War or Revolution (the only 2 Actual Options)


Masoud Kazemzadeh
by Masoud Kazemzadeh

The terrorist regime wants to have nukes. The U.S. will not accept the terrorist regime from having nukes. The terrorist regime will NOT negotiate away its clandestine nuke program. Actually, the terrorist regime does taghieyh and lies about even having a nuke program. There is nothing the West could offer the terrorist regime for it to give up its secret nuclear weapons program. Hence, the only way to stop the terrorist regime from having nukes is a war. Khamenei thinks that by fooling the West, he could buy time so that he could finish his secret nuclear weapons program and have a bunch of nuclear bombs. Therefore, the SOLE way to stop a war is to overthrow the terrorist regime before it completes its nuclear weapons program.

There should have been full sanctions on oil, natural gas, and the central bank loooooooooong time ago. By cutting off the 80 to 90 billion dollars that goes directly into the hands of Khamenei every single year, there would be a high likelihood of the collapse of the economy, and the possibility of mass uprising, leading to the downfall of the terrorist regime.

This gradual one small step at a time could NOT do the job. What is needed is full sanctions on oil and central bank for the economy to collapse, and the regime to lose control and fall. I am afraid that this small step at a time will be with us for a long time. Because this gradual small steps could not cause either the terrorist regime to sit down and negotiate, nor cause the fall of the regime, the U.S. would eventually have to use military option to stop the terrorist regime from completing its nuke weapon program.

The best way to prevent war, or perhaps the only way to prevent war, is to overthrow the terrorist regime. And the best way, if not the only way to do so, is to have full sanctions on oil, gas, and the central bank.

Those who have opposed full sanctions in the past 10+ years, are responsible for the prolongation of the rule of the terrorist regime, and thus responsible for the future war between the U.S. and the terrorist regime.

There are ONLY 2 ACTUAL options:

1. A war between the U.S. and the terrorist regime;

2. We, the Iranian people, overthrow the terrorist regime.

And the only way to weaken the terrorist regime is to have FULL sanctions on oil and central bank. These will weaken the terrorist regime, and thus enable and empower the Iranian people, ourselves, to overthrow the terrorists.

Az ma goftan,



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  Gingrich Urges War with

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Gingrich Urges War with Iran and Skyrocketing Oil Prices



"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson



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 "Battleground Iran:

"Romney aides acknowledge if the former Massachusetts governor becomes the Republican nominee, it will be difficult for him to draw foreign policy contrasts with the current commander-in-chief.

But there is one issue on which the Romney campaign believes Obama is vulnerable: Iran.

In fact, the campaign recently decided to make Iran the centerpiece of their foreign policy strategy, believing it to be the most sensible point of attack, as well as a potent counterpoint to the inevitable Obama campaign boasts about bin Laden and Libya.

"Iran is a unique kind of threat," said Daniel Senor, one of Romney's close foreign policy advisers, in an interview conducted over the phone and via e-mail. "It directly and unambiguously threatens core American interests: the security of the American homeland, the security of our access to vital resources in the Gulf and the security of America's close ally, Israel."

Campaigns often have a slogan that encapsulates their foreign policy stance. For the Romney campaign, Iran is the bumper sticker. Their argument on almost every aspect of foreign policy -- China is a clear exception, because it is in a different part of the world and presents a unique set of challenges -- flows from the premise that Obama's failure to slow or stop Tehran's steady march toward a nuclear weapon has made the world more dangerous..."



"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson


It might work

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However, full sanctions is hard because Iran has something of value that other countries can't live without and this will increase the oil price (~5-10 % chance of increase if all nations boycott iranian oil)...

Also if deals are broken with the west (US don't import iranian oil as it is today), then most probably China and Russia will come and buy the rest of the shares of iranian oil, not to mention India etc. 

Most probably you would need to bomb iranian oil fields if you want to turn it off completly and that is is something I would never support.

Nevertheless, I don't think Iran will ever get nuclear weapons simply because of the reason that the IR knows they would be beaten with a much greater force. The main fear is if Iran manages to secretly create nukes and smuggle them to Israel. But then again, that is a fantasy scenario and the world would still know who did it and punish accordingly. So basically the whole situation is in status quo. There is no reason to have any fear. The question which the US should engage in should be human rights, democracy and condemning Khamenei. This is something the US and the west never will do...

This whole battle between the US and Iran exists because iranian revolutionaries attacked the american embassy back in the beginning of the revolution and the americans are still "oghdei" about it and the fact that Iran never wants to kiss americas ass like the saudis. If the incident would never have happened (many iranian officials also regret this although in secret), then iranians would have the same relationship as saudi arabi have with the US, minus the military installations. This is the other side of the coin which people tend to forget. However, the focus should still be on removing the IR from Iran today...

Oon Yaroo

Dear Dr. MK, Probabilities of 1st event is 0.99 and 2nd 0.01!

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