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Dec 02, 2012
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Wyatt Earp

Mr. iraniandudee3

by Wyatt Earp on

Let's face it, cream of the crop left Iran and got educated here.  I grant you that there are many successful Iranians abroad.  However, for every successful one, there is ~5 that are barely making it here.Why don't read a book called "A short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson and ask yourself how much your PERSIAN heritage has contributed to the mankind for last say 400 years.  Let's leave poetry out it! We are talking about Science, Invention and Discoveries compare to German, French, Even Bloody British.


Wyatt Earp

by Iraniandudee3 on

You see, here is your typical person with huge low-self esteem
issues. How much do you want to bet that people like him rioted during
the 1979 revolution?


If you are so ignorant and blind to confuse the islamsist with average Iranians, then I don't know.


of fact is, Iranians in the diaspro are one of thye richest and most
succesful/educated groups in America and europe, did you forget that?
And these are Iranians who have been truely raised on Iranian/Persian
culture and our mentality who represent us, not a bunch of mullahs or
basijis who represent Islam, and only Islam. I don't care how many
times you have herad this, but get it into your thick skull.


Self-haters get out, none wants you!

by Iraniandudee3 on

If you people truely despise the Iranians this much then what
are you even doing on this site? Leave, get out out. Go associoate
yourselves with the Americans or whatever nationality, cause Iranians/Persians
don't want you people, and no, don't call yourselves "PERSIAN' either,
cause you ruin everything good about our image by acting like a bunch
of insecure self-hating baffons who don't even know that they're only
degrading their ownselves. Go cuss at your own people and culture more,
maybe then the Americans and others will accept you as one of
their own. Bunch of wannabe losers.


We really need to
take out the self-hating anti-Iranian filth out of our communities here
in the diaspro. Wtf is this sh!t? How could anyone be so fvcking
ignorant about their own people and culture is beyond me, really.

Wyatt Earp

No, I do not call Jews

by Wyatt Earp on

No, I do not call Jews "foolish pride" for celebrating their heritage.  Because their heritage has clearly made them most successful minorities in the world.

 On the other,  last 1400 years in particular, we have been crying profusely for Imam Hussein, Hassan and the rest of the gang and now anxiously waiting for the Hidden one.

If Iran did not have oil, we would have been like Afghanistan!


Wyatt, anything good?

by obama on

Be fair! By concentrating only on negatives of many, you are actually justifying the lableing of yoursef as one of them. BTW - you really don't know Iran. Iran is not only tehran or your LA neighborhood.

Do you call the jews "foolish pride" for celebrating their heritage and being proud of it too? I think, this say a lot about you! when you don't understand something, you trash it! Keep it to yourself and don't insult our history or our people like this! We cannot sterotype jews or chinese, but you allow yourself trashing the MELLATEH NAJIBEH IRAN? Get off your horse and start walking!

Wyatt Earp

One more item

by Wyatt Earp on

9. Highly emotional

Wyatt Earp


by Wyatt Earp on


1.      Foolish Pride (2500 years of what? BFD!)

2.      Hypocrite

3.      Jealous

4.      90% are highly Ignorant and don't know it

5.      10% are highly educated and humble

6.      Show off

7.      Nosey

8.      Blame others for their problem




by obama on

Hassoud,doroughgoo, chaploos, bad fetrat, dozd, applies to some but not the majority. I know many decent iranians. We have mollahs and we have shahis. How can you steotype us? It would be easier to do it for smaller groups such as Aremenians from armenia: KOLAH BARDAR. jews: Cheap. Chinese: cheap. Blacks: sex.

Depends on which region, cities and /or neighborhood they are from, and their own family values. Kermanshahis, sanadaji, Tabrizi, ardebili. Mazandarani vs gilani. Boboli vs amoli. Kermooni vs yazdi. I have seen very nice people in kermanshah and yazd. 

How can you compare an abadani with ardebili? So we shouldn't sterotype. There are those who are EFADEII and those who are opposite. What iranian traditionaly have been is different than what they are today!

The truth is that there are not as many good people as they used to be. The good news is there is still bachcheh-hayeh assle tehroon, kermansha and yazd! 

If we are proud of our heritage, they call us racists! If we are ashamed of it, they call us ...... Yes, I am proud of my heritage, and my history and iran's contribution to the world in science, and civilization, but not proud of every iranian, but many. Most importantly, I love my country! CHO IRAN NABASHAD TANEH MAN MABAD!


I know what true Iranians are

by Iraniandudee3 on

And they're diff not idiots with low-self esteem who talk garbage and trash about their own people.



by Iraniandudee3 on

You're calling people racists and fascist for loving their own heritage
and culture? Then most of the world is fascist and racist according to
your logic.


Well then, I guess all you people can do

by Iraniandudee3 on

Is complain about your own people.... Seriously, what do you get by complaining?


Her Question was wrong

by shahabshahab on

Who came up with this stupid question? This "reporter" at least could have asked: "How do you define Iranians? 

 I hope she did not get paid for this.

David ET

after seeing the video:

by David ET on


payam s

RACIST, fascist? showoff, moftkhor, cheshmcheroon, az-khod-raazi

by payam s on

Sorry, but I truly dislike the Iranian American community in the US. More specifically the ones in LA and OC (don't know the rest, but not counting on anything different). Harchi beeshtar aashnaayi peyda mikonam, beeshtar ranjeedeh meesham. I added the word FASCIST because more than half of the people in the video were explicitly fascist (nationalist/vatanparast and racist/"arian race"). What idiots.


جواد آقا.......جواد آقا.........




موقع کامنت نوشتن از جلوی آئینه برو کنار داداش!



by ghalam-doon on

Reading the responses here I should add a new and undiscovered attribute: Honesty!

I was surprised myself....perhaps there is hope.


Moftkhor + Khasis + Khod khah + Hasood + Namak nashnas

by Javadagha on

One word: Moftkhor

Two words: Moftkhor + Khasis

Three words: Moftkhor + Khasis + Khod khah

Four words: Moftkhor + Khasis + Khod khah + Hasood

Five words: Moftkhor + Khasis + Khod khah + Hasood + Namak nashnas

Bottom line: Ma adam hayeh khobi nisteem!!


خوشتون اومد؟



سؤال (یک لغت) چندان بجا نبود ولی جوابها با حال بود!

کیف کردین همه ماشالله در (یک لغت) چه تعریفی کردن؟ مخصوصاً آقای دوّمی!

بابک!!! ٢:٣٥ ......چطوری رفیق؟ از «یکتا» چند تا نون بربری مشد حسن واسه ما بفرست!

عمو سنّی.........تو هم دورورای ٣٥٥ هستی؟



mola in boshkeh

# one attribute of 99.999% of Iranians!

by mola in boshkeh on

Blame the rest of the world for their plight, ills, and shortcomings!


What a question

by divaneh on

I am glad no one said Hogheh Baaz. Lets face it, we are just like the rest but we try a little harder.



by ghalam-doon on

nosy, lacking a sense of community, racist, at times sexist, male chauvinistic attitudes..

And lies, lies and more lies!

Iran Paidar

Why we continue to fool ourselves ...

by Iran Paidar on

As the saying goes "the first step in solving a problem is to identify AND Admit that the problem exists". We, the Iranians never admit to the issues we have in our culture. We have been carrying these huge watermelons under our arms for centuries and never been realistic and truthful with ourselves. If we want our country and our nation to succeed, we need to come clean and recognize the cultural issues that have caused our nation so many problems. Let's admit that our culture has been so diluted with Khayeh Mali, Chaploosi, Reshveh Khari, Reshveh Dehi and so forth. Let's admit the problems and start resolving them first starting with ourselves.

Let's not forget that all these cultural illnesses have been presented to us by Islam and intensified since coming of Islamic Rapist Regime in Iran.



by Amousonny on

ايران ستمديده، همواره حزين باشد
”در دايره قسمت، اوضاع چنين باشد“
خاكش زر و زرپرور، بر عرش کشاند سر
واندر کف  چند ابتر، این خاک ثمین باشد
زاین قوم ابو سینا٬ رازی و جنید آید
گردون بر درگه‌شان، شرمش به جبین باشد
کم نیست در این امّت از عالم و فرزانه
كو دانششان از ارض تا عرش برین باشد
امّا ز تبه روزی، افتاد به جايي کار
كه كاهلي و سستی رفتار گزین باشد
با مكر و خرافات و با ”زوزه و چُس ناله“
باشد همه سر ها گرم، انصاف نه این باشد
کید و کلک و تزویر، سالوس و رياكاري
دریوزگی و پستی، كردار مهین باشد
بر دوستی و كین شان، تكیه نتوان كردن
در صدق سخنهاشان، شك شرط یقین باشد
شاش است به جای خون، اندر رگشان جاری
این جامعه را سرمشق، نامردی و كین باشد
شیاد به سالوسی در كاخ زید لیکن
مرد حق و حق گویی٬  ویرانه نشین باشد
این خلق به گِل در به٬ کز حدّ سیه روزی
در ظلمِ به نوع خود، از خبره ترین باشد
و از اجنبیان امّا، بوسند چنان ماتحت
كآن مقعدشان گویی، بگزیده سُرین باشد
ما قوم ستم دیده٬ حقّ است که در دنیا
اندوخته‌مان محنت٬ دل زار و غمین باشد؟
لیکن ز حد کوری٬ هیهات نبیند کس
خرمهره که خواهان  اقبال نگین باشد

زین ملـت نامـردم، اخــلاق نمی بینی
تا بوده چنین بوده، تا هست چنین باشد





آره جون تموم عمه هاتون


 ٨٠٪ ديو و دد و تعطيل
١٠٪ فرشته
١٠٪ آويزون

Funny that this $hit survey was done in my nick o' da wood and I missed it. I'd be censured, I'm sure :-)




Iranians are "khaye mal"

by jasonrobardas on

and" takro" .

     Thus the demise of our nation . Put anyone in any authority and everyone starts to kiss his ass , making him feel like he is the center of universe .  Iranians are lousy when it comes to team work . Each one is in iit for himself .




by Demo on

is the best description of “Iranians” in one single word. The same is true for “Israelis” & “Mosquitoes” as only GOD knows their inner purpose.


Is "CHELO KABOB" one word?

by mrramin on

Don't be shy ....Admit It !!!!



by Doctor X on

There are numerous exceptions. I am witnessing one as we speak in my own reallife.


In the end, we all fruit...

by MM on

In this scene from the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", the head of the family who thinks every word has a Greek origin, talks about the marriage of her daughter to a non-Greek, Ian Miller.

In the end, we all fruit...


hamsade ghadimi

what a silly

by hamsade ghadimi on

what a silly question. 

donyaro tu ye loghat tashrih konid.  gerd.

ke chi? the footage was filmed in rockville, maryland (in front of yekta grocery store) with parts of it shot right before winter (cold, no sign of blizzard) and the rest in the summer.