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Dec 02, 2012
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Nov 30, 2012
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by statira on

Very dishonest and unreliable in friendship. You can never turst an Iranian friend for help when you really need her. We are not good in team work and very individualistic.

Btw, Irania bishtareshoon fissoand. Doost dareem  barayeh hamdighe pooz bedeem.


What a bunch of....

by UnitedIran on

I guess no one would like to admit the truth about one word or many.


Smells like Trita

by moftaki on

This interview, the way it has been edited, and its means of presentation smell like NIAC!

Hold your breath for what's to follow.


The Goddes of lies

by picaso1350 on

That's why I strongly believe that the problem in our beloved soul is not Mr Ahmadinejad or Mir hossein or whatever.

What are we expecting from our nation,politicians and oppositions ?when most of US are like those;unclear,untruthful and unrealistic.Even about ourselves.Such a silly,stupid nation we are.

Oh ya there is still one other thing we can do:wearing a Ray Ban sun glasses and saying we are the BEST and the most intellectual nation on earth.Just F.... off.   


Spill it out lady

by Doctor X on

You know it, come on. let's hear it.

Did we see any hint in their eyes in wanting to form a united front? I wonder how many of them are affiliated with NIAC:))