Changing Colors

Photo essay: Magical change of seasons in Colorado Aspens

by Parviz Forghani
The last two weekends were announced to be best times for photographing famous magical color changing of Colorado Aspens. There I was, packing a sandwich charging my camera's battery and hitting the road to Cripple Creek, Victor, Beula, San Isabel, Westcliff, Silvercliff and...

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Beautiful photos

by Rea on

Favourite: no. 15.  Love water, any form, any colour.

As for the 2 horses, no. 7, hope they are not those wild mustangs they shoot and/or sell for meat (saw a documentary recently, awful).

Sargord Pirouz

Funny, Raoul. :) Yeah, it's

by Sargord Pirouz on

Funny, Raoul. :)

Yeah, it's hard to believe he is 102. Can you imagine? My mom talks to him on the phone every Saturday. We've kin folk look in on him regularly, too.

Here's a photo of him when he was 70 at a ranch in Colorado:


And here's a photo of my maternal great grandfather (on the plateau, I think):



'Sargord Pirouz'

by Raoul1955 on

I am smiling as I read your post.  Just for fun:
My 150 year old uncle also lives in CO, and did you know that he is a neighbor to your 102 year old grandfather?
How is your physicist cousin doing these days?  New discoveries?  Has he confirmed Newton's Fourth Law of Reverse Action yet, or still working on that?
Cheers now, :-)


Thanks for sharing America, the beautiful

by bihonar on

I love America and I believe it must have been just a miracle that I ended up here which, I consider it to be the paradise on earth. From northern Main to the southern California from State of Washington to Florida, this land is full of wonders and magical beauty, some still untouched by man.

I wish my entire family including all my relatives and friends lived here.

I don'y ever take this country for granted and every morning when I wake up "I thank whatever gods may be" for giving me the chance to live here, free of  fears, free to think and speak my mind, free to love whoever I want, and tell the government to go to hell if they are out of line. 

Sargord Pirouz

Very nice, Parviz. My

by Sargord Pirouz on

Very nice, Parviz.

My non-Iranian maternal lineage hails from Colorado. My maternal great grandparents and their eight children homesteaded in the foothills northeast of this location, to the west of the plateau. The family were ranchers, and in his day my grandfather was one of among the greatest horsemen in the state (he's still alive and well at 102).

A magnificent state- isn't it? I've crisscrossed it many times, the last time aboard a new BMW motorcycle.


I love

by Raoul1955 on

these shots.
Do you have a Facebook or Flickr page?



by yolanda on

Beautiful nature shots......I like the golden leaves of the Aspen trees and the colorful Aspen leaves floating on water.......great job!

I went to Aspen (not the tree, the city) Colorado 4 times, but you came up with much better photos...

Thank you for sharing!



by Majid on

My favorites:

#2, 30 & 31