For those who sacrificed their life for freedom

by Naimi

Song dedicated to events in the aftermath of the June 2009 elections. Anonymous signer song writer:


Michael Mahyar Hojjatie


by Michael Mahyar Hojjatie on

Yep, he sure did, didn't he? Boy are we ever so proud!


Jahanshah-J ایران و ضروریات عصر روشنگری


Are we not at a stage where we need, most of all, reason and evidence to find our way out of our predicament?

The European Age of Enlightenment ideas on art and the artist were dominated by reason, moderation, classicism and control. It was said that the artist should not let his imagination run away with him.

David Hume (the Scottish philosopher) warned of this danger: “The imagination of man is naturally sublime, delighted with whatever is remote and extraordinary, and running without control into the most distant parts of space and time in order to avoid the objects which custom has rendered too familiar to it.”

It was precisely this unconstrained escapism into the far away, the ‘remote and extraordinary’, that was to captivate and characterise the later Romantics.* The very romanticism that once injected into social affairs and politics leads to unpredictable behaviour of the masses.  


Jahanshah Javid

Dooste Shirazi

by Jahanshah Javid on

I think you nailed it. It's almost corny. But it's heartfelt and that counts a lot.


رمانتیسم گمنام


موسیقی و شعر: قابل تحمل
پیام ایدئولوژیکی: رمانتیک
پیام سیاسی: عقب مانده و پوپولیستی

Maryam Hojjat

Very touching song!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks for posting.