Protesters break into UK embassy in Tehran

Burn British flag, replace it with IRI flag

BBC: Protesters in the Iranian capital, Tehran, have broken into the UK embassy compound during an anti-British demonstration, reports say. Militant students are said to have removed the British flag, burnt it and replaced it with the Iranian flag. They were also shown live on Iranian state TV throwing stones at embassy windows and breaking them. The move comes after Iran resolved to reduce ties following the UK's decision to impose further sanctions on it >>>



America took stand

by Siavash300 on

The executive order has been signed by Obama administration today and sanction is going against oil and gas and central bank. Sure, things will change in the next 6 months. The future looks more brighter than before. I am still thinking E.U is going to join the crowd,not because of Iranian people, for their own safety and profits. Islam and these monsters are issues for modern world. E.U can feel that. It is not only Iranians who are suffering. These monsters are threat to the whole world. It is like a cancer which has to be removed from the face of earth. If it doesn't get removed it will hurts Europeans as much as it hurt Iranians.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

One more thing

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Siavash. EU won't do a damn thing because any nation gets a veto. 

  • Who gave a place to Khomeini and flew him into Iran - France.
  • Who gave Khomeini a voice - BBC Britain.
  • Who is getting oil from IRI on credit right now - Greece.

If you think they are going to so much as lift a finger your are dreaming, I will tell you what Great Europe will do to its child the "Islamic Republic": nothing!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Siavash

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


UK is full of s***. I trust Israel any day over Britain. I know a lot of Israeli and risking generalization I have noticed one thing. They are upfront and no BS. They tell you what they think.

The British on the other hand are underhanded; lying SOBs just like the Mollahs. As they say "ba panbeh sar mi boran". You won't even notice it until your head is on the floor. They can take their gesture and *** it. If not for them Neda would not be dead.

Take advise of an older Iranian who is on your side. Don't you ever trust the British.  Do you really think they want to "rid us of the Mollahs"? If they do it is because Mollahs are not damaging enough. The want to replace them with Ravaji MEK traitors.


VPK concern

by Siavash300 on

"Just the money they stole from Iran by splitting Bahrain would pay for a 1000 scholarships ten times over"VPK

Yes, it does. But if I am not mistaking you mentioned that only country who can help Iranians against mullahs in this conjuction is Israel. I just wanted to mention that U.K with this friendly gesture about Neda's scholarship can be counted for aiding our people against monsters who occupied Iran for last 32 years. I think this terrorist act of attacking U.K embassy is also aiding Iranians for taking U.K in their side. it is better to take them in Iranian people's side rahter than bad mouthing Brits and repeat the same thing that Islamic gang in Iran are saying. We have to do whatever it takes to get rid of mullahs. Next friday E.U has a meeting just about how to deal with those criminals who occupied Iran. To me sound like Iranians are not the only ones who are suffering. International community is suffering as well and we all together have to find the solution for these Islamic bastards. We can't offord to dismiss any opportunity for overthrowing mullahs because of the past history. We have to look forward rather than looking backward and scrutinizing whatever has happened in the past.  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Great Siavash

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Is that going to make up for them taking: Reza Shah; Bahrain; Afghanistan from Iran? Nice fine good for them that is so nice.

Reza Shah is dead now may we have our territories back please.

Just the money they stole from Iran by splitting Bahrain would pay for a 1000 scholarships ten times over. Siavash your heart is in the right place but you need more research.


For VPK information

by Siavash300 on



"Let us face it they have not been a friend of Iran. "VPK 

Dear VPK,

you probably didn't know about the following news. I just found it out myself today.



   Iran condemns Oxford University over Neda scholarship


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November 11, 2009|By Barry Neild CNN

Iran has complained to Britain's Oxford University over a scholarship program in memory of Neda Agha-Soltan, the young woman whose on-camera death during a protests earlier this year made her a global icon of Iranian opposition.

In a letter to the head of the prestigious university's Queen's College, the Iranian embassy in London attacked the philosophy scholarship as "politically motivated," linking it to claims that Britain was behind violence in Iran.

Agha-Soltan was shot dead during a government crackdown on protests in the wake of June elections that opposition politicians said were rigged to give a landslide victory to hardline incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Shemirani Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Har kasi az nazareh khodesh mibineh. Be nazareh man mardom kheili az har do enteghad kardan. Mokhalefat ba engelish masaleyeh digariyeh. 

In English. There is a difference between being upset and Britain and condemning this act. I do condemn this act without reservation. I also condemn actions by Britain in the past 300 years in the whole region. Let us face it they have not been a friend of Iran.

Having said that it does not excuse the actions of IRI. In my opinion the Mollahs are mostly a British creation. So just like the Frankenstien monster it turns against its master. People should know better than to create a monster.


VPK jan,

by Shemirani on

Anche be nazare man miad ba moghayese in do events, in ast ke dastane poster kheli bishtar be mardom (on this site) bar khord koli hayahoo be pah shod , dar soorati ke 32 sale be esm irania be (usa, uk, france) fosh keshidand, va mardom kheli rahat az in mozooh migozarand va hata rooshoon nemiarand.....this is my perception ! omidvaram dar eshtebah basham va omidvar sham !


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Big Shame !

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

know that majority of us is against it but why being so silent, double standard is wrong

Silent? I have read non stop criticism of the attack on British Embassy on IC. I have condemned it as has everyone I read. How could you possibly say "silent". Just read the posts and the proof is there.

I am not able to go demonstrate in front of IRI embassy. Because we don't have any in USA. But I and many others have made our disgust very obvious. What else is there to say other that "I condemn this". 

One more thing. Many people defended the lynching picture; no one defended the embassy attack. So yes there is a double standard but it is the reserve of what your implied.


Big Shame !

by Shemirani on

i was wondering where are all these people who felt offended few weeks ago about a racist poster in texas ??? why are they so quiet no ? you should be offended when few extremist irnian insults other nation by burning flags ..... ! i know that majority of us is against it but why being so silent, double standard is wrong

 is NIAC & co going to sign a petition against this ???


Dolat mige ina "daneshjooand",  akhe chand sal roofooze shodan ?? giafeha hame pirpatal e lol


Kers aziz, These are mullah's agents, not iranian people

by Siavash300 on

واقعا که مردم ما حیوون هستند.  بعد به عرب می‌گویند بی‌ تمدن!  کدوم عربی‌ همچین کاری کرده که ما میکنیم؟  درد و بلای هر چی‌ عربه بخوره فرق سر وحشیتون! 


 No, Mr. Kers, these people are not average iranians. They are either paid of mullah's agents or some dumb people who were brainwashed by mullahs. Iranians are civilized and well mannered. This act also shows that SANCTION against mullah's economy had been effective. Don't worry my friends on We are going to the right direction. The end of turban dynasty is getting closer and closer. In the next political wave we will see the crowd of million Iranians from southern part of Tehran will attend. That would be the end of suffering of our nation.

Anonymous Observer

Very true Kaveh -

by Anonymous Observer on

Although I don't know if they also climbed the Danish embassy in November of 2006.  Worth finding out.  




by yolanda on

IRI is the only country on this planet to glamorize embassy take-over on the commemorative stamp and proud of the act:



Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

We're the only nation on this planet that has attacked (and attacks) embassies and has taken diplomats hostage.

AO, you forgot to mention that Embassy Invading Season in Iran is in November.

November 1979....November 2011


 Why have an embassy in

by vildemose on

 Why have an embassy in Iran? Nothing diplomatically ever means anything to these radical thugs. All western missions should move out, throw out all IRI “Diplomats” from their countries and shut off all activity and commerce. Make them dependent on the Russians and Chinese


"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson


ایوالله خرس




AO & VPK look at my blog for your responses...

by Disenchanted on


       I wrote a blog under: "Hafez behind the attack on UK embassy"!




by yolanda on

It is a sad day!

1) This embassy storming incident will give John Nonmacher in Texas the ammunition to ridicule Iranians even more! The Texas dude has put his original age-yellowed anti-Iranian poster away and posted a replica copy on his restaurant wall 'cause he does not want his original poster getting ripped off the wall:


2) I think IRI orchestrated this protest in order to completely stifle the green movement! IRI intended to use anti-British protest to steer people away from anti-IRI protest! This is IRI's PR stunt!


واقعا که یک ملت یک پارچه الاغ


خاک بر سرتون.  همینطور که پائین گفتند، هیچ مردمی رو کرهٔ زمین همچین کاری رو تا الان نکرده.  نه هیتلر، نه استالین، نه حتی حیوانهای خمر سرخ.  فقط مردم بزرگوار ایران!  تقصیر خودتون هم نیست.  لوس شده اید.  یک دفعه همچین غلطی را کردید، اومددند لیلی‌ به ممه تون گاذشتند و باهاتون قرار نامه امضا کردند، و حالا فکر میکنید که هر وقت کسی‌ بهتون چیزی گفت میتوانید مثل خرِ هار از در و دیوار سفارت‌ها بالا بروید.  اگر همون دفعه اول که این گًه را خورده بودید آمریکا حقتون رو کفّ دستتون میگذاشت دفعه دوم این کار را نمیکردید. اون هم اشتباه آمریکا بود.  با حیوون که کسی‌ مذاکره نمیکند.

واقعا که مردم ما حیوون هستند.  بعد به عرب می‌گویند بی‌ تمدن!  کدوم عربی‌ همچین کاری کرده که ما میکنیم؟  درد و بلای هر چی‌ عربه بخوره فرق سر وحشیتون! 


Deja vu

by jasonrobardas on

  No wonder the world knows Iranians  as "hostage takers"...What is about "political immunity and illegality " that Islamic fanatics do not understand...????


VPK, Would depravity of the act, also be an excuse for

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

degenration of the discussion?

Me likes your periodization of the discourse in our "cyber-community" in here, the steps, more or less same routines, all over again. It has an aspect of  "Groudhog's Day" to it.

شورای امنيت حمله به سفارت انگليس در تهران را محکوم کرد




Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Always the same

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


These blogs always go the same way then admin shuts them down. First someone posts news or opinion. Then you get people who basically are saying the same thing. But for some reason will get in a fight over some minor detail.

Next it degenerates into name calling and insults. With no reason mind you since all sides agree. I don't know  the problem since everyone opposes the attack. It is whose thing is "bigger". If yours is not big enough you are an IRI supporter.

Then admin shuts the blog and people move on all pissed off and angry. Those who want to actually do something give up on this forum. Maybe IC should go to a the comment control system. Then you get rant blogs and discussion blogs.


No worries: many future reformers will emerge from this incident

by AMIR1973 on

The IRI has a history of picking its "reformists" from hostage takers, and so you may be seeing some future "reformers" in this mob. Since the storming of the US embassy gave us such IRI "reformist" luminaries as Mousavi-Khoeiniha, Mirdamadi, Massoumeh Ebtekar, Abbas Abdi, etc, then it is only fair to wonder which of these "students" will end up as the IRI's future "reformers".....

Anonymous Observer

Speaking of Kaseyeh az ash daghtar

by Anonymous Observer on

Don't you have a Palestine blog to write or something?  I heard a dog shed his fur in Ramallah.  You should get on it right away.  Take "Bavafa" with you too to help you out.  He's another kaseyeh az ash daghtar Palestine lover.  You can do the blog together.

Mullahkosh-e Gerami:  Don't waste your time arguing with and educating Mr. / Ms. disjointed here.  Obviously, the point of my comment (which is so blissfully lost on this guy) is this: this despicable spectacle is our culture.  We're the only nation on this planet that has attacked (and attacks) embassies and has taken diplomats hostage.  Yet, in the face of this shameful display of barbarity we have the audacity to brag about our so-called "great culture," and tell others how our poets Hafez and Saadi are the pinnacles of wisdom and humanity.  And we never lose a chance to quote them to prove our point.  So, the question is this: why not quote them and brag about the greatness of our culture now?  What does their wisdom, and the wisdom of our culture in general, has to say about this atrocious act?

But I never expected (and will never expect) for this character or his/her buddies to either understand or respond to this point.  Don't blame them though.  Their minds are preoccupied with other things, such as what goes on on a daily basis in Gaza.  

PS- Just wait.  Now disjointed will claim that you are another username for me, as he has claimed in the past that Simorgh and Oon Yaroo are my other usernames.  That's the level of discourse that he can engage in.  :-)) 

Darius Kadivar

Obama condemns attack

by Darius Kadivar on


It will be a while

by azadi5 on

for those who are waiting for British visas to be issued from that emabbassy again. But again, that's the least of problems for the people back there.


There is no point of wrestling with a chimney

by Disenchanted on


      because no matter what happens you come out dirty!

      I am always amazed by the cases of "Kaaseh az aash daaghtar" on this site!


شراب سرخ گرامی‌


شما خیلی‌ لطف دارید. من کامنتم را گذاشتم قبل از فرصت دیدن و خواندن کامنت شما. بله دوست عزیز، حرف من و شما و تعداد زیادی از دوستان دیگر یکیست. همچنین،  اگر درست خواندم، نکته شما در باره نقش خائنانه این آخوند جماعت در جنبش مشروطه بر همه ما روشن. البته، به عقیده من، اون دوره که ملت ایران گول این بازی‌های مسخره یک مشت مزدور دانشجو کش بسیجی‌ که در لباس دانشجو،مثلا حمله به سفارت ارباب‌هاشون می‌کنن، گذشت.......

سلامت و پیروز باشید. 


Yes discorded..

by Mullahkosh on

No doubt. Iran does not need any more Mollana reading antellectuals wussies who drink their red wine while mullahs are destroying the country. To defeat this enemy, one must be able to match them at their level of brutality, and force. If 30 years ago Shah had done that, Iran would be in a much better place today, and I bet most Iranians agree with me. So stay in your high horse, and pass your shallow judgements, it does not bother me, I don't give a rat's ass what you think of me, because rats ass is at least visible, unlike your intelligence, and wisdom...


Mullakosh you have no intelligence or taste as

by Disenchanted on


   clearly indicated by your username and icon (image) you have chosen to represent yourself! Not to mention your tone and the content of your posts.

      Mullas have found a good match in you :-)