Iranian-Americans: U.S. census

Making sure we all get counted

Iranian-Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area have united this year for the 2010 Census to make sure we all get counted!

Question #9 on this year's Census, be sure to check 'Some Other Race' and write-in 'Iranian' or 'Iranian-American' (Don't write in 'Iranican' even though we know you really want to ;) )

For more information, visit //

Co-Directors: Maral
Behnam, Eiman Zolfaghari
Producer: Eiman Zolfaghari

Nahal Iravani-Sani, Eiman Zolfaghari
Assistance: Parisa DeFaie,
Roxana Barhaghi, Paria Sedigh

In order of first appearance:

Behnam (Iranican, Community Volunteer)
Ali Abdollahi (Artist,
Dr. Farhad Sabetan (Bahá'í Community Leader)
Amir London
(Artist, TV Host)
Niosha Nafei-Jamali (Niosha Dance Academy)
Sepand (Poet, Writer, and Journalist)
Hani Orangi (Shabeh Jomeh, San
Jose Chapter)
Parisa Defaie (Actress, Community Volunteer)
Elaheh Enssani (Immigrant Rights Commissioner, City and County of San
Pedram Keyani (Facebook)
Shawyon Afshar Ritter
Nahal Iravani-Sani (Santa Clara County District
Attorney, PAAIA)
Babak (BA)2K (Graphic Designer, Artist)
Anvari (, Yahoo)
Parissa Sedigh (Student)
Behrang Barzin
Dr. Ali Zolfaghari (AT&T)
Shawn Keyani (Student)
Haghighi (Kanoon-e-Banovan)
Kian Amid-Hozour (Philanthropist,
Firoozeh Dumas (Author)
Alix & Juliette
(French-Iranian, Students)
Paria Sedigh (Student)
Roxana Barhaghi
Mahin Zolfaghari (Accountant)

Music by Hamed Nikpay
from the album "All Is Calm"
Setar, Hamed Nikpay
Flamenco Guitar,
Daniel Fries


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As an Iranian-American, I will pay attention to Q#9

by MM on

You, on the other hand, are free to put down caucasion, my friend. 

Another Iran

Little Tweet ;)

by Another Iran on

Jooji jooji naazee naazee boosi boosi :))

Little Tweet

Another Iran

by Little Tweet on

Man keh room nashod begam... We need Another Iran for the ones who can't speak English and forgot their Farsi too. 
Joojeyeh mahjoob gear avordi sar be saram mizari ha! :))

Another Iran

:))) Oh dear, Little Tweet!

by Another Iran on

اون خانومه چی گفت؟! ویر آل کانت؟!


That's all BS!

by kingpillaroffaith on

I find this whole thing ridiculous. In the 21st century, there is no need for such categorization of people into White, Black, Asian and other. First of all,because classifying people into racial categories has no scientific basis whatsoever.

Second of all, modern immigrants to the United States come from very different backgrounds and the racial classification which was a practice that originated during the colonial times is totally outmoded. From 1600’s to 1800’s when “White people” (majority Anglo-Saxons) were in full control and Blacks were the slaves and the Natives were the "wild" ones, it somehow made sense to distinguish people, but today, with so much mixing, both physical and cultural, these categories are totally useless.

Also, there is no meaning to the “Some Other Race” category. It implies that some people are white, some black, some Indian Native (is that a race anyway?) and then some are maybe blue, purple, orange? And since when Iranian is a race? Aren’t we a very mixed people?

And what about Asian? That’s considered a race! Can a Pakistani who resembles more a Mexican or a darker European be the same race as a Japanese person?


That’s all BS!!

Little Tweet

ایوای این خانومه آخرش چی‌ چی‌ گفت؟

Little Tweet

we're all c...chishod

بابا این ح ح ح راست میگه فارسی بگین که ترجمه ش اونجوری نشه


Why are you Espeeking In-gilish to Other Eye-Rainian Hamvatans?!

by HHH on

Chera Iraniha be Iranihaye digeh keh miresan englisi sohbat mikonan?

Yani inghadr az khodeshun motenaferan?!

Ya inkeh orzehye sohbat be zabune madarishun ro nadaran?


Raul jaan - not true - ethnicity in census is different than DMV

by MM on

The census acknowledges that "race categories include both racial and national-origin groups."  That is how the census can determine that so many percentage of Americans consider themselves German-Americans or Italian-Americans which would normally be considered Caucasions if they go to DMV.

So in question #9, please put down "other" and then write down Iranian-American or Iranian.  Here is the full announcement:


Census 2010 Forms Are On Their Way to Your Homes, Don't Forget to Complete and Return Them Written by Iranians Count 2010 Census Coalition   

Monday, 15 March 2010

Los Angeles, CA - The Iranians Count 2010 Census Coalition (“ICCC”), in an effort to ensure that statistics for the Iranian-American community are accurately reflected in the upcoming 2010 United States Census (“Census”) would like to remind everyone that the 2010 Census forms are expected to start arriving in your homes between March 15-17.

All Iranians / Iranian-Americans, regardless of immigration / citizenship status, are encouraged to complete the form completely and respond to question #9 by marking “some other race” and writing in “Iranian” or ”Iranian-American”.  The completed 2010 Census forms should be returned by April 1.


A new race?

by Raoul1955 on

I thought that people from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East which includes Iran are considered White by our system!!!