Shah Declares Non-Nuclear Zone

1974 press conference


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Kujirasan please spell Noukar correctly

by anglophile on

It should be either noukar or nokar or nowkar or even knowkar BUT never novkar - unless you are a Turk



tehran e Azad

The shah

by tehran e Azad on

A great leader who led a backward islamic nation toward modernity. He built public schools and universities for his people, he took the economy from nothing and made great improvements , iranians were respected all over the world etc....... and after decades of serving the Iranian nation they overthrew him and embraced an ayatollah. Unforetunately the Iranians were AND still are way too backward   for a person like the Shah, they deserve no better than Khamenei and all the other mullahs!

nooshe jaane hameye( pedaraan va maadarene)  kesani ke khomeini ra sare kar avardan!



The Thugs, the Chauffeur and the Notorious Novkar

by kujirasan on

I wasn’t planning to write this, but the brazen bases of the Novkar has provided the incentive, not to mention the rest of irrepressible parasitical elements still lingering on.

The period between fall of Ghajar Dynasty and Pahlavi(Palani) the world went through tremendous changes,  and produced people like Gandhi , Ho Chi Minh etc, but certainly Mr Mossadeq can stand next to them with greater pride and Merit, for this man did no engaged or advocate armed struggle or any violent transformation, but as a trained lawyer and aristocrat, advocated the triumph of justice and law and weal of common man, it is the only Iranian that streets and building are named after him in other countries, however the year that Viet Minh at battle of Dien Bien Phu turned  France as colonial power in to a caricature, Doctor Mossadeq was sold by the Thugs of Tehran to colonialist.

But any person that know the story and is given to decency  has nothing but admiration for a man of such integrity, except the Thugs,

one of these people is this notorious novkar, that treats this sacred and revered legacy of a great man with Bestial Malice.

And constantly with utter brazen turns his cheap self inside out, attains lowest degree of baseness and wallows and basks in it, declaring, see what an oaf I am. May be he is eternally gripped by the spirit of that bottle conjurer; John Bull.Well joy be to London for imparting such illumination, and may be hallucination.

The Problem with Iranian history is better written and known by foreign ans most of the sources come from Greeks, and that is well twisted and biased, as well most of it is lost as Arabs destroyed all written record , and the Parsi people of India made there with out any books etc, just with one shirt between two of them, as an example even to this day the ruins around Shiraz are referred to as Takhet Jamsheed, it wasa  Portuguese Naval Officer that first identified the ruins as Persepoli, and, Jamsheed is a character in the Shanh Namehwritten by Ferdowsi, as well most of pre Islamic history of Iranian written by Iranians till recently has been theme and variations of Shah Nameh! So it is tough job to work with it.

I managed to get around this obstacle a bit though, there was one source that Arabs did not destroy, and that was written in Syriac,  which was used in their western province of Asoorestan, which is Modern Iraq, and was housed in Vatican Library, the Syria is used by Jews in Western Iran, or was and the so called Assyrians of Iran!

Given an example, the word Babak has no meaning, it is Arabic pronunciation of PA PAK,  the other one is Ardasheer, which Estakher Shahri.

Now to the main business.

I am short of time, so I will deal with the CHAUFFEUR. The real ruler of Iran, yes he was, I know it sounds incredible! and that may lead to the rest of the topic and nuclear garbage.

When Reza Shah was put in business the British supplied him with a Rolls Royce, at that time in Iran there was no drivers or Mechanics to handle such a vehicle, it came from  with a CHAUFFEUR, he was from British Secret Intelligence Service, he was an Engineer, in those day an engineer was engineer to day engineering has branched off to many different disciplines, he had been trained at Rolls Royce factory and could repair and build Air Craft and fly them as well,his name was ROBERTSON,  he was virtually 24 hours with the Reza Shah, no one suspected him to be the real KING, it was he who send Ashraf with her father, as he knew she was a nasty charter, he referred to the Reza as a Ruffian, and he opposed the enthroning of DAVID DRUMMOND(Hamid Mirza);    

And installed Mohhmad Reza, he liked the kid, according to his assessment he was pliable and malleable, Robertson, took the Rollsie and headed for Kermanshah and be came head of ANGLO IRANIAN COMPANY there, they had bulid a lavish copounded fenced off and gurded bit 3 meters of Barbed wire with its own herd of dairy cattle impoted from Island of Jersey , he was infatuate with archeology and spend times around Bistoon Tagh Boostan where there Sassanian and Archimedean ruins etc.

I have no time to deal with the THUGS, but next time I will come to that, when the trash cheapen themselves again,  be nice if you people do some work on a Character by name of Colonel Leeyakoff! He was head of Cossack Brigade in Hamadan where the Thugs were trained and hand picked to sell their country! he was a genuine filth!

 and may will deal with nuclear issue and the usual charlatans and pathological liars!



Masoud Kazemzadeh

Fanoos Khanum

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Fanoos khanum,

DK asked the following questions:

How come the "Liberal Democrats" didn't applaud then ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

But quite the contrary accused him of harboring "megalomaniac ambitions" ?



 Are YOU suggesting that the liberal democrats should ignore the two questions from the monarchist poster?  Don't you think it is a good policy to answer the questions asked to us?









It's year 2460 & Dr. Kazemzadeh X will be saying Shah was bad

by fanoos on

and Mosadeq was good!

Come on, this hide side judging, has become a cliche and frankly ineffective!

We need to grow up! 

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Brief History of Nuclear Program under the Shah

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

1950s and 60s: Atoms for Peace

Iran's nuclear program was established under Shah in the late 1950s, with a 1957 nuclear cooperation agreement concluded under the Atoms for Peace program, followed by an agreement in 1960 to purchase a small, 5MW research reactor for Tehran University. The Atoms for Peace program was first articulated by President Eisenhower in an address to the United Nations General Assembly in 1953. He called for the establishment under the UN of an international atomic energy agency and for the use of nuclear materials in serving "the peaceful pursuits of mankind." He said "a special purpose would be to provide abundant electrical energy in the power-starved areas of the world." It was in this context that nuclear cooperation with Iran and other countries in the developing world was established and in many cases flourished. In 1967, Tehran's research reactor was fueled with highly enriched uranium provided by the United States. Iran signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty in July 1968 on the day it was opened for signature.

1974-1979: Iran Seeks Nuclear Power

Tha Shah established the Iran Atomic Energy Organization in 1974 and that year announced plans for an ambitious nuclear program that would eventually include over 20 nuclear power reactors. This program was actively supported by the major Western powers, and the United States, France, and Germany sought lucrative power reactor sales to Iran. In 1974, Iran signed a contract with the German firm Kraftwerk Union (now Siemens) to build the first power reactors at Bushehr. To help ensure the necessary low enriched uranium fuel, Iran invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the Eurodif uranium enrichment consortium based in France1. It also financed a project to attempt uranium enrichment by laser2.

Iran also expressed interest in acquiring a domestic reprocessing, or plutonium separation plant to handle power reactor spent fuel, an action opposed by the United States. Declassified National Security Council documents from 1975 and 1976 show that Iran's interest in reprocessing was a major sticking point in U.S.-Iranian negotiations of a peaceful nuclear cooperation agreement necessary for the United States to sell several nuclear power reactors to Iran3. The United States was wary of Iran's interest in an Iranian reprocessing plant and of the ability of the IAEA to satisfactorily safeguard such a plant. Instead, the United States encouraged Iran to participate in a multinational plant or return the plutonium to the United States.

Just under the surface, however, Iran's nuclear program also included nuclear weapon intentions. According to Geoffrey Kemp, a leading Iranian expert now at the Nixon Center, the Shah's nuclear program was motivated partly by potential nuclear threats from Israel, Iraq, Pakistan, India, and the Soviet Union4.

The Shah's nuclear intentions: In June 1974, the Shah said Iran would get nuclear weapons "without a doubt and sooner than one would think."5 Iranian officials backed off that remark, and the Shah claimed repeatedly afterward that Iran would not seek nuclear weapons. In February 1975, however, he said Iran had "no intention of acquiring nuclear weapons but if small states began building them, Iran might have to reconsider its policy."6

Akbar Etemad, who was the founder and first president of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), said in a 2003 interview with Le Figaro that he had asked the Shah in the mid-1970s if he wanted to build a bomb. The Shah replied, according to Etemad, that it was premature to build a bomb as it would isolate Iran and prevent transfers of nuclear technology, but if in 10 to 20 years Iran's security situation changed or other states began to acquire bombs, "the nuclear military option would become a priority." Based on this statement, Etemad created a special nuclear research team "to give the country access to all technologies, giving the political decision-makers the possibility of making the appropriate decision and doing so while time permitted them to build a bomb if that is what was required."7

1See Nuclear Threat Initiative, "Iran: Nuclear Chronology," //, [accessed 2004-12-22].
2Leonard S. Spector, Nuclear Ambitions: The Spread of Nuclear Weapons 1989-1990, (Boulder, Colo.: Westview Press, 1990), p 206.
3Dafna Linzer, "Past Arguments Don’t Square with Current Iran Policy," The Washington Post, March 27, 2005, A15.
4Geoffrey Kemp, "Iran’s Bomb and What to Do About It," in Geoffrey Kemp, ed., Iran’s Bomb: American and Iranian Perspectives, Nixon Center, March 2004.
5Nuclear Threat Initiative.
6Nuclear Threat Initiative.
7Quoted in Paul Michaud, "Iran opted for N-bomb under Shah: Ex-official," Dawn, 23 September 2003. source:    //

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Naa Shah Mikhahim, Naa Akhund, Laanat Bar Har 2 Ta Shoon

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

I am not sure Dariush wants to know about IRANIAN liberal democrats or non-Iranian liberal democrats?

If one wants to know about Iranian liberal democrats, the reasons were the following:

1. We considered then (and now) that the Shah was a nokar of foreign powers (UK and US). Therefore, his regime was fundamentally illegitimate in terms of nationalist legitimacy (nationalist means those who defend the national interests of their countries instead of serving as puppets of foreign control).

2. We considered the Shah to be a savage brutal tyrant. There was no democracy, no freedom of the press, no freedom of political parties, no free elections, no human rights, etc. Thus, as democrats, our job was to replace the ruling tyranny with democracy.

3. The Shah (like Khomeini, Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, Khatami, Rafsanjani) was a LIAR. The Shah had lied so many times, that he did not have any credibility (like Khomeini, Khamenei, Rafsanjani, and other fundamentalists).

4. On the specific issue at hand. The Shah wanted Iran to have nuclear weapons capability. So, he was LYING (as usual).

5. In 1974, Israel ALREADY was a nuclear weapons state (albeit a non-declared nuclear state with public "ambiguous" position). So the Shah’s position did not make any sense in the actual world.

6. Iran’s nuclear program began in the late 1950s and made official by the 1957 agreement with the Eisenhower administration.


The fundamental problem in Iran has been the ruling of regimes that are fundamentally illegitimate (as well as tyrannical, corrupt, liars, savages).

The Iranian people deserve a form of government faaaaaaaaaaaaar better than the tyrannies under the monarchists and fundamentalist savages that have ruled us for so long. Our people have been struggling for more than 105 years for independence, freedom, democracy, and against despotic monarchists and fundamentalist regimes. We have won a few victories (the Constitutional Revolution and Constitution, brief constitutional rule before the rise of the Reza Shah’s tyranny, the Mossadegh-JM era, and brief periods between 1979 and 1981.




Anonymous Observer

Let's be real now

by Anonymous Observer on

basket weaving at the Home for the Mentally Disabled in Sherman Oaks, CA is not "work." It's an activity.

Oon Yaroo

(^*|*^) Right man, right inititive, wrong subjects*!

by Oon Yaroo on

* Sort of in the lower part of the normal curve (~5 standard deviations below the mean**!)

** Mean IQ, that is, 100!


You don't need to excuse yourself Aynaki

by anglophile on

Just watch the clip between 0:25 to 0:32. The Shah says non-nuclear zone and instantly defines what he means by adding non-nuclear weapon zone. Now go back to your work before your boss finds out about your hearing problems LOL

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Right initiative, wrong man......


Lucky for Shaboon BeeMokh and the gang I have free time

by aynak on


  (ok next hour or so at least).

The original post by Kadivar, who asked: WHY liberal democrats did not applaud shah because he was such "nuclear free zoner" was corrected.   Except for the "slower" rest of the gang that just arrived, trying to show their support for something they don't even know what it is :)   Just like any good old gang member do.   Great students of Mirfetroos indeed :)

  The funniest part of all of this is, all your contribution would make no sense because the title of this thread is:

 --Shah declares non nuclear zone!---

How could shah declare such thing when nuclear program was already underway in Iran?    Is it heredity or do you all smoke something? 


Anonymous Observer

I second Simorgh's comment Anglo jaan

by Anonymous Observer on


It's really painful to watch this character struggle to write a semi coherent comment.  

Nature is really cruel sometimes...allowing a creature to come to this world with such low IQ's really unfair. I wonder how long it took him to learn to tie his shoelaces...:-) 


Anglo Jan

by Simorgh5555 on

Brilliant put down! LOL Classic


Keep editing your comments Aynaki but too late! LOL

by anglophile on

No amount of back tracking will help you. In your first babble you said:

The poster of this blog incorrectly labled this post "Shah Declares Non-Nuclear zone".

Anyone capable of comprehending English, would NOT mix nuclear free zone with nuclear weapon free zone.  "


The term used by the Shah was not Nuclear Free Zone but Non-nuclear Zone! 

In the UN parlance there is no such term as non-nuclear zone. In other words this was the Shah's informal reference to the non-nuclear weapon zone. But you Aynaki out of haste fell into the trap and made your own self-made rules and assumptions that he said nuclear free zone (LOL).


Well so much for your imagination - Now not only your glasses need to be changed but your hearing aid needs changing too  - LOL. Watch the video clip and LISTEN his time.


Sorry Aynaki: Both the Shah and the blogger who quoted him were correct.

You on the other hand are as always: WRONG




"Anglo", eventhough there is little point in engaging with .....

by aynak on

Eventhough there is little point in engaging with self proclaimed Nokar, even after Nokari has been out of style for a long time, at least don't jump in the middle of something you are even more cluelss than you usually are:

I used the same definition, as I know your knowledge does not go beyound wiki:

nuclear-free zone is an area where nuclear weapons (see nuclear-weapon-free zone) and nuclear power are banned".

So your high IQ shows, when you don't see the use of LOGICAL *and* in there.

AND means, weapon free and nuclear power free.

Here Shah was ONLY stating he advocates nuclear weapon free zone, not nuclear-free zone.   (the proof was the existing nuclear program).  So the usage of nuclear-free zone for Shah's talk is incorrect.   I know you have no use for  the truth and think you can distort any facutal historical evidence, and pad your back for it, but for heavens sake should you display your ignorance by obvious lack of comprehensivon of basic Logic?




Declarations for a Buck!

by Demo on

Cash $ buys everything for a corrupt leader! A Highly Decorated Biography, Honorary Degrees from Top US Schools, Military Artillaries, Nuclear Junks, Speeches, Declarations, and etc.

PS: Like his (Kabeer?!) dad, Shah was extremely corrput @ a full (or a fool)! slave to the US' orders. This declaration had probably been prepared by his master for a buck @ most!


Can someone please show the inbred trailer-park rednecks

by Zia111 on

Can someone please show the inbred trailer-park rednecks on this site the door. What are these yankee bigots doing on an Iranian site negatively commenting on Iran and Iranians? Wouldn't they be more comfortable at a Teabagger Party rally rather than here?

Hey, Raoul, go back to the Ozarks and play with your cousin, I mean sister, sorry I mean mother. Chekheh!


Darius jan remember Aynak sees the world thru his Aynak!

by anglophile on

So in his Aynaki world he makes up rules and laws and redefines new terms and oh, of course he reinvents history. No no, this time I am not talking about the Mossadegh coup of August 1953 (although I am sure Aynak & Co. are desparate to relate the nuclear issue to that coup). I am talking about the difference between the Nuclear-Free-Zone and Nuclear-Weapon-Free-Zone. Aynak. seeing the world through his long outdated aynak, says there are different terms!!. Just read the first senctence of the Wiki link below:

nuclear-free zone is an area where nuclear weapons (see nuclear-weapon-free zone) and nuclear power are banned".



Well so much for Aynaki's English savaad!


As for the Iranian nuclear energy programme (unless suggested by Mossadegh) I am interested to see the evidence that it bagan in 1950's (Aynaki's version) or 1350's the Wiki version.


Finally, his accusing the Shah to start off the nuclear energy programme only to be misused by the IRI a decade or so later, reminds me of a typical Tudehis argument that when were challenged by the Shah's road building project used to say: these roads were built for the Shah's tanks to go over them not for cars of the masses!!!  


Hello! If a road is strong enough for a tank to go over it, surely it is good enough for a car to pass on it. LOL 




Kadivar, So with that I hope you understand

by aynak on


the difference between nuclear free and nuclear weapon free zone.

Now you can post any link to whatever you want to detract from your original false claim and continue your spams.






a good man. but too kind and soft hearted towards shia terrorist

by mousa67 on

if in that faithful day in jaleh square he'd have allowed my uncle shmuel (god bless his soul) to do what he wanted to do with shia terrorist vermins with his uzi smg then all these mamoors of islamist regime would have been herding goates in gaza strip instead of sitting in london CA and toronto talking BS on internet while drinking cafe latte.

god bless his soul.


He was

by Raoul1955 on

A great leader who led a backward islamic nation toward modernity.  He built public schools and universities for his people... and after decades of serving the Iranian nation they overthrew him and embraced an ayatollah.

Unfortunately liberals and lefties never learn.  Just take a look at today's liberals and lefties across Europe, Canada, and the US as they continue to support muslims and the islamic cult-ure.

Darius Kadivar

aynak Jan Well let me see if you do too ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


Kadivar your fortune cookie reads: you have great sense of humor

by aynak on

 At least hear what his majesty says:

"We have declared that we would be ready to decalare our zone, none nuclear zone, that means no nuclear weapon should be used or stocked in our region."


  The poster of this blog incorrectly labled this post "Shah Declares Non-Nuclear zone".

  Anyone capable of comprehending English, would NOT mix nuclear free zone with nuclear weapon free zone.    Nuclear free zone, is the collection of banning both nuclear weapon AND nuclear power.   Iran had already started its nuclear program back in the 50's and established a nuclear research center in  1967.   In fact deal for Bushehr nuclear power plan was made in 1975.

 Right now, the question with Islamic Regimes is not that it has nuclear weapons but that it intends to build nuclear weapon.

For your information, the position of most liberal democrats would be to ban nuclear power all together.   Not only we saw what happened to Chernobyl or Japan last year but also the issue of nuclear waste and how to handle it has been an unresolved day one issue.

 But ok:  Good job Shah for starting a nuclear program that now Islamic Regime is using all over Iran, to turn the whole nation into a wasteland.  And their excuse?   Oh we want civilian nuclear energy, how come you let shah have it but not us!









روحش شاد


و یادش گرامی

Darius Kadivar

How come the "Liberal Democrats" didn't applaud then ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on