Protesters break into UK embassy in Tehran

Burn British flag, replace it with IRI flag

BBC: Protesters in the Iranian capital, Tehran, have broken into the UK embassy compound during an anti-British demonstration, reports say. Militant students are said to have removed the British flag, burnt it and replaced it with the Iranian flag. They were also shown live on Iranian state TV throwing stones at embassy windows and breaking them. The move comes after Iran resolved to reduce ties following the UK's decision to impose further sanctions on it >>>


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

AO you go too far

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


How do you know who goes to Iran?

Frankly it is none of your business if people want to visit family. Go mind your own business.

The oil money it 100 times all the other combined. If we want to deal with the money West needs to put an oil embargo.


دیپلماسی مال خر است


بسمه تعالی‌

سفارت هم مال خر است.  ما فقط دفتر حزب‌الله لبنان را در ایران میخواهیم و بس.   

السّلام و علیکم و رحمت الله و برکاته.

Anonymous Observer

Another day, another group of Iranians climbing another

by Anonymous Observer on

embassy wall...

How sad...  

Even sadder is seeing people who are in denial of what their people are capable of.   

Come to terms with it people: this is you.  It really is you.  If you don't want this to be you, you should stop going to Iran, spending your summers there and buying real etstae there.  You are supporting IR's economy by doing so and are, therefore, part of this spectacle.   

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The "protest" is staged that is what they wanted and got. No protest of this kind in Islamic Republic goes without the government approval. It costs the government one box of Sandis per protestor hence Sandis Khor.

hamsade ghadimi

دانشجو مای آرس

hamsade ghadimi

مگه اینکه دانشجوهای حوضیه علمی‌ قوم


Deja vu

by Rastgoo on

Two events early on after the revolution prolonged its precarious life:

1.  The US hostage crisis served as a filter to expunge all the "non-revolutionaries" from the revolution (like Bazargan).

2.  The Iraq invasion was divine intervention for the regime to consolidate its hold on every aspect of the society and to further radicalize its positions.

This new move is to:

1.  Oust Ahmadinejad (force him into resignation) and consolidate the power among the extreme fanatics.

2.  Provide the pretext for a military confrontation with the west.  Invasion of a country's embassy is equivalent to an act of war.


Babak Khorramdin

بسیجی لباس

Babak Khorramdin

بسیجی لباس شخصی یعنی وحوش از طویله در رفته

Better to live for just a single day as a ruler than to live for forty years as an abject slave.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Rea

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have the same issue here. A lot of left wingers think I would support it. Thanks to their ignorance and left wing radicalism. I have to explain these are Basiji not students. That in Iran you do nothing without government approval.

The reaction I get from left wingers is disappointment. There are some who hate West so much as to ally themselves to any opposition. I was trying to tell to a gay left winger how Islamic Republic would deal with him. The guy replied it is propaganda.

Attacking an embassy is plain out wrong. It is a violation of sovereign territory of that nation. I get the feeling that the Islamic Republic is itching for a war. Maybe they get what they want. I don't know their goal however am sure it is no good.


When the only tool you have is a hammer everything

by Disenchanted on


         would look like a nail. Be it foreign adversaries or domestic opposition! Unless you believe some saint will come out of hiding to save the day you MUST wonder Where is this going?!



by yolanda on

This is exactly what IRI wanted: Protest against the West instead of IRI!

I can picture Khamenei is smirking!

Is this 2nd Islamic revolution? What does IRI want to accomplish from this? IRI is too afraid of the more sanctions? IRI is desperate?



by Rea on

I lost my afternoon fighting with leftist idiots who think it's just great burning the Brittish flag and attacking their embassy, "symbol of all evil" as they say. Also trying to explain, it's not Iranians, it's chador and basidjis.

If you don't like my non argument, too bad, skip it ! ;o))


haalam be ham khord

by Fesenjoon2 on

عجب لهجه تخمیی داره این گزارشگره


Rea's argument..

by Mullahkosh on

Oh everybody does it, so does IR, so what is the big deal? "every regime has its lackeys" completely an absurd statement made by our resident cultural relativist who don't even have the courage to condemn something that is truly evil. It is as if they can't condemn all evil things in the world, than they must remain silent in the face of the evil they see...well done...

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

I agree with

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on



  • I agree with: Rea AMIR1973; Mullahkosh; Fred; Hirre; DK; MRX1; Faramarz; and MM
  • But I specially agree with RG and Harpy-Eagle. You got it 100% right.
  • Disagree as usual with AO and Fesenjoon. Yes they may be "Iranian" but they are Basiji. Sorry your henna has no color with me.


Every regime has its lackeys

by Rea on

.... and so does IRI. To each their job.

Me, of average intelligence (;o), do not identify this with Iranians. And I do not certainly identify young Iranian women with what we see in the video, 1:04.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

I wonder

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


First we know Islamic Republic does not allow anything to happen without approval. Therefore this was orchestrated from the top. Sorry to burst some peoples bubble but this is not an Iranian reaction it is an IRI Basiji act. 

  • Who are these "students" really were and how come the police did nothing.
  • Is Britain still going to sell IRI mobile phone tracking systems.
  • Is Britain finally going to get serious about IRI.
  • How does UK feel about having  been a major force in toppeling the Shah.
  • Why does UK have an embassy in IRI anyway.
  • Is UK still going to coddle up to Islamists on its own soil.

If they are serious the first thing is to impose real sanctions. Including on monitoring devices and stop making backroom deals. Then stop having BBC be the voice of Islamism. 



by Fesenjoon2 on

What an auspicious day.

Let the world know what an unworthy country Iran has become. 

Literary Critic


Literary Critic




Mohammad Ala

My views on religion have been public

by Mohammad Ala on

My views on religion have been posted on in two different articles which include Islam.  Here is a link.



Lover's Quarel ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

House of Windsor has always been in love with Eeezlaam. They will always use this backward and evil idealogy to keep their slaves in the depths of stupidity and superstision they want them in. Their "Chaos Theoricians and Chaos Idealogues" will milk this Eeezlaamic cow for all it's worth for many more years in all those "Backward Muhammaidst" countries. By the way, saying "backward Muhammadist" is a redundant, because there are no non-backward Muhammaidst countries.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


any forced students are screaming "Tiraakhtor, Tiraakhtor"

by MM on

These are Basij, not students who said "down w/ dictator".  If there are any forced students amongst threm, they are probably screaming "Tiraakhtor, Tiraakhtor", cf. AN's visit to Tabriz (//

Artificial Intelligence

IRI Apologists

by Artificial Intelligence on

The IRI apologists on are now comparing the behavior of these Basiji thugs to political discourse on IC. Shameless IRI apologists! 

Hogeh Bazi at its best!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

جنابِ گیلانی، آقا روزبه خانِ بزرگوار ...

هم عقیده ایم،با این که اینها نماینده خلقِ ایران نیستند و هر کس گوید که هستند از ما نیست، اما کاش به جنبشِ مشروطه که ما اشاره بدان داشتیم نیز توجهی‌ مینمودید.مطلبِ ما را مجددا مطالعه بفرمایید :) .

عزت زیاد .



Mr Ala

by Mullahkosh on

This is a great day for Iran, but not so good for Islam. Everyday Islam is damaged, it is a brighter day for Iran, and Iranian culture. Make no mistake about it, these people are citizens of Iran, they were born within a border of what we call Iran, but they are not Iranians. To be an Iranian, you have to live with a certain sets of values, and ethical codes, none of which has been displayed by these people in the last 30 years. Just because you have a IR stamp on your birth certificate, it does not make you Iranian. Iran today is a degenerate country, with no identity, it is a mix of some bedouin-Arabo-Islamic nation that puts on "Iranian" show once in a while like during Charshanbe souri or Noruz. You can call that  country whatever you want, but it is certainly not Iranian. So you are wrong. Not only so called Iranians are out of the country, but Iranism was taken out of Iranians in the past 1400 years, and what is left is shell of a former great civilization...


Perfectly normal behavior for Islamists

by AMIR1973 on

As long as Iran is run by Islamists, hostage-taking will be part of the equation. And to think that some individuals and lobbies go around promoting diplomatic relations with the IRI....In the highly unlikely event that the US would re-open an embassy in the IRI, it would be subject to periodic threats of hostage-taking. I'm sure that would work out very nicely for both Iranians and Iranian-Americans.

Mohammad Ala

Not a good day . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

As AO said these people are Iranians.  For those who are in Iran, every couple of months they can see 50-100 people demonstrating in front of British Embassy or they pass by it voicing slogans… similar to people on who see their right to attack others who disagree with them…. As the saying goes… you can take Iranians out of Iran but you cannot change their thug mentality.

This and similar situations will make it hard if not impossible to win cases against us in international courts.  Even when laws are on our side, as VPK has said: "no one will listen."  Not a good day for Iran and Iranians.


Shifteh Ansari

Video: The break-in

by Shifteh Ansari on


There is two sides to this equation

by Mullahkosh on

It is interesting how all things in life, even politics, and diplomacy can be summed up in terms of mathematical equations. There is no doubt that these degenerate Islamofascists are the most uncivilized group of beings running around on this planet these days. One can hope that some day soon, these basiji dogs, and their bosses in Tehran and Damascus are bombed to hell, and wiped from this world! As I said, I have yet to come across a good muslim (as a citizen of the world, not as a person). Even the educated ones seem to be stuck in the 7th century framework of dealing with 21st century reality. A good muslim is the one that is kept outside the borders of the Western world, so at least there will be a place on this planet for those who cherish freedom, and liberty.

Having said this, one can't help, and can't ignore the other side of the equation, just as any good mathematician can't just look at one side of the equal sign. As much as I am a fan of what the Western Civilization has given us in the past 500 years, including the philosophical framework of concepts of individual freedom, and a sound democratic system of governance, one must admit that the Western world, particularly the Western European civilizations are on a rapid decline. No sooner than this episode will end, you will see the British licking the big fat asses of mullahs in Tehran for cheap resources. Western Europe, including Germany, Italy, Spain, and Brittain are civilzations completely void of moral , and ethical codes when it comes to the affairs outside of their borders. They are no different than a monkey that awaits a bundle of bananas. European are whores when it comes to foreign policy. They can be bought and purchased with a few Euro and dollar. Just about everything is for sale.

In the past 30 years, IR has learned to exploit this. Even as the "Western" world was talking tough this past year, Iran's trade with Germany was at its highest levels. No doubt, when you give these degenerate ugly, dirty muslims the room to do what they did without any impunity, they are bound to become like junkyard dogs, ever more hungry to pillage, destroy, and basically show the middle finger to the rest of the civilized world. Had Carter completely bombed Khomeini's thugs, and made a parking lot out of Qom in 24 hours, these animals today would have been behaving in a much more civilized fashion. Yet it is still not too late. Let's do this U.S. Airforce, and Navy. Let's do the world a great favor, and cleanse this planet of these thugs..


Rozebeh has got it right on the $$$.....

by Bavafa on


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Anonymous Observer

IR should be expelled from the UN!

by Anonymous Observer on

period end.