Mohammad Javad Larijani

Interviewed by Fareed Zakaria


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Never Mind Zakaria, let history take its course; Standby !

by faryarm on

Although Zakaria's programme is one of the only watchable "morsels" of substance on American infotainment, it is too painful to see this man be given the freedom to lie; Still one must have faith that justice will eventually prevail and Larijanis's appearance will be just one more piece of drivel, as evidence of his complicity.

To all those who dare to defend the atrocities being committed by the Islamic republic against the Iranian population:

Please listen and compare the charges that were brought against those responsible for Nazi atrocities to the crimes currently carried out by the likes of the person above.

History repeats itself...Justice Will be served..and the clip above will be , but one more piece of evidence against Mr Larijani and his colleagues by the people of IRAN.

They may be too drunk and oblivious by their current power to realize the foolishness; but time will inevitably change that.




Product of a Liberal and Secular Education

by Faramarz on

It is a total waste of time to listen to these IR characters repeat their nonsense about IR-style “democracy” or subtly suggest the merits of stoning people. However, what interested me about this clip was the flashing of the tidbits of his resume in the bottom of the screen; born in Najaf in 1950, electrical engineering Aryamehr U., mathematics, Berkeley.

This guy like thousands of other students from affluent, middle and upper-middle class families came to the west in the 60’s and the 70’s and got educated in the secular, liberal and democratic system that he now denounces. And like many, he was indoctrinated with the garden variety leftist ideologies, and when Khomeini showed up out of nowhere, jumped on his coattail. Then unlike many others, he seized the opportunity, embraced Khomeini’s Islam and now is defending a dictatorial system that he was once against!

A bunch of sneaky, criminal hypocrites.


Fareed Zakaria

by Mehrban on

Please ask Larijani how come he speaks with an Arabic accent.


Zakaria and the like, are just not up to it.

by kazem0574 on

IR people's interviews should have some like for like Iranian guests present.

Zakahria or who ever, should then just let the guest take care of some of the questions put to these people.

Invite Ganji or Sazegara and a like then we may get some place.

Not relevant perhaps: Zakaria's father was an Indian Islamic Scholar

Darius Kadivar

Fareed Is Not the Only one to be misinformed ...

by Darius Kadivar on

It's called the "Fashion Victim" Syndrome which apparently is quite rampant on Private American Media Networks it seems ...


CLUELESS JON STEWART: "Ebrahim Yazdi Such a Lovely Man" 


Why is Zakaria so

by vildemose on

Why is Zakaria so misinformed? Why does he give a platform to these criminals? Someone should write to his program and enlighten him.

Darius Kadivar

Fareed If anything Iran Today Ain't Camelot ... But Rather ...

by Darius Kadivar on

A Huge Prison called Kharizak where the Nation is expected to Give Head and Ass just like Marilyn Monroe did to both Kennedy brothers :

Marilyn Monroe and John F Kennedy

And Die in slow fire to the general indifference of the world at large  ...

Marilyn Monroe-Candle in the wind


Recommended Watching:

The Shah of Iran and President Kennedy



Darius Kadivar

The Kennedy Brothers of Iran ? ... LOL

by Darius Kadivar on

In that Case I wholeheartedly  wish them the same career move ...

The Assassination of Robert Kennedy  


Walter Cronkite announces death of JFK

Cheh Lahjeyee Ham Dareh ... Sounds Arabic ... 


 Oh and to Paraphrase Larijani's Interpretation of the word "Death" ... "Death to Larijani"  Doesn't Mean "Death to Larijani" ...



در باره فلسطین


فلسطین همینجاست

خود مملکت ماست

خیلی بدتر از شارون

این رهبر بی حیاست 

ای کاش اپوزیسیون ایران موضع قا طعی علیه جنایت اسرائیل  در جنوب لبنان و فلسطین اتخاذ میکردند تا بهانه به جنایتکارانی همچون صدام و مسلمانان تندرو ندهد. ما از بسیاری از محافل لیبرالی و حتا از احزاب حکم اروپائی ناپیگیرانه تر عمل می‌کنیم. حزب محافظه کار انگلیس از ما بهتر عمل می‌کند. این گناه نابخشیدنیست.

ما با برجسته کردن شعارهای نه غزه نه لبنان، عملا سیاست های شرون و نتنیاهو را تأئید می‌کنیم.

حساب مسلمانان تندرو لبنان و فلسطین از مردم محروم این دو سرزمین جداست.

لطفا به دو مطلب زیر مراجعه کنید

Letter to Obama

فلسطین همینجاست



بیا و حقوق بشر را ببین - افاضات این جانور را ببین


بیا و حقوق بشر را ببین
افاضات این جانور را ببین

بگوید یکی‌ جانی روزگار
که باشد حقوق بشر سنگسار


Sargord Pirouz

Larijani is well spoken. I'm

by Sargord Pirouz on

Larijani is well spoken. I'm surprised the question of HRs did not come up. I'd have been interested in hearing his perspective.

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

What was the slogan: "export of revolution?" What was "liberating Jerusalem" about? Why did they have to provoke Saddam? Why didn't the regime agree to a ceasefire only six months into the catastrophic war with Iraq? Remember what Khomeini said about those who wanted the weapon in his letter accepting the ceasefire. Zakaria is asking about Irsn's relationship with other states which is regime's foreign policy and has nothing to do with regime's domestic policy at this historical juncture. Sanctions are working beautifully and his justification of the slogans is only a in desperation. The US policies are geared toward US interests which do not necessarily reflect the interest of Iranians! Even if there were a rapprochement, it may not have much bearing on the struggle of Iranians for democracy!

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Zakaria is only quoting what is said about them! Ahmadinejad is called a populist. Talk is cheap! إينا همه حرف مفته



by yolanda on

So Larijani brothers are equivalent to the Kennedy brothers? I think Zakaria gives them too much "honor"......

     Because this Larijani brother said that stoning is better than hanging.......I don't believe anything else he says!

     This dude is incoherent! He said "Death to America" is not "Death to America"....."Hostility is not authentic"? "Death to America is death to superstition"

   He does not make sense to me!

Zakaria should have grilled this dude on why stoning is "better" than hanging!


so clever

by pas-e-pardeh on

people like lejevardi(s) think they are very clever and "zerang".

They don't realize that their time has come to an end and, as they say, "hannashoon rangi nadaareh".  

It is entraining to watch him speak with so much confidence right before his demise.  It won't be pretty. 

We are watching history in Persia now and we are about to watch Persians take their revenge against 31 years of the Islamic Republic. Stay tuned.