How to punish your brazen wife

Mohsen Qara'ati explains


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maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

soosan khanoom you're may be right

But 3 decades of forcing the rule on them it became the fabric of the choice and again look at the western residing women that decide to go visit in there ..

the first thing are their covered picture on their passport and nobody is forcing them to have the hejab.



Akhond-e- Charlatan falsifying koranic verses

by jasonrobardas on

The Koran ( sure  Alnesa), on "women"  explicitly says : If your woman disobeys ,

    1 ) Advise her. If she continues to disobey

     2) stop sleeping with her , if she still disobeys

     3) BEAT HER ( fa zaraboo)

  Now this mullah is trying to rationalize the koranic verse by changing it into a milder or more civil form of punishment  (beat her with tooth brush not leave a bruise ....and he is even including the man as being the recipient of this punishment if he disobeys   ) !!!!!!!!

  He is not telling the audience what Koran actually says because it is so shameful and embarassing . He is resorting to lies and chicanery .

   No wonder , violence against women ways is so rampant in moslem societies . The koranic chapter "Alnessa" is so shameful that  oftentimes is swept under the rug ......... not talked about or interpreted in some dishonest ways ......falsifying the original text .......(Beat her but islam says use a feather or a tooth pick or a pillow .

  Sureh Al nessa  starts with "Al-rejalo ghavamoona al-alnessa" meaning "Mard ha bar zan ha moslat and"


Another example of Blaming women

by Truthseeker9 on


"....Instead of speaking out forcefully against this crime, the Chief of the Police Detectives Bureau in Esfahan, Colonel Hossein Hosseinzadeh, appeared to condone it, saying :“If the women at the party had worn their hijab properly, they might not have been sexually assaulted”.

This is a classic case of blaming the victim. Rather than underlining the seriousness of this offence, the Colonel’s comments appear to be aimed at justifying the restrictive dress codes imposed on Iranian women, which violate their right to choose what they wear..."

hamsade ghadimi

women are bringing this

by hamsade ghadimi on

women are bringing this type of behavior onto themselves?  is that the same concept of women with revealing clothes ask to be raped?  that's a new low for niloofar khanoom.

Ali P.

Pick one:

by Ali P. on

Under this interpretation of Islam, men are free to do what he advises.

In a democracy, he goes to jail.


If we ever pick democracy, we need to know it's consequences too.

Esfand Aashena

Islam has said to beat your wife with a toothbrush!

by Esfand Aashena on

What an asshole!  Unfortunately this is "the law" our young men are taught when they're young and expected to follow through when they get married.

The women present are no doubt hauled in and just about everyone in the audience is crying inside the hand fate has dealt them! 

Everything is sacred

Soosan Khanoom

Good point comments

by Soosan Khanoom on

Actually, Those women are the ones who are bringing these type of behaviors on themselves .....

If women stand up for their rights and get untied no man on this earth even dares to tell them what to wear or what not to wear ...  If these women were educated they would not just stay and take notes and allow the mullah talk shit.




Women participated and became Gharaati's fans.

by comments on

I wonder what types of women participated and became Gharaati audiences.  It's like saying that I like that guy because he calls me names.  Who likes to hear names.  Is that a kind of turnning on for some?