To all fun-killers

Photo essay: Charshanbeh Soori on a Northern California beach

by sima

Here are some pictures from a lovely Charshanbeh Soori on the beach. The comical highlight of the evening was the park ranger who came and dumped out some stray bottles of beer that had found their way to the celebration. Little did he know Iranians are used to this sort of thing! The quote of the evening came from 10-year old Kiana who ran up to a group of us. "Mom, mom, the culture killers are coming," she said. "They are putting out our fires." It turned out a couple of other park rangers had arrived ready to extinguish the little bonfires that threatened to annihilate all of Northern California in sweeping blazes. (Thankfully, though, they didn't.) I dedicated our Charshanbeh Soori mantra to all fun-killers and culture-killers everywhere: "Zardi-ye man az to, sorkhi-ye to az man..."

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