Diplomat: Accused of sexual harassment of 10-year-old girl

Accused is deputy head of the Iranian consulate in Frankfort, Germany

BILD: An Iranian diplomat on 25 June has tried abusing a girl (10). The man who allegedly tried to kiss the girl, was reportedly detained at the hips. Seven days after the incident the man was led away in a green area with handcuffs at the police station but released immediately - because he had a diplomatic passport. Apparently, he relied on immunity enjoyed by diplomats. For the mother who trusts her young daughter, it was like a slap in the face. But now the file is located at the Frankfurt prosecutor's office. Spokeswoman Doris Moeller-Scheu told Bild: "We still consider whether the defendant enjoys immunity. We are in the middle of the investigation." The consulate officer does NOT have full diplomatic immunity. This means that for mistakes he makes not in office, but in his private life, he must answer >>>


khaleh mosheh

Will he now

by khaleh mosheh on

be sacked and a fresh start made by another diplomat in the same post?



by IranFirst on

There is no need to assume anything. Mohamad Thighed Ayeshe when she was 6 and then raped her after she was 9 (see link). Muslims defend/rationalze Mo's criminal behavior. Quran PERMITS sex with girls who have not reached puberty (see link).  Please show the same for Jesus and Bible (BTW I am not a Christian). Or show it for any other major religion.

The priest who have commited the rapes were not following any examples set by Jesus (nothing exists), or Bible. 

Most of the  killings and bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan have been done by Al-Qaida (l am surprised you have not seen Quran beeing recited when they are beheading people, in their videos). These savages were following Islam, Quran and examples set by Mohamad. The few Americans who had commited crimes wrer convicted and imprisoned. I did not see them reciting Bible, or saying they beat the Iraqis for Jesus. The Soviets who killed many innocent Afghanis, Czech, and Hungarians.., were never convicted. Their "religion" was communism

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Americans go to jail for rape - IRI soldiers go to jail to rape!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Political prisoners have been routinely raped in IRI jails, by the "Nameless Soldiers of Imam Zaman". Did any of those NSIZ get in trouble for that?

The people who raped and killed Zahra Kazemi are ruling Iran! American soldiers who raped in Iraq are in jail.

Only biased blinds can white-wash IRI this well, or those who have benefits.

Viva NIAC and PAAIA!



by Souri on

Okay, then why you don't assume that Jesus was also a rapist, because of the thousand priests who have raped thousands children up to now?

And all those American solders who have raped the prisoners and the ordinary people in thier own houses, in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan!

What was their religion?

What hell of prophet they were following?

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Haven't IRI agents routinely raped girls in Iran prisons?

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

This is an Islamist rapist habit, and not an isolated case!


We are an Informed Nation, except for the Islamists and the Left

by IranFirst on

To poster Souri

References (from Quran) about what Quran says, and what Mohamad did are provided, if you are not intersted to look at the facts that Islam sanctions , sex and rape of underaged girls , that is your problem and it seems an attempt for political correctness to forgive/shield  Islam. Can you provideany Islamic/quranoc references that show the contrary?

This is NOT an isolated case (similar case in Brazil) for IRI. And definitely widespread in Islamic countries who follow Sunnah (behaviour of Mohamd) to molest and "marry"/rape children. Readers can decide if (as you claim) Islam has nothing to do with this man's behaviour , or it does (at least partially, due his Islam-infested mind). Bringing references from Islam is very relevant to this discussion. Because IRI itself has said that "cultural diffreneces" (code word, their savage Islam) have caused the similar case , in Brazil

The full details of the truth will come out in germany, if there is a court case. The FACTs about Islam's point of view stand , regardless




by yolanda on


State-run Press TV quoted Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Hasan Qashqavi as saying that the mass-selling tabloid and the People's Mujahideen, an opposition group outlawed in Iran, were behind a "fabricated scenario" to discredit the diplomat by accusing him of molesting a girl in Frankfurt.

German media reported over the weekend that an investigation was opened into the affair, in which the diplomat is said to have caressed a 10-year-old girl and followed her up to her family's apartment late last month, allegedly trying to kiss her. The Frankfurt prosecutors' office could not immediately be reached for comment.

The media reports say that German police detained the diplomat only briefly but released him after he proved diplomatic immunity.



by Truthseeker9 on

Press TV says People's Mujahideen and German newspaper Bild are conducting a smear campaign on the Diplomat!


it is fake

by مآمور on

Israeli made propaganda for its cronies right here at IC!!

I wear an Omega watch


according to SAVAMA, he wasnt even an islamist republic diplomat

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

he was an "izraiiili reipist"

can I say "LOL"?



Faramarz jon

by Souri on

I just can't imagine an Iranian diplomat in Frankfort, Germany, running after molesting a child on the street, just like that!

It seems so  fake!



by Faramarz on



The guy tried to kiss the little girl and like most molestation cases, he didn't anticipate a reaction. But when the girl screamed, he let go of her out of momentary fear.

Now, why would he run after her instead of running in the opposite direction? He probably wanted to tell the little girl that it wasn't what she thought it was and he was just trying to say what a nice and beautiful girl she is, etc., etc., etc.

Do you find that difficult to imagine? I don't.


Faramarz, I find this part very funny

by Souri on

و کمر او را سفت می‌گیرد و می‌خواهد او را ببوسد که با فریاد دختربچه روبرو
می‌شود و او را رها می‌کند، اما دیپلمات ایرانی تا درب خانه دختر را دنبال

Aval dokhtar ra raha mikonad, vali ba'd ou ra ta darb manzelash donbal mikonad 


!Just try to imagine this senario

Okay, I have nothing to say about that. I believe that everybody's mind is already set.


We are a very misinformed nation

by Faramarz on

Souri Jaan,

You may find some of your answers here.




We are a very strange nation!

by Souri on

Just upon a vague news which gives nothing about the context of the event, merely saying " a man (related to the IRI tried to kiss a 10 year girl"...........

And all this speculations and soghra o kobra about Isalm and its doctrine and Mohamad and Ayeshe.....etc, etc!

Does it surprise you why we are still at the point zero on fighting for our country?

No, no surpirse! We are a lazy nation who wants just to talk and speculate about all and anything, rather than moving forward and doing something to construct the future!

Let see what the news say:

 An Iranian diplomate tried to kiss a 10 year girl!


1) Where did this happen?

2) Was the girl alone or accompiend by her mom (or someone else)?

3) If she was alone, then why? If she wasn't alone, then who was with her? and why?

4) What was the context?
Let be a little bit imaginative, I give you a picture:

Example, a man is sitting in a park on a bench and suddenly a little girl launchs a ball toward him. The man gives back the ball to the girl. The girl thanks the man and she is so cute that the man (eventually missing his own daughter or whatever) wants to give her a kiss! The girl shy away or she is frightened..........

Where in this story, you find a mere sign of pedophily or attack?

Now, remove the adjective (Iranian diplomat) and put anything else instead.....A homeless German, an African man, A Danish diplomat....

Could this simple incident have a chance to happen or not?

So, what would be the issue?

You know what guys? I think you are a true melat e bikar who have nothing to do during the week end! Get out and smell the roses........


In the Brazilian case, IR claimed "cultural differences"

by Mehrban on

"cultural differences" as defense against allegations of assult and child molestation.  I am almost certain that by cultural differences they were referring to the content of the comments of a number of bloggers below and my last comment.

No joke.



Quran PERMITS sex w Girls who have NOT Reached Puberty (Demo)

by IranFirst on


You would imaging that Islamists (like Demo), at least READ Quran (the terrorit's hand book). This is what Quran says, what MO the child-molester practiced and what Muslims and IRI diplomats consider "normal"

A man can marry a girl who hasn't reached puberty

Here Quran prescribes the waiting period of a female who has not yet
reached puberty thereby permitting men to have sex with girls who have
not reached puberty: 

"Such of your women as have passed the age of monthly courses, for them
the prescribed period, if ye have any doubts, is three months, and for
those who have no courses (it is the same): for those who carry (life
within their wombs), their period is until they deliver their burdens:
and for those who fear Allah, He will make their path easy."

Qur'an 65:4



Shazde Asdola Mirza

فتوای امام خمینی در مورد سکس با کودکان

Shazde Asdola Mirza

"It is not permissible to have sexual intercourse with one's wife that has not reached nine years of age, be it permanent or temporary marriage. But there is no problem with all other pleasures such as lustful touch, embracing, and rubbing again the thighs, even with a suckling infant."


Dear demo

by مآمور on

yes, it is true the prophet did not have any fatwa. I think, it was because he had his book with him, the god's words. Fatwa r used for things that did not exist back then!! and sure enough, ' it is man made' 

I would like to make a suggestion for your Ramadan's afternoons. The story of Omar bin khatab. I watched its highlights and I noticed plenty of Iranian related contents in that series. I would be interesting to see how mbc ill depict the Alqadesia and Iran!!

Ramadan Mabrok

I wear an Omega watch

Anonymous Observer

Really, this and the Brazil incident are good reasons

by Anonymous Observer on

for the closure of all IR "embassies" around the globe.  We all knew that IR's so-called diplomatic missions were engaged in terrorist activities, evidenced by the Mykonos incident and the Saudi ambassador terror fiasco.  But we hadn't seen the actual characters who occupied those nest of terrorisrsts and spies.  Now we see them, one by one.

Someone said on one of the threads about these incidents that IR's foreign mission staff are no ordinary folks.  These are IR's most trusted operatives, which means that they had to work their way up IR'm mafia structure and prove their absolute loyalty.  In organized crime (which IR is a form of) this means committing the ultimate crime for the organization--usually murder.  So these guys are probably former IRGC, asij or SAVAMA tortuerers, executioners, prison rapists, etc. who have now put on ill fitting suits and have become "civilians."  Hence, the type of conduct we see them engage in.  I fully agree with that sentiment.

Plus, the IR has shown, through attacks on the American, Danish and British embassies that it has no respect for diplomatic missions.  Their embassies around the world should have been closed a long time ago.  But it's still not too late.  Close these cesspools of criminals and terrorists NOW!  


محمد مهربان است!



محمد مهربان است

همش تو فکر کودکان است

به نرمی میزند دست

که گوید کارش بی زیان است

به هر جا که کودکان اند

محمد در میان است

محمد گر چه نیست خوشرو

ولی جویای زیبا بچه گان است

که هرگز او نگوید راست

تو دانی که جنسش هم همان است


Sharia Law? Fatwas?

by Demo on

FYI: Aside from the explicit laws of Quran, the rest of Sharia Law is man made! The word 'Fatwa' appears only 'twice' in Quran and are both 'guidelins' revealed to the Prophet in regards to the questions he was being asked by his followers. There no other evidence in Quran, showing that the Prophet ever issued Fatwas on his own! Absloutely nowhere in Quran. In regard to the marriage age Quran is silent. The reason is because GOD has gifted humans with the 'Brain' & the power of 'Thoughts.' And believe or not the latter word appears more than 900 times in Quran. Go figure! 


Dariusabadi: These are "diplomats" of a regime.....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Which routinly, based on religious Fatwas, Rapes it's Political, religious and ethnic prisoners. The regime which has for the past 34 years used Rape as a weapon of terror against it's citizens, some devout muslims. all in the name of Islam. The scandal of Rapes, torture and murders of peaceful demonstrators at Kahrizak detention centre, post fraudulent elections of  2009, was just the tip of an iceberg

Yes, these Islamist Fascists have brough shame upon Muslims and will continue to do so till the time they have been dispatched to the trash can of history. It is up to good muslims, who interpret their religion differently from likes of Khomeini and khamenei to speak out, condemning these acts of barbarism in the name of their religion. To demand and work for an end to the Islamist republic and it's replacement with a secular, democratic republic....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Muslim men have no restriction in taking advantage of non-muslim

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Muslim men have no restriction in taking advantage of non-muslim girls, to my knowledge of Islam, for example:

1. The non-muslim girl can be considered a gift (hebeh), if she simply accepts the Muslim man's advances;

2. The non-muslim girl can be considered a concubine (kaniz);

3. The non-muslim girl can be considered a temporary (sigheh) for even a very short time.

There is no minimum age for a girl, as far as a Muslim man's sexual relationship is concerned, in Sharia Law.


Blame Islam? Why?

by dariushabadi on

Even if Islam allowed marriage with 9 year old girls -- which it does not, and the hadith about the Prophet marrying Aisha at the age of 9 are fabricated to make Aisha younger than Ali when she enters the Prophet's household (she was according to the more reliable Hadith to be 18 - 21 years old based on the time frame and events that took place when she was born and then the events she was married).


Islam however does not allow you to touch non-mahrams. This diplomat did not "marry" this girl, so why blame Islam? This man has a perversion problem, and this problem is not restricted to Islam or Muslims.

Atheists, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists have child-molestors in their midsts. Why would you blame Islam in this situation, but not another person's religion in another case?

Even if Islam allowed marriage with a 9 year old -- this man wasn't married to this girl -- so it is not sanctioned by religion. So stop blaming religion, and blame his psychology and condemn him for his crime.


I am a practicing Muslim, and I have no desire for underage children. So why would you blame my religion as if Islam is teaching me to want underrage children -- which it does not. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

9 year old sex in Islam (in the context of marriage)

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Please pay attention to the fact that in Islam, marriage is based on Asking and Accepting (ejaab va ghabol)!

Asking and Accepting is very important, because it means that if a 60 year old Akhond asks a 9 year girl, and she says YES ... they are married!

For that very simple reason, girls' names were kept like a secret. Furthermore, a girl is not supposed to say YES, if some guy calls her by name in the street, because it may be a marriage trap:

[would you marry me?] Susan Khanom!

The 1st part of the above trick line could be uttered in low voice and when Susan Khanom would have said YES (baleh) ... she could become my new wife!


Of Islam, Islamists and Fred

by Mehrban on

- Fred never attacks Islam, only Islamists.

- However, as other bloggers  have mentioned below, in the developed world a nine year old is considered a child and sexual relations with a child is a crime and the people engaged in such activity are considered criminals. Yes, such activity takes place in the developed world but the purpetrators are considered criminals.   As per IR/Islamic laws a 9 year old is a mature woman and sexual relations (in the context of marriage) with her is supported by the state and the religion.  In other words Pedophilia is sanctioned by Islam and the Islamist state.

Now please find Fred's fault in all this.

Sorry to be long winded for that group of readers that understand this right off the bat. 



A good one From Azadeh (cartoon)

by IranFirst on

For a similar IRI/Muslim child-molesting garbage, in Brazil, just over 2 months ago



Islamic Republic - Rated G!

by Faramarz on



Suitable for all ages, including children!



by yolanda on

.....maybe they should send female diplomats instead!