Legendary singer, 1926-2010

MARZIEH, iconic Persian singer passes away in Paris due to cancer... she was 85. Marzieh who was one of most famous singers in pre-revolutionary Persia, in 1990s moved to France and joined one of most controversial Iran's opposition groups in Paris (MKO). Most famous songs of Marzieh were composed before 1979 Islamic Revolutoin but they are still popular among Persians; among them are "Barg-e Khazan" (music: Parviz Yahaghi, Lyrics: Bijan Taraghi) and "Sang-e Khara" (music: Ali Tajvidi, lyrics: Moeini Kermanshahi). Many of these songs in recent years arranged for large orchestre which were performed in a more emotional and epical style. It was a reflection of Marzieh's new political activities. Marzieh's concert at Royal Albert Hall in 1993 has been released on VHS.

* Listen to her music
* Also see Wikipedia.


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bihonar - you are welcome

by MM on



she was a mother figure for

by Midwesty on

she was a mother figure for the helpless, banished, misled, and betrayed youngsters who had no guilt but to love their country so much.


Thank you

by Souri on

Thank you so much dear zibaa1 and also Mr Gharib. It is so nice of you. Fortunately, I've found that song of Marzieh at Facebook. I still prefer Marzieh's version as I love this singer.




by mahmoudg on

but your political affiliation will foreever taint your great reputation.

Poosteh Pesteh

She Is Memory Of Iran

by Poosteh Pesteh on

Her Songs Was Memory Of Old Days Roohesh Shad She Was One Of Best What Left For Us Her Memory.


سلام Souri Jan این هم البوم درخواستی شما



Thanks MM for the link to 30 hours of Marzieh

by bihonar on

I downloaded them all, what a treasure. I had been looking for these for ever. Thank you again.



Bogzar az man ?

by Souri on

Can someone find this song for me please?

I don't know if the exact name is : bogzar az man/ or bogzar besouzam/ or paeez?

Something like that. I looked all over the net and couldn't find it. It starts with this:

Ghamgin cho paeezam az man bogzar

Sheri gham-angizam az man bogzar...

I'll be very grateful to the one who post it here.



برگ خزان از ساقه جدا شد!



یکی دیگه از نماد های دوران شکوفائی موسیقی غیر بازاری رفت!

نمادهائی که نه با توسّل به نورپردازی صحنه، نه با کمک دستگاههای الکترونیکی، نه با تبلیغات پر سر و صدا و نه با جنجال و شایعات و....و.....

نماد هائی که خوش درخشیدند و ماندگار شدند چون هنر داشتند.

بانوی «گلها» هم رفت!



چو می روی بدرقۀ راه تو این دعای من باشد


یادش گرامی

David ET

may she at last rest in Peace

by David ET on

Dirty Angel

OH NO!!! My Comrade too! What a hiccup for commie cuddles!

by Dirty Angel on

Also tone-deaf!


Hoshang's gone deaf too!


Must be the trumpeting slogans!



I'M DOOOMED!! No commie caviar career for me!


"Ceci n'est pas a very dirty post"


Btw dying as a pauper and screaching like one is quite different from living as one. 

And what nouveau idiot would have their feet washed in champagne? Even I wouldn't do that,and I'm dirty!



کلاه مخملی

خدا رحمتش کنه ..

کلاه مخملی

من با پسرش هم مدرسه ای بودیم



Anahid Hojjati

Dear Bavafa, singers you named were indeed better

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear Bavafa, singers you mentioned had better voices on the average than new generation singers, they had knowledge of music, their voices had more feeling to it, they were great so best song writers wrote for them or beautiful poems of Great Iranian poets were used as lyrics. So I don't think nostalgia explains why we can listen to singers like Marzieh and Pooran for hours and enjoy it. They were indeed better.


Never off-key

by comrade on

I can easily overlook her political leanings because of her personal dignity. She could have died one of the richest Iranians, but she chose not to sing for wealth. She never sang in nightclubs and didn't let any filthy rich drunks wash her feet with champagne.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

این آهنگ را خیلی‌ دوست دارم،من شاهد تک خوانی بانو مرضیه بوده ام... شب من امشب با بغض همراه است...

یادته این را ؟ امشب شبه مهتابه... حبیبم را میخوام...



Slightly different question

by Bavafa on

Are these old Iranian singers such as Marzieh, Pooran, Noori, Banan, etc. exquisitely awesome or just that we sort of grew up with their songs/music and therefore take such pleasure of their music.

I mean, I can listen to hours and hours of their music and take nothing but pleasure where as the new type/generation is so hit and miss.

Is it their music or just me and my old fashion taste in music????


Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

To Admin or whatever your spiel is, would you mind?

This is one of the reasons, so many of this site's feature writers simply don't bother anymore. DUMB!!!


Hoshang's post had NOTHING untoward in it. So you delete his posts too? 



LIKE HELLO!!!????!!! 

Make your decision, either you are going to produce and moderate a pleb's' website or you are going to at least google what people are typing.


I'm sick and tired of dumbing my posts down for your set of illiterates. 


"Ceci n'est pas a very dirty post"


Thanks Hoshang - here to download it plus >30 hrs of Marzieh

by MM on

I also got misty listening to it.

At the site, right click on the song and download as mp3 or realplayer.  The tapes are not labeled and a couple have less quality. 


* Az Asheghi Gozashtam
* Biyaa biyaa benshin
* Buy-e juy-e muliaan (with Banan)
* Dar fekr-e to boodam
* Dar miyaanpe golhaa
* Del-e ghaafel
* Didi keh rosvaa shod delam
* Dokhtar-e koli
* Gol-haaye bahaari
* Gonaah
* Jelveh-ye hasti
* Khaab-e Noushin
* Khodaa koneh khaabam nabareh
* Mayzadeh
* Migoreezam

long Tapes from Golha, etc.

Tape #1 Side ASide B

Tape #2 Side ASide B

Tape #3 Side ASide B

Tape #4 Side ASide B

Tape #5 Side ASide B

Tape #6 Side ASide B

Tape #7 Side ASide B

Tape #8 Side ASide B

Tape #9 Side ASide B

Tape #10 Side ASide B

Tape #11 Side ASide B

Tape #12 Side A,  Side B

Tape #13 Side A,  Side B

Tape #14 Side A,  Side B

Tape #15 Side A,  Side B

Tape #16 Side ASide B

Tape #17 Side A,  Side B

Tape #18 Side A,  Side B

Tape #19 Side ASide B

Tape #20 Side A,  Side B

Tape #21 Side A,  Side B

Tape #22 Side A,  Side B

Tape #23 Side A,  Side B

Tape #24 Side A,  Side B

Tape #25 Side A,  Side B


RIP :(

by Daadaash on

Rest In Peace.   My dad who passed away two years ago was a big fan of Marzieh. I remember watching Marzieh's concert video a few years ago taped in London, with my dad and we both used to enjoy it tremendously. We probably watched that tape over 10 times! I am sure he is now happy again to see her and enjoy her beautiful voice.  Both of you, Rest In Peace.

13th Legion

***RIP Banu Marzieh***

by 13th Legion on

Roosheshan Shad o yadeshan zendeh va gerami baad.




Marzieh rafti o rafti

by Kofri on

dar Khatereh khondee:

"Khateree mandeh be ja"


va dar toofan khondi:

"to nadani ghamam

ke nadaani darigha

omr dobareh naboodeh kasi ra"


yadet hamisheh javid ay zan aazadeh!!

hamsade ghadimi

rest in peace marzieh. 

by hamsade ghadimi on

rest in peace marzieh.  her contribution to the iranian music is second to none.  to most of us, she may have had poor judgement (or at least great disappointment) in joining the mko.  but "a very poor judgement in opposing iri"?  come on bavafa, you're supposed to be working under cover!

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Hoshang, as far as I know...

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear Hoshang, I believe Marzieh had a loving family and was financially well off. According to one of my relatives, it was Marzieh's grandchild who was killed because she was a MKO member or supporter.

In any case, Marzieh has brought much joy to millions of Iranians for many decades and even in her death, she will not be forgotten. She will be remembered as one of the best Iranian singers for years to come.


She had an angelic voice

by statira on

God bless her soul.

Hoshang Targol

A. H. I was the one who suggested that Marzieh perhpas because

by Hoshang Targol on

of lack of resources, mainly financial, agreed to work with MKO.

This was related to me repeatedlty whenever I asked the question why is she working with them? by some friends and distant family members who ran and run Iranian clubs in England and US. Since they were in entertainment bussines and I'm not I always thought they knew more about her than me, but apparently not?

MM jan, you got this old man a little misty eyes today with Rodaki, Banan and Marzieh! a great choice,

Shad bash'o shad zi.  


she should realize that

by iamfine on

She should realize that Mujaheddin and Saddam fought against Iran. The Iran-Iraq war led to loss of 500,000 Iranian life. No excuse for her to be one of them. Having said that, yes, she had a great voice. The song that I really enjoyed listening to is "as maneh daman keshan, key degar beani neshan" 

Dirty Angel

epigenetics working in mysterous ways

by Dirty Angel on

generations of covered ears (scarves, turbans and baubled papier mache) has mushed up the Iranian population's aural capacities.

'Can't wait for our other Madonna(')s to die before I get a hernia...

"Ceci n'est pas a very dirty post"


May God bless her soul

by Souri on

On her decision to join the Mojahedin, I had heard this was because her  daughter was among the Mojahedin and she has been killed, long time ago. Anybody know anything about that?

Anyhow, I have always been (and still am) a fan of her works, I love her voice, regardless of her bad decision and activities of the past years.