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Photo essay: Yasmine Pahlavi's mission for Foundation for Children of Iran

by Darius Kadivar
Princess Yasmine Pahlavi was recognized as Distinguished Alumna at George Washington University for her work on FCI (The Foundation for the Children of Iran) where she delivered a speach on the early days of her foundaiton. (Watch Speech :Here) The mission of the Foundation for Children of Iran is to arrange for the provision of health care services to Iranian children or children of Iranian origin. (Recommended article Here). To learn more about FCI visit their Website here. All photos at the George Washington University are © Reza Pahlavi Archives and © The Foundation for the Children of Iran.

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Islamic republic should

by vildemose on

Islamic republic should provide evidence that the Pahalvi regime stole trillions of dollars.  I would like one of MOIS/VEVAK  agents on IC to provide documentation and evidence for IRI's allegation.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Ashk Dovom

Change your mental regime!

by Ashk Dovom on

During the revolution the mantra of the revolutionaries was that Shah must go. They thought by the departure of the Shah and the system he represented, Iran would turn into paradise. Now here we go again, many in this forum keep repeating that the Islamic government must go, thinking that only if Iran is no longer an Islamic Republic everything will become "great like once upon a time in the past." The problem is that this once upon a time, paradisaical, pre-revolutionary Iran is only a fairy tale manufactured for juvenile and gullible minds. It never really existed! If you want your country to truly change, change your mental regime and try to improve the mental and cultural regime of your compatriots. Don't be fooled by appearances. Resorting to force to bring about change results only in a change of appearances and not substance. And what people get after the forceful change is more often than not a change for worse!


Did someone said, Pahlavis stole Trillion of dollars?

by عموجان on

Good for them.

If they are welling to come back and bring Iran back to what it was before they left 

I say lets give them another trillion just as a bounce on top of they will make.

I know for sure Muslims never steal, they just keeping all that oil money away from people becuase it belong to Emama Zaman  


Subjecting their kids to Second hand smoke

by Proud on

Picture 10 clearly shows the disregard for others.A pack of smokes with an ashtray with butts.if they don't care about their own kids, I can't imagine how much they would about others.

tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

It really doesnt matter if you believe what i said or not because what matters is that I know what the truth is/was.

I don't know when you were in Iran last or how much you now about the regime , but you are NOT dealing with a western democracy government. Do you actually think Khamenei is going to come out one day and say that because majority of the iranian people hate me and IRI , i have decided to step down and will declare a free reforendom????

 Every one in the Body of the regime including Khamenei know that they do NOT have that much support in Iran. If you go to Iran today you can see that people are fed up , take a taxi or a minibus or bus and every one is cursing the AKHOONDS, but do you actually think that will change the regime??

This regime just like any other tyrant regime( saddam, Ghazafi,  The Nazi's, Ben Ali , Asad, etc .....) will not go unless all of us unite and when the time is ripe again we should take them down like other brave people in the region.

 As Rafsanjani said years back: " mage maa khiyar e faslim ke bi yayim va dobare berim" !!!

 But you are entitled to your  liberal views ..... go to Iran and kindly ask Mr. khamenei and ahmadinejad to step down!!  you live in KHAB O KHIYAL aziz!!! Bozak namir bahar miyad komboze ba khiyar miyad! 


Tehran e Azad

by Joubin on

You are trying to make a point based not on reason but some sort of pseudo authority.  

First of all, it remains to be proven whether you are who you say you are and have done what you claim to have done.  

Second, even if we accept your assertions, it merely underlines the reasonable position's merit:

a) Sanctions are a mechanism to arouse discontent in a target population to affect regime change.   

b) Sanctions are not necessary if the target population is already at the point of revolt.  

c) Thus we conclude that the target population in question has internally reached the conclusion that they can live with the devil that they know and would not revolt if left to their own devices.

Which brings us to your equipe and your beating on the basijees.  Clearly you were a minority, since your violence met their violence and their violence trumped yours.  

You and your ilk seek power, not welfare of Iranians.  Anyone who supports a starvation and bombing (to be followed by looting and raping) regime for the population of IRI is only seeking power and does not care about the human beings involved. 

The population of IRI deserves IRI and Qom Inc.  Let them rouse themselves to end the indignity of that regime, not based on violent proding from without but rather an internal reflection that finally informs them that (a) 33 years ago they made a big boo boo, and (b) they are sick and tired of being ruled over by flea infested subhumans. 

Think Clearly, Speak Straight, and Act Decisively.  Only then will you be an Iranian.

tehran e Azad

Ashk Dovom

by tehran e Azad on

Every you said is utter garbage, first of all I am in my twenties and have lived in Iran almost all my life. I happened to be Iran during the 88 demostrations and happened to beat the sh##T out of a few basijis with some friends and cousins . So agian open your deaf ears this murderous regime will NOT go unless it is FORCED out and that requires sacrifice. It is unforetunate but true! You can choose to live in a dream or can join your countryman by going back to Iran and taking to the streets like I did when the time comes again!

 So to answer your question EVERY iranian who wishes Iran to be free should be ready for sacrifice includidng me , my family AND you and your family !!!



Billions of dollars??

by Sassan1 on

What an utter lie. Mr. Pahlavi was on VOA and spoke to Kambiz who asked this very question. The total amount of money the Pahlavis inherited was in the million dollar range...somewhere in the $20 millions I believe. Do not post lies about Mr. Pahlavi and his family simply due to your ignorance.


Demo ... damet garm

by nitemustfall on

I totally agree with Demo's comments. This family robbed Iranians by BILLIONS of $$$, and yet to spend a penny of it for such organizations. Just show offs. I checked for this organization and not a single dollar has been donated by Pahlavi's.

Shame of them all.



Ashk 3 - 1, you shoud be happy what Amoo Jaan does


with the pages of Ghoraan! I bet Mous67 does the same to clean after Hassan and Hossein after they relieve themselves at the fire hydrant!?

Dr. Love, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., Member of Love you Pet Dog Mammad and ALi Association.


Grace and Dignity

by Faramarz on



Taking care of the most vulnerable and needy Iranians is a noble act.

Great job.

Finally an Iranian-American organization that is doing something worthwhile.



by yolanda on

AR Pahlavi's daughter really resembles her dad!


too bad, he is not here to spoil her!

Ashk Dovom

Amou jaan Keep smoking your cigar!

by Ashk Dovom on

Amou jaan, with friends like you, Pahlavis need no enemies! Reza Pahlavi seems to have a special knack for attracting nitwits, bigots and imbeciles! Amou jaan keep smoking your cigar. It is good for your brain!


What ever their religious belief is, Is not our business.

by عموجان on

They are not royal family any more.

They proven to us they are first Iranian and what ever they done were for good of Iran and the people. They showed us how government works best when separated from religion.

Muslims wanted power because they know Islam is a weak belief only with fear they could keep it alive.

I was born an raised as a Muslim and now I use the pages of last Ghoraan I had as TP, I learnd it was a book of lies, Thanks to IR.  


Israel loves the Pahlavi family.


Once Reza Pahlavi becomes the king or president of Iran Israel will support him, Iran, and Iranians all the way. Israel will help him to establish a great intelligence organization to go after all the Islamists and the leftists!

May lord Moses bless this family!

Dr. Love, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., Member of Israel for Shah Association.


عکسهای فتوژنیک و اشکهای تمساح


*چون آنها فکر میکنند که تنها در پناه تانک ها و بمباران امریکا و اسراییل آینده شغلی اشان در ایران تامین خواهد شد*
«شعبان بی مخها» فاقد مخ و بیگانه با چیزی بنام فکرند. شغل اصلیشان هم دریوزگی و بندگی اربابان خود است تا زمانیکه نفس در سینه دارند. این دُردانه های حسن کبابی هم با این عکسهای فتوژنیک و اشکهای تمساح ریختنشان هم فقط و فقط خود را گول میزنند. هوچی هایشان هم باشد تا ١٠٠٠ سال مدحشان گویند و پایشان بوسند و بجایی نرسند.


I also like Zendanian's link.

by Albaloo on

I also like Zendanian's link.  


Some comments here are very ba mazeh

by Albaloo on

"الایمان و النور و الفرح جونیور عجب الکبیر شده اند"


Majority of Iranians are fake Muslims at it is..

by Sassan1 on

I would hope that Mr. Pahlavi no longer even self-identifies himself as a Muslim. Islam is a disease.



by Albaloo on

Are you saying that Reza Pahlavi,his wife and the children are not muslims?


After all what we done to this Family

by عموجان on

Still they are welling to help Iran's Childern from out side , good for them impressive

Meanwhile Muslims are doing everything they can to take away future of Iran’s Children. 

Nice family and pictures 

iraj khan

Thank you,

by iraj khan on


What happened after this picture was taken?

They all left for Disney Land's most scariest ride:

"The Indiana Jones adventure"

It's so much fun to live in parallel universes.



by alireza on

As an Irani who was just 6 when revolution happened. I would like to congratulate to Mr. (Prince) Pahlavi for the nice family. Wish them the best. As an Iranian they deserve everything as any Iranian, they should be free to travel back to Iran as well.

I think all of them are hard working with or without any money considering. Many people have money and work hard or don't work at all. 

I have a word with people who are so pissed with these photos, I understand if his father has tortured, killed someone close to you. But then let it go. In my opinion he is an Iranian who deserves what he has. and seriously, you people rather than accusing try to be more compassionat. Or seek psychiatrist help if you can't stand him!

the last thanks goes to Mr. Kadivar for sharing the photos.


Ashk Dovom

مرگ خوبه اما برای همسایه

Ashk Dovom

آقای  تهران آزاد، این خیلی راحته که آدم بشینه پشت کامپیوترش توی واشنگتن ولندن و پاریس و تورنتو و حرف از قربانی دادن و یا به قول شما 'ساکریفایس' بزنه. از قدیم گفته اند  مرگ خوبه اما برای همسایه. آیا شما حاضرید از خودتون و خانواده خودتون و بچه های خودتون مایه بگذارید؟ یا خون شما از خون بچه های بوشهر و نطنز و قم رنگین تره؟  برای عوض کردن رژیم تحریم هارو بر دارید. تهدید به حمله نظامی رو متوقف کنید. به مردم ایران ثابت کنید که با اونها خصوتی ندارید و دنبال انتقام کشی نیستید. راه های ارتباط با مردم ایران رو باز کنید. در ارتقاء فرهنگ سیاسی مردمتون کوشش کنید و رژیم با توانایی و اراده مردم ایران سقوط خواهد کرد. ولی این به نفع رضا پهلوی و دوستانش نخواه بود. چون آنها فکر میکنند که تنها در پناه تانک ها و بمباران امریکا و اسراییل آینده شغلی اشان در ایران تامین خواهد شد 

tehran e Azad

Funny people

by tehran e Azad on

It is always funny when people say no sanctions and no military intervention !!! 

How do you expect a murderous regime like IRI to change? 

With letters to khamenei, asking him to leave??

You guys live in a fantasy land! You have to sacrifice to achieve success !  


Sassan1 - Sanctions will hurt our children

by ahosseini on

No quarrel.

When there were sanctions against Iraq, they managed to starve the Iraqi populaton and not Saddam. Sanctions only hurt people. 

We want to achieve a democracy that is better than what has been "achieved!" in Afghanistan and Iraq. We want a better human relation in Iran and with the rest of the world. It is not good enough if we have to chose between failed politicians such as Rajavi, Namazi, Negahdar, a kind of "democracy!" sponsored by Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi and Emirate and their allies such as Israel. Do we have a clear stance against such a democracy? If the answer is yes then we should rely on our people.  Perhaps we should take Dr Bagher Zadeh's suggestion a bit more seriously. We should attempt to set up an Iranian Parliament in exile. A parliament that is not sponsored by super rich lobbies but by our own people. If Reza Pahlavi is against dictatorship and in favour of a true democracy then he should support it too. 

Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.

Ashk Dovom

Pity Would be no more!

by Ashk Dovom on

 William Blake in his poem Human Abstract writes:"Charity would be no more,  If we did not make somebody Poor." In other words, we provide and furnish all those causes that lead to poverty and misfortune and then sit down and pity it and make a big fanfare out of our charity. I am sure the children of Mr Pahlavi like all other children are pure in heart and think they are helping their country and the children of their country. But ( although he does not admit it publicly) we also know that Mr Pahlavi has been very cosy with those senators and politicians who advocate bombing and going to war with Iran. In the case of bombing and war with Iran what will happen to millions of  innocent Iranian children? What is happening to them now with the crippling sanctions? I admire and praise Nour, Iman and Farah for their innocent pure hearts but very much doubt the sincerity of their parents who as Blake says are only trying to capitalise on the misfortune of others and pity the situation they have helped to create themselves. The eldest daughter at least is old enough to know this and see through the hypocrisy of it all!

tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

Beautiful pictures!

 If some body like Reza Pahlavi or even MYSELF were the head of the Iran, Iran would have been one of the best countries in the world in almost every aspect! but unforetunately majority of Iranians like DEMO are nothing but a bunch of barberic animals that are stuck in the barberic ages that deserve nothing better than Seyyed Ali!


Any relation to these "Golden Boys"?

by Zendanian on


Lovely Family.

by Albaloo on

Lovely Family.