Pahlavi: Prosecute Khamenei for crimes against humanity

Former crown prince says IRI leader should be held accountable


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G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

I was just thinking about voting for you, if you ever decided to run for president. But after reading your post below telling how Arj should respond to you I'm a bit worried. That's called dictatorship! My vote for you is conditional, though. I'd vote for you if you choose Faramarz and I as your vice-presidents


Arj's common mistake

by Siavash300 on

"...And with regards to the "Shahanshai" army, it folded when its real master, general Hoiser ordered it to back off!" Arj

Dear Arj,

This has been common mistake among Iranians since mullahs took power. Some people were making honest mistake, but others such as ruling mullahs and their agents knew what they were doing and deliberately propagate that idea.

First of all, who said "to back off (your term)" or rather  encourage shahanshahi Army to be neutral during peak of revolution and bloodshed was a wrong policy?  There is an old saying violent breed violent. More bloodshed create more bloodshed. Bloodshed never create peace and harmony. When shah was on power, Iran was a good friend of western world. Shah's policy was very much similar to your life style who took refuge in western world. Shah's passion for western world also was very much similar to your brother who applied to lead university in U.K. Shah prefered friendship and to be ally with western world over communist block. Isn't the same decision that you and your family made once you decided to leave Iran? You never wanted to live under socialist role of USSR or China or Cuba. Right? That was the same way shah was thinking. Westerners such as Hoiser stood by shah to help him in the very critical moments of our history. Friends indeed are friends in need.

    On strike contrast,  Mullahs in order to reach to power put the hostility against western world as their first agenda. They made it sounds like if Iranians are against westerners they would rewarded by Allah. Calling American "Great satan" implied that concept.  

Regarding slogans. Yes, it is common knowledge that shah specifically promoted the slogan of "cho iran nabashad tan e man mabad" among army officers. I remember Tudeh party accusing shah of being maniac to propagating ultera nationalism among army officers. As you may know that slogan never used by Islamic gangs who are in charge these days.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

DM thank you

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am getting very frustrated with the amount of nay saying. It seems most people prefer to see the worst in all.

Dr. Mohandes

vpk jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

I was switiching back and forth, and tunrs out that it was the other one that i had in mind (the Reza pahlavi speech). This one is fine. I was talking about the comments and the discussions over there. WHich are still there and not deleted...

That is what i get for losing control and Bloghopping too much! 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Regarding disappearing posts

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


If you reply to a post and the original is deleted yours also goes. If you want your to remain do not use reply.

Dr. Mohandes

what ????

by Dr. Mohandes on

what happened to all the comments here? there was a beatiful dicussion taking shape here...

DId someone erased all of them or is it my Lappp tooop actinng up?

Or... could it be because Mr. arj threw a little too much Shelang Takhte??:)))))))))))

No offence there partner ( you should reply : None taken) 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Vildermose

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

The monarch, however, should not get paid or have any special priviliges over ordinary citizens...

I must disagree. How is the Monarch going to live without pay? If people don't pay them someone else say foreign governments will. The way to avoid it is to pay them well but not too much. 

In the past Iranian Monarchs have acted as if they owned Iran. That is wrong. But getting a reasonable pay no more than N million a year. With N being related to performance. Other things like Crown Jewels are not their property and belong to the nation.

Remember "you get what you pay for". In America people refuse to pay for campaigns then private interests do. Guess who owns the politicians! 


انگلیسپرست عزیز


بحث سره ضعف و قوت حرکت ناچیز من و امثال من نیست جانم - کلاهت رو قاضی کن ببین چرا سخنان و بیانیه های مکرر شاهزاده در طی سی سال گذشته خریداری نداشته و در کل بی اهمیت تر از کار در پیتی اینجانب حقیر بوده - اصلا من رو ول کن - چرا جمعاً تمامی سخنرانیهای شاهزاده به اندازه ویدیو «چه خوشگل شدی امشب» اندی شنونده نداره؟ اگه جواب این رو پیدا کردی به منشی روابط عمومی آقا رضا بفرست به دردشون میخوره


Re slogans

by Arj on

Dear Siavash, slogans are not going to guarantee the democratic nature of any future Iranian government! Indeed, "khoda, shah, mihan" has never been an Iranian slogan accepted by a majority of Iranians and will never be, for Iranians of today do not find god as the determining factor in identifying their society with, let alone Shah! Even if it started with Mihan, Shah and god would still be misfits in their present day priorities! Moreover, "cho Iran nabashad..." has been an Iranian mantra for centruies and has nothing to do with Shah!

Furthermore, I may have been not old enough to vote back then, but I lived and still do live in reality, and vividly remember that an overwhelming majority of Iranians (not including my family and the like who where opposed to IRI) voted for the Islamic Republic (obviously not the 98% that seems to be the favourite figure of all dictators, but certainly a landslide majority). And with regards to the "Shahanshai" army, it folded when its real master, general Hoiser ordered it to back off!


Mr. Pahlavi II: I

by vildemose on

Mr. Pahlavi II: I congratualte you in taking this initiative. You can use this platform to unify all oppositions and start a national debate about the future of Iran  in  non-ideological  and non-sectarian way. Can you do that while you have the momentum??  All opposition groups should put Iran's interest first NOT their ideological identities. We all agree and should be willing to help you to take this initiative to materilize in symbolic ways if not tangible ones. We could have a mock trial of Khamenie in an open court where everyone can be involved...Let's see if you can manage that??


A state of war only serves
as an excuse for domestic tyranny.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Born December 11, 1918



by vildemose on



 Dear Rastgoo: I have

by vildemose on

 Dear Rastgoo: I have recently come to the same conclusion after watching American democracy being hijacked by the confederate evangelical tea party nutters....Monarchy safeguards democracy on many levels.  The monarch, however, should not get paid or have any special priviliges over ordinary citizens... 


A state of war only serves
as an excuse for domestic tyranny.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Born December 11, 1918

Tiger Lily

Rastgoo, thank you for your interesting response

by Tiger Lily on

Making jokes of different ethnicities, can actually be very useful as a diffusing element.

I see your point about the 'tribal' aspects, but that may well be down to the fact that Iran, like many other Third World countries, (including India, known as the largest democracy which is of course debatable), within living memory has never had any form of government or morevoer and most importantly, a judicial system, separate and independent enough to protect the rights of any individual and a functioning Civil Society to act as a robust buffer. 

The obvious example of a successful federal republic out of total ruins is the Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Amongst many things, of course, including resources, from food to fuel, Iran as a nation to define,  has a particular advantage as a national geographical boundary in mountainous regions and the sea, the fact of which is important. By far easier to unite than eg the forever disputed Saarland.

RP's, as a person, greatest disabilites and liabilities are not only the illiterate sycophants around him, (who permanently shoot themselves in the foot with their idiotic historical revisionism), the legacy of his dictator father, (whose actions RP is not responsible for), but his moron of a mother.

I agree with you, he's made a few good political moves, but they pale, just pale, unless he states with a clear-cut clarity what his intentions and visions are, if any, in monetary terms and certainly does more than giving opinions.

P.S. From my own observations and obviously not the Gospel truth, the youth in Iran are by far more politically literate and educated and well-read than the bitter old biddies (male and female) in diaspora. They are clued on. 


Tiger Lily

by Rastgoo on

I don't think that human beings and Iranians to a larger extent have enough cultural maturity to appreciate federalism within a republic.  In particular we are too sectarian.  We make jokes about different ethnicities and races, we prejudge people based on where they're from....In the case of Iran, these acts even go down to family levels where you have family and clan feuds.  As such I think if you just have a federalist state within a republic there will always be a chance that some joke or other event will arouse the passions of the separatists.  That's where I think a unifying symbol is important.  Coincidentally RP is half Azari from his mother side.  I'm not sure if he speaks Azari though.  There are many constitutional monarchies in the world and I think Iran can have one too, in particular because of RP's integrity.  Two things that I remember about him right off the bat is the admirable act of offering his services to the Iranian Air Force during the war and also just recently he spoke for the protection of the MKO.  This his latest move to incriminate Khamenei is truly an ingenious move.  The only thing that turns me off from him is his entourage.  He is surround by people who revere him (shahollahis).  These guys project the worst image of monarchy and are no different than the supporters of Khamenei  But I think RP is better than that to take advantage of this situation.

Tiger Lily

VPK, that's good and

by Tiger Lily on

also, that's why I tried to say something about addressing the issue of separatist entities.

Problem is that the usual main argument is " a weak government" both domestically and internationally (same as for coalitions, Proportional Representation), but both can be refuted easily by your example of the US and more so by the German model.

Especially during and after revolutions, that things need to be speeded up quite quickly in such matters, to avoid unnecessary bloodshed and the emergence of the usual straightforward fanatics with singular messages is the need for such pluralistic (term used very loosely), but very clear concepts. 

thanks for "local autonomy".

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear TL

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Regarding  tribal / regional. I all for giving  more local autonomy like American states have. For example a second language of their choosing as well as Farsi and an "international" language. Say Farsi; Kurdish and English or Farsi; Arabic and French and so on.

But I am opposed to separatism in any guise or shape. It is a totally different beast and I would never accept it.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

راجر رابیت،تو در کجا زندگی‌ میکنی‌ که خبر هیچ نداری که مرحوم سلطانعلی میرزا قاجار در ماهِ  می درگذشت،مشخص شد که از کجا هستی‌ و چه کاره محلی،بیچاره رضا پهلوی و کس و کارش با امثالِ  شما،باید می‌دیدی ایشان در روز گذشته چقدر شاکی‌ از شما در پاریس بود،قدری از آقایِ  کدیور یاد گیر و پر اطلاع سخن گوی،و با نظم و تربیت نظر ده ، اگر میخواهی‌ کسی‌ تو را جدی گیرد.وگرنه آبرو یِ  پهلوی را تو می‌بری.

Darius Kadivar

jmyt17 Go do your Homework Kiddo

by Darius Kadivar on

The Iranian Military did Not Die for him they Lived For Him.

KNIGHTHOOD: Officer Takes Oath of Loyalty to Reza Shah and Country (1938)

It's YOUR Republic's revolutionary Courts that send them to the Gallows and Executed them in Cold Blood.

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: IRI's Reign of Terror Begins (BBC Report 1979)

A King can lead his army and fight against a Foreign Enemy but not against his own People. That's what differentiates a King even an absolute one ( which the Shah was except for the first 12 years of his reign and probably longer than any other Predecessor in the History of Iranzamin which in itself is a record of democratic rule in a country which never experienced it) from dictators like Bachar Al Assad or Gaddafi who have not hesitated to slaughter thousands in order to remain in power and prolong their own Presidential Dynasties.

So Don't YOU Jomhurykhah's claim YOU can speak in the name of the Brave Iranian Officers YOUR Republic slaughtered with the large Endorsement of many of your Parents who later Fled like the rest of our miserable Lot into exile.

Nor can you folks of all people claim to speak in the name of their families who EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME have by Large Remained LOYAL to King and Country.

And none of whom seek revenge but Justice at best: 

BOOK: EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME By Afschineh Latifi ( A Memoir )

The General’s Widow : Interview with Manijeh Rahimi at her London apartment by Cyrus KADIVAR

THE BLUE EYED GENERAL: General Nader Jahanbani Remembered (Audio File)

FOR KING AND COUNTRY: Farzan Deljou's interview with General Bahram Aryana (1981)

PROUD TO BE IRANIAN AND A MONARCHIST: Fereydoun Farrokhzad Up Close and Personal (Mid 1980's)

Khejalat Ham Khoub Cheezyeh ! 

So Grow Up, and Learn to be less narrow minded and unconstructively Stubborn if you wish to help your fellow compatriots back home ! 

All the more that RP 2 is committed to Democracy unlike any of his predecessors including the Founding Father of Iranzamin Cyrus the Great:

PERSIAN MAGNA CARTA: UK Foreign Office Spokesman on Cyrus The Great's Charter

So before lecturing us Constitutionalists from your High Horse on Democracy and Human Rights as if you folks were the Only ones to understand the concept:

ROYAL FORUM: Explaining the Concept of a Constitutional Monarchy to a Staunch Republican 

Otherwise we can continue this back and forth argument and reach no conclusion for another 32 years during which the Islamic Republic which you folks now admit is neither a Republic nor Islamic will continue bleeding Iranians to the very last.

It's time to take some Personal Accountability just Like those you keep criticizing despite the fact that he has been far more critical than many of you towards your own Poor Choice.

ROYAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Crown Prince Reza Praises Mossadegh's Patriotism (ANDISHEH TV)

ROYAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Crown Prince Reza on Torture During His Father's Rule 

Like the Great Fereidoun Farrokhzad said "The Shah is Dead So Long Live the Shah !" 


And  Many back home would concur: 


So if you want to see any positive change made in our homeland it is up to everyone to pull up their sleeves and the least they could do is bring FULL Support to RP 2 in this endeavor so that we get over this neutral status quo which is only helping the Un Iranian Regime in Iran to survive at the people's expense every day.


If we don't see Regime Change in our lifetimes in the years to come then We are ALL to blame regardless of our Political preferences or ideologies . EVERYONE from Accountable Monarchists to Accountable Jomhurykhahs and no more our Clueless Namaknashnas parents who put us in this mess in the first place.

The Ball is now in Your Camp ! 

But don't come back crying or spilling crocodile tears for all the victimes back home and prisoners of conscience ranging from Artists, to Journalists to intellectuals and blame in on the Coup of 53.

YOU will be to blame to prolonging the status quo by keeping a neutral stance and offering nothing but Bankrupt solutions to the nation's ills other than complaining like spoiled kids.

COMPLAINING JOMHURYKHAH: What Have the Pahlavis EVER Done For Us ? ;0)

While those back home will be paying the heaviest price. 




"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death"-Saul Bellow.



Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on

2.'national'  unifying symbols don't have to be of revered flesh and blood, in this case a pomegranate might be even do.;)

Do you think that the question of regional ethnicities and other separatists entities could be addressed by de-centralization of  governmental power,( using the f word of federalism very loosely)?



by hirre on

The reason Sweden has a "working monarchy" is not because of the level of education, but because there has been a great power struggle between the parlament and Swedish kings, even long before Sweden became democratic!

The battle was basically won by the parlament because of a great deal of efforts in controlling the kings through the centuries and it was not until 1975 that all formal power was stripped from the king. What you see today is not a friendly monarchy that accepted loosing power during the years. This is strictly the result of a hard power struggle which also resulted in deaths! Today there seem to be a balance, but who knows what Sweden will be like in 100 years, probably a republic because 120M SEK a year in wasted Swedish tax money for the monarchy can be used for other/better purposes...


Why BBC Persian is so unprofessional? or is it?

by Roger_Rabbit on

Just compare the way this newsreader addresses the current Pahlavi crown's pretender and the way the other guy in the link below addresses the current Qajari crown's pretender. One is Reza Pahlavi and the other is Soltan Ali Mirza Qajar!! Is the Farsi BBC trying to tell us something.? It has been a proven fact that the BBC Farsi is a mini-me version of the origial one, albeit an imperfect copy. But such errors cannot be so innocent. Well, we all know that the Brits honor their old lackeys even 85 years after the end of their services. But so openly??    //


Look who is looking for a !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by jmyt17 on


I am not fan of IRI JERK and even you.

How about your father?

Do you remember how many TOP army personal die for him??

Please stop talking about bring him to court!!!

We do not need your advice, time will bring hin to justice


دیو جان سلام



من همیشه از خودم می‌‌پرسیدم چرا خامنه‌ای هر روز صبح که برای نماز سحر از خواب بلند می‌شه قبل از اینکه وضو بگیره میره روی اینترنت ببینه چند تا دیگه ویزیتور به ویدئو شما اضافه شده که اگه لازم هست نماز هفت قل هو آلله بخونه. حالا بعد از توضیح بسیار منطقی‌ و قانع کننده شما فهمیدم چرا. بابا جون یه رحمی بکن به حال این نظام. این طور که شما داری جلو میری دیگه آمریکا و اسرأئیل لازم نیست به ایرون حمله کنند. شما یه دهن دیگه آواز بخون تمام رژیم از هم می‌‌پاشه. برو دنبالش منم دارم میام.  





Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on

If it weren't such an insult to spastics, I'd say spastic. But anyway, when is this ------- going to put his and family accounts on his website and then

followed by a proper accounting of how much it would cost to keep his intended monarchy in place, specifically how much per year per taxpayer, who would be on a civil list etc., you know, like sane people and what, if any, the benefits to the nation would be, in monetary terms.

TRANSPARENCY.Checks and balances and clear political outlines.

P.S. what happened to his late brother's police pathology report and how was his estate divided?


Re secular dictatorship

by Arj on

Dear VPK, what I meant is why do we have to risk a dictatorship when we can avoid it by creating checks and ballances through limiting terms and conditions of leadership (presidency, that is) even when directly elected by popular vote (let alone unelected)?! That way we can distribute the levers of power horizontally among the elected president, Parliament, judiciary, parliamentary or parallel political and special committees overseeing government's performance, official national opposition party/parties, NGOs... Fixating on a single person (whether Pahlavi or Rajavi) is an insult to the democratic aspirations of our nation!

With regards to secular dictatorship vs religious, I'm sorry, but I can't see your point there, for I see through religious masks and a dcitatorship in any form is a dictatorship to me! Judging by what you are asserting, Saddam Hossein, Ghaddafi, Mobarak, Bashar Asad... are better alternatives than religious dictatorships -- which makes us even way behind the "Arab spring!" While, IMHO, our nation is way ahead of that phase!


Arj's question

by Siavash300 on

"why should we bring back an obsolete institution from dead to life to add to the pain in our necks" Arj

First of all monarchy has never been obsolete dead institution. Even in 1979 that Islamic criminal gang took power, there were wide range of resistance among people who were pro monarchy, but they couldn't talk or express their opinions because of the madness of whole situation. Our shahanshahi army were still pro shah and didn't want Islamic criminal take power. Even after Saddam invasion, our homafars who devotedly defend our country were pro shah and followed shah's legacy of "cho Iran nabashad, tan e man mabad" or they still chanting the slogan of "khoda, shah, mihan". I personally knew many of them who lost their lives in Iran-Iraq war. Majority of people were silent such as our friend VPK  but that didn't mean they were pro mullahs. I remember those days vividly. If I am not mistaking you were only 9 years old. That factor could easily explain your mis-assessment of the situation. Sure, our monarchy was not perfect or on your term like U.K or Sweden because our people were NOT like Brits and Swedish people. The level of education was not comparable to those industerial and progressive countries. We were still third world country or rather developing country. No doubt about it and no one claims we were like U.K or Sweden. There were a lot of short coming in that political social structure but we could easily solve those problems without letting a bunch of the rag head take power. Those bastards can't even control their body odors, now became hope of some idiots to control Iran natural resources. During exile, our monarch institution was the only institute on which presever our Persian culture and traditions. Our culture had been under massive attack of foreing entity which belong to nomad tribes of arabs in 1400 years ago. As far as I am concerned monarchy which has been rooted deeply in our history has never been dead. Shah Nameh is still reads by many patriatic Iranians despite mullah's pressure. Needless to say our people has been more educated in compare to 32 years ago. The level of education has been increased but then again it was not in the level of U.K or Sweden. We have a long way to go. We can have democracy under monarchy. We can have the same concept of separation of state and religion under monarchy. Our shah is well educated and well mannered. The situation is way different than 100 years ago when majority of Iranians could even write their names.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Arj

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Dear RP3, its indeed the nature of power that corrupts even the most liberal-minded entities! 

Yes in general but not always. Power may be resisted by a wise person. Anyway I am not sure what you propose. We got to get out of the IRI hell. It it means risking a secular dictator I will do it. Frankly I rather have Pinochet than Khamenei. Yes I am well aware of his crimes. But when it gets to evil nothing gets near that of a theocracy. I have such low standards that a regular dictator sounds pretty good! 

If we don't set our goals too high we might actually get there.


Re the nature of power

by Arj on

Dear RP3, its indeed the nature of power that corrupts even the most liberal-minded entities! As they say, Khamenei was supposedly considered one of the most liberal looking/sounding akhoonds in Iranian politics before he climbed the throne of power! Our country does not have the institutions and social structures that Sweden has to put checks and ballances on a monarch, or like England to impose a pay cut on her majesty so she could open up a McDonalds in Buckingham pallace! There are so many "bademjoon dor-e ghab chins" among us that even if RP doesn't have the intentions to be an absolute monarch, to make him so!

Moreover, why should we bring back an obsolete institution from dead to life to add to the pain in our necks! We still are suffering from an absolute rule that in the name of a uniting figure has imposed a prick on an entire nation to act above the law! We don't need another one! What we need is to impose limits on the terms and conditions that even an elected leader is chosen to take the helm of our nation, not to hand a free rein to a figure head!


Goal : Restoring monarchy

by Siavash300 on

Thanks Reza Pahlavi for bringing up the violation of human right in Iran. Justice will prevail and we are going to have our shah back in our country soon. Things will change for a better very soon.

Dorood bar Reza Pahlavi, lawful king of Iran

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am not really following you. It appears that you think USA is a servant of UK. Maybe some presidents like Carter are simple to manipulate. But others are not so dumb. America has its own policies and they are different from Britain.

RP needs to get American support and that is all. The best way is to get support from Iranian Americans. Because Americans want a winner not a Chalebi. Hillary knows MEK are not popular so they are open to someone else. RP is acceptable.

Yes IRI has pissed off UK and that is good because they may be off balance. RP might as well take the moment and cement his support. Once Americans commit to him we are good. Next he must form a government in exile; reclaim his throne.