing ceremonies - make a crack about White House interns. 

I pray to God that the idiots on this forum that behave like this are either paid agents of foreign governments who don't want to see Iranian Americans get powerful, or members of the hated MKO who don't want ANYONE but THEMSELVES having any power.

(The MKO must be so pissed at NIAC for having completely outmaneuvered and outperformed them!)

In my previouspost, I explained how the White House invites groups. I didnt mention anything about the issue itself - that is the sanctions bill.

for the record, i don't have a strong view on it. BUT, i find the view of opposing the sanctions and urging for more human rights attention is fully legitimate and very savvy.

One more score for NIAC for being pragmatic, savvy and sophisticated. Perhaps that explains their success and the furstration of all the haters on this forum.


pastor bill rennick

Dear sister Shorheh_un, in 1998 Bill Clinton was in the WH

by pastor bill rennick on

Did you by any chance visit the oval office and were you offered a cigar?


God bless you for serving US of A!


Congratulatins to NIAC

by Shohreh_un on

I am so proud of NIAC. And i am so disgusted by all the haters on this forum. I have really come to the conclusion that many of the boggers on this forum are paid agents of foreign powers. Because as soon as Iraninan Americans get successful, they are there to sabotage them.

In 1998, i was an intern in the White House. For 6 weeks, I was actually part of the team that prepared some of the ceremonies there. Things may have changed, but when I was there, inviting a group to a signig ceremony meant one of three things:

1. The group was a big supporter of the bill and had been heavily involved in lobbying for the bill

2. The group was NOT a supporter of the bill, but had been heavily involved in its legislative process in a constructive way.

3. The White House needed to fill some of the chairs in the room. 

In the case of NIAC, it seems the fall in category 2. They were not in favor of the bill, but they were so heavily involved in the process, so an invitation was extended. 

And that is why I congratulate NIAC - finally there is an Iranian-American voice that is involved and influencial enough to be treated with such respect by the White House. 

I can assure you that back in 1998, there was no such thing as an Iranian-American group. 



Forogh Parisa:

by Bavafa on

"I don't know really what does it mean" ?

In light of your strong defence of MEK I was wondering if you think MEK is the Iranian people's voice, since you are rejecting NIAC?


David ET

sanction regime's breathing money

by David ET on

All the financial channels of the regime and pasdaran should be shut down, starting with those in UAE.


G. Rahmanian

Poor Iranians?

by G. Rahmanian on

Those who mention poor Iranians when referring to the sanctions have no clue what the economic conditions of the poor Iranians are like. The poor in Iran have nothing to lose with or without sanctions.


Forough Persia

to Bavafa and amgw4 :

by Forough Persia on

an Israeli propagan?? MEK ( I don't know really what does it mean) 

After 30 years everybody know that political activists who are against IRI cannot go freely to IRAN. It is a big risk until they make sure there is no danger for them by Mollahs's goverment.

چرا شما مثل رژیم ایران،هر کی‌ که مخالفتون هست میچسبونید به


  ( که دقیقاً نمیدونم مخفف چی‌ هست ، شاید منظورتون یک گروه
سیاسی  یا مجاهدین هست)؟

That's enough please . NIAC could not have enough supporter even here in their hometown( D.C.) They killed themself to have more members, but still they are just a small number of Iranian here...


NIAC, How Many Members?

by Ahura on

Your website should give an approximate membership number in support of your claim of representing the Iranian-American residents of USA.  At best NIAC speaks for its small membership and not all the Iranian expatriates living in USA.

Although on cultural and civil issues NIAC has done some commendable work, but on advocating dialogue and normalcy of US and IRI relations it has helped keep the clerics in power, the organization’s recent boarding of the human rights advocacy bandwagon notwithstanding.


She is truely concerned about the children of Iran.....

by fooladi on

She needs them to knit rugs, with their little fingers, for her to sell in US to make many more millions of Dollars.

Sad, Sad, Sad, that is what is happening to Iranian people. Sandwiched between Ayatollah and Obama...........

pastor bill rennick

AMIR1973, there was a syaing around DC 23 years ago when I

by pastor bill rennick on

lived there that with every US presidential election, Parvizian et al would make several 10's of millions of dollars in selling rugs to the members of the new administration and entourage!? And there is nothing wrong with making money in the US of A except when you side with the mullahs!


Pastor Bill Rennick: Good pickup

by AMIR1973 on

As they say, "Follow the money". That adage is also true of many of the West-residing IRI Cyber Groupies on, e.g. folks like amgw4 (who went by the name "alirezag" before he got banned), Anonymous 8, and their sidekicks.


I am not sure

by IRANdokht on

I am not sure how much of this is related to the email I received from NIAC stating that Trita is on leave from NIAC this summer. "He’s situated at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, where he is writing another book, to be published next year by Yale University Press."

As I see it, NIAC's position is no longer the same. Dr Ala is correct, "human lives before human rights". There are plenty of groups who already are for these sanctions and possibly military intervention by US. I won't support NIAC if that's what they're working towards. 


pastor bill rennick

Yes, Forough Parvizian-Yazdani is one of the daughters of

by pastor bill rennick on

Abdi Parvizian (see link below). In fact, looking at her photo I remember her from GWU time circa 87-90!


Sanctions mean difficulties in trades between US and Mullahs! That means no rugs export/import! No rugs mean no money for mullahs and Parvizian!? Q.E.D.



Forogh Parisa:

by Bavafa on

And do you suppose MEK is Iranian people voice?

Do you suppose any one travels to Iran without any problem works for IRI?


pastor bill rennick

Isn't Forough Parvizian-Yazdani one of the

by pastor bill rennick on

two daughters of the Parvizian the biggest Persian rug merchant in Bethesda, MD? If true, this family is well connected and entrenched with the mullahs with NIAC or without!


You've been exiled from Iran because you are an Israeli propagan

by amgw4 on

"They travel to Iran without any problem!!! How come they can go when many of us have been exiled from our country for many years?!!"

You've been exiled from Iran because you are an Israeli propagandist. Where as the vast majority of Iranians, Americans and others can go to Iran freely -- you are not welcome there nor are you welcome amongst most Iranians in the US. The only place you people can chat is on this disgraceful site called I mean where you, Fred and other irrelevant nobodies camp a domain name.

Forough Persia

NIAC is not Iranian people voice

by Forough Persia on

Thanks Ferfereh for telling the "TRUTH"  about "NIAC". They work for Iranian government not Iranian people. I live in D.C. area and know many of them and I am sure about that. They travel to Iran without any problem!!! How come they can go when many of us have been exiled from our country for many years?!! How dare do you call yourself as Iranian voice? You and NIAC are not Iranian representive even for  those  who live in your area. You think you are our voice, because you have money and could go there through your connection ? come on ...

think about IRAN and do not show off please



as i responded to her email

by mahmoudg on

I am not in support of what NIAC is doing, as a stooge of the Islamic Republic.  People like her are knowingly or unintentionally letting themsleves be used as pawns by NIAC, its directors and the Islamic Rapist regime.  So as far as I am concerned fair warning has been given them.  what the US government and its security forces decide to do with these people from here on in, I am in support of.