U.S. House Passes Historic Norooz Resolution

House of Representatives officially recognizes "cultural and historical significance" of Iranian New Year

Washington, DC, March 15, 2010 (NIAC) - The National Iranian American Council applauds the passage moments ago by the House of Representatives of H.Res.267, the Norooz Resolution, and commends Representative Mike Honda (D-CA) for championing this historic resolution >>>


Recognizing the cultural and historical significance of Nowruz, expressing appreciation to Iranian-Americans for their contributions to society, and wishing Iranian-Americans and the people of Iran a prosperous new year.


Mr. HONDA (for himself, Mrs. MALONEY, Ms. LINDA T. SANCHEZ of California, Mr. FILNER, Mr. GRIJALVA, Mr. WOLF, Mr. ELLISON, Mr. MORAN of Virginia, Mr. KUCINICH, Mr. LEWIS of Georgia, Mr. MEEKS of New York, Mr. HINCHEY, Mr. FARR, Ms. MCCOLLUM, Mr. TIERNEY, Mr. BLUMENAUER, Mr. DEFAZIO, Mr. CONYERS, Mr. AL GREEN of Texas, Ms. ZOE LOFGREN of California, Mrs. TAUSCHER, Ms. WOOLSEY, Ms. RICHARDSON, Ms. KOSMAS, Mr. PAUL, and Ms. HIRONO) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.


Recognizing the cultural and historical significance of Nowruz, expressing appreciation to Iranian-Americans for their contributions to society, and wishing Iranian-Americans and the people of Iran a prosperous new year.
Whereas Nowruz marks the traditional Iranian New Year, which originated in ancient Persia, and dates back more than 3,000 years;

Whereas Nowruz, meaning a `New Day', occurs on the vernal equinox and celebrates the arrival of spring;

Whereas Nowruz symbolizes a time of renewal and community, it harkens the departure from the trials and tribulations of the previous year and brings hope for the New Year;

Whereas Nowruz is celebrated by nearly 300,000,000 Iranians and other peoples all over the world, including in the United States, Iran, and other countries in Central Asia, South Asia, Caucasus, Crimea, and Balkan Regions;

Whereas Nowruz is celebrated by more than 1,000,000 Iranian-Americans of all backgrounds, including those with Baha'i, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Zoroastrian, and non-religious backgrounds;

Whereas the people of Iran have a long history of celebrating Nowruz and are congratulated for their bringing in of the New Year;

Whereas Nowruz embodies the tradition that each individual's thinking, speaking, and conduct should always be virtuous, and the ideal of compassion for our fellow human beings regardless of ethnicity or religion, and symbolizes a time of renewal and community;

Whereas the United States is a melting pot of ethnicities and religion and Nowruz contributes the richness of American culture and is consistent with our founding principles of peace and prosperity for all;

Whereas in 539 B.C., Cyrus the Great established one of the earliest charters on human rights, which abolished slavery and allowed for freedom of religion, and this marker in Iranian history has had significant impact on the respect for human rights that Iranian-Americans carry today;

Whereas Nowruz serves to remind the United States of the many noteworthy and lasting contributions of Iranian-Americans to the social and economic fabric of society in the United States;

Whereas Iranian-Americans continue to make contributions in all sectors of American public life, including as government, military, and law enforcement officials working to uphold the Constitution of the United States and to protect all people in the United States;

Whereas Iranian-Americans are vibrant, peaceful, and law-abiding citizens, many of whom are Baha'i, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Zoroastrian faiths; and

Whereas the Iranian-American community continues to enrich the tapestry of the diversity in the United States: Now, therefore, be it

* Resolved, That the House of Representatives

(1) recognizes the cultural and historical significance of Nowruz;

(2) expresses its appreciation for the contributions of Iranian-Americans to society in the United States in observance of Nowruz; and

(3) wishes Iranian-Americans and the people of Iran and all those who observe this holiday a prosperous new year.


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well done. period

by MM on

and just in time for nowrooz, norooz, nowrooz, nowruz or whichever else you all prefer.  I personally like the original 


as in

نوروز تان پیروز



by Nur-i-Azal on

How does one become pro-Arab or pro-Persian by transliterating words in English script?


Saman Ahmadi

transliteration vs. phonetics

by Saman Ahmadi on

there are many standards for transliteration - every letter in one language is represented by a certain letter or letters in another language so that for those who know the system, by reading a Persian word in English, for example, they can spell the word correctly in Persian.

writing something phonetically means mimicking the "sounds" of a word in one language and writing it in another.

aydeh shoma mobarak 



by masoudA on

It is not Nowruz - It is NoRooz.    "No" means new and Rooz meaning day.   When did "no" become "now" in Farsi?  When did Molana become mowkana or when did Kharazmi become Khawrazmi - I tell you when - when Arabs tried to pronounce it.    I am sorry if I appear anti-Arab, I am just pro Persian. 


Way to go America!

by Kooshan on

This is why America is America. They hold no grudges and take the best of things and forget the counter-productive stuff.

Why can't we Iranians be that way? 

We alsways have to think black or white. We are blind to gray which is what the reality is!


Happy Noruz bastani to all!

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

that's the great thing about retards

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Sooner or later, by definition, they can catch up.When are they going to fix the gregorian calendar? 


Meanwhile in Afghanistan....

Darius Kadivar

So this is the country of the Great Satan ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Americans are More Iranians and respectful of our traditions than the Iranian Regime has ever been in the past 30 years !

Happy NowRooz to Our IRANICAN Brothers and Sisters !


An Iranian from Paris FRANCE