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Photo essay: Iran and Iranians

by Abbas Rahbar Horizon

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I love your work!

by Monda on

I have visited your flickr page many times and each time some long lost memories have come back to me. Thank you for that.



by kfravon on

I'm a fan of your flickr site and look forward to your uploads...Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.


I like

by yolanda on

I like the beautiful mid-night blue in #26!

Thanks for sharing.


Ahmed from Bahrain

To those who advocate bombing Iran

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

spare a thought for the like of those in photos 11, 12, 13 and take a look at the beautiful land.

I'd say if you had an ounce of Persian blood in your vein that you would defend this land from any American/Israeli aggression.

The mullahs might be evil but they are your doing, so deal with it. See if your hands can make a better Iran for those who are lesser fortunate than you.Have faith in yourself.

I have met many exiled Iranians who have suffered at the hand of the mullahs, one gentleman over sixty, told me that if America/Israel attack Iran, that he would be the first to return and carry arm to fight them.

Now to me, he had Persian blood running through his veins.

May the land remain forever clean and free from DU contamination, foreign hands, aggression and domineering regimes.

Payandeh Iran. And that is from a non-Iranian. i expect you to care more.

Ahmed from Bahrain

Mola Nasredeen

People, Places, Moods...

by Mola Nasredeen on

An interesting collections of Moods, Places and people. It's refreshing thanks for posting it.

My favorites: Numbers: 3, 5, 8, 11, 20, 26