A Mad Mad World

Do I want to get out soon? Yes, sooner than later!


A Mad Mad World
by Fariba Amini

I don’t know if I should cry or laugh these days. I have cried quite a lot since losing a dear friend so now I want to laugh a bit. Like many Iranians I am also on Facebook. Frankly, there are times when I want to get out for good. It is a waste of time if you think about it. Though at times, it is nice to be in touch with some people otherwise you won’t be communicating with. But the world of cyberspace is clearly a crazy world.

You get the news rapidly, instantly and most of it these days of course is all bad news. Not just from Iran but the whole world. But Iran especially, as if there is nothing good happening in this damned county of ours except for maybe football and the fact that Iran beat Bahrain. Imagine how thrilling it is: we Iranians beat the Arabs! But then all of sudden the most damning news comes out. An Iranian expat is arrested and charged with trying to blow up Café Milano and with it the Saudi Ambassador. I used to go with friends to Café Milano when I lived in DC. It is a noisy restaurant where sometimes famous people but especially the chic Iranians and Arabs gather, mingle, drink and show off.

Imagine! What a blow to our already stained image. We are not just evil but evil doers! The media jumps in and already hundreds of articles pro and against are written. NPR, CNN, BBC and all others comment and get their commentators in line. Someone on Facebook says why do you find this a joke? Another replies: because it just doesn’t seem to fit with the whole picture, it is too far fetched. Then all the Iran specialists weigh in.

Now the US Attorney General, Hillary and Muller must provide facts and not just fictional stories if they want us to believe the whole scenario. Iranians from inside Iran comment: what the...? this is just not true not that this regime is incapable of acts of violence (they do it daily to Iranian citizens) but to go after a Saudi in the nation’s capital under the watchful eyes of the FBI, homeland security, the CIA and all done by a petty ex-businessman through the Mexican cartel is just too implausible and too stupid for words? It is not just a story out of a spy novel but purely made up if you ask me.

Could Qods people have gone totally mad?

One Iranian from Iran says: Oh it is time we all marhoum beshim! There are signs of war or attack or more sanctions. It seems that the whole world is united in not just isolating Iran but crushing it to pieces. Poof: there goes Cyrus’s tomb, the Shiraz gardens, Persepolis, Natanz , Sios-e pol, Isfahan, U. of Tehran, Niavaran, the Imam tomb and more…. The Iranian regime is the ultmitate culprit of course. Why stone, hang people in public in the 21st century and yet want nuclear energy? It just doesn’t fit.

This Senator Kirk wants Iranians to eat less or nothing at all, maybe because he wants to eat more! Do the Republicans know what they are saying or doing these days? I guess not. Imagine, they want peace and prosperity for the poor Middle Easterners and cry their heart out for the Arab people who just went through the Arab spring turned to a nightmare, but they would not want prosperity, employment and benefits for hard working Americans! Oh, how sad.

On Facebook, you meet a lot of people: many have pseudonyms and most are called Kaveh Irani, Mohammad Irani, Asghar Irani, maryam Irani, and more Iranis. Half are green, half have Mousavi’s photos or the good Sheikh. Don’t know if one should become friends or not with people you have no idea who they are? Usually I stay away from people I don’t know and I guess they get annoyed.

Then there are those who write about everything and anything. Like, a few days ago I went to Starbucks and just had a latte. Or I had a grand day at the bar or we are moving to a new place as if really you or I are interested or care. I mean I am interested to find out if my friend had a baby but who cares if you went to a coffee shop for God’s sake. The news comes fast and furious. Sometimes it is good to get the news but most of the time the news is just bad, up and down , left and right bad. I don’t want to hear bad news anymore. Sometimes I want to see a nice face or a good report or a somehow sane comment. No, that doesn’t happen usually on Facebook.

The monarchists blast the NIAC people and NIAC blasts the MEK people. They are at each others’ throats all the time. I don’t want to laugh, I want to cry because this is the state of being of the opposition I am afraid. Monarchists go after the “regime supporters.” But then it becomes too much because they accuse anyone they disagree with as regime supporters or apologists. I have been branded at times. But frankly, I don’t care. I usually care about two people: my dad and his idle and I know people have had enough of that!

Then sometimes you see the use of foul language. Oh, oh, that is a no no.

Sometimes you see people make dumb comments but hey this is called freedom of speech!

What do you do? You just either confront them or shy away.

Iranians love to argue and disagree and slander and tell each other I know better! I have the wisdom and all the knowledge and you don’t.

On Facebook, you can clearly see the reality of our messed up culture with 3000 years behind it. I must say though that sometimes you do encounter good articles and good comments and at the end of the day it is good to see a nice face or a nice photo.

But why Facebook? You can just be in touch with friends (real friends) and stay away from “friends,” “acquaintances,” and “restricted friends,” all courtesy of Facebook.

It is a wild world out there on Facebook. Do I want to get out soon? Yes, sooner than later! Maybe you do too.


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My nomination in comments goes to...

by comments on

Thank you for the blog.  Though I usually like everything in the life section, I loved this one including comments.  My nomination for comments goes to Hafez for Beginners.  I would like to comment on the last sentence about Kardashian's style.

Recently, there are shows designated to Kardashian's family.  I watched the shows with great interest.  I didn't watch them because of their style selection since I have done so many window shoppings at upscale areas so Kardashian's style did not facinate me.  But, the important is how such a young person could take over hours and hours of TV shows to promote herself and mainly her business.  Do we know how much she earned (at least as a matter of money not publicity) by doing that?  Do we know what the cost is to advertise for a minute in such a popluar channels?

Actually, their shows says a lot.  Do we know if we have such a show in Iran and encourage people to construct the government, people listen.  It influences people in a great extent.  Power is something Iran needs at the moment.  A reliable/temporary power to influence Iranians to construct their country themselves.  Not the power of religion of dictatorship.

"It's not about what we believe. It's more about how we behave and influence." Comments



by BabakNeekpey on

Zemne  salam

Mashalah   500 friend  dari  ;  Bazam  b donbale friend  hast

Facebooket  kheyli jaleb  ast va ham agheedeh

B omede deedar

I love Reston  Herendon  and  the  Twin malls  you  got  there


Hafez for Beginners

Talk "AT" vs. Talk "TO"

by Hafez for Beginners on



FACEBOOK teaches you to talk "at" friends, rather than talk "to" friends: So I signed out a long while ago - asking friends/family  to talk "to" me  via mediums that allow us to do so. No longer just posting video of baby and hoping 250 will see it - (they know I won't) Talking "at" eachother is cancerous. And leaving Facebook has been great! Won't change it, not even for a second! Facebook would leave me feeling voyeuristic, empty and inauthentic. Heavy price to pay!


OTHER PUBLIC FORUMS: That isn't to say putting yourself out there, say in this forum - Iranian.com - is  bad. It's actually positive, as there are no expectations of "friendship" here - but to exchange information, etc. It's an open forum that warrants putting stuff out there, and to learn from each other - without me having to hear of your cat's nausea, the coffee you bought this morning, you sister's wedding photos, your cousin's newborn. Those are sentimental, personal  exchanges and not to be consumed - Kardashian-style - on Facebook, at least not for me. Facebook was robbing me of authentic connections. And I have never looked back. But healthy public forums - I'm all for!


Fariba: Imagine

by alimostofi on

Fariba: Imagine .....

Imagine that you read in the news that it was The Hezbollah Party in Iran that did it. You then would walk in that restaurant and say that The Hezbollah Party in Iran is doing just this sort of thing to Iranians everyday in Iran. But no, instead it has all been filed under Iran. Who benefits from this? Anyone who hates Iran. These include people who do not want a future new modern Iran run by Iranians who work for the West at the moment. The last thing the West wants is another non violent economic power house - this time in West Asia and better than Korea. That is why Khomeini was flown in.

Ali Mostofi




Fariba Joon, The Internet has become commoditized

by fanoos on

Internet has become commoditized very much like other technologies such as entertainment industry, airline industry, etc.

Do you recall the time when you traveled by planes you had to take a shower, dress nice, and smell good,...? Those days are long gone. Now a days, they pack you like a bunch of sheep and cows in a stinky plane where you smell Indian food in your right side, Chinese food in your left side, and the guy/gal in front of you passes gas which causes the person behind you thinking it was you...! Yes dear, the era of exclusive rights to high tech gadgets and services have been long gone! And, the Internet and its various outlets such as the Facebook, Linkedin, and others are no exceptions! They let anybody in including the types of folks you have described in your post! By the way, I saw your Facebook picture and you look gorgeous!