Money vs. Facts

Spending millions on lobbying to get off the terrorist list


Money vs. Facts
by Reza Marashi

The foreign policy and national security challenges posed by Iran have perplexed consecutive U.S. presidential administrations for decades. From the hostage crisis to state sponsorship of terrorism to nuclear programs, the myriad challenges have rarely provided any easy answers. One of the few clear issues pertaining to America's Iran policy has been its designation of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) as a terrorist organization.

For nearly two decades and four presidential administrations, yearly reviews of the MEK's terrorist designation have reconfirmed its rightful place on this dubious list of 50 unsavory groups -- most recently in January of this year.

Despite this, a massive lobbying push to delist the MEK has been raging inside the beltway for the past year, producing two troubling results. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told U.S. lawmakers that a decision on the MEK's terrorist designation is pending in part to see if the group peacefully relocates to a new, less contentious location in Iraq. Shortly thereafter, the Washington, D.C. court of appeals ordered the U.S. government to respond to a petition on the MEK's terrorist designation by March 26 -- less than two weeks from today.

My organization, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), has been at the forefront of a diverse, uncompensated coalition of former government officials, analysts and scholars calling for the MEK to remain a designated foreign terrorist organization.

To date, I have personally remained silent on the issue in my public commentary in an effort to protect my former colleagues serving in the State Department's Office of Iranian Affairs. My views are identical to theirs.

However, I can no longer remain silent. We are fast approaching a point of no return regarding the MEK's terrorist designation, and my government is running the risk of making a disastrous mistake.

Allow me to explain.

Not one of my former State Department colleagues -- zero -- support de-listing the MEK. Their determination is not based on personal preference or policy ramifications. Rather, the facts of the case are indisputable.

Since NIAC launched its information campaign on the MEK nearly one year ago, I have been in close and continuing contact with the State Department. They are bewildered by the freedom of movement that a designated terrorist organization enjoys on Capitol Hill; disgusted by former U.S. government officials willing to make a quick buck by shilling for the MEK; and exasperated by senior-level political appointees who have allowed partisan politics to trump making an otherwise obvious decision that was not controversial a few short years ago.

A bit of context tells the real story.

In both 2006 and 2007, I helped review the MEK's terrorist designation. I worked with my colleagues in government to review documentation dating from the 1970s to the present, and it was swiftly determined that the MEK's terrorist designation remained warranted. This was during the Bush administration -- which had an openly stated policy of regime change -- and before neoconservative political appointees began jumping ship en masse toward late 2007.

The facts were so indisputable that nearly zero debate took place inside the State Department. Only a few neoconservatives pushed to use the MEK as a pressure point against the Iranian government. Yet despite their countless Iran policy blunders, most neoconservatives in the Bush administration were unequivocal that a terrorist group is a terrorist group.

When presidential administrations change, political appointees cycle in and out of government. Career public servants -- which constitute the vast majority of State Department officials -- transcend elections. Many of the same officials I worked with to reconfirm the MEK's terrorist designation in 2006 and 2007 continue to serve in the Obama administration. The same evidence also remains in place.

If anything, the U.S. government now has more evidence to warrant a swift confirmation of the MEK's terrorist designation. Obama administration officials recently confirmed to NBC News that the MEK is being armed, trained and funded by the Israeli government to murder Iranian scientists. This type of activity -- politically motivated assassinations -- is squarely within the U.S. government definition of terrorism that is used when designating foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs).

So, why we have reached this critical stage? Because even in the post-September 11th era, there has been lax enforcement of existing laws pertaining to FTOs. An illegal presence on Capitol Hill has allowed the MEK to build a disconcerting degree of political pressure vis-à-vis the Obama administration. Consistent inaction by the administration has exacerbated the problem. Only recently have they started to enforce the law, with former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell subpoenaed by the Treasury Department for his paid speeches in support of the MEK. This is a step in the right direction, and more subpoenas will surely follow -- but is it too little too late?

It doesn't have to be. Let me be clear: The requisite evidence to legally maintain the MEK's terrorist designation is both ample and indisputable.

As one of the appeals court judges wrote in her ruling, "the classified portion of the administrative record provides "substantial support" for [the Secretary of State's] determination that the PMOI [MEK] either continues to engage in terrorism or terrorist activity or retains the capability and intent to do so."

The reasoning why the Obama administration has not publicly released this evidence is simple: releasing such information could compromise and damages sources; hamper future intelligence gathering; and jeopardize legal proceedings against alleged criminals involved in the case. This runs the risk of rendering U.S. national security less effective. A similar justification was used by the Obama administration when it withheld much of its collected evidence in the alleged Iranian government plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to Washington.

Secretary Clinton telling lawmakers that a decision on the MEK's terrorist designation is pending in part to see if the group relocates is tantamount to an admission that the decision has nothing to do with whether or not the MEK is a terrorist organization. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Simply put, it is unacceptable to delist a designated FTO in return for them agreeing to relocate. So long as the MEK's organizational structure remains in place, it legally remains a terrorist organization -- regardless of where its base is located. Furthermore, the precedent set by such a mistake would be an unmitigated disaster for the U.S. Does America want to open the door for other terrorist organizations to spend millions of dollars on lobbying to get off the terrorist list?

It's time for the Obama administration to stop playing politics and start enforcing the law. Secretary Clinton and other senior-level officials may not hold their positions one year from now, but many of my former colleagues at the State Department will be left to clean up the mess. Political appointees and Congress must stop politicizing the MEK's terrorist designation, and instead let career public servants do their job. This is how they can best uphold the law in pursuit of America's national security interests.

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Reza Marashi is director of research at the National Iranian American Council and a former Iran desk officer at the U.S. State Department.



Leaving MEK on the List is worse

by bahmani on

Getting the old men of the MEK off the list puts them front and center with legitimate scrutiny and examination of their ideology, political objectives, and most importantly, their stance on the use of terror and violence to achieve their political aims.

Simply put, get them off the list, so we can choose to dismiss them and their failed ideology and the political option they offer.

That is the best way to get rid of the MEK and their obsolete and outdated notions.

Seriously? Islamic Marxism ruled by unelected hejab-wearing wives of formerly unelected leaders?

That's the MEK offer? Seriously?

If so, I don't think we need to see them on a highly flawed terrorist list that does not include the Taliban, in order to reject their preposterous proposition.

But I don't think that is what they are after really. I think the MEK merely wants to put aside a past they desperately want to forget and regret, and just want to come in from the cold.

Right now it is a humanitarian disaster with women and children stuck in a dangerous compound and camp, and some left over old MEK fighters with sore bones and bad eyesight and worse hearing (from the bombs) who are in limbo and just trying to get a Green Card and a bed in the "Che Guevara Retirement Home".

It's kind of cute actually.

"...I remember when I was 20, one day I walked up to a mollah and said, I know what you're thinking. 'Did he fire six shots or only five?' Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in Iran, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?"

See? We're missing all these great stories by keeping the MEK on the list.

"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" - Gerald Seymour

To read more bahmani posts visit: //



by Siavash300 on


Masoud Kazemzadeh

Siamak jaan

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Siamak,

Thank you for your kind words.



Masoud Kazemzadeh

And NIAC Position on IRGC Being Declared Terrorist?

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on



NIAC Memo: Terror Label for Guard Corp Entrenches US-Iran Enmity

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Real ACTUAL Terrorists

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on



اعتراف مظنون به بمب گذاری دهلی نو به همکاری با ايران


محمد کاظمی که به اتهام شرکت در حمله عليه ديپلمات های اسراييلی در دهلی نو بازداشت شده است، به پليس هند گفت، اين حمله را در همکاری با ايران انجام داده است.

پليس دهلی روز جمعه گفت، محمد کاظمی، مظنون به بمبگذاری در دهلی نو که ديپلمات های اسراييلی را هدف قرار داده بود، به همکاری با ايران اعتراف کرده است.

پس از تحقيقات در خصوص پرونده مشخص شد آقای سيد محمد احمد کاظمی، در حمله انفجاری عليه ديپلمات های اسراييلی در دهلی نو، نقش مرکزی داشته است.

به گفته پليس هند، سه ايرانی ديگر، هوشنگ افشار، سيد علی مهدی صدر و محمد رضا ابوالقاسمی، مظنون به دخالت در اين توطئه هستند. کميسر پليس دهلی نو می گويد، حکم بازداشت اين سه ايرانی به اتهام شرکت در اين عمليات، صادر شده است.

به گفته پليس هند، نوع بمب استفاده شده در دهلی نو، شبيه بمبی بود که يک روز قبل از آن در تايلند منفجر شد.

همچنين به گفته پليس تايلند و پليس هند، مظنونين ايرانی در حمله دهلی نو با مسعود صداقت زاده در ارتباط بودند. او به اتهام دخالت در بمبگذاری در تايلند در مالزی بازداشت شد.

پليس هند می گويد، مظنونين برای طراحی حمله خود، قبلاً اطراف سفارت اسراييل را در دهلی نو، بررسی کرده بودند.

در حمله انفجاری در روز سيزدهم فوريه سال جاری، همسر يک ديپلمات اسراييلی، راننده وی و دو تن ديگر زخمی شدند.


Mohammad Ala

Happy Nowruz + Few comments

by Mohammad Ala on

A couple of points:

Although not related, one needs to keep track of how many ways Nowruz is spelled on this site.  This reflects poorly on Iranians.

I did not defend NIAC in any way.  This organization has a right to practice its responsibilities and its books are open to audit and scrutiny.  I questioned why no one such as Fred compared NIAC with AIPAC which 24/7 has tried to undermine Iran and Iranians’ safety by making statements such as starve Iranian people!!  People are intelligent and can figure out who pays MKO’s money and where does it go.  Patrick Kennedy received $25,000 for speaking on one of its recent rallies.  Why he is not being investigated among Gonzalez brothers, and few others for receiving money from a terrorist organization?

Oil is run by its own mafia and interest groups.  I agree.  Oil and Arm industries have blood on their hands for their assassinations and blackmail all over the world especially in our region.  The USA has made more money in the form of collecting taxes from importing Middle East oil and gas than any country in the world.  Iraq’s oil is pumped without counter; I presume Libya is next in line. 

I proved that 1973 OPEC oil embargo was a smoke screen by blaming people in the Middle East. Closer examination of what is really happening regarding oil production reveals that Western corporate interests are not telling the truth.  These interests claim that the amount of oil coming into the West has declined; yet the tax revenues from oil have not declined.  Nor has the amount of oil refinement in the West declined.

When IC members talk about AIPAC or similar organizations they get labeled on IC as anti-Semitic or anti- jew people.  Ask your Senator and Congress person whether they have received any money from AIPAC, more than 90% should say yes.  If not check their public records, AIPAC is ranked # 1 or # 2 donor in over 90% cases…. What is the source of AIPAC funds? American Red Cross or Salvation Army donations?

G. Rahmanian

To Shushtari:

by G. Rahmanian on

To NIAC there are two types of terrorism, "good terrorism" and "bad terrorism." Just like "good cop, bad cop!"

Based on NIAC's philosophy, IR's terrorism is good terrorism and MEK's is bad.

That is, the regime's killings of Iranians can be ignored and even encouraged by pursuing a policy of appeasement towards it. But when it comes to acts of terrorism perpetrated against the officials of the same regime by MEK or any other entity, they should be exposed and strongly condemned to the extent that NIAC seems to have nothing else to do, but to go after MEK!

You must've seen some desperate IR and NIAC supporters wanting proof when the regime commits terrorist acts against Iranians and non-Iranians. However, as ludicrous as it may seem, the same entities don't ask for any proof when the regime blames MEK or others for acts of violence against its officials.

That's what I call hypocrisy! That's what treachery is all about. That's what regime's apologists and supporters would do and not members of an organization that claims to represent Iranians and is supposedly promoting Iran's interests.

Siamak Asadian


by Siamak Asadian on



Siamak Asadian


by Siamak Asadian on




Siamak Asadian

To save ourselves from Mojahedin, we'll take refuge in Oil mafia

by Siamak Asadian on

and their go between NIAC.

What is wrong with such a picture?

Dr. Ala, why do you get so upset when people are merely pointing out the inconsistencies in NIACestan and its 'citizens.'

Mr. Marashi starts his article by making a claim, which MK (very diplomatically) refutes by solid documentation. Exactly what part of such a civilized discourse in considered "personal attacks?" Unless one has a vested interest in the Oil mafia and its continued operations.

Noroz shoma mobarak.



long live Iran

Rajavi`s empire of blood!

by long live Iran on

It reminds me of this old proverb of " Being merciful to a brutal chita is equal to being brutal to innocent sheep"

Does this terrorist group demand more innocent Iranian blood? 


as I read the comments here....

by shushtari on

I wanted to ask the NIAC groupies a simple question- if your group is really not a lobbying group for the akhoonds- why don't they work hard to put the mullahs on the same list????? 

let's see if you guys can answer this question- but I'll bet you will repeat the same nonsense about aipac, since you have nothing to say 


another apologist rears his 'head'.....

by shushtari on

who cares about MEK??? in fact, I don't like them one bit...

but the idiots at NIAC are such traitors and one-sided apologists for the mullahs' reign of terror that it is utterly obvious that their main goal is to protect their paymasters at all costs- they are likely receiving instructions on neutralizing any threat that may pose a risk to the survival of the akhoonds- let's look at the trends here:

what have they really pushed for?- the mek issue- which is not a popular group in iran, but can pose a serious threat to the mullahs since they are an armed group and know how to kill the akhoonds

they also have constantly pushed for negotiations and lifting of sanctions on the mullahs vile regime- another threat to their survival or at least, an issue that has made the raping of iran less easy for their paymasters


why have the stooges at NIAC not pushed for the designation of the akhoonds regime as  A TERRORIST GROUP ON THE SAME LIST THAT THEY WANT TO KEEP THE MEK ON ??????

haven't the mullahs been the ONLY government that has created and funded multiple terrorists groups from scratch????? isn't their filthy hands drenched with the blood of american soldiers (not to mention hundreds of thousands of innocent iranians???


so, let's cut the crap, and not kid ourselves- niac is just another arm of the mullahs' regime- and it's pathetic that they have such an forum on this site to spew their nonsense 

Mohammad Ala

NIAC bad, you and AIPAC good.

by Mohammad Ala on

Anything with NIAC, Fred and the IC gangs are first to attack.  The amount of attacks NIAC has received on IC in comparison to AIPAC is unbelievable.  An organization with 2-3 employees is under question EVERY DAY.  Whereas AIPAC with 230 employees and $400,000,000 budget is advocating starving Eye-ranians and very few objecting to that.

If one works in the USA, there is a great chance (over 70%) oil and arm industry mafia are paying her or his salaries.  These two industries bring in more than 75% of USA's revenue.  (taxes on these industries included in the %)

For umpteen times, personal attacks on IC must stop.  The IC administrators have removed several IC members from this site, but they have been very tolerant of personal attacks by usual gangs who have commented under this thread.  As Fred keeps saying... What Gives? 

G. Rahmanian

NIAC's "Founding Father!"

by G. Rahmanian on

Having moved out of Iran at the age of four(4), Trita Parsi lacks both the emotional capacity and the logical integrity necessary to appreciate Iranians' patriotism and their democratic aspirations. He is more of an outsider when it comes to Iran's interests!


WOW- thanks- Seyyed Hassan Dai-ol-Eslam is a great reference .

by MM on

Here are a few references from a fair and balanced Seyyed Hassan Dai-ol-Eslam


// in his own site

2+ references to Dai's own sites(s)

A reference to a site with pictures of two Zoroastrians in prayer cloths as proof of guilt.

5+ references to sites of other companies



آلبالو، زرد آلو، شفتالو، خرمالو!



If I may say so, you should check out Agha Reza Marashi or Jamal Abdi.

They are more to your liking!


G. Rahmanian

مشك انست كه خود ببويد

G. Rahmanian

NIAC cadres are involved in attacking organizations opposing IR only because they have nothing to offer to Iranians. At the same time they are trying to cover up NIAC's dubious relationships with the Islamist Terrorists in Tehran.


Niac and their sponsor, the

by vildemose on

Niac and their sponsors, the oil mafia, have the best Interest of Iran and Iranians at heart. That is an undeniable fact!/end of snark

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Ex-US officials investigated

by MM on

Ex-US officials investigated over speeches to Iranian group on terror list // By Michael Isikoff: National investigative correspondent Money! First-class flights! Officials act as middle men!

Israel teams with terror group to kill Iran's nuclear scientists, U.S. officials say

"But the group's supporters say it has long since publicly renounced violence and that Rajavi has proclaimed the group's adherence to democratic principles. "They want the mullahs out of Iran and they want to replace them with a constitution based on the Declaration of Independence," said Shelton." WHERE IS THE BEEF?

G. Rahmanian

No Deal Made Without Kickbacks!

by G. Rahmanian on

The best proof of the thievery of the Islamist Mafiosi in power in Tehran is the statement made by Ahmadinejad threatening to expose those who sought accountability regarding E. Mashai's embezzlement cases! The thug did not even try to deny anything.


Pretty in pink!

by Albaloo on

Isn't she lovely?  Where does she get her money from to bribe Americans?  she is either too khoshgel or saz khob mezaneh.  


 Who are the oil mafai??

by vildemose on

 Who are the oil mafai?? Why do the oil Mafia think that they will get a better deal under IRI rather than under a democratic and free Iran??

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Siamak Asadian

More information on the current Oil mafia of Islamic Republic

by Siamak Asadian on

Keep in mind the thugs mentioned in this report are the same thugs that NIAC intendes to "normalize" relations with.

When it comes to Mojahedin's terrorism NIAC is all out in force to expose it. But when it comes to Quds force's terrorism and theft NIAC and all its apologists on this page and elsewhere don't have a word to say. Did someone say hypocricy?


This is a report by a Commander of Sepah (unsing the pen name of "Lonely Commander"), explaining the internal conflicts within Quds Force. For the full text see:


سليمانی با آوردن مجيد علوی که يد طولايی در دزدی و اختلاس دارد در تلاش است که هم از امکانات و رانت مجيد علوی با دولت و شخص احمدی نژاد و حجازی بيت رهبری استفاده کند و هم تغييری در موازنه قدرت خويش و حسن دانايی فر که اين روزها سفير ايران در عراق است ايجاد کند.
تقريبا دو سال پيش از معدود فرماندهانی بودم که به ريشه اصلی اختلاف ميان سردار سليمانی و حسن دانايی فر پی برده بودم ولی امروز داستان شروع اختلاف آنها که روزی از دوستان نزديک بودنند و حال گيری هايشان از يکديگر نقل قول گعده های دوستان در سپاه پاسداران شده است.
داستان به دو سال پيش باز می گردد ، سليمانی به يک شرکت ترکيه ای و يک شرکت عراقی کمک کرد که بتوانند گازوييل از ايران خريداری و در عراق به فروش برسانند.
اين دو شرکت بدون کمک سپاه قدس و شخص سردار سليملنی نمی توانست چنين مجوزی دريافت نمايد چون شرکت ملی نفت ايران معتقد بود که اولا توليد گازوييل در ايران کفاف مصرف داخلی را نمی دهد و دوما" قيمت فروش گازوييل در داخل ايران با قيمت فروش گازوييل در عراق قابل مقايسه نيست.
سردار سليمانی با اعمال فشار به شرکت ملی نفت آنها را وادار کرد که تن به اين خواسته بدهند .
پس از صدور مجوزهای لازم مشکل جديدی سر راه اين دو شرکت که طرف قرارداد شخص قاسم سليمانی بودند بوجود آمد و آن مسئله نقل و انتقال روزانه گازوييل اين دو شرکت به خاک عراق از طريق مرزهای دربندی خوان ، خسروی و مهران بود.
سردار سليمانی برای حل مشکل به سراغ دانايی فر رفت و از او خواست تا تانکرهای شرکت خويش را در اختيار اين دو شرکت قرار دهد ولی دانايی فر به دليل دور خوردن در اين پروژه بزرگ و بی کلاه ماندن سرش که می توانست سود زيادی به او برساند از اين کار سر باز زد و شروع به بهانه جويی کرد.
آن روزها قرار بود دانايی فر بعنوان سفير ايران در عراق به جای قمی به بغداد برود. سليمانی به تلافی اين کار دانايی فر تعمدا انتصاب دانايی فر به عنوان سفير جديد در عراق را با مشکل مواجه کرد تا بلاخره دانايی فر سر تسليم فرود آورد.
درآمد حاصل از فروش گازوييل به حساب سردار سليمانی واريز می شود و برخی ديگر از مقامات سپاه قدس هم در بخش کوچکی از سود فروش و حمل و نقل گازوييل به عراق سهم می برند.
ارزش اين معامله سالانه نزديک به سی ميليون دلار است که کماکان ادامه دارد.
دانايی فر پس از اين ماجرا هيچگاه نتوانست سردار سليمانی را ببخشد و عملا پس از سفير شدن راه سليمانی و اعضای باند اقتصادی او در داخل عراق را بسته و به آنها اجازه فعاليت اقتصادی در داخل عراق نمی دهد.
در واقع اين دو به يک توافق نانوشته دست پيدا کرده اند: سود حاصل از فروش و قاچاق بنزين و گازوييل و ديگر اقلام تجاری و مصالح ساختمانی و بخصوص تير آهن به باند سردار سليمانی اختصاص يافته و سود حاصل از شرکت های پوششی سپاه قدس در داخل عراق از اربيل و سليمانيه گرفته تا بصره و بغداد به باند دانايی فر تعلق دارد.
باند دانايی فر با استفاده از ارتباطاتی که از قبل با برخی عراقی ها در مرکز، جنوب و شمال دارند در قالب شرکت های پوششی ثبت شده در ايران و ترکيه و مالزی اکثر قراردادهای عمرانی بزرگ و ساختمان سازی که يک سر آن وزارتخانه های عراقی است را در کنترل دارند .
تعدادی از اعضای دولت عراق و برخی از نمايندگان مجلس عراق و برخی از مقامات رسمی و غير رسمی عراق که سابقا جزء مجلس اعلای عراق و ديگر تشکل های سياسی و شبه نظامی عراق در دوران صدام بوده اند برای از دست ندادن حمايت های سپاه قدس و جمهوری اسلامی ايران و البته سهم بردن از اين سفره رنگين ، اکثر پروژه های بزرگ را به شرکت های پوششی سپاه قدس که مورد تاييد دانايی فر هستند می دهند و شرکت های قدس هم با گرفتن پورسانت های کلان ، اجرای پروژه ها را به شرکت های دست دوم ايرانی ، ترک و عراقی واگذار می کنند.
دقيقا همان کاری که اکثر فرماندهان دزد و کلاهبردار قرارگاه سازندگی خاتم الانبيا در داخل ايران انجام می دهند.
برخی از فرماندهان دزد و اختلاس گر قرارگاه سازندگی خاتم الانبيا که مستقيما با حاج قاسم رستمی که وزير فعلی نفت در ارتباط بوده و يا هستند با فشار به وزارتخانه ها و سازمان های دولتی و يا شبه دولتی و با استفاده از رانت سپاه پاسداران و بيت رهبری عمده پروژه های بزرگ نفتی و مخابراتی و دريايی و اسکله سازی بخصوص در منطقه پارس جنوبی که اکثرا" هم ترک تشريفات هستند را بدست آورده و پس از پيدا کردن شرکت های داخلی و خارجی که توانايی انجام پروژه ها را دارند با آنها وارد مذاکره شده و پس از گرفتن پورسانت های کلان و واريز آن به حساب های شخصی خودشان ، اين پروژه های بزرگ را به پروژه های کوچکتر تقسيم کرده و در قالب قراردادهای کوچک تر بعنوان مجری دست دوم به اين شرکت ها واگذار می کنند تا امکان ردگيری ، قيمت گذاری و اجرای پروژه ها را از دستگاه های ذيربط سلب نمايند.
از طريق يکی از دوستانم که دستی در قراردادهای قرارگاه خاتم دارد متوجه شدم که دزدی های اين آقايان تنها به گرفتن پورسانت از شرکت های دست دوم محدود نمی شود و چند وقتی است که به کارچاق کنی نيز رو آورده اند.
دوستم که به اطلاعات قرارگاه خاتم دسترسی دارد می گفت سال ۱۳۸۸ با يک شرکت چينی که قصد داشت برای انجام يک پروژه مربوط به وزارت نيرو در نزديکی اصفهان مبلغی در حدود نه و نيم ميليون دلار قيمت دهد و در مناقصه شرکت کند از طرف يکی از فرماندهان ارشد قرارگاه خاتم و به واسطه يکی از مترجمين چينی شرکت تماس گرفتند و پيغام دادند که می توانيم به شما کمک کنيم که برنده مناقصه شويد به شرط آنکه به جای نه و نيم ميليون دلار ، مبلغ اجرای پروژه را هيجده ميليون دلار عنوان کنيد و نه و نيم ميليون ديگر را به حساب مشخصی در دبی واريز نماييد.
به گفته دوستم اکثر پروژه های چند ميليون دلاری نفتی و دريايی قرارگاه خاتم با رقم های کمتری بين بيست و پنج درصد تا پنجاه درصد قابل اجرا هستند .
دوست خوبم که به اين اطلاعات دسترسی دارد قول داده به مرور بخشی از اطلاعاتش که شامل اسامی پروژه ها و مبلغ پورسانت ها و اسامی برخی بزرگان سياسی پشت پرده پروژه های بزرگ می شود را در اختيارم بگذارد.

سردار تنها

Siamak Asadian

The extent of the Oil Mafia in Iran

by Siamak Asadian on

It would have been mildely amusing if it wasn't out right obtuse, how some "experts" on Iran, spendign 24/7 on this site using many IDs fail to comprehend the simple idea of NIAC being in the pocket of US and Iranian Oil mafia.

The articles below (thanks to both Framarz and MK, kudos) establishes the historical connections between the IR, and US Oil mafia, and their go between NIAC, over the last decade or so. The only thing that has "changed" are the position of the "players" within IR.

Oil mafia initiated NIAC, "exposing" Mojahedin Cult!!!

Iranian people have this to say to both of these groups: A curse on both your houses.



by پندارنیک on

I'm no fan of the Rafsanjanis, and would like to see the evidence supporting the "kickback claim" against any of them.....

How does a piece about "the cult" get diverted to the Atieh thing is beyond me. 


Dont mind the haters


Mr. Marashi, you are doing a fantastic job exposing these anti-Iranian war mongers who care not for the ordinary iranian but their own selfish interests. Their useful lackies and card carrying appologists of war mongers and crippling sanctions advocates want only one thing, the destruction of the regime. They do not care how this will come about. If it means the ordinary Iranians become even poorer than they already are, if it means they die of hunger and famine or as a result of bombs, then so be it so long as the regime is destroyed.



G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

This article against delisting of PMOI comes from one of the leaders of a group that is hard at work trying to encourage the US government to pursue a policy of appeasement with regards to the Islamist Terrorist Regime in Tehran.

Shame on hypocrites!

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Faramarz jaan

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Faramarz,

Thank you for posting the link to the article.  I cut-and-pasted the relevant excerpts.