EU Parliament Condemns Discrimination Against Minorities in Iran

Calls on Iran to eliminate “all forms of discrimination"

Alarabiya: The European Parliament has condemned Iran’s “current disrespect of minority rights” and urged the authorities in Tehran to allow minorities “to exercise all rights granted by the Iranian Constitution and international law.” Following a recent report by Amnesty International condemning the pending execution of five members of Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority, the EU parliament called on Iran to eliminate “all forms of discrimination based on religious or ethnic grounds or against persons belonging to minorities, such as Arabs, Bahaí'is, Azeri, Baluchi, Kurds and Turkmen.” >>>


Darius Kadivar

Iran's Territorial integrity is not negotiable ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Iran Territory through time .AVI


And it is not the Europeans who can lecture to us or anyone else in the region in this avenue regardless of the nature of the regime's in the region including the illegitimate Islamic Republic which in my book is unrepresentative of the Iranians at large and at odds with our Nation's values and history ...


MONARCHY MATTERS: Khosro Fravahar say’s Iranian Jomhurykahs live in denial



But given Europes very own responsiblity in shaping much of what the Middle East has become since the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 where many frontiers were imposed upon the crumbling of the Ottoman Empire ...


THE LAST OTTOMAN: Neslisah Sultan Dies at 91


I don't think any of these Euodeputies (many of whom can be seen yawning and sleeping during these long sessions) have the slightest clue as to what they are saying ...


Take the Kurdish Question for example ...


LET THE CHILDREN IN: Princess Ashraf visits Kurdish refugee camp Iran-Iraq border (1974)


DIPLOMATIC HISTORY: Shah of Iran Grants Assylum to Kurdish Prince Dawood Beg Jaff (1958)


ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah meets Kurdish Representatives (1948)


Did Miss Mitterand who was ready to champion any cause as long as it fitted her own ideological purposes but closed an eye on crimes being committed in Cuba ever take the time to understand the root of the problem ?


Danielle Mitterand (1924-2011): MKO & Kurdish Separatists pay tribute to France's First Lady


Or ever question whether or not the current political leadership of the Kurdish PKK (in Turkey and Irak) or the KNC-NA (for Iranian Kurds) are truly representative of the Kurdish people or it's Diaspora before claiming to speak for them ? 


Statement Of Secretariat of Reza Pahlavi of Iran On Meeting with the Kurdish National Congress of North America (KNC-NA) 



Or merely imposed on them ? ...


Did she ever bother opening a book and reading about the fact that the same Kurds ( their grandparent at least) equally sided with the Turks during the Armenian Genocide ?

HISTORY FORUM: Turkey and the Armenian Genocide - 'The Betrayed' (BBC Documentary)


So not everyone is entirely innocent nor entirely guilty for the predicament of various minorities in the region. That everything should be done to acknowledge local languages, a better integration and recognition of various ethnic and cultural minorities is one thing but to claim that their predicament is worse or any different than what the rest of the population living under these brutal regimes ( today's Iran in particular) is another.

So Ladies and Gentlemen of the European Parliament Don't EVER CONFUSE Our PRIORITIES for your Own Geo Strategic and Political AGENDAS !








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ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah and Soraya Share meal with worksman's family (1956)

PRINCE OF PERSIA: Crown Prince Reza and Iranian Asylum Seekers, London (2005) 



by Bavafa on


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



فرامرز جان: حالا خودمونیم....


Is it a dilution of the statement or possibly pointing out the hypocrisy of the West that has bothered you so much.


Or perhaps is your new love affair with those nations you want us to keep silence about.


I ‘ve been reading your analysis here & there on IC and I think writing about satire and love affairs fairs you much better than politics, nuclear issue or military tactics least of all Iran and Iranian peoples’ interest.


BTW, you might want to give the “Dorrod and Sorrod” a try.  You weren’t so shy to “Dorrod and Sorrod” for the American prisoners in Iran why not for our own Iranian prisoners.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



درود بر این، سرود برای اون!



Let’s not dilute a statement of sympathy by an international organization about Iranians by throwing in other stuff like the human rights conditions in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, etc.

Mehrdad (Bavafa),

It looks to me as if you will only accept a Regime change in Iran if there is a simultaneous government change in all the other Middle Eastern countries that you have a quarrel with.

For once try to put the interest of the Iranians ahead of your own.

All the daily “Dorood and Sorood” is meaningless if you want to fight other battles on the back of the Iranian women and youth.


The truth hurts

by asadabad on

The iranian regime is a fanatical shiite dictatorship hell bent on murdering Sunni Muslims in Iran, Iraq, and Syria.  The problem is that shiites are sore losers who are jealous of the Sunni Muslims and their progress (UAE, Turkey, Qatar, Malaysia etc) which is why they focus on repressing Iranian Sunni Muslims (crab-in-barrel mentality).  

Iran could be a global leader in terms of energy production but alas the rulers are worthless idiots who will only end up with this landing on their head // 

Darius Kadivar

Mageh Meekhan Iroon mesleh Sooryeh Besheh ?

by Darius Kadivar on

These Clowns can't even figure out how to fix the situation in Syria and want to lecture how other countries in the region should deal with their own problems ? 


Akheh Yani Cheeh ?


Danielle Mitterand (1924-2011): MKO & Kurdish Separatists pay tribute to France's First Lady


They First Encourage people to Revolt just like Obama did when he came and made his famous speech in Cairo on Democracy and Universal Rights only to  abandon them to their sorry fate once the very same popuations revolted only to face an even more brutal crackdown by the local regimes.


Masgareh ! 

Darius Kadivar

I say EU should SH@T the F@?K UP and Mind it's Own Business ...

by Darius Kadivar on


Kudos to EU for speaking up against discrimination ….

by Bavafa on

In Iran and hope to see they apply the same condemnation to other nations including Israel, Dubai, Emirate and Saudi Arabia.

Arguably the cases of Dubai and Saudi Arabia resembles far more to slavery than simple ethnic  discrimination.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Islamist Rapists

by Fred on


The biggest minority being abused by the Messianic Islamist Rapists is the Iranian people, parsing them is wrong.


EU can help end this crime against humanity by imposing airtight sanctions and punishing EU based violators.