"Dubai World Cup" Day

"Dubai World Cup" Day
by Parviz Forghani

When after many months of planning, finally I made it to go and visit the "Nad Al Shiba", Dubai's extravagant horse racing field, it coincided with "Dubai World Cup". A multi-million-dollar mega event to attract red carpet stars not only in the fields of horse racing and betting, but a Hollywood style party: tons of cosmetics, extreme high heels, night gowns, $500 champagnes and sparkling wines and giggles as well as loud laughter; [See photo essay]

This was the bright side of Dubai, 50,000 people, many of them rich, at least in outfits and spending, cheering and drinking and socializing. Even the security staff were well dressed. There was no sign of Dishdashas and Abayas and Nighabs. No site of doom and gloom of elsewhere in the peninsula or even in the streets and poor places of Dubai. The only sign of the other side of the coin was a glimpse of team of maintenance workers who would rush to the field immediately after galloping horses and jockeys would pass, in order to hammer the track and fix it for next race.

Grand prize was a staggering $10 million plus a bunch of several other smaller prizes making a total of $27.5 million. World's biggest horse racing event!

There were also several side events going on as well: best dressed couple, most harmonious dress, and the best hat. As a tradition of horse racing events, the ladies dress as if they are in a night party and they wear hats: elegant hats, chic hats, big hats, feather hats, beautiful hats and funny hats. Out of all events and sights, this "Hat Walk" attracted my attention. Fortunately most of the audience were carefree and did not mind being subject of many cameras. Here is my take. You choose the winners. [See photo essay]


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