US, UK Canada Step Up Pressure on Iran

Iran faces fresh Western sanctions over nuclear plans

BBC: The US, UK and Canada have announced new sanctions against Iran amid growing concern over its nuclear programme. A US official said sanctions would target the Revolutionary Guard, industry and the petrochemicals sector. The UK said earlier it was cutting all ties with Iranian banks, while Canada said it was banning exports for the petrochemical, oil and gas industries. It is the first time the UK has cut off a country's banking sector in this way. >>>


Darius Kadivar

Does anyone have a Plan B ? Opposition means Strategic Thinking

by Darius Kadivar on

Dunno how much these sanctions will be helpful to topple the IRI ...

I am not at all convinced that the regime is on it's knees and let's suppose it were who could take over if the regime were to crumble overnight ?

We have a divided opposition outside and an ineffective one inside ...

A Diaspora still quarreling over the events of 1953 and confusing ANN TELECTUAL cyber discourse on the "virtues" or not of "democracy" as being an effective way of "fighting" the IRI.

Cyber quarrels let alone FB Resistance is not what will dismantle a regime like the IRI nor will it appear in the eyes of Western Powers as a Reliable Alternative to the IRI.

Improvising a so called "Transitional Council" as the Libyans did or the Syrians are struggling to put together would basically be a useless attempt in the case of the Iranian Diaspora who at best will offer a "Sofa" Resistance to the IRI even if the regime is to be toppled.

Admit it folks non of us is as physically brave to do what the Libyans have done to take arms and move back home to defend their homeland ...


TRIPOLI BRIGADE: France 24's Groundbreaking Documentary on Libyan Rebels 


Anyone in the Diaspora who claims the contrary is at best a Liar ... 


Those back home may because they would have no other chance if things turn upside down but none of us will  ...


They have proved it during the Iran Iraq War ...


SARBAZ: Fereidoun Farrokhzad helps child soldiers of Iran Iraq War


So if these sanctions eventually lead to a national upheaval against the regime ( which I hope sincerely it can help achieve) I am sure there are brave Iranians back home who would be willing to take arms to defend themselves as bravely as the Syrians are doing or the Libyans ...

But what then ?

Does anyone have a Plan B ?

Who will help put together a government in a country knowing that transitional periods are the most sensitive period to handle after a Revolution or a civil war ?

No One and definitively No so called Opposition leader has the answer nor offered the slightest clue as to how they hope to channel this discontent into forming a government in a Post IRI, Iran ...


I'm all for Patriotic Blah, Blah, Blah but without a concrete platform for regime change and a Coherent Blueprint on how to achieve this, I am afraid no one will be able to fill in the vacuum of Power which will inevitably follow the fall of the IRI ...


If you think all this BS left wing rhetoric that the "masses" can lead the way all by themselves then you are as equally naive as that other Testosteron driven IRANICAN air Head Siamak Baniamery.


Reza Joon, man up or get out! | 


History proves that Revolutions without a Program only lead to anarchy.


Do we even know if we all even agree on what we mean in terms of "democratic" demands ?

Do Those who advocate "Federalism" or even a "Federal" Republic and irresponsibly claim that in a democratic Iran regions can be politically autonomous evaluated the Risks of Kurdish or Baloutch or Azeri Separatism ?

Something that even our neighboring countries like Turkey or Russia ( both Republics) refuse for themselves ...

I welcome these Sanctions but know that in the end of the day Western Powers have Just their own Interests in mind. They can lend a helping hand and generously support our cause in "principle" ONLY if we are capable as a community to offer a RELIABLE alternative in the form of a Transitional Council or an Opposition.

If You merely Rely on TESTOSTERON and NOT ON NEURONS you end up with what you see in Yemen at worst and Egypt at Best. Neither are as appealing if you asked me ...






The French Resistance had a strong network of people working inside the country and taking orders from outside with De Gaulle as Leader of the Opposition in exile in London.

Take this scene from the movie "Is Paris Burning ?" :




De Gaulle Never fought in the streets to save the country. He merely made speeches and then was greeted enthusiatically by Parisians when the Capital was liberated by the People while the rest of the country was liberated by Foreign Forces.


Proving if needed the SYMBOLS MATTER ...

What Symbol do we have ? Who can embody this SYMBOL ?

The experience in Libya contrary to the liberation of France shows that the best the West can do is lend a helping hand to the rebels by imposing a UN No Fly Zone. But the hard work was done by the People themselves.


Do you see us doing this at this juncture ? I don't !


Unless you want the country to be taken over by the MKO ?


MKO LOBBY: Former US senators seek to lift MKO off Terrorist List 


Or do you prefer to Safeguard YOUR Republic thanks to NIAC ?


LOST IN TRANSLATION: NIAC Welcomes Hamid Dabashi on Advisory Board 


COLUMBIA PRESENTS: Academic Excellence With Hamid Dabashi & Sadri Bros 




I Don't want to have to choose between TWO SORT OF TRAITORS to Lead us either into a Post IRI Iran or maintain us in the status quo illusion of a Reformable IRI  ... 


Unlike individuals "masses" are like "sheep" they need to have a leader if they want to achieve something concrete COLLECTIVELY.

Without a Leadership all Your "Cyber Enthusiasm" is merely Smoke disguised with wishful thinking ...

Only a CREDIBLE Opposition Can offer a serious threat and alternative to the IRI ...

Do you see one today ?

I don't ! 

But don't blame the absence of an Opposition or their incompetence. Blame your own Clueless inconsistency ...

SATIRE: Evolution of the Iranican Mind ;0) 

As the saying goes we deserve the Political leaders we have. To blame them is easy.

What have any of YOU done to make a difference ?

Now either Go and Cry Me a River ...


And if you can't Move Your Asses then might as well Get Out ...


Personally I don't believe any of this augurs well ...

But at best reveals our COLLECTIVE INCOMPETENCE ! 




it is about human life not poker chips so stop betting

by choghok on

remember that while you are betting here and there you are betting with human lives as stake, we are not playing poker here.

Taking history in account crippling sanctions did not work in Iraq, Saddam still bought his Viagra and bought silicon tits for his girl friends while normal Iraqis died by not having medicines. Saddams power grew instead since people suffered for daily life, he also got people behind him.

This is not simple equation with one unknown parameter that you are so sure of solution. I am against war, but I think at least a war would take lives of IRI leaders and those who want to die for them, of course with many civilians too, but much more civilians would die because of lack of medications and other unnecessary deaths like they do today and at the end we will have the mullah and Revolutionary guards in power once the embargo is finished.


VPK....I agree....that sounds awesome

by shushtari on

I'll bring a bottle of DARIUSH '08 CABARNET lol


I agree with fred.....sanction the akhoonds' central bank and game over......I'll gladly ride my bicycle to work if gas goes to $6 a 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

MK is right

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Gee hard to believe but I am in agreement with MK. The regime has gone on for way too long. It is time for it to go and not a moment too soon. I really don't care how it goes as long as we get rid of this *** .

Then we may get together in Tehran and debate Mossageh. Over a glass of legal wine in a restaurant in the middle of Ramadan. Men and women next to each other with no Hijab. And *** any Islamist who does not like it. 

I am so sick of this Islamic garbage I am about to *** . Give people back their respect and bring Iran into the international community. Implement the full sanctions and get it done!


Sanction on the Central

by vildemose on

Sanction on the Central Bank will do the job....However, does Obama adminstration truly want the mullahs gone?? I don't think so.


"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Dealing with IR is like dealing with the Mafia. In the case of the Mafiosi, though, they are intelligent enough to have legally "clean" front compnies representing them. Don't tell me the Iranian weasels in Washington calling themselves lobbyists can really deliver! And the "sane" world is where, even under the protection of laws and regulations, anyhing horrible may happen, but people are given certain choices, such as what to wear and who to vote for. And a woman is NOT considered as half a person!

hamsade ghadimi

you're correct anahid.  any

by hamsade ghadimi on

you're correct anahid.  any country can cease any type of trade/dealings with another country.  there could be reprecussions for the country that takes those actions (such as contesting of w.t.o. agreements); however, i'm sure that each country will take to those actions into account.  we do not vote for every law that passes in this country. if we don't like the laws the politicians pass, then we vote the politicians (policymakers) out of office. in addition, the actions that are cited in the article does not seem to be part of normal rulemaking process (which takes at least a year to be implemented).  it seems to me that these actions are due to executive orders (laws withouth certain due processes in a rulemaking such as comment and response period from grieving parties).

Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on

They are using 'legal' terms, pretending that they are part of UN resolution. There are no political sanctions

There lies my beef. 

And in any case, it's quite a pathetic show, as they've been doing their deals in every movva effer of a tax heaven of a haven for decades and will continue to do so.

It's always about which oligarchy or kleptocracy gets more.  And


quite frankly I don't like it. 

International law is all we've got! 



Uncharted territories

by Arj on

The way IRI is conducting business, the possibility of a confrontation with the West seems more likely by the minute! Unfortunately though the most effective measure that could bring it to its knees (a complete oil embargo) borderlines on a strong possibility of an all out regional war. Otherwise, without the oil revenue, IRI would be as good as dead the next day!


کانادا شیکر زیادی خورد.....


Anahid Hojjati

Dear TL

by Anahid Hojjati on

sanctions are regarding business. It is every country' s right to state that they don't want to do business with another country. They don't even realy need a reason. Unless I am missing some kind of world law that says that every country is obligated to engage in trade with every other country.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear TL

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Please define legal who decides and law of what? I hear legal all the time but who votes for it. How is it enacted or changed and ...

Tiger Lily

My government is an effer of a farce

by Tiger Lily on


I didn't vote for them, not that there was much choice anyway. 


P.S. Always wonder what Fred means by 'sane'.

Tiger Lily

very obvious question:

by Tiger Lily on

is this legal?

Or more difficult question: is this legitimate?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear JJ

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


It gets always darkest before dawn beleive me. For IRI to go it must get really bad. By stupid actions Mollahs bring their end.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Britain may start by not selling IRI mobile phone tracking software. That would be a good start :-) 

Maybe Canada stop letting Rafsanjani buy up property in Toronto.

But then where is the old Mollah gonna run to when time is ripe. Maybe they should offer him a jet. Take him and the rest out and off our backs. I wanna go back home with no Mollah.

Jahanshah Javid

Worse and worse

by Jahanshah Javid on

A fishy allegation of an assassination attempt in Washington... an ominous-sounding IAEA report that's neither here nor there... an Israeli government that's able and willing to attack Iran... western financial crisis with no end in sight... a stupid, vicious theocracy in Tehran that refuses to compromise... militarization of the Islamic Republic's state institutions and economy... mounting pressure on Ahmadinejad by Khamenei supporters... appalling human rights abuses... Iranian economy and financial institutions cut off from much of the world... there's no light at the end of this tunnel.


It's about time!

by religionoutofgovernment on

I totally agree.


IRI Lobby/NIAC is Upset Alreay

by IranFirst on



NIAC/IRI's suggestion is more "negotiations", to buy more time for  terrorist IRI (as they have done the past few years).

IRI has put itself (and Iranian people who have NO choice in these
matters) in this position. Between Sanctions Or War.

Some idiot
factions of IRI would welcome a "limited" war (at Iranian people's
expense), to declare victory after they barely survive after an attack
and then stay in power a little longer.


G. Rahmanian

Not Enough, But

by G. Rahmanian on

But with the French President, Sarkozy, talking about oil embargo, the pressure seems to be building up! Let's hope for the total isolation of the criminal regime in Tehran!


Not enough

by Fred on

The sane world has to place sanctions on all the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) financial institutions including its Central Bank.

Then all the financial institutions in the world will have to make the choice between doing business with the Iranian raping, stoning, murdering and weaponized nuke acquiring IRR, or with the sane world.