NIAC: What Kind of Future Do You Want?

National Iranian American Council promotional video


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A future without NIAC and Regime Apologists... LOL good point,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

A Sincere desire for Human Rights in Iran

would require change in constitution and

all those serving regime to be brought to justice

and regime change for sure.

Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

OI, that kind of logic is really weak and unaccepatble. No matter what we think of that group's leadership, and correctly criticize its leadership, there's also a good chunk of memebership (rank and file) very much open to a healthy discussion about shifting priorities within the group, to a concentration on human rights abuses in Iran, and organizing around that issue. We should engage with all their open-minded members and don't let paid fools like you know who get in the way, cheer


Best reason to NOT support NIAC

by Onlyiran on

That is if all their shady connections to the IRI weren't enough.  Here's the best reason"

IRI groupie and unabashed supporter of their crimes, "Mola Nasrredin" below is their main supporter on this site.  Enough said! 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I get confused you say " The only difference between us and other arab countries ...". I was not aware that we were an Arab country. Would you please enlighten me?


We are a well Medicated group on this post.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Laughter is the best medicine.

We want regime change against an army of crazies, waiting for their hidden imam to appear and torturing all our people, when they are't beating and rapng them.  And...

And like Martin Luther King, Ghandi and Lech Walesa we think peaceful change is possible..


This is such a funny discussion.

These guys will put a "choob to oonjaheh solidariteyetoon"

Jokes aside people, please be serious, not seriously funny, they are not handing out Gaz and Chai in their torture chambers you know and regular people have been terrorized to death literally on the streets, with people having their fingers sliced off with knives.

Their finances have to be cut off and people need to have weapons to fight them.

South Africa was not a Religous Tyranny, we are talking about IRI and its going to be tough, dirty and messy.  If you think Regime change will happen with out tens of thousands of mullahs and their supporters being killed you are living in la la land.  Some will fight to the bitter end, the less the better, but have some perspective with ideological radicals.


People... The Guys in power are not going to go peacefully.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I agree no foreign armies, no bombing, no supporting with weapons local sepratist groups.

How ever, that said.

We are dealing with
Ruthless Cowards, who kill old men and women, children and don't have
any sense of painful remorse for what they are doing to hold on to power
at the peoples expense.

MolaNasredeen I'd like to know what is your solution for regime change???"a complete embargo/sanction of the islamist regime" is the minimum any sane person would pursue.

We need snipers on the ground, shooting to kill Regime leaders, Judges, Basiji commanders and anyone else terrorizing the people...

any other suggestions?


Great, We agree. No War Solution

by Sepidar on

Aghah Roozbeh, There are so many things we can agree on and the most important of all, I bet everyone (or almost everyone) wants the same thing at the end. Iran for all iranians who can express their opinion freely and without fear. However, getting there is tearing us apart. I hope we all can agree that we don't want any foreign power to bomb our homeland in any shape or form (surgically, non-surgically, bombing one guy and not the one next to him,...). 

There are some who are promoting the idea that: They will bomb out the ones we don't like and hand us a new country. First of all any war confrontation with Iran will get to a point that the invaders will try to tear the country apart into pieces (Shomali, Jonubi, turks, baluch) to weaken it. Secondly there is a force of 70 million to be reckoned with. By the time it is done there is no winner.

We should be patient and not look for a quick easy way out. This is a game of chess and the oponent is not stupid.

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

Last commentator says:

"a complete embargo/sanction of the islamist regime"

And meanwhile

Jenabe Stalin sits on his comfortable couch

somewhere far far from Iran 

sipping his Darjeling tea, watching his TV.


Sepidar, I appreciate your honesty.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

My comments are in no way directed at you or othe ordinary NIAC supporters. 

Given islamist regime's increasing brutal treatment of Iranian people , and increasing dislike of this fascist terrorist entity by iranian people, It is wise for NIAC to  try to influence the US policy towards Iran in a positive way. To that end a complete embargo/sanction of the islamist regime , the way it was so successfully applied in case of apartheid south africa, would be a great start. application of this kind of embargo would actually help a great deal in preventing a war with Iran which non of us desire.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


What kind of Future we seek?

by masoudA on

A future without NIAC - with real Iranian/American representation.  

I wonder if Trita knows what Khejalat is?  I like to see him attend ONE Sattar or Googoosh event - just to see what kind of reception he would recieve!!!



by Sohrab_Ferdows on

NIAC Campaign for fundraising through donations which has started recently is just to hide their links to questionable resources which NIAC has been associated with since the begining. They are also trying to acquire legitimacy and credibility among Iranian community in exile by claiming that their activities have produced results that benefit all Iranian community in America so that they can impose themselves as a cerdible representative of Iranian-American community in their dealings with American government officials. NIAC in fact is not even an important element in lobbying for American corporations or Islamic regime of Iran as they really do not need such activities in order to have (or start) relations with each other. These days, most big corporations are operating at international levels and have covert links with international elements and organizations which have highest influence in international economic affairs. The most important role of Iranian groups like NIAC is to create divisions among Iranians abroad by attracting impressionable crownds through decptive tactics and propaganda that falsely magnify their abilities and influence on different matters while demonizing others who do not agree with them.

As a side effect of their "efforts", some of the leading members might be lucky enough to get wealthy through some of  their connections with corporations which are linked to universal masonic brotherhood and some of them might even have the ambition to test their chances of reaching the positions of power in future Iran. I personally would not mind if they called themselves something like "American Iranians for promoting and protecting business with Iran" but when you add the word "national" in front of your organization's name then there are some  implications. NIAC leadership lies to its ill-informed and uninformed members and others and, misrepresents the facts through activities of its propaganda clique which do not really present any valid argument to defend their organization while attacking others through labels and name calling to discredit and silence them. NIAC and its members have never contributed to the struggle of Iranian people for human rights and justice and never condemned the barbaric actions of Islamic regime of Iran for that matter but they pretend that they have done a lot in that regard without presenting any evidence. When they face critisism of Iranians who are suspicious of their activities and connections, they resort to innuendo instead of reasoning to shut them out of any meaningful discussion.

Why NIAC has never attemted to raise fund through donations before? If they relied on the funds coming from their members, how many members did they have and how much money did the members pay? where is the financial statements and reports of this organization to show where the money came from and where was it spent? Is recent fundraising due to increase in expenses or reduction in revenue from other sources? There are many legitimate questions that NIAC can never escape from as they will always be there and people will always ask. Ignoring questions does not make them go away.


No One wants to bomb Iran, Islamic Fundametalism Yes/Iranians No

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

MolaNasredeen, you should distinguish difference between Arabzadeh who has no respect for human rights ie mass rapists and Iranian People, unarmed and today victims in their own homeland.

Where is your conscience?????  Do you know how many young girls and boys are getting brutally raped today, while we all have the freedom to express ourseves here?

Regime needs to be brought to justice at the international criminal court.  Yet another idea for IAC to pursue.



Protesting IR embassies

by Sepidar on

Dear Roozbeh,

If you follow NIAC, they are exposing IR crimes day in and out. As we speak, they are hosting Maziar Bahari to talk about his experience of the regime's human right violations. I am one of thousands of NIAC members and have my opinion which may or may not totally agree with the next guy. Here, I see alot of misconception about NIAC and decided to post my opinion so we learn from eachother. I am not into a daring contest. What I am trying to say is each organization should focus on what they are most effective at. I named Ms. Ebadi (or figures like her) as an example as she has been doing this for her life career. I am not assigning any task for anyone. At the same time from what I have seen from NIAC, they have always been endorsing movement of exposing human rights violations and have publisize those actions to educate the policy makers in the congress and thats what they are great at.



by Simorgh5555 on

Don't you wish your boss wasn't Jewish? How does it feel slaving away 9 to 5 for a Jew? 


Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on


move away from your armchair, you've been sitting on it for too long.

You're smelling yourself, taking a shower would help.


sepidar: on protesting at IRI embassies.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

You seem to be OK with it, so why dont you put the question to your organisation NIAC  and let us know, dont need to wait for Mrs ebadi!

BTW, I smell and hear a cyber bassij rat desparately squeeking  to be heard :)

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

The 'Bomb bomb bomb Iran Crowd' are coming out of woodworks here.

Read their comments.

Thery are pathetic! Asking US to invade Iran


Protesting IR embassies

by Sepidar on

I don't see why NIAC would not endorse that. As they have been continously condemning violations of human rights, imprisonment, executions in Iran and endorsing actions of exposing human rights violations outside Iran (working with Shirin Ebadi,...). What I see as a problem is sometimes in these demonstrations we see some groups are there just to promote themselves or fight over flags. We need to be responsible with our actions no matter what is our opinion. Our actions should encourage our countrymen inside and let them know they have a partner outside and not looking like a bunch of out of touch people. I think again based on what NIAC mission is, a call for these kind of movements should come from people like Ms. Ebadi and organizations like NIAC should endorse, promote and use it to work in their tasks to acheive our main goal of democratic Iran and Iran for all Iranians.


HumanRights/RegimeChange are top priorities for IranianAmericans

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Realizing what the #1 goal of the nonArab/nonmullah Iranian American is would help you a lot molanasredeen.

That being the case, NIAC would get my $100 if they pursued a policy of cutting oil income from regime.  Block all oil exports from Iran. Roozbeh is Right, that would have serious consequences and lay the ground work for Iranians to handle the Regime themselves.  With out foreigners going to war and bombing people.

We wouldn't mind a no fly zone over Iran to protect people from regimes helicopter gun ships they used against protestors in the past.

Iranian Americans would also appreciate a thousand Apache Helicopters as back up for the people, at close quarters to minimize danger to civilians, against basiji's if and when they are used against the people.  We want minimal damage to civilians so bombing should be kept to a minimum, just military targets outside densly populated areas.

Most Iranian Americans left Iran due to persecution from IRI and want Regime Change from a nonreformible islamic govt towards a secular one of the peoples choice.

Mash Ghasem

NIAC members should initiate an indefinite campaign to free

by Mash Ghasem on

all political prisoners in Iran, and make such a campaign and task THIER #1 PRORITY, until all political prisoners in Iran are free. Simple, straight forwrd, feasible and viable, cheers


A future where ...

by ramintork on

We actually play a useful role towards a democratic Iran and not just take feel good actions, or put up a facade.

Where people rather than lobbies funded by cooperate interest that divert our will in the political direction that suites them and not say a reformist pseudo Government be it in a Khatamiesque or otherwise reincarnation decide our actions.

Where our elite, Artists dignitaries would not be for sale and queue up in a give away "Polo Khorosht" party, and not sell out because they are egocentric narcissists and like people to suck up to them and shamelessly attend this party or circle of friends that through a domino of hidden funding was ultimately thrown by Haliburtons of this world or organizations who want their brand of Hamid Karzai like Iranians in place!



"smart sanctions" .....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Ask south african black activists who fought and successfully toppled the white apartheid regime and they'll tell you that the UN led, US initiated complete and absolute embargo of the south african regime was the key reason the fascist system fell apart.

Why is NIAC opposing this kind of sanctions?

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


lets call niac bluff by asking for protests agaist IRI

by seannewyork on

If niac is serious they should call for protests for everyone around usa and europe to come out and protest against the regime.  all people from all backgrounds protesting the human rights violations and getting rid of the regime in iran.

 they will never do it.

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on


NIAC is not a 'Revolutionary Party'

and we are not Cubans!'

Besides who needs NIAC's help?

as long as we have the 'Traveling Armchair Revolutionaries' here who are especialized in whining. 


Protesting in front of IR embassies

by Sepidar on

Thats a great idea. However NIAC is to work with the US policy makers on policies toward Iran. But I think they would/should endorse such a move. Again it is about different groups/orgs working together.  

Iran does not need Israel, US or any other country to solve his problems (if that is what some think the outside powers are there to do). Every country is after their own interest (rightfully so).

I agree with NIAC promoting smart sanctions and let go of the dumb ones. Aim Sepah, Basig, Ghods,... Ease the access to internet technology to help the large mass of iranian youth to have tools to fight back the regime. 

Solution has to come from inside, and as it succeed, there will be a great sense of pride. Any path that ends up to a war is a disaster. I don't think we want to replace the Basig with Black Water. Sanctions that aim ordinary people will just make them weak and helpless. The path of Dumb Sanctions takes us to the Iraq of the pre war. Iranians are too proud to want the same thing happen to them as it has in Iraq. Those of us outside Iran should not let that happen. I dont think any of us want to intentially harm Iran. Knowing that, we should work together and not fight each other.   


How about we all practice Democracy in front of IR embassies and

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

diplomatic centers, protesting its crimes.

NIAC is in a good position to lunch a US wide (and in collberation with other groups) a world wide protest campaign against IR. Why such a coordinated campaign has not been undertaken yet? If not now, then when? If not us, then...

Haif noon!


"Come Together"

by Sepidar on

NIAC, based on the votes of its members used to focus more on preventing war and in the last 2 years, again based on the votes of its members, the human right issue has been a high priority. NIAC will be just as good as its members. They have shown us that they know how to work within the US political system. As members we can decide what needs to be done and participate in it. NIAC makes sense to me in what they are doing and I support them. IF there are other organizations that will help and work for our cause sincerely, I will support them too. Just check out what it took to pass the student visa issue. It was not just NIAC, it was different organizations using their resources and working together to accomplish this difficult and amazing task. If we want democracy in Iran, lets show we can practice democracy in our community outside Iran, where there is no real obstacle.

Let me give you an example: Why is it that with all the resources spent for so many years on the Iranian satelite TV stations, nothing has flourished. Problem is "the grab foot mentality".  


Darn me if get silenced by NIAC/IRI cyber rent a mouth yapping..

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

poodles, so the "oil business as usual" could go on whilst my people,  the "Iranian_Iranians" are slaughterd daily like worthless animals by a gang of corrupt, thieving, islamist terrorists back home.

Mash Ghassem hit the nail right on the head. Here we have a group of self appointed carpet beggers, claiming to represent "Iranian americans", working with the western oil Giants, ensuring "poitical stability" in iran so the oil flow to the west would not be interrupted. The occasional "human rights" lip service can not hide the real agenda here.

I, like many other Iranian americans,  want to see  complete south african style of sanctions imposed on the islamist regime, that would include an embargo on all oil purchase from the terrorist islamist regime.  We the Iranian people will then take care of the fascist regime weakened by the lack of oil revenue, and do the entire humanity a favour by removing the biggest threat to the world peace and stability, the terrorsit islamist regime of Iran. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Cousin Farmarz:I can count on you to use reason in your argument

by Bavafa on

Your reasonable skepticism merits a second look at this organization as I believe no single organization is perfect or meets every one's demand. However, in a healthy/functioning group do you suppose one can change the direction and/or shortcomings of such group by participation or by sitting on the fence complain in ways that resembles only nagging (not by you since you are offering reasonable criticism) without providing any alternative venue or suggestion as how to fix it?

My point is, looking at vast majority of our what I call NIACers as Birthers, you hardly ever see any arguments that can provide the proponent an alternative. If I was going to withhold my support for NIAC, what options do I have to give Iranian-American a voice to speak on my behalf in Washington?

The change must begin at home (with ourselves first) and until we can change ourselves to take responsibility by participation, we can not expect any meaningful change.




by afshinazad on

Self power and doesn't give a ****** about IRANIAN.

Support IRI, who rape and kill Iranian.

NIAC stand for $$$

Niac is not for me nor for you, which for them is marketing IRI for american politician and get their share of money. for Niac relationship with IRI and american politician is the main issue not the people of Iran who hate the Regime.

Since 2002, when was the Niac, spoke against IRI and when was the last time they were helped Iranian were wondering all around the world with no where to go, if NIAC would of cared about Iranian, why they don't help Iranian who are in turkey or the greece or other countries seeking refuge. when was the last time NIAC helped one refugee family could move to us.

COMAPRE NIAC with other national organizations which are active in US.  Niac is disgrace for our people compare to other countries national organizions.