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Photo essay: Iranian fashion show near San Francisco

by Jahanshah Javid

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by Nadias on


Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

You can reach Farahnaz Mazandarani at She is working on a website.


I find them looking good not practical

by Mastaneh (not verified) on

I just give you my personal opinion I could be wrong
those clothes are sort of artistic and beautuful colors (depend on your taste).I am not sure practical I find them Not so Sexy and taking us back where we were many moons ago.They look comfortable. Good for bed and be use as pijamas ...its my opinion as a female.


Excellent Question.......

by Nadias on

I also reside in Houston and I have not found Iranian clothing. Being able to order them online would really help.

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)


Azarin Sadegh

Sorry, but I wouldn't wear them...

by Azarin Sadegh on

As I remember from my childhood in Shiraz, and "beautiful Ashayeri" clothes, how heavy they were and how scratchy their fabric was. How uncomfortable. Defintely not made for an active women in today's world. Today's clothes should be comfortable and non-visible.

These pictured clothes scream:"Look at me, look at me! I am so different from the rest of you." Plus I don't understand this dispaly of false patriotism or fake identity.

Sorry jj...No, I wouldn't buy them, I wouldn't wear them.


Mohammad Ala

Thanks for sharing

by Mohammad Ala on

Thanks for sharing. I lived my childhood years with Aashayer people.  I learned to speak Ghashghaee from them.

I wear some sort of mixed cloth which represents Shiraz or Isfahan art.

Anything Iranian, count me in.


Are these clothes available online?

by Kafah Bachari Manna (not verified) on

I live in Houston, Texas. Despite a population of more than 60,000 Iranians, I don't think we have anyone making Iranian inspired clothes. Does the designer have a website through which she sells her clothes or does she know anyone in Houston making Iranian inspired clothes? Would she consider putting on a fashion show here?

Kafah Bachari Manna



by Anonymous0308 (not verified) on

So what if it looks Pakistani? Everything doesn't have to be Iranian t9o be nice or good.

And anyway, there is a cultural similarity between the 2 countries.


The fashion is nice, but it

by fashion critic (not verified) on

The fashion is nice, but it looks like Pakestani Fashion not Irani Fashion.

Lalé Shahparaki Welsh

These are lovely!

by Lalé Shahparaki Welsh on

Congratuations to the designer, and thanks for sharing such fun stuff JJ.

Jahanshah Javid

Bekhoon aval

by Jahanshah Javid on

Anonymous10... You should read before you accuse :o)
I did quote Farahnaz Mazandarani that she collected these clothes from visiting the old bazaars:


Nice clothes.......

by Nadias on



Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



به گمانم دوستان

Anonymous10 (not verified)

به گمانم دوستان گرامی زیاده از حد در آمریکا مانده‌اند. لباس‌های که در این عکس‌ها می‌بینید به وفور و فله‌ای در جمعه بازار تهران موجود است. به قیمتی بسیار مناسب‌تر از آن چه که قطعآ در امریکا به فروش می‌رود. امیدوارم خانم مازندرانی ادعا نکرده‌اند باشند که در طراحی این لباس‌ها نقشی داشته‌اند،‌اگر نه به نظر من یکی کاملآ ابن‌الوقت و فرصت‌طلب خواهند آمد. دوستانی که این چنین از دیدن این عکس‌ها شگفت‌زده شده‌اند بی‌گمان سال‌هاست به ایران نرفته‌اند. جای ایراد هم ندارد. اما اگر از دوستان و خویشاوندان خود در ایران بپرسند، آن‌ها حرف مرا تایید خواهند کرد. به هر صورت کاش توضیح جامع‌تر و مفیدتر داده می‌شد تا ملت می‌فهمیدند که لباس‌ها را که دوخته و کجا خریداری شده است. این که همه‌ی این‌ها به اسم کسی که شوی لباس برگزار می کند تمام شود کمی‌ بی‌انصافی ست.
با احترام
یک خواننده‌ی همیشگی ایرانیان


باز هوای وطنم آرزوست

Citizen of the World (not verified)

Niki Tehranchi

Style never goes out of fashion

by Niki Tehranchi on

Dear JJ, it had been a while since you entertained us with one of your fantastic photo essays. This one was very good as usual and the subject very appealing. I loved the photos of your mom. She looks beautiful and yes, the green and gold combination is quite dazzling. Just goes to show you, fashion can go in and out, but a great personal style is timeless. Your mom's outfits in the seventies are just as relevant today as they were back then. How many fashion victims can say the same when they look on their old photo albums?


JJ Very nice. I love this

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on


Very nice. I love this stuff. I must admit, sometimes I hang out in my shalvar kordi. They are so comfortable and have so much character and suit my vagabond self very well. This stuff is great. For a while I thought about making it for myself since nothing suits me more than what I was supposed to wear had I been born in the days that I was really supposed to be born. But then, I gave it up. Many arab countries have great tribal clothing as well. But this is fantastic. My mother used to wear this stuff too.


To The Lover Boy!

by Matchmaker (not verified) on

Are you talking with your "jeebe khaali" or "jeebe por"? What about stocks and options? Besides, the legal age is different in the U.S. than in Iran. You have to wait unless you have parental consent.



by B-Naam on

...are beautiful.  Each has her own unique look.


The one in pictures 4, 15, 17, 40, 46 ... is beautiful!!!!

by IraniIrooni (not verified) on

If she is looking for a husband, let me know!


Anonymous77, I have two pairs myself.

by B-Naam on

But I can't wear them.  The soles are too flat and uncomfortable.  I slip every time I've tried to wear them.  It always makes me wonder how people wear them all their lives.  Giveh is a hazard to my safety!  Or maybe I'm just too clumsy. :) 


Let's Wash Food Before Serving!

by Iradgir (not verified) on

How about peeling off the stickers from the oranges in pictures 22 and 54 before serving? That way, we can at least pretend that they were washed!

How about putting down the bowl of "âshe reshte" in pictures 58 and 59 before an accident happens? If you spill, you are buying!


Thanks JJ,

by Midwesty on

Nice photos!


B naam, I have a pair of giveh too

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

I just kept slipping in them. I have to get the soles sorted.
god, now I'm not anonymous, everyone knows it's me. hehe


hehe, JJ

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

But I look really cool in them with Timberland boots and a simple, tight sweatshirt and a long Vietnamese coat .


Bakhtiari men's trousers are cool, but...

by B-Naam on

...only with white guiveh and the rest of the outfit.  Wearing it with modern shoes and shirt looks silly for guys.    

Mona 19

Very Nice... :)

by Mona 19 on

Mr. Jahanshah Javid

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us.



Nice collection of ethnic clothing

by *Anonymous (not verified) on

Nice collection of ethnic clothing!
They are mostly appropriate to wear at home or casual outside clothing.
Not suitable as professional outfits.

By the way JJ, you don’t look fat in picture 20, probably you could consider modeling as an alternative. :)


Hi JJ. Well,

by B-Naam on

we need a groundbreaking visionary/designer/entrepreneur to promote men traditional clothing (including Qajar style).  Difficult to start, but it can be done.  We also need some brave men to be the pioneering models. 

Darius Kadivar

Wow The Persian Boleyn Sisters ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


And Very Beautiful


I want my Due Jahanshah ;0)

Promise I won't chop their heads !

King Henry XVIII

PS: And Very Beautiful


Jahanshah Javid

I aint wearin that

by Jahanshah Javid on

Bakhtiari men's trousers? Yuk! :o)