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Photo essay: People in Iran

by Abbas Rahbar Horizon

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Wonderful picz. Thanks a lot.

by Kindred (not verified) on

Wonderful picz. Thanks a lot.



by ahvazi on

Horizon, Great pictures.


I admire your eye

by Monda (not verified) on

for beauty and your attention to complexity of people.
I had not been so touched by images of Iran; thank you for sharing your art with us.


Dear Lord,

by Margaret Fitzpatrick (not verified) on

Dear Lord,

Please guide our president not to go to war with the proud people of Iran. I fear for my American son fighting in this upcoming war. I see in these pictures our humanity. There is no difference between our people. I can not bear thinking of tanks demolishing schools and homes being bombed. My neighbor bought a huge gas drum which holds gas so he can stock up on gas. He tells me that the war is coming before Christmas and gas prices will go to $6 a gallon! I can not bear watching the news. All I hear is drum beat of war with Iran. I was watching today (on NBC) the other day with our secretary of state. She says she would want to work this through diplomacy. Then she spends 5 minutes talking and lecturing Iran on what to do. How can you do diplomacy when you do not even want to resolve and talk? Dear Lord, help our humanity end this bloody war in the middle east.

Thank you for posting these pictures.


this site has too much

by Anonymous_Flowers (not verified) on

this site has too much prejudice, what the heck is this crawling out of the oceans/in trees BULLSHIT? come on, its 2007 whats up with superiority complex? why not just join the kkk. "no civilization is better than the other"



by manesh on

Love the variety and the beautiful (women's) Persian eyes.


RE: Look at me

by A n o n y m o u s (not verified) on

I just love the last picture. Have you seen the camera crew image in the eye of that cute baby?!


Your Pictures

by Montazre (not verified) on

Salam Khanoome Aziz,

First and most, thank you for your pictures.You boriught a little bit of HOME to me at least. I found your fcaes , to certain extent refreshing..you do have a great eye in capturing the reality, beauty, and sincerity ..Please for the sake of me and more than anyone, yourself continue doing what you do..YOU are gifted..YOU are..don't let anyone or anything stop you from reaching your potential..In saying that my dearest..try to focus on capturing natural beauty..capturing the moemnt with silence..the picture speaks for itself as you have done it through out your collections more often ..but do more natural setting..soryy for giving advice..but I would imagine that was the whole point of putting them up, my dear.

Bestof luck to you..zendeh va sarafraz bashi..

Once more, thank you for brighting my day



you professional

by hajiagha on


I can tell nice work. lots of study and travel, spending so much on and did right job, and all of them perfect


wonderful photos.Thank

by mehran (not verified) on

wonderful photos.Thank you
Be omid kare badeet!!!!


Beautiful photos

by talieshah on

Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us; they are beautiful.


in trees?

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

Surely you are being complimentary to those subhuman scum. I would put them as still crawling out of the oceans, the bastards that they are.



by Diane (not verified) on

Thanks for posting these photos.


It takes taste to see beauty

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Back in 75 my American girl friend came to Iran and she was intimidated how fashionable the girls were in parties. Even today in Iran they pay a lot of attention what they wear under those chadors. Now the red necks have their own stereo types of Iranians, but just remember when Persians were building beautiful cities, these guys were still in the trees.



by HRA (not verified) on

Are these inoccent people aware of the fact that they are being used as "models" and that you're publishing their images publicly? If they have not given explicit permission to be publicized, your action is illegal and imoral.

Jahanshah Javid

Another great Abadani :o)

by Jahanshah Javid on

Just kidding... I found out Horizon is from my hometown AFTER I saw his amazing work on flickr and was searching for his bio. I wish he would say more about himself. Horizon: Your work is poetry with a smile. Zendeh baashi!

Kaveh F

Thank you

by Kaveh F on

Horizon Jan,

This was excellent work. I love faces of Iran. My favorites are natural faces on the streets specially children and old folk. Thank you for sharing.